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april 12, 1999 Well, the office door is open. The cats came in, saw Blackie, kind of sniffed, then left. Mickey and Ciara got closer than any of the other cats. Mickey went up to him and hissed and meowed. Blackie was laying by the sliding door when I came in this morning. He's since moved back to his box. I didn't find any piles this morning, but someone peed on my paperwork. Blackie or one of the others, showing displeasure, I have no idea. Luckily I can't smell anything right now. Darn cold. Anyway, Blackie has ventured out of the office, just for a short walk down the hallway. Of course, there is always a kitty somewhere and Blackie turns around and comes back to his spot. He seems to be feeling much better. He's getting his voice back. Yesterday, I think I had him almost purring a couple of times. The jowls amaze me. They feel so weird, I've never had a cat (that I remember) with jowls. It started to rain last night and I told Blackie how glad I was he was inside and not out in that cold rain.

Yesterday, I came into the room to find Blackie standing in the catcam chair, taking a dump. Oh, nice. He obviously doesn't understand the concept of a litterbox. *sigh* I had to take everything off of the chair and I tossed it in the washing machine, put it through two cycles. I'm going to wash the back of the chair off today, because the other cats have been spraying the back of it.

Well, the trees are all trimmed, now the branches need to be cut up and put in the dumpster. Brian figures it will be a month before they are all gone. It sure looks different. I bet the front lawn does better since it will be getting more sun.

I'm still sick and I feel like garbage. I hate the coughing more than anything. I can handle the sore throat and headaches, pills take care of those, but nothing gets rid of this darn cough. I slept on the couch last night, because it seems if I sleep with my head up, I don't cough as much. I finally got up and went to bed when the cats wouldn't leave me alone. It's not any fun having a coughing fit with a cat on your chest. I'm miserable. blech.


april 14, 1999 Cough....cough....good morning. I'm feeling a little better today. Still coughed last night, but not as badly. I had coughed and hacked so bad the night before that my back hurt yesterday. But I feel almost human this morning. Brian thinks he's getting it now. So, if I didn't get it from him, where did I get it? I don't go too many places by myself. Oh, well.

I wonder if the dogs remember Blackie as the cat on the roof. They will just stand at the door and stare at him. And Blackie will stand up, arch his back, slowly walk backwards, hissing and growling. Even though he sees the dogs and the other cats interacting. I hope this isn't a problem. Yesterday was a nice day and I opened the windows and doors. Blackie went outside and sniffed around the patio, then came back in and just layed in front of the door when he saw Junior. Even though the door was open, the dogs stayed away. They just seem curious when the door is shut.

Blackie is now using the litterbox to do his business. I saw him do it twice yesterday, both functions. Good deal. Yesterday morning, when I came into the office, he had peed in the catcam chair. Lots. So much, it dripped through the blanket and the chair itself. I noticed that there was blood in his urine. I called the vet's office and asked them about it. Sheri said it could just be from stress and to watch him. He is getting a little more active. And he plays a little bit. I used one of the old wands, with nothing on it, just a plastic stick and he would try to catch it. I didn't have a serious chase game going on, just in front of him where he was laying down. That's a good sign. I did notice a flea on him. Then I combed him and found a bunch of flea droppings. A lot of flea droppings. So, I put some Advantage on him. I'm sure the fleas were bothering his infected ear.

Corn is coming up in the garden. It looks like the first heavy rain we had after I planted moved some of the other seeds. And mixed them all up together. None are coming up where I planted them, but many are coming up where I didn't. And they are in the path of the running rain water. So, now, I have peppers and tomatoes mixed up. I'll have to wait and see before thinning them out.

I saw Blue yesterday. She had her kittens. She eats and runs. I saw OC and Brian saw Angus. I saw the little black cat, too. Cleo comes over during the day. Since we have Blackie inside and Blue's off being a mommy, there isn't the big gathering in the entry way at night. I was so use to looking out and seeing cats. Heck, out of habit, I still look out expecting to see Blackie.

