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Wednesday, April 18, 2001 Let's see, where did I leave off? Oh, yeah, Sunday. There's much to tell.

Sunday night, we caught another cat. Yay!! Because it wasn't that late when we caught him and it was scaring the other cats away, Brian took him back to the shop. Even though the trap was covered, he was still doing his best to get out. Then Monday morning, Kirby wasn't acting right again, I followed him outside and he squatted and tried to pee and nothing happened. A little after eight, I called the vet's about him and the feral. I brought them both down and left Kirby. I called back at noon to see how he was and the doc hadn't had a chance to look at him, the vet was very busy and was preparing for a c-section at that moment. They would call when they had news.

Later in the morning, I saw one of the neighbors in his yard, the yard where Cleo hangs out. I went over to talk with him, to let him know that Cleo was fixed and we were in the process of trying to trap all of the ferals and get them fixed. What a mistake this was. I get the big lecture. And my little head voice went nuts. "You know, Dianne, if you weren't feeding them, they'd go away." (No, spit, Sherlock, if I didn't eat so much I wouldn't be so damned fat, if the sun didn't come up in the morning, it would still be dark out, if I hadn't been so stupid when I was young and naive, I'd have kids now, if you don't keep gas in the car, it will quit running, tell me something I don't know!) I hear about how his neighbors have a BIG problem (he emphasized the "big") with the cats, because they don't have dogs to keep them out of their backyard. On and on and on he went. He told me that Cleo has had at least five litters. (FIVE LITTERS?!? You asshole!! I've offered to trap by your house, I've offered you use of the trap any time you need it. You always said "no". You sit here and tell me about all of the litters she's had and don't do anything about it, like grab the trap to get her fixed or save the kits or anything, and you have the balls to complain to me? You are a dumf*k.) He goes on to tell me that Cleo is a whore. One time he saw her laying in his yard, three toms laying around her. He said "she doesn't even fight them off". (Oh, my GOD. Did you ever stop to think that maybe she's TIRED? That she doesn't have the ENERGY to do anything? Oh, man. I can't stand this I have to get away from this man, I'm ready to hit him or something.) I stand there, smiling, kind of, nodding my head and politely listen to him, when I'm screaming inside. Then he tells me "Not everybody is like you and me, Dianne, with our love of animals". (How DARE you compare yourself to me? How DARE you!!) I told him that the cats perform a service in the area, keeping down the rat and mouse population. He says "but you feed them, why should they hunt?" Then he goes on to tell me what a good little hunter his kitten is, a kitten from Cleo's last litter. A kitten that comes in to sleep with him at night. He says to me that he worries about the little guy, because of the coyotes in the area and the fast cars. (Well, since he's such a good little hunter, that must mean you don't feed him, right?) Then he told me he'd like to give me some money towards paying for getting the ferals fixed. He went inside his house and gave me a twenty dollar bill. Then he adds this caveat. "Don't spend it on food. I don't want to help pay for feeding them." (Oh, kiss my ass.) I came home, fuming.

About 3:15, the phone rang. Kirby was okay, he wasn't blocked at all (then why was he straining?) and the vet had decided he didn't want to do ferals, I'd have to take this guy somewhere else. Great. He's been in the trap since Sunday evening. "There are some places that do ferals for low cost, try the feral cat coalition". I got on the phone and started calling. The FCC has a message on their machine and in the message they say if it's an emergency to try the Mercy Crusade and they have a phone number. I write it down and give them a call. "Yes, maybe you can help me. We trapped a feral cat last night and took him to my vet's this morning. My vet just called and said he doesn't want to do ferals, can you give me the number of vets who will?" She proceeded to tell me about Maddie's Fund, a fund set up by a billionaire to help low income people or the caretakers of feral colonies (kind of like us) offset the cost of spay/neuter. Offset? More than that, it's free from participating vets. She gave me four local hospitals to call and I started calling as soon as we were off the phone. The first vet couldn't take him until this morning. The second one said "bring him in tomorrow and we'll get him done. You'll have to fill out a form and that's it." Great!!

