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Saturday, 12/03/2005 - 10:41 AM PDT
The topic: I haven't been keeping up

I haven't been keeping up with the journal because I've been incredibly tired ever since the Disney trip. I'm thinking maybe it's because I haven't been taking my vitamins and supplements.

And I'm not getting the quality of sleep that I should be. The cats. It's the cats. Last night, I woke up at least once an hour. And it wasn't a wake up that I just rolled over and went back to sleep. It was a wake up that I was wide awake. Not good.

So, today I'm going to set up that little airbed in the extra room. I'm going to make it up. I'd been waiting until I got the frame that I ordered at the beginning of last month, but that's apparently on back order for who knows how long. Every time I contact them, it's "we'll see that your order is processed within the next 48 hours". I could cancel the order, but I want the frame, so I just wait.

And tonight, if I have a hard time going to sleep, I'll just go into that room and lay down on the bed and see if I can sleep through the night on that.

For right now, I think I'll go take a nap. cwm33

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Have you tried any herbal teas? There are several that can help a lot. You have to be careful that they dont interact with any medicine you might be taking or any medical condition you may have. Not trying to discourage you though!

Posted by Mary @ 12/04/2005 09:36 PM PDT

You might also try taking valerian, which you can buy in the herbal section of any drugstore. It really does give you a restful night's sleep with no grogginess the next morning.

Posted by Trudy @ 12/04/2005 09:54 PM PDT

have you tried melatonin, it works for me!

Posted by denise @ 12/06/2005 09:54 AM PDT

I use melatonin and it works for me, too. Also helps keep most headaches at bay. Doesn't make me groggy in the morning either.

Posted by Lisa @ 12/09/2005 08:48 AM PDT

i use valeriana on my cats scratching post (2 drops is enough), he loves it! Also i used it a period when i had trouble sleeping and it's great smile Here in Norway you can get it as pills or tincture.

Posted by Peffe & Shaih @ 12/10/2005 12:51 AM PDT

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