I have to go get cat food today. I don't feel like going anywhere, but I have to. Brian's working in LA today, so he can't do it.


april 15, 1999 Happy Tax Day!!! for those of you here in the good old USA. The first estimated quarterly payments are due today!! And we don't have the money to pay them!!!! But we own our home!!! Well, I'm expecting instructions on getting it put in our name today from the county.

I hope that once Blackie settles in and learns what litter boxes are for (he's doing pretty good since the first day) I'll be able to get a better handle on the spraying. I was running around last night with a bottle of Feliway. Yesterday, I had a little excitement. We were almost out of soft food for the cats, so I went to Petsmart, bought three cases of food, one of the 11 ounce cans and two with the 5.5 ounce cans, enough for 48 days. Then I went to CostCo, got moist food for the outfront cats and more Febreze (I use it, I admit it, because it helps, it really does and as long as I keep the cats away from where I've used it, we haven't had any problems). On to the grocery store where, gosh, so much of the stuff I use was on sale (frozen veggies and some of the beef cuts). It warmed up nicely yesterday and I opened the doors and windows. I even cracked them open so the cats could freely come and go into the backyard. I wasn't really worried about Blackie. Now, Blackie is really frightened of the dogs. And Blackie went into the backyard, both dogs decided to check him out at the same time and he freaked. He tried to scale the fence at the front gate, hissing and spitting. Of course, he couldn't get out right away, but then the dogs get even closer, looking at him, like a couple of stupid redneck morons. I'm trying to calm him down, yelling at the dogs to get the hell away, Rusty and Ciara are watching Duh mom, what's going on? I opened the side garage door, the one with the catdoor and I was finally able to get a grip on Blackie's neck and back, he's hissing and spitting, so scared that he peed, spit was dripping from his mouth. I said a silent prayer to the vet for doing such a fine job on his claws. I'd be ripped from head to toe, this morning if he hadn't. Anyway, I put him on the floor of the garage, then went around the house, closing all of the screen doors. Believe it or not, he was fine with me. Not mad or anything. He just cruised back into the office and climbed back into his spot. We left the office door open last night for him to come and go as he pleased. No catfights woke us in the middle of the night. This morning Brian told him he couldn't go out without supervision and I said, yeah, two people. Brian asked why and I told him one person for Blackie, one for the dogs. Oh, yeah, that's right. *sigh*

We left the office door open last night, so any cat could go in and out as he or she wanted. No cat fights last night. Blackie was in his normal spot, under the desk when we got up this morning. Cool.

Gosh, I can't believe how much corn is peeking through. I hope we have corn this year. The other seeds are coming up nicely and I'm thinking about just replanting the ones that got washed from where I had planted them. Because I don't know which is which. And the pictures on the packages only show the fruit, not the plant itself. I guess I really should. Unless the plants are way different. Maybe I'll wait a couple of weeks. If I can't tell them apart, I'll plant more.

I'm feeling much better today. I don't care for this lightheaded feeling, but I'm sure that will go away. I've gotten to the point now where I have to blow my nose alot and it plugs my ears. But at least I'm sleeping better.

It was a beautiful day yesterday. It's going to be a beautiful day, today. YAY!!!! Southern California spring is finally here. I love it!!!!

I think this beautiful weather has messed up my domain host. It sure isn't letting me get my work transferred. And my site is really slow, too. Hope they fix it. Soon.


april 17, 1999 Blackie slept in the living room last night. We cleaned the office, thoroughly, Thursday night and I didn't want to leave the door open for the cats to come in and pee and make it stink again. I did leave the door open Thursday night, but Blackie was in the living room when I got up, so I figured the door didn't need to be opened for him. I think he likes the door open because he is use to the food being in here. He was first in the office door this morning, ate a little dry food, but wanted his Fancy Feast. I kicked the other cats out and mixed a can with dry food. He's eating now. He's getting lovier. Yesterday, I scratched him on his back and he stretched out and showed me his tummy. He didn't let me touch it, but he showed it to me.