When I went out to my truck, to go get Kirby and the feral from my vet, I walked down the street to the guy who had given me the check last January (which I finally deposited last Friday, after we trapped Cleo). "Hey, did you see this?" he asks. See what? "A cat." Dumb stupid me, I follow him. Oh, I'm going to be sick. It was the remains of a cat, that had apparantly been caught by a coyote. The crows had been picking at the carcass and the intestine was closer to the street. I looked at the cat, thinking "do I know this cat? Is it one I feed?" I didn't think so. The face (all that was left was the head, neck and front legs and the butt part with tail and one leg; the entire section between was missing) didn't look like OC. But the fur was too dark for Angus. I'm not pleased I was shown this, not at all. I took comfort knowing that the cat was most likely quickly killed and if not, was in shock. (I remember the Siamese mix we took in to emergency those many years ago, so early in the morning, brought to us by the man who I'd had my earlier discussion with. He had chased off a coyote that had grabbed this cat. The coyote dropped the cat, who was still alive. We took it to emergency. The cat was in shock, completely unaware of what was going on. He was euthanised. That day, a neighbor of ours (Hey, Gail!! You still reading this? Give me a call, I can't find your number!!) and I plastered the neighborhood with fliers about keeping small pets in at night and putting notices warning of the coyotes in mailboxes. The owner of the cat came to our door the next day. The mom of the kid who was chasing Cleo last year.) I said a prayer that the passing wasn't painful and that it was quick. I then finished telling the man that I've found a place to do the cats for free.

Then I was off to get the cats. Got them and brought them home. I'm beginning to think they think I'm just being hysterical, but Kirby was really having a problem that morning. I didn't make it up. It stresses both of us when I have to take him in. Oh, well, he's doing okay now. Put the trap with the cat in the entryway. I would have put him in the garage, but Lonee had gotten in there after Brian took the feral to the truck in the morning. I should have shut the door behind him, but I didn't. I told Brian when he got home. I had done everything I could to get her out of there, but there is so much junk and car parts, that there's no way to scare her straight out. But Brian got her out when he started cutting metal. When I saw her in the garage, in the rafters, I let him know. He shut the garage doors, I did a head count. When all cats were accounted for, he took the feral back to the shop.

We still hadn't seen Cleo and I was starting to get worried about her. I hoped and prayed she was alright. I've read where females should be kept for three days before releasing after spay, because sometimes there are complications. I was feeling really guilty for not having done the same with Cleo. She was so weak to begin with.

Yesterday morning, Brian got the feral into the truck. I made it down to the vet's without any problems, found the office right off. A nice little place, I was surprised that it was even there. The receptionist was super friendly and I talked with her and one of the techs. I'd be picking this guy up at three thirty and I was to keep him in overnight, because it would take him that long to come out of the anesthetic. From there, I went to WalMart to see if they had a battery charger for our camcorder (still don't have it working). They didn't. I figured I'd check it out on the internet when I got home.

Which I did. Didn't find anything for our make and model, but did find a charger/adaptor for the Panasonic camcorder that works with our GE. But it was expensive. I saw one listed for about eighty six dollars. The others ranged up to a hundred and twenty five. I called on one, asking if that charger would work for my camera. She checked up on it came back to the phone and said it would. I thanked her for her time. Since they were selling them for a hundred and five bucks, I went back to the other website and ordered one. I hope this is the problem with the camera. The charger/adaptor. If not, the camcorder is going into the shop. It's a good camera, we never really used it that much, but I know if I can make more little movies with it, I'll do it. And Brian can't see buying a new one if we can get this one working.

While I was on the net, I went to the page I've linked to above about the CVMA. I printed it out, got that twenty dollar bill, wrote a note saying that the regular doc won't do ferals and that I've found a place that will do them for free. I put the printout, the money and the note into an envelope and taped it on the guys front door. I was more than happy to give him back his money.

