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april 18, 1998 (continued)
I brought the cat feeders back into the house. Georgie eats his prescription food without any problem so I'm not worried about it anymore.

Red has started snoozing in Brian's chair. He likes it. Our progress with him seems to be at a standstill, then he will do something new, like rub my legs. He did that last week and I was really surprised. He doesn't want anything to do with me if I'm not at his eye level. Either he has to be on a counter or I have to be on the floor. He is better at letting me pet him when I'm in a standing position and he's laying down.

Buddy ended up in the shop last night. Around 2:30/3:00 am, he started whining and yapping. I got up, yelled out at him "No, bud" and he quieted down. For about fifteen minutes. Then he started again and Brian got out of bed, put his jeans on and went out and put Buddy in the shop. I just let him out and he was ready to come out. Sometimes, he's still sleeping.

april 19, 1998 Well, yesterday morning, I noticed that Bart wasn't feeling well. He had been fine earlier and this seemed to have come on very quickly. I got a hold of Brian and he came home and off to emergency we went. X-rays were taken and he was constipated. We left him there, hoping that enemas alone would do the trick, and that he wouldn't need deobstipation, where they sedate him (hubby said they operate, but I'm not too sure about that) and squeeze it out of him. Thankfully, I didn't have to find out. The enemas did work, we brought him home this morning, he has peed, pooped and even eaten.

The vet that called last night was really impressed with what a good cat Bart is. She said that if we ever decided to give him another home, that she would willingly take him in. The tech this morning said basically the same thing. She said that they didn't get too many polydactyls in and they all just love those big paws.

Too bad. He's ours and he isn't leaving. *grins*

april 23, 1998 I have to take Bart to the vet this morning for a recheck of his constipation problem. I really don't feel like it, but its what I have to do. I don't mind giving him pills, but I don't like giving him the liquid.

Lonee hasn't been acting well. She may be fine, just relocated. She's spending most of her time in the garage now. And she is letting me pet her every time I try (which is every time I go out there). She really loves to be stroked and rubbed. And I take this opportunity to feel for lumps, bumps or sore spots on her. I haven't found any yet. One of my worries is breast cancer, because she did have litters of kittens. And I know that can increase the risk.

The weather has been pleasant and we haven't had any need for the heater. I turned it off and this is giving me some more time in bed. DeeJay doesn't know to come in and start yowwing in my ear.

Dr. Christianne Schelling, the vet that sells SoftPaws (the nail cap for cats) online, let me copy her online booklet with training hints for getting kitty to scratch a post, not the sofa. It's really good. I appreciate her help. She's also joined the Educate!! Don't Amputate!! webring.

I played with the dogs yesterday afternoon, tried to get them all yapping at the same time. Brian got home and I told him that I had been playing with the dogs and he said that he had been driving over the hill just then and he could hear them. Oops. We had fun anyway.

Sandy hasn't lost her winter coat yet and I know this warm weather gets her down. She's usually lost most of it by now. This weather is wacky.

We had a catfight early, early this morning in the bedroom. We kept telling them to quit, but, being cats on a mission, they ignored us. Mostly hissing and growling. So, I get out of bed, grabbed the canned air that was on the bedroom tv and punched it. A couple of cats ran out of the room and it was quiet for about a minute. Then the growling started again. I said "shut up, lisa". Brian said "that's not lisa". I said "then who is it?". He said "I don't know". Then it started again. I said "that's lisa". He said, "no, not my lisa" and reached down to touch the cat that was growling. He said "lisa? Is that you? You don't have to growl, honey...nobody's gonna get you". I fell asleep.

april 26, 1998 We went to Disneyland yesterday. It was really strange. We had been driving for what seemed like hours and I said something to Brian about it. I said, doesn't it seem like we've been driving for hours? And he started to laugh and said yes it does. We had only been on the road for a half hour. It just felt like running on a treadmill. You're in motion, but you aren't getting anywhere.