I set the catcam chair back up. And I have the entire thing wrapped with plastic trash bags because I'm tired of it getting peed on. I've washed it three days in a row now. Since I have this cold, I haven't been able to smell things. I know the office had been getting bad, but I thought it was just Blackie. Brian said something about it when he got home Thursday and instead of making dinner, I started cleaning. And I through boxes out that I haven't look inside in years. Old software manuals, a box full of floppies, anything I hadn't used in years went out. Cardboard boxes that have been sprayed on for years. Gone. I washed walls and the mirror doors and wiped down the cabinets with Simple Green. Anyway, I guess it smells better in here. I wouldn't know. My olfactory senses still aren't back all the way.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I was having a really difficult time accessing my website. And I couldn't send anything to the directory. Simplenet had me do a traceroute and it was hanging up on the second half of the route, everytime. I let them know and it seems to be working now. I have tributes to add and more links. And the catcam is back on.

Well, Ciara hasn't escaped in a week now, knock on wood. Looks like the work Brian did last weekend did the job. Good. Now, we have to work on Blackie. I hope we can let him out this weekend.

It was warm yesterday. Really warm. I even put the air conditioner on for a little while, to cool the house.

Pepper had been holding her ear weird and I looked inside yesterday. There's some sort of growth or pimple or ingrown hair. It's a tiny bump with a blue/black mark in it. Guess I should call and make an appointment to have it looked at. She had something removed in the other ear years ago.


april 19, 1999 Well, Blackie seems to think the furniture is a fine place to potty. Yesterday morning, he had gone on the armchair, pooped and peed. This morning, he hadn't gone anywhere when I got up, but after exercizing, I found he had done his business on the sofa. Brian's response was "how did his poop look?" Nice. Firm. The way it should. So, when I get up tomorrow, if he hasn't gone yet, I'm going to shut him in the garage. And I'll do that every morning until he gets the idea that the litterbox is where kitties potty. His previous owner's sure taught him how to be friendly, but weren't very good in housebreaking. Maybe that's why they dumped him outside. Didn't want to take the time to properly train him. I've sure been doing a lot of laundry.

Yesterday, Brian and I were outside and I told him that it was hard to believe that only a week and a half ago it was snowing in out mountains. He didn't believe me until I went back. Last weekend, he trimmed the trees and earlier that week we went up to Julian and had lunch. It was in the high 80s here, a really nice Sunday.

For some reason, I'm really tired. I didn't sleep well last night. I dreamed about Blackie. Good dreams, he was my good buddy. I think I'm just tired from so much cleaning the last couple of days.

The cats like this change of weather. They all want to be outside. And I finally trust Ciara not to leave the yard. Now, we have Blackie to worry about. Ciara loves being outside. Since the spay surgery, she's been getting more and more playful every day. She's finally able to be a kitten, not a hussy. She's so darn cute when she runs through the house. This morning, I was standing in the entryway and she ran into me. LOL!! She just shook it off and went in another direction.

Cats. Gotta love em.

I'm pretty close to getting the name lisaviolet a registered trademark. I had to send another letter last Friday clarifying some points (like what country I'm a citizen of) and I sent it out. Cool. I'll be able to use that r in the circle after my name (you can't do that unless it's a legally registered trademark). I've been kicking around ideas in my head for the shirts. I wanted the trademark first, though. Soon.