The vet's office called around eleven and said that this guy's ears were pretty messed up, did I want them to be cleaned? Did I want him to have vaccinations? I said "yes" to both and also asked that they put some Advantage on him. I left here about three twenty to go pick him up. I was charged $55.25 for the additional work. The Advantage was ten dollars which was kind of shocking. But when I saw how out of it he was, I know that I'll be able to do the Advantage myself from now on. He looked so sweet, sleeping. Brian kind of got weird about the Advantage, like it was a big deal. I said "I buy the large dog size for about forty/forty five dollars for six tubes. Each tube does five cats. You do the math." He didn't realize it was so cheap. He didn't have a problem with it then.

We went to Home Town Buffet for dinner, then came home and just kicked back. It was my turn to feed the outfronts and hey, look who's here!! Cleo!! She was kind of scared of me at first, but when she realized I wasn't going grab her, she stuck around. She ate dinner and groomed herself for quite a while. She's gonna feel so much better. OC was there, too. *whew* One cat who was missing was Angus. I hadn't seen Angus the previous night. He's done this before, coming around late, after we've gone to bed, or not showing at all. I hope that's what's going on now. I surely hope that wasn't him. If I had been able to see the ears of the cat in Harry's yard, I'd know for sure that it was or wasn't Angus. Please send a good word that he shows up tonight.

This morning when I let the cats out, I heard the feral moving around in the cage. Brian got dressed for exercise and went out and got the cage, took it to the front yard and let the guy go. I guess he didn't run, he did the cat bouncing run. I told Brian, "well, sure, he's lighter". Heh heh heh... The neighbor that gave me the twenty dollars was out and asked Brian if that was a black cat he had. Brian said "yes", the neighbor said "that's my cat" and Brian said "no, it's not". Brian's seen the cat/kitten (he's about Missy and Katie's age). I guess the kitten never came home last night. *sigh* I bet anything that guy was thinking all night that his cat wasn't home because we'd trapped it. No, it wasn't home because you let it out in a dangerous area for cats with homes. I sure hope he's just playing somewhere and not hurt or dead.

Did I tell you I think Boney is deaf? He doesn't respond to sound at all. I knew it was going, but when I vacuum the garage floor, the other cats run and he just sits there. I can even run the hose right up to him. He'll want to come in the house and he'll sit at one door, I open the other and he won't even look around when I call his name. I have to go touch him or just go open the other door. Brian yelled at him the other night and I told him he was wasting his time.

I've got a couple more little movies to put up. One is with Katie hitting the water from the sprinkler and the other is Gracie, just being purty.

9:14pm UPDATE: Woohoo!! Angus was here for dinner. And it looked like the kitten from the house across the street was here for dinner. And we caught Meezer. That's three cats in a week!! He'll be the last until next week.


Monday, April 23, 2001 Spring is back!! Woohoo!!!

Well, Meezer got neutered last Thursday. I asked them if he'd be as out of it as the cat was earlier in the week, because I wanted to put some Advantage on him myself. They told me to bring it to them and they'd put it on him. So, I came home, drove back and dropped off the stuff. I did some laundry and went to the bank. Then it was time to go get the Meez.

While I was making out the check (I had him vaccinated), he was brought out to me, as well as a plastic bag with dirty cotton swabs and a little card with teeth taped to it. It seems that as well as neutering, he had his ears cleaned and medicated and they cleaned his teeth, pulling four rotten ones. All at no cost to me!! Wow!! I was impressed. I brought him home and set the trap in the entry way. When Brian got home, he moved the trap back to the shop. Meezer was not quite awake yet. Friday morning, Brian took the trap out front and set it down on the concrete sidewalk. He opened it. Meezer sat in it and looked out the open door. He stood up and stretched. Then he realized he could leave. And he did. He wasn't back for dinner until Saturday, but he was here with Cleo. I haven't seen the cat who was fixed last Tuesday. But he may be much more cautious at our entry way now. He wasn't very apparant before, I'm sure he'll be less so now.

