Deze ar new gaymes fur da gaymrume, I chust haffunt had da tyme to put dem up.

09/09/02: Similar Comparable to the "Same Game"; keeps high score

09/09/02: the Gem Game Comparable to the "Bejeweled"; keeps high score

09/09/02: Click Ball Keep the ball in the air

09/09/02: 3D Driver Updated driving game; keeps high score

09/09/02: Braving the Elements Shockwave

09/09/02: Burning Rubber Shockwave; a Swappers puzzle

09/09/02: Chef Toss Shockwave; Feed your guests

09/09/02: Dallas Burn Shockwave; a Swappers puzzle (soccer)

09/09/02: the Missing Link Shockwave; match the cousins

09/09/02: Santa Balls Shockwave; a holiday game

09/09/02: Sketchy! Shockwave; Extreme Snow Sledding

09/09/02: Holiday Endurance Shockwave; featuring the In Laws

09/09/02: Star Wars Villains Shockwave; a Swappers game

09/09/02: the Humbolts Shockwave; a tv game

09/09/02: Trouble Bubbles Shockwave; clear the bubbles from the tub

09/09/02: Los Straitjackets Shockwave

09/09/02: Cookie Crumblers Shockwave; a Swappers game featuring Mrs. Fields Cookies