april 20, 1999 Something I haven't mentioned about the introduction of Blackie into the home, is how the other cats are reacting. Mickey is a pretty tough guy, let's Blackie know who's boss by hissing and growling, and DeeJay is a little vocal, but the other cats are pretty much just going on about their business. Blackie hasn't really affected them one way or the other. And Blackie doesn't seem to mind them. He's been sleeping under the dining room table and occasionally, I'll see him on the arm of the sofa or in the TV room. He still has blood in his urine, although he has a large volume of output. I started him on amoxicillan this morning and I called the vet. I told Sheri what I was doing and she said okay, and she will talk to the doc about it, to see if he wants me to bring Blackie in. After cleaning the couch and cover yesterday, I considered ways of keeping Blackie off of the furniture until he realizes that you potty in the garage. Last night, I put aluminum foil on everything. It worked. Nothing was peed or pooped on this morning. I didn't see any little poop piles anywhere but the litter box, so hopefully he went where he was supposed to. He did pee against the food container and that's when I noticed the blood. *sigh*

The tooth I have with a crown has really been hurting the past couple of days. It isn't a constant ache, but when it hurts, it hurts. I'm wondering if maybe it's stress induced, from me gritting my teeth. That's something I've always done. I think I do it in my sleep. My neighbor said that her husband had a problem with a tooth where he had a crown and ended up having a root canal. I don't even like the way that sounds.

The zucchini is coming up. The watermelon never did, so I planted more seeds Sunday. I also planted more tomato seeds and pepper seeds. I think I have two cayenne plants, but I can't be sure. I have tons of iceberg lettuce from when I dropped the package and spilled seeds all over. Yippee.


april 22, 1999 Short entry: When I was sixteen, I was in a car accident that almost took my life. I lost an inch in height (compressed thoracic fractures). When I was twenty-three, I had four impacted wisdom teeth pulled. In 1988, I had surgery on my fallopian tubes, to hopefully open them so that I could have children (didn't work). And I'm telling you, nothing, I mean nothing, has hurt as much as this toothache beneath my crown. I have been taking Exedrin every three-four hours. Exedrin and some form of water are all I've had since five o'clock last night, except for the two Valerian Root capsules I took last night, in hopes that I could sleep. I considered getting the hammer and smacking one of my toes, because I've heard the human body can't concentrate on two areas of pain at the same time. I've sucked on ice cube after ice cube. Orajel doesn't work, because we aren't talking about a hole in my tooth. We're talking about a problem under the crown, so topical treatments don't work. And believe me, I've put alot of Orajel in my mouth in the last forty-eight hours. It makes me sick to my stomach. I've been putting icepacks against my face. My jaw hurts. My face hurts. I can't believe how much it hurts. Okay, okay, bring back the cough, take this pain away, I'll cough without complaint, just let my mouth feel better. I'm going to the dentist in about three hours. I'm going to ask if there's anything they can give me for the pain while I wait. It hurts, I can't believe how much it hurts.

Back from the dentist. I'm getting a root canal next Thursday. Brian's gone to the store to pick up the antibiotics and the pain medication. The dentist said it will take at least a day before my mouth doesn't hurt anymore, because it will take that long for the antibiotics to start working on the infection. Of course, having the inquiring mind, I asked him what's a root canal, why does the nerve die, you know, all that kinds of stuff. He said that the nerve can die because of trauma, which would include cavities, fillings, teeth cracking down the middle when you eat a guacamole taco, crowns put on, and that what they do for a root canal is to go down inside the tooth, to the root, dig all of the infection and nerves out, then fill it in. (I don't care, if it takes this pain away, do it right this minute.) I didn't have to wait long in the office, because I let everybody know how much pain I was in. He only charged me for the x-ray today and I went ahead and paid for the root canal. The total was $635.00. I didn't care, just take this pain away. I was ready to stay there and get it done right now. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. Oh, my, how it hurts. When I was writing out the check, I told the clerk that I hadn't eaten since last night and I won't keep my current figure by not eating. She had some work done on her mouth yesterday and her mouth hurt, too. She was trying really hard not to laugh and I kept her cracking up. Here we are, both in pain, near tears, laughing really hard. When I was done, I paged Brian to come get me (we didn't know what they were doing and since he isn't real busy today, he dropped me off). I went outside to wait for him and decided the hell with it, I'll walk. I was almost home when he drove up next to me. My tooth hurt when I walked up the hill, it was *throb* *throb* *throb* with each step I took. I was glad to hop into the truck. But it felt good to walk and guess what? My feet didn't hurt at all. Maybe the hammer would have been a good idea. LOL!!! Oh, God, where's the pain killer? Owwee...owwee...owweee.....


