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Saturday, 12/24/2005 - 12:51 PM PDT
The topic: Annie update

I think she's doing a little better. Not much, but anything is better than nothing or the alternative.

I think something I gave her last night wasn't such a good idea. Her eyes got very runny and her face actually looked like it was swollen. At one point, she started rubbing her eyes, so I know they itched. I gave her some artificial tears to help soothe them and this morning put some Terramycin in them.

She is walking a little better, I'm sure it wouldn't look so bad if she weren't squinting so much. She did start lapping a little water and she found it was easier for her to drink from the faucet in the tub. Today is the most I've seen her sleep since she started showing signs of not feeling well. And she's sleeping soundly.

And as the day wears on, her eyes are getting better, too. They aren't runny and she's opening them more when she opens them.

She ate a little this morning, not really much. She half heartedly lapped at some soft food. Late this morning, I took her into the bathroom and put A/D on my finger and put it in her mouth and she'd eat it down, not spit it out or fight me. I prolly gave her about an ounce or so, not a lot, but so far she's kept it down.

If her face continues to get better and she keeps getting some much needed good sleep (which is one of the best things for when you're sick, it gives the body a chance to heal), I think she'll be okay.

Thanks for all of the prayers and healing wishes. Please, don't stop. She still needs them.

I think she knew she wasn't feeling well earlier this week. She's not much for cuddling, but the days before she came down with whatever, she really wanted to be held. Which we both did for her, so I'm glad about that. I think it was easy to do because it was such a rare thing for her to do.

And her brother, DeeJay, just keeps going and going and going......

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Could she have been stung in the face. My Digit was stung by a wasp this summer near an eyebrow and his face swelled up bad. I gave him an antihistimine and it worked a little to stop him from scratching but I still took him in to the vet. I worried about his breathing with his nose so swollen. I think they gave him a shot.

Posted by Melanee @ 12/24/2005 06:01 PM PDT

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