Brian set the trap last night, but I guess he doesn't want to leave it set all night. When it was time to go to bed for us and there was no cat in it, he sprang the trap. I can understand that. When we catch one, he brings it back to the shop, where it's quiet. Better for the cat, better for the cats not in the trap.

Thursday, I saw Benny after something down by the big tube. I checked it out. Whoa!!

That was a pretty big lizard. He chased it under the tube and I left to get a towel. I was going to try to catch it and release it out front (too big to catch bare handed, those things have really strong jaws). When I got back with the towel, the lizard had been chased down by the pool, behind some logs Brian has down there. Pete was on one end and Benny on the other. I left them alone, knowing I couldn't get the lizard behind the wood. Minutes later, I heard a cat yelling. I went to make sure nobody was hurt. I guess one of them got bit by that lizard, as both had backed away from the wood pile. Strangely enough, both cats left to pursue other interests, leaving the lizard to its own devices.

I also got this picture of Mystie sleeping on the sofa. Isn't she such a sweetie?

Friday, I took my mom to lunch (Denny's) and we went to WalMart, then Vons. It was a nice time. When I got home, the new adaptor/charger for our camcorder had been delivered and I started to charge a new battery. But the adaptor didn't work with the camera. The plugs were all wrong. I called Radio Shack and they said to bring the camera in. I did and he tried a regular adaptor with no luck. The thing still got no power. He suggested I charge a battery and see if that would work. When I got home, I did just that. Hours later, I find out that a charged battery doesn't work, either. The camcorder is dead. I'd have to find someplace to try to fix it. I got the Yellow Pages and found a little place close by. But it was late and there wouldn't be much that could be done this night.

When at Vons, I picked up a package of raw chicken wings, having read that they're good for cats' teeth. When I unpacked the truck, I opened that package and brought one wing into the garage. Rusty started gnawing on it, a couple of the other cats watched. I figured this was a good thing and got another wing. Hours later, both wings lay on the garage floor, untouched. Well, that was a waste, I guess I'll give them to the outfronts. Shoot, ferals should like them, right? Heh heh heh....the ferals didn't know that. Now, I don't remember where we went Friday evening, it wasn't the grocery store, I'd already gone, it wasn't CostCo, because Brian went by himself Saturday. Maybe dinner? Fast food? If we did, I don't remember it at all. No, not fast food, we each had a pint of ice cream that I had gotten at Vons earlier (good dinner, huh?). But when we got back, a little black cat ran from the entry way, up the bank. And one of those wings was gone. But that was it. I had set the wings by the dry feeders. And the cats didn't know what the hell that thing was sitting in front of the feeder. *lol* Mystie's twin walked cautiously around it, trying to get to the dry food without coming in contact with the wing. Saturday morning, I threw out that wing along with the previous night's paper bowls. So much for raw chicken wings.

Saturday was a rainy day. It was a cold day. Brian kind of wanted to go to the Sticks, but I wasn't really gung ho on that idea. I thought it would be nice to sit home and watch movies, while it was raining outside. After I took my shower, I grabbed the Yellow Pages and called the number I had found the night before. The man told me that he was opened until one in the afternoon, bring the camcorder, charger and battery down. It was a minimum of $35.00 to look at it. I packed all in the camera bag and off we went.

We turned the wrong way on the street where the camera shop is and we drove to a contractor's house where Brian picked up a set of plans. Then we got gas and went to the appliance shop. Boy, there was hardly any room to move around. This guy said people would bring televisions and vcrs in to get fixed, then never pick them up. I filled out the forms, Brian paid him the $35.00 and he told me to call the middle of this week to see if he was able to fix the camera. I know that whatever is wrong with it was caused by disuse. The only reason I even knew it wasn't working was I wanted to video the television when it was popping so badly. I sure hope he can fix it. It's such a nice camera. I really miss not having it available. The kittens are going nuts playing outside, I'd love to have video of the property before it gets changed too much.

