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Tuesday, 08/30/2005 - 04:22 PM PDT
The topic: Helping another catlover

Her family had to evacuate (they lived in the New Orleans area). They're enroute to her father in law's home in Florida, but he put his foot down on the amount of animals she can bring. This post is from sweeney, who spoke to Tammy earlier:

"I spoke to her she is traveling to Tampa with 7 dogs & 14 cats. She is expecting not to be able to return for 3 months. Her FIL will only allow her to have 4 dogs & 5 cats (He is an SOB & has picked the ones he will allow her from earlier visits. The FIL has already contacted the animal shelter to force her animals in.

Dogs: the the three she can't keep include a pit mix & a border collie--both are very hyper & she only has them because the shelter wouldn't keep them. She is thinking she will have to put those two down. The other dog she can't keep is her son's dog. She is hoping a dog board will take it.

The 9 cats she can't keep include kittens & Carla (remember the cat transported from NJ after being in a shelter for 2(?) years - she bit the FIL when he was visiting (so would I if I could) so he hates her).

Tammy doesn't have a Paypal account & her bank is underwater. She doesn't have much for clothes so we should get their sizes. I told her to call the church and the newspaper for help & to look for someplace to board the cats & let us know where they can be boarded."

If anybody reading this can foster any one or all of these animals, please let me know. Unfortunately, the air conditioning went out in their car and they lost all three of their ferrets. sad

If it was out here on the west coast, I'd offer in a minute, but that's not the case.

UPDATE (8-31-05, 9:27AM):

She's found a place that will take the pets she can't keep. Unfortunately, she's having to put them up for adoption, since she doesn't know what is left of her home. She's keeping Carla and one of the dogs (I think maybe her son's) as her father-in-law is giving her some additional time to find homes for them. (He does not like Carla, a cat who lived for years in a shelter until someone took pity on her and pulled her and arranged transportation from New Jersey to Louisiana where they thought Carla would have a forever home. During one of his visits, Carla bit him. He holds this against her.) As for sending money, if you like, you can donate it to Benny's Fund and I'll add it to what I'll be sending to her via the fund.

UPDATE (9-01, 2:11pm):

Tammy has settled in. Her son's dog is being tranported to a foster home and Carla is headed back to the state from which she came, where she'll live with her original adopter's father.

So far, over $1000.00 has been donated to Benny's Fund. Earlier today, I ordered Visa Gift cards which I'll send to her once I get them. Thank you for all of your help and concern.

Animal rescue organizations:

Noah's Wish
Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS)
The Humane Society of the United States

Replies: 10 comments

Oh no, the poor poodies! Being in Wisconsin I can't take her and her animals (to far away) but let me know where to send funds, if she finds a place to take the rest of the animals I'd be happy to help pay the costs, I don't have much money but I'll find a way. Any one else? c'mon, you'd like help to if you were in her situation shocked

Posted by Donna Olsen @ 08/30/2005 05:22 PM PDT

I sent the info on this situation to someone I think lives in the Tampa area and also posted it to another chat board filled with animal lovers. If I hear anything I will let you know. I'm in Alabama and would love to help, but have no way of getting to Tampa.

Posted by Lisa McDowell @ 08/31/2005 06:56 AM PDT

I'm with Donna, tell me where to send money. Actually there must be many animals in the New Orleans area that will need help. Do we know of any SPCA type of organizations that will go in and rescue the lost ones?

Posted by May Ellen @ 08/31/2005 08:21 AM PDT

Actually, the HUSUS is sending a rescue vehicle (a semi set up as boarding/clinic) to the area. I'm sure they'd appreciate some donations to help with feeding/health care. Also try the local and state ASPCA's and Humane Associations. smile

Posted by Donna Olsen @ 08/31/2005 08:28 AM PDT

I'll send you something to help her out. Also, anyone interested in helping the animals left behind (because most "people" shelters don't allow pets) here is the site you can donate to.
Let's also see if we can't give to the Red Cross, those people are going to need everything. sad

Posted by Donna Olsen @ 08/31/2005 10:08 AM PDT

We were just talking about this in the office, and apparently there are a lot of alligators roaming what used to be streets, but are now waterways. So help is very urgent.

Posted by May Ellen @ 08/31/2005 10:58 AM PDT

I sure wish I were closer and in my new home with a basement, they could stay with me. I feel so bad for her and what a you know what her FIL is.

Posted by BaileyShelbyCody @ 08/31/2005 02:19 PM PDT

If one of the dogs is an older, small dog, I may have a home for one in the Tampa area. I just sent you an e-mail through this site.

Posted by Lisa @ 09/01/2005 02:37 PM PDT


Posted by DENISE @ 09/02/2005 01:22 PM PDT

I was reading about NSALA this morning (didn't know what NSALA stood for until I went to the website). They stopped in Florence, AL (about 90 minutes west of me) and were I believe going to set up in Birmingham which is a few hours from the coast. I'm not sure if they are moving in further or not.

Posted by Lisa @ 09/02/2005 01:50 PM PDT

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