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Friday, 10/14/2005 - 06:57 AM PDT
The topic: Well, we're here!

We didn't leave San Diego until almost 2:30. Had some last minute stuff to do. It would have gone quicker, but one of the cats had puked on the clean comforter on Wednesday morning and I left those until yesterday to wash. Just in case someone puked on them again. I could have just put clean ones on, God knows we've got a million extras, but I didn't want a big pile of laundry waiting for me when I get home on Monday.

It was kind of sad leaving the cats, especially Annie and DeeJay. Before we left, I took Annie outside and she kind of ran all over the yard, as long as I was by her. She meowed a little and sniffed the grass, even ate a few blades. She squatted and I watched her pee and it was good. I'd had a note for her to get the amitriptyline, but from the volume of her urine output and the fact that it wasn't bothering her, I scratched that notation from the instructions.

I started getting the kitties in when Brian had all of our luggage packed. I didn't want them getting upset with all of these suitcases and boxes being taken out the front door (and Handsome has been very vigilant when the front door is open; he jetted out earlier this week when my mom came over to pick up some stuff). Poor Little Bit was very unhappy, she wanted to go back outside. Not that she does much when she's out there, she just stays in one spot for the majority of the day, in the cathouse under the plum tree. But she likes it there, she's comfortable and safe. I had to shut the glass doors because I thought if she couldn't smell outside, she wouldn't be so adamant about going there. She has one of the most pitiful cries I've ever heard.

We brought so much stuff that the back of the Escape was packed full. The ride up took us a little under two hours, which was good. The bellboy (what an odd word) filled one of the carts they have with our luggage. I asked Brian how much he was supposed to get tipped. I thought he'd told me before it was a dollar a bag. He said yesterday it should be two dollars for big bags. Then he looked at the pile on the cart, laughed and said "this should probably be fifty".

They "upgraded" our room. I say "upgraded" because they moved us to a room that is moreexpensive. But I don't think it was any better than what we originally reserved. I really wanted to have a room overlooking Downtown Disney, I thought it would be way cool for the webcam. As it is, we overlook the roof of Soarin' Over California, the Monorail and have a straight shot at Tower of Terror. So far, we can't see much of the Grizzly Peaks area, which we were told it overlooked. *sigh*

Then when we started to get situated in our room, we realized it hadn't had much done to it. There was a used towel on the bed, towels in the basket in the bathroom, stuff in the toilet (but I'm starting to think it doesn't always wash toilet paper down properly) and a lack of handtowels.

And the refrigerator wasn't here. banghead

We were running late, just dumped our stuff wherever in the room once it got here and we were off to Granville's. I had chicken for dinner, it was pretty good. The potato stack wasn't impressive. The size was, the taste wasn't and it wasn't hot.

After dinner, we came back to the room and I had the damnedest time getting the computer hooked up. I called down to the front desk, they transferred me to the computer guy who isn't on site and he told me to call the front desk and get another ethernet cable. While I was waiting for them to show, I rebooted and VOILA! High speed internet access.

And here I am. I really need a booster seat because the desk is much higher than my chair and my right arm is starting to get tired from being in the position. So, I'm going to be ending this entry soon and when it gets lighter (it's early, Brian's still asleep as I type this) I'll resituate it as I can. The cable only goes so far, so I'm stuck at this desk.

I'm going to go make coffee now, then start a little nesting since we'll be here until Monday and I would rather not be tripping over luggage and boxes and coolers.

Oh, and I really need to get a mousepad today. I find it hard to navigate with the touchpad and my mouse doesn't work well on the glass surface of the table.

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It sure is lonesome up at the top without the catcams. confused

Hope you are having a great time smile

Posted by Bobbie @ 10/15/2005 11:38 AM PDT

lisaviolet is fifty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

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