april 23, 1999 Late afternoon.....well, I've spent many of the last 36 hours sleeping. It was nice. And those pain pills know when their four hours are up. So was I. I was sleeping so soundly when Brian went to bed last night, he left me where I was. That was okay. I'm starting to think I'll have a hard time sleeping in bed, it's been so long, what with my cough before the tooth. But, the good news is I think the Keflex is starting to work. I'm glad because I do not like those pain killers. I hate feeling so out of it. And I've been eating mushy food because I can't bite down hard on anything yet, it hurts.

Brian cleaned up the kitchen yesterday, which was really nice of him. I wouldn't have been able to do it yet. I did have to do some laundry today. He's leaving to for Colorado in the morning. His older brother is building a home out there or something and he wants Brian to bring out a window, to install. So, Brian has to take the work truck. He was planning on leaving today at noon, but things just didn't go well. He's all packed and I still have to cut his hair. I was glad that he didn't go tonight. He had to go to the petstore for dog food (bags are too heavy for me to carry) and the grocery store and he went to CostCo to get drinks and cold cuts for his meals. He's going to be roughing it a lot of the time. When I was talking to Lynn at the dentist's office, I said Brian's gets to take a vacation and I'm getting a root canal. She looked at me and said "what's wrong with this picture?" I just laughed. I'll tell ya, I'd give up a week at Disneyland to make this tooth not hurt.

Speaking of Disneyland, they're having a special for season passholders on rooms. During the week (Sunday through Thursday), until the end of June, the rooms are $109 a night at the Disney Pacific. Well, I told Brian we should try to go. Then, my mom, who is leaving shortly for Ireland, said that one of my cousins, Priscilla and her husband Damien, might be coming back at the same time mom comes home. So, we made reservations for two rooms the first part of June. That should be fun.

I took my pain pill about a half hour ago and I'm starting to feel it. I'll try to hurry up with my entry. Almost time for another nap.

Brian came in today and said that Ciara was out front. She was sitting on the gate. Great. He walked right up to her, she didn't run off and he brought her in. Since the cat door was locked for going out, I didn't know how she got out. Brian said maybe she snuck out with him, when he went out to the shop to get something. Wonderful. This afternoon, my mom called and the connection was terrible. And I knew right away it was our phone, not hers. I went around checking plugs and I couldn't find any that were corroded from cat piss. And I pulled all out of the walls except one and still had the problem. So, I called the phone company to report it. Well, Brian was packing and I was checking the phone wiring. And no one was watching the little raccoon baby. I started calling her. "Ciara!!" "Ciara!!!" "Brian, have you seen her?" "No." I went out front looking for her. Didn't see her. Came back in, went into the garage. I heard the pitterpatter of little cat feet on the roof. Ciara. Brian went out front and hopped into the bed of his truck and called her, then I did the same. I ended up taking the hair thing out of my hair and dangling it and she came over to inspect. I grabbed her and handed her to Brian. So, the cat door now has to be locked at all times. It was set so that cats could come in, not go out, except for Benny, Gracie and Boney, who know how to pull the door in towards them and crawl under. The other cats don't know to do this, they just know to push. Well, now it's obvious that Ciara knows the pull. And since she leaves, we can't let her out. *sigh*

Remember when I told Brian, before we had Blackie, when I was trying to convince him that all Blackie wanted was food, water and a warm place to lay in the sun? Boy, did I call that right. That cat sleeps so much. He gets up to eat, drink, pee and poop. Then he's back to sleep. Brian had him purring in the kitchen yesterday. He sleeps in the bay window by the kitchen and is ready when there's food available. He likes everything, Brian even gave him part of his hot dog. I told Brian, well figure what he's been living on anyway. Trash, except for what he got here. And you can hear the compassion in Brian's voice when he talks to Blackie. Today, he mentioned how bad Blackie's back legs are. I agreed, saying that we'll never know what happened to them. Dogs, cars? Could be anything. I'm so glad we brought him in.