On the way home, we stopped and got lunch. Then Brian needed money and we went to Albertson's and bought stuff. Like Hostess Snowballs. Pink ones. I've been looking for those for years. I grabbed one package, thinking we'd split it. Brian said to get another one. And we got ice cream. And we got rice cakes. Once home, I came back to the computer to check for messages. Brian asked if I wanted a snowball. Sure. The other package was gone within an hour. We're so baaaaad. But we never wonder why we aren't losing weight, that's for sure.

Saturday night, we had little pizzas I had bought at Vons. We watched the movie "Shanghai Noon" with Jackie Chan. I really liked it. Then we popped in the Postman, with Kevin Costner. I snoozed.

Oh, I remembered where we went!! We went to Home Depot. Whew. I worry when I have a hard time remembering things like that. I wonder if it's normal or is my mind going.

Yesterday, we went to the property. It was beautiful, as usual. There was a dusting of snow on the local hills and mountains from the storm on Saturday. I took my new camera and tried to do a panoramic picture, but I had the wrong memory card in it and the panorama only works with the Olympus card. *sigh* But I did take many pictures.

Here's one of a big cat paw print on the road to the top of the property. Brian said that this is small compared to another one he's seen, a print as wide as my foot. Wow.

There are many little tiny flowers coming up now. They're so delicate looking.

I took this one sitting under the oak tree, while Brian tried to clean up some of the mouse turds in the clubhouse. There were many mouse turds. And they didn't set off one trap, but they cleaned off all of them. *grin* Smart meeces.

Here's a picture of the water trough. Brian said usually there are more tracks around it, but because of the recent rains, the local wildlife probably doesn't need the water.

I've mentioned being able to see the Palomar Observatory from the property before, but I've never been able to get a good picture of it. Because it was so clear yesterday, I was finally able to get a shot where you could see it. It's that big white ball in the middle of the horizon. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, it's a nice day and all the doors and windows are open. I think I'll clean house. Change the sheets, dust, vacuum, I need to wash all the sofa covers and the area rugs. Busy, busy.


Monday, April 30, 2001 Has it really been a week? Man. I must be having a ton of fun, because time is just flying by.

Okay, we got our second trap last week. I think it was delivered Tuesday. Well, we can't trap Tuesday nights, because the vet only works half days Wednesday. Thursday night, we got a cat, but it was the neighbor's. I let him out when I found out he was in there. Less than an hour. He was crying so sadly. You don't hear a vocalization at all from the ferals. Ferals only vocalize when calling for a mate, fighting and mothers with kittens. Unless they've been around humans, who vocalize all the time, cats just don't do it. So, I knew the cat in the trap was tame. *sigh* Then we set both traps off and just didn't do anything until last night. And we caught a little queen. I don't know if she's pregnant or has recently had kittens. I was wanting to keep the females for a couple of days after spay, but we won't do that if she's had kittens. We'll spring her the next day so she can get back to her young. Letting her go, hoping she we can trap her later isn't a very good idea. Once these guys get trapped, they won't go back into the trap. So, we have to do it when we can. I hate this.

Oh, I did have to go to my vet's office to get more medication for Kirby. I had called them Wednesday morning, concerned about Kirby. He is peeing, but only small amounts and they he spends a lot of time cleaning himself. I talked with Charlene and she told me that the little tannish kitten hadn't made it, but that the other two were doing well. I made an appointment to bring Benny in for his yearly trim, which we set for tomorrow. She said she'd get back with me on what the vet said about Kirby. Her guess was scar tissue and he was uncomfortable when he urinated. She finally did call back late Wednesday afternoon and advised giving him prednisone for a week to help with any inflammation.

