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Sunday, 12/11/2005 - 09:20 AM PDT
The topic: Ah, it's still here!

My diary hasn't disappeared! *lol*

I'm alive. Taking my daily supplements daily is helping. The fact that the weather has significantly cooled off has helped, too. Good sleeping weather.

I've been having some mighty strange dreams, though.

I dreamed my father was trying to molest me. No, this isn't old subconscious realities coming to the front, my father never molested me. In the dream, I was an adult and my father was old. It was more a thing that he didn't know who I was, he had Alzheimer's. I just kept smacking him away from me and saying "stop it, Dad". (By the way, my father died in 1987 at the age of 58.)

Another night, we were staying up at Disneyland. I had my room key and was wanted to get back to the room. Well, I couldn't find the damned room. I was on the right floor and I kept going around and around looking for the door that held the lock that would accept this key. The halls were crowded with activities for children because it had been so rainy (ha! I wish). My mom even showed up to help me look for the room and I was snotty to her because if I couldn't find it, I knew there was no way in hell she was going to help me find it. (By the way, my mother absolutely hates the Disneyland experience, so she would never have been there to help me find anything.)

And on still another night, once again we were at Disneyland and they put in some humongous maze type thing. I mean, this maze would take days to complete. I found out after wandering through it for hours that you could leave the maze at any point and rejoin it later. Even if it was at a different area. I took advantage of that. Brian joined me at one point, then I left to get something to eat and he stayed. Really strange dream. The walls were of concrete, but made to look like smooth rock. Some of it was under cover, most was not. And throughout, there were larger areas that held cast members putting on little shows, like snake charming. Where on earth is this stuff coming from?

The fact that I remembered the dreams means that I was awake shortly after having them. I'm lucky in one thing, though. When I'm dreaming, I know I'm dreaming. That if the dream is too disturbing, I can easily change the direction it's going by knowing I can do that.

Oh, did I ever mention I dreamed once that I had sex with Kevin Costner? He wasn't very good. jesterA

Oh, the bed frame is finally supposed to be here tomorrow! yippee

Now, for other goings on.

I don't think I mentioned that we ordered an oven to go with the stove. We liked the look of the stove so much and the fact that it had the electronic ignition, that we went online and ended up getting an oven from the same place that sent the stove. And amazingly, the oven took much less longer to get here than the stove. The stove took weeks, the oven took about a week. Brian installed it last Sunday. It's very, very nice. I'm so happy with my new kitchen that I spent over an hour one day last week scrubbing the sink. It's white! It was so stained and had so many black marks from pots and pans over the years that it amazes me when I clean it. I don't know why I don't do it every couple of days instead of every couple of years. Maybe it's because it dries out my lovely model hands. Ha.

No, I'm so pleased with how everything looks, I'm doing a much better job of keeping up with it now.

Even Brian is asking where things go when he empties out the dishwasher. Before it was just put stuff wherever it fit.

Also last weekend, while Brian was installing the oven, I got some of these and redid two of the drawers in the kitchen. The drawer with the utility type stuff, you know, screwdrivers, tape measure and the drawer with my food prep helpers, you know, measuring cups and spoons, whisks, rolling pin. They both turned out nicely. A couple of weeks ago Brian was giving me grief because it appeared that many of the screwdrivers from the little kit he made up for me were missing. Well, I found out last Sunday that all are still there. The drawer had been such a mess, you just couldn't find them. One thing I'm finding out as I age is that if I keep things organized and in their place (which only takes a couple of minutes), I save time in the long run. Because I'm not searching for them and I don't get frustrated about not being able to find them.

Back before my birthday, I was bugging my mom for a new camcorder. I'd ask her everytime I spoke with her "did you get my camcorder yet?" Well, last week, she asked what I wanted for Christmas. I laughed. I said "a new camcorder!" She said "not that again!" Well, last Thursday night, Brian and I headed for Santee. He needed stuff from Henry's (health food stuff) and we needed to hit the petstore and we needed to go to CostCo. At CostCo, I said I wanted to look at the camcorders.

They had three. Two Sony's and one JVC. Well, my old camcorder is a JVC and I never liked the way it did the sky or things that were light blue. Because they'd be white and become blue on the camera. Looking at something on a hill, the background would be white instead of blue, gradually turning the proper shade. That always bugged me. So, the JVC was out. That left the Sony's. I walked out of CostCo with the Sony DVD103. One of the nice things about CostCo is that if you don't like something, you can take it back.

Well, I like it. It's lightweight and easy to use. And it has...ACCESSORIES! Which I bought online. A microphone and a light source that does infrared! It came with one disk, so I had to order more. I did a search and found mini RW DVDs that can be burnt on both sides, giving me twice as much time to record. I went with the rewriteable ones because I won't store information on them. I'll transfer that over to regular sized disks here at home. I got additional batteries and an additional battery charger that can be plugged in to a wall outlet or a car outlet. I'm set. I'd really like to get up to Disneyland and record all of the Christmas stuff as well as the fireworks.

And I could never return it now anyway. The cats barfed all over the manual yesterday afternoon.

During my cleanup of the kitchen and pantry over the past month, I found some large bottles of liquid color fast bleach. I'm not a fan of liquid detergents. Brian got these for me by mistake. I'd asked for Clorox bleach and he brought home the color safe stuff. I figured I'd use them up, then just not get them again. Well, they screwed up my washing machine. They put out way too many suds, even though I was using well below half of what was called for. The machine got so bad that I called Sears, ready to make an appointment for the repairman. He asked about detergent, said that the wrong stuff could interfer with the workings of the pump and the machine wouldn't work properly and it just might break it altogether. He said to give it a while for the suds to go down, then it should work okay.

It did. When I first called, it wouldn't even drain. Then it was really loud when it hit the spin cycle. Now, days later, it's back to normal. And the liquid color safe bleach is ready to go someplace else. I won't use it ever again. The repairman did tell me that now they tell folks who buy frontloading washing machines that if they don't use the correct detergent, that it will void the warranty. Well, we weren't told that and if my machine dies because of it, I'll expect them to fix it properly, at no cost to us.

Today's chore is ironing. Brian left for the property not too long ago and I really should get started. The mornings have been chilly and he really needs his long sleeved shirts. And the shirts being ironed makes him look a little more professional. I just doesn't look good to show up at jobs in Coronado all wrinkled.

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If you run into the too much suds problem again, just throw in a quarter to a half capful of liquid fabric softener. It really cuts the "sudsy stuff" down to a minimum and saves a lot of extra rinsing afterwards. I love my front loader and really do use less water, soap and "loads" with it. big grin

Posted by Donna @ 12/11/2005 11:27 AM PDT

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