Anyway, about the phone. I put our personal line on call forwarding to the modem line. So, when I shut down, I can get calls. The catcam will probably be a little sporadic until it's taken care of. I hope it's not an indoor problem. I'm not looking forward to that at all. The last time it was the connection behind the bed and I had to completely rewire it. It isn't a big deal, I just don't feel like having to do that, with my tooth hurting like it does. And I don't want to have to get the parts. I pulled the plugs apart in the office, we have four phone lines in here. Brian's company, the fax, the modem and our personal line. Two of the phones have both the office and personal line and all the others only have one phone apiece. Except for right now, I have the portable phone plugged into the back of the modem. This happened before (it was a phone company problem) and I plugged the modem into a business line (the fax machine line). Big mistake. Since it was a business line, I was charged per minute. Ouch. But what we do now is wrap all of the wiring and where they are plugged into the wall with electrician's tape. Keeps the connections dry. Well, if the phone company has to come inside, I know the place is clean.

I have to say a little about what happened at Columbine in Colorado. Those poor, poor people. All of them. Even the parents of the two goons that did it. I can't even imagine the guilt they are going through. It's easy for me, who isn't a parent, to use a little armchair psychology, which I know almost everybody is doing now. I wonder why the parents weren't more involved with what their sons were doing. Like making those bombs. Crushing the glass bottles they used for shrapnel. It's a parents job to be nosy. To be parents. My mom and I talked about this. It seems so many parents nowadays want to be friends with their children. They should concentrate on being parents first, on making rules and being consistent. I'm great friends with my mom now, but I wasn't when I was growing up. And another thing is parental ethics. A small thing, like going into a store and not being charged for an item. And knowing they weren't charged. What do they do? Go back to the store or at least call the store to let them know? Or do they sit there and chuckle, thinking they've gotten away with something? And how is this any better than shoplifting? Which, I'm sure, if the child got caught doing, there would be hell to pay. Consistency in ethics. Children learn by example. And parents are way too trusting, I think, of their kids. "Oh, no, not my child, my child wouldn't do anything like that." How many times do you hear this? Too many. Kids are kids and kids test limits. I think what happened in Colorado is a wake up call to the parents of the nation. Listen to your kids. Be involved with your kids. Even if they're straight A students, they still need guidance and love. And be there for them.


april 26, 1999 Well, I just got out of the shower, where I brushed my toofers, washed and waxed my hair, shaved my legs and underarms (had to undo the braids first)..... I'm feeling almost human again. My mouth is feeling much better, I guess the dentist knew what he was talking about, the antibiotics killing the infection making the pain go away. The pain pills are gone, I was able to stretch them out by not taking them every four hours. And I think the crap from them is still in my system, leaving little by little. The Exedrin is doing a good enough job on the pain now. I'm still kind of tired.

We can't let the cats use the cat door at all now. Because of Ciara and it's really a pain in the butt. Poor kitties. I let them out en masse and then I'll look out a little later and they are all hanging around the catdoor, wanting in. I guess I could sit outside with a spray bottle and let Ciara have it when she starts to climb the fence. Maybe that would work with her. I know she hates to be squirted with water.

Brian left for Colorado Saturday morning. And since I didn't feel normal, I spent a lot of time watching television. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time looking at stuff about Littleton and the massacre. And I got really depressed. I just feel so badly for all of the families. I've said extra prayers for the Klebold and Harris families. How guilty they must feel. You know how parents are "where did we go wrong, why didn't we see this coming?" What an awful thing to have to grow old asking. What hell their lives will be until they die.