Thursday afternoon, I had to go to the bank, so I stopped at the vet's to pick up Kirby's meds. I also brought the camera. Charlene was there and let me feed the kittens.

Here's the one I would call Opie, if he could be mine.

Here is his brother, who I called Obie (Opie's Brother).

His leg is doing so much better. Fur hasn't grown back where the umbilical cord was, but the leg isn't swollen at all and is back to a normal color. Charlene thinks he may be deaf, but she said that deaf kittens cry differently than hearing kittens and his crying isn't different. She said time will tell.

This is Charlene, the wonderful woman who helped trap the mother and is hand raising the kittens. She likes Disneyland, too.

This is Elena, another one of the great people who works at my vet's office. She's a hoot. She wanted to know why nobody wanted to eat her candy. *lol*

Well, the vet's office just called about Feral Cat Number Three. She was pregnant. About six weeks along. She no longer is. Now, we can let her heal here and let her go Wednesday morning. And I don't have to worry about kittens not getting fed. I really don't like abortion, I really don't, but I'd much rather have the kittens die before they took their first breath than to die of starvation once born. I really wish we had room for them here in our home. I know I have room in my heart. I think if Kirby didn't have these stress issues, it would probably be easier to introduce more kittens. But it's not fair to him.

Let's see, did anything else exciting happen? Not that I can think of offhand. Friday was Brian's birthday, we went out for dinner to the Claim Jumper. The dinner was excellent, I really liked the garlic potatoes. We were good and didn't have dessert. I had a drink called an Orange Crush, but I didn't like it. It was tart like grapefruit. I was expecting a drink like a cremesickle. Brian said "don't drink it, get a different one". So, I told the waiter I would like a Tequila Sunrise and, not complaining, I mentioned I didn't care for the other one. He took the other one away and didn't charge for the Tequila Sunrise, which was yummy.

Saturday, Brian finally got his fixed tractor back to the property. The glue mouse traps he set when we were up there the previous weekend were successful. He called and had me order more from an online store. A case of seventy five costs less that sixteen dollars. I wish there was a way he could find out where they were getting into the trailer and he could just block their entries. They've already chewed a couple of holes in the interior walls. And they can do a lot of damage to the electrical. He got home pretty late, but he'd had a really good day.

And Sunday, I got up at the regular time and fed our cats. But I didn't let them out. We were going to Disneyland California Adventure. I found out last week that they're bringing the Main Street Electrical Parade back. It's "debut" will be at DCA on the fourth of July. I guess attendance is really poor at DCA and it drops drastically when the sun goes down. I take it that the powers at Disney believe bringing back a Disneyland staple will help attendance at night. I read they've even cut back the hours of operation at DCA. They used to be open until midnight on Saturdays but have changed it to ten. Anyway, it was a really nice ride up there. We hit Jack in the Box for breakfast, ate on the way. I told Brian I'd rather have a quick cheap breakfast than spend the money and use the time to eat at Disneyland.

When we got there, less than a half hour after opening, we were able to park in the parking lot that's remains from the time before DCA was built. We just walked to the park from there. Pretty neat. When we got in we hit the restrooms, then went over to California Soarin'. We requested front row and we got front row. I love that show. Then, we went into one of the shops and I bought a really nice heavy glass souvenir mug for ten dollars.

The sign over the register where we paid for the mug. Cute, huh? We're going to get one mug each time we go so that we'll have a set. Then we got a locker and put the mug and I put my sweatshirt and Brian put his flannel shirt into it.

Then we walked around a little, went over to the Bountiful Valley area and talked with the guy who guards the big tractor.

That's Brian in Caterpillar's largest agricultural tractor. He hid his face. Well, honey, if I get the entire machine in the picture, you're gonna be as big as a bug anyway. Won't be able to see your face.
Here's a picture of a little tractor. Brian's brother has the same model. Brian was really excited the first time he saw this. "Mark has one of those!" So, this time I figured I'd take a picture of it.