Anyway, we get up there, hoping that some of the new rides are opened. The official opening is May 22, of the renovated Tomorrowland. There were no new rides opened. But there was a ton of people. We couldn't even believe the lines. We went to Space Mountain first, figured forget it. Then we decided to take the train. The line was out to the Mad Hatter. Forget that. We walked over to the other side of the park. Ate dinner, I saved my roll, we went to the little park in the middle of Disneyland, I broke up the roll and tossed it to the birds, saw a mamma/papa bird feed a young bird, not a baby, but still wanting to be fed, and just sat there for a while. Then we came home. The only Disney thing we rode was the tram from our car and to our car. Which was parked way over by the hotel in the new parking lot.

At least the ride home wasn't so slow.

And the cats were more than willing to be let out this morning. Since we got them in early yesterday.

Bart seems to be doing better. Georgie is acting fine, too. As a matter of fact, he has started attacking my feet and legs in the morning, while I'm still in bed and it's dark. I guess he thinks he's an alarm clock. It just started a couple of days ago and I just found out who it was this morning. Geez, let me sleep. *Yawn*

Something I read on a couple of bulletin boards really disturbs me. It's working cats. Cats that work on ranches or farms to keep the rodent population down and are in turn eaten by coyotes. I know that the cats have a job to do, but I shudder to think of the ends of their lives. Mine will hopefully live out long and healthy lives, but, since Hollywood, none of my cats is going to die like that again. One woman said that she cries over the dead kitties, has little funeral services for them, and buries them. But she loves her dogs to death. I can't imagine her letting them catch rodents (ours do) to keep the coyotes away. Heck, everything for the dogs. Anyway, she found out this week that its one of her dogs killing the cats. This just makes me sick. Now she doesn't know what to do about the dog. Hmmmm....I wonder. Probably nothing.

And the other situation, a woman lives on a ranch and purposely bred her cat to have kittens. Because the cats help keep the rodent population down, thereby keeping the rattlesnakes away. She said that a cat has never been bitten by a rattlesnake (yeah, that she knows of), but the cat population, once again, is taken care of by coyotes. Every idea anybody gave her was met with disdain....oh, that won't work...costs too much money...even said that fencing doesn't keep cats in or coyotes out. Excuse me? I read somewhere that peacocks eat rattlers. I mentioned that. Well, it seems like peacocks are $20-30 a piece and coyotes eat them, too. Cats are free.

Anyway, this entire idea, even though I know some people think like this, like the farmers in Fairfield Iowa, that cats have no monetary value, therefore their lives are worth nothing. Which gives some sick twisted individuals the idea that it's okay to smash them and beat them with baseball bats. After all, they *are* only cats, really offends me. I'm an only child and since my father was in the Air Force, we moved every two or three years. And my cats were my brothers and sisters. My only siblings. And now, they are my children, since I can't have kids. I have never thought of cats as having a job to do. Except to be happy. And if we were in a situation where the cats had a job, you can bet that we would take every precaution that they would have safe lives. Even double fencing. Which we have discussed for our future move.

april 29, 1998 Brian didn't come home last night. He called at 11 to let me know they had just checked in to a hotel. He's doing some service work in the Malibu area for a window manufacturer. He'll be home tonight. The kitties haven't missed him yet. It was only one night.

I thought I would be able to sleep in this morning. I got up and let the cats out at 5:30, went back to bed. Of course I couldn't get back to sleep. No cats.

Red rubbed against my legs in the hallway this morning. Usually he runs, but this morning I talked to him and squatted down. I dropped my head down (submissive) and he came up and started headbutting my hair and walking around my legs. He purred. I slowly put out my hand and started to scratch his lower back. He put his butt in the air and I gradually stood up, *towering* over him. He was okay til he looked up and I was no longer on his level, but I was still petting him. He decided that he had had enough, ran off.

I laid out in the sun yesterday, it was pretty warm. The pool was a shock. Refreshing, though.

Lonee is looking forward to our petting sessions. I try to pet her every time I see her. Last night, she was laying over my arm, purring away, closing her eyes in satisfaction. She's such a nice little cat.

I added a new section to my website yesterday. It's called ,a href="tally.html">tally's tales. Tally is someone that I met through the AcmePet Cat's Window and she has a real gift for describing life with cats. So, I asked if it was okay for me to add her stories to my site and she said yes. Check them out. They are pretty funny.

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