Man, I just can't get a break. I let Lonee out the office door and Ciara went after her. I figured this would be a great time to follow Ciara with the water bottle. I went over to the garage side of the house, didn't see her, turned around and stepped into a doggie divot, an older, deeper one that was well covered with grass. The pop my ankle made was quite loud and I went down. I thought about calling my mom to come get Ciara into the house (little brat cat) and figured I'd try first. I got her and brought her in. Then I laid on the floor, cried a few tears of self pity, then got up and limped back over to the computer. Luckily, it wasn't my bad ankle. I put a brace on it. It hurts a little, but I don't think I'll have to stay off of it. That's good. Just what I need, another reason to just sit.

I have a ton of paperwork to do. Maybe I can get it all done today. That would be nice.

Saturday morning, when I got up, I checked the phone line. It was fine, no big hum on it. Then I called the phone company and called to cancel the appointment to get it fixed.


april 28, 1999 Well, yesterday I was bored. I haven't been doing anything because of my tooth. I think the infection is throughout my system and I just didn't feel well. But yesterday, I sat there and thought about the fact that I'm having a root canal tomorrow and how nice it would be to have the house cleaned and all of the business and personal bills paid, paperwork done. So, after I got off of the phone with my mom, I put my shoes on, put my hair in a ponytail and went to our local Wal Mart. I went to the pet department and bought every bottle of cat odor cleaner they had. Then I went over to the dog section and bought two of the bottles of the lesser strength odor cleaner. I bought a perm (I just couldn't help myself) and some more things for my hair. Then I came home and started to work. I poured one of the bottles of cat urine remover into a spray bottle, then went through and sprayed all of those places that the cats do. Then, I started the washing machine and started washing the little throw rugs. Then, I came back to the office and went over to Valley Vet online and ordered five bottles of Feliway. Then, I input all of the company invoices into the computer (which I hadn't done since last month), paid bills, then went back into the other part of the house (I was keeping the laundry going this entire time), and started cleaning. I got out the big Hoover Steam Vac and followed the directions on the bottle of urine odor remover, and washed Brian's chair. It was filthy. Not just from the cats, but also from his boots. Then, I ran the cleaner over the holes in the carpet, over and over, trying to get up all of the dirt and cat smell I could. When I was done, I went back through and sprayed more of the cat odor remover into the holes. I figured I might as well vacuum and dust, so that's just what I did. A couple of the throw rugs are really thick and it took forever for them to dry, but I waited until they were finished (about ten-ten thirty last night) and put them down. Then, I grabbed the Feliway we have here at home and started spraying the throw rugs (where the carpet holes are) and the covers on the furniture that had been washed. I didn't even get a chance to eat until about 9:30 last night. But that was okay. I dozed off on the couch during NYPD Blue :-( and missed the part where Jill went undercover. But, I woke up soon after and finished watching. I decided to just sleep on the couch (again) and Boney started crying in the bedroom. It seems that the bedroom kitties were missing having a human to sleep with, so I went in there and slept.

I'm trying very hard to teach Blackie about not peeing in the house. Yesterday, when he was walking around, I put him in the garage and I would shut the door. I found that he peed in there at least three times and I think he pooped in the litterbox. He didn't poop in the house. When I see him squat in the house and I tell him no, he runs. But he still has to go. That's when I put him in the garage. Also yesterday, I let him go out into the yard from the garage door, leaving the door open. He ate a ton of grass and then he rubbed up against me, he was happy. He walked back into the garage and I closed the door. About fifteen minutes later, he wanted to go back out again. If I can let him out without worrying about him trying to get out of the yard, it will be a lot nicer for all of us. I kept thinking back to the last time he was out and he saw the dogs and tried to go over the fence. I blocked the door open and followed him. Well, this time out, he walked down, almost to the doghouse, sniffing and looking around. He got down by the third palm tree and here comes Junior. Blackie took one look at him, arched his back, hiss spitted, then turned and ran. I stood there watching, thinking "the garage, go into the garage, not the fence, please, not the fence", and that's just what he did. This was good because now I know that Blackie knows the house is "safe". If he gets scared outside, he knows where to run to. Of course, Junior followed him. And even though the door to the garage was open, Blackie knew he would be okay. Junior and Buddy, who had come to see what was going on, both stood at the doorway, looking from me to Blackie, like dogs do. I went over to Blackie and gave him a couple of scratches on his head and he rubbed against me, spitting at the dogs. Now, if I can just get him to use the boxes.