The main bug, a blue ant, from "It's a Bugs Life" came through and gave me a hug. I asked where the Raid was. He was shocked!! Heh heh heh..... Then we went walking through other parts of the park and checked on the sourdough bakery walkthrough. We got a piece of sourdough bread and saw how it was made. A loaf of sourdough takes seventy two hours to make. Unless you're using a bread machine. Mine came with a recipe for quick sourdough. *grin* It was pretty interesting. Through our meandering, we made it over to Paradise Pier. We got fastpasses for California Screamin'. I know, I know, I said it was scary, but as Brian reminded me, I want to be able to ride on it come October without being scared spitless. The machine went nuts and spit out five tickets. Brian thought this was cool, that we could ride the ride a couple of times without waiting long in line. Right, honey. Just what I want to do. We walked over to where the ride took off and we started a countdown on how long it was from when the car stopped, to when it took off. It was between six and seven seconds. This knowledge came in handy when we got on the ride.

We went over to the Sun Wheel and got on a red car, which didn't have a waiting line and doesn't move (most likely why it didn't have a waiting line). I took a couple of pictures from inside. Only one turned out.

After we got off of that ride, we looked into some of the stores. I found a little Mickey head ball with light blue sunglasses that you put on your car antenna. We already have one on the truck, just a plain one and this would look great on the car. It was only $3.50, so I told Brian I wanted to get it before we left. I looked in another store, one with girly stuff, you know, barretts, bracelets, necklaces, even those fancy tattoos, the removable kind. One of the barretts was a wide one and had a little Mickey head on it. The cool thing about it, is it lit up. I checked the price, eight dollars, but I thought it would sure be worth it at night. So, I told Brian I wanted that, too. We planned on waiting until we were almost ready to go home.

Then it was time to go on California Screamin'. Is it too late to change my mind? We get up to the top and it's time to get into the car. For some reason, I end up next to some woman, not Brian. He's in a single seat in front of me. I don't like this. But there's a problem with the car!!! Bad news? We had to unload, they brought in another car and we got onto that one and I sat with Brian. I told that woman, who was by herself, to sit in the single car. I wanted to sit next to my husband. Anyway, the ride starts. It goes around to where it will take off. It stops. We count. At seven, it went. Knowing what was coming was an immense help. Knowing when it was coming was an immense help. This time, it wasn't nearly as bad as the first time. I did learn that it's not so rough and frightening if you just relax and don't fight it. Like trying to keep your butt in the seat at all times, like the whoop de doos. Those zero gravity areas. Just let your body do what it wants to do. After we got off, we got right back into line. It was much, much better. I was able to enjoy myself. I even waved to the crowd below. We checked out the pictures that are taken towards the end of the ride and Brian said I didn't look nearly as scared as I did the first time we rode. One of these days, I'll like the picture, we can buy it and I'll maybe put it up in the diary. Or maybe not. You know me and pictures. :D

Anyway, we strolled back to the shops, I bought the antenna ball and the barrett then said "why don't we get an ice cream?" We hadn't had any for Brian's birthday and the only money we spent on food was at Jack's. He was agreeable. We each had a sundae and took our time eating them. Then we cleaned up our mess, got our stuff from the lockers and left the park. When we got to the car, we put what I'd bought into the trunk, as well as the trash from Jack's that morning. Then, we put the top down on the car. We were ready to come home. The ride was nice. We got sunburned. First time this year. The cats were happy to see us and more happy to get out of the house. So sweet.

It was a pretty good weekend. This makes two in a row that I've been away from home. We were good and exercised this morning. I'm starting to get sore from all of that walking yesterday, but it's a good sore. I look forward to the day that I don't get sore from the amount of walking we did yesterday. Just like I realized last week that even though I'm not losing weight or inches by exercising every morning, my heart is working much better. I was able to walk up the hill last weekend without having to stop and catch my breath. It was a good feeling.

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