I have more laundry to do and thought I had more dry bleach. Nope. I'm all out. I have to go to the grocery store and as soon as I get this uploaded, I'm gone. I'm so tired and I'm worn out, but I feel better than I have in weeks. Physical work is not so fun when you're doing it, but it's real nice when you're finished and have something to show for it. And it's nice that I did all the work for me, not because someone was nagging me to do it. That makes it even nicer.


april 30, 1999 I will be so glad when I feel better. I had the root canal yesterday and I think I swallowed some of the junk. My stomach has really been bothering me. I got very little sleep last night. I think the most I slept at any one time was two hours. Because my stomach was so sour (have you ever seen or left a wet washcloth at the corner of the tub, reminding yourself to put it in the laundry, but you keep forgetting and when you do, the washcloth is slimy, ripe and sour? That's my stomach) I tried to sleep sitting up, propped on a bunch of pillows. I would get comfortable and then the face cat, Rusty, would come up to me and get right on top of me or in my face. I ended up moving him to the pillows at one side of my head. But, that was too close to DeeJay, so they had a little argument. Just stop. I also cracked the window open, to get some fresh air on my face. Then Gracie got up there and sprayed and she has strong urine, so I had to clean that. Blackie worked his way over and spent about fifteen minutes smelling it (which makes me nuts) so I got up and got some papertowels, wiped it up and sprayed Feliway there. Blackie left, went back to his blanket on the entertainment center. I channel surfed for a while and there was nothing on I wanted to see. I think I'll go over to CDNow and order the Color Purple and Diggstown. I like those movies. I'll see if they come in letterbox format.

I have to go back Monday for the icing. They will put a tiny filling on the top. I was there for about an hour yesterday. It was really weird. He has this new machine that he can regulate how the deadening stuff goes it. He said that the part that hurts is when the medication goes in, he said it stings. So, he does it a drop at a time until the area is deadened enough to put more in.

Then they put me in the chair and put this big rubber thing in my mouth with an opening around the bad tooth. Then the drilling began. It smelled so bad when they broke through the crown. I guess the infection was pretty bad. I should have known that from how much pain I was in last week. He was pleased that the roots were so easy to get to and he got everything out. He took a couple of more x-rays at different intervals to see how it was going. When he was satisfied, he packed something in my tooth. Then, while he was working, smoke started coming out of my mouth. I had no idea what he was doing, but this was a little scary, believe me. I guess the stuff he packed in the space where my roots use to be was rubber and he melted it and packed it in. Then, we were done. They gave me a Motrin, I made the appointment for the filling and I was on my way. He said that the tooth will probably hurt and be sensitive for a week. It's sensitive right now, but nothing compared to last week.

There were no Blackie poop incidents yesterday. When I gave him his morning pill, I put him in the garage and shut the door, leaving him in there for about a half hour/forty five minutes. I still followed him around, but didn't see him pee anywhere, but that doesn't mean much. He could have gone at anytime when I wasn't in the room. Like when I was at the dentist. But I am doing my best to go around and spritz the Feliway and being liberal with the enzyme cleaner. At least the cats are mellowing out from the Feliway.

I have a couple of government reports to fill out today, then I really should finish the laundry. I guess that's what I'll do. It's almost time to let Blackie out of the garage.

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