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Wednesday, August 02, 2000 Well, I had two doctor's appointments today. The chiropractor and my groinocologist. The appointments were forty-five minutes apart and my chiro was first. A visit with him takes less than ten minutes. And my other doctor is less than ten minutes from there. Things went quickly at the chiro's and my blood pressure was 133/93. Not the best it's been, but it was okay. The good thing is it's slowly getting lower and staying there. I got to the other doctor's a half hour before my appointment was scheduled. It was pretty nice when they took me in early. I showed the bp slip to the nurse and she wrote down the numbers, saying it wouldn't be necessary to take my pressure again. Cool. I took all of my clothes off and got into the wonderful paper clothing they have available. When the doctor came in, he stopped at the door, then told me how pleased he was that my blood pressure was lower. He said that it's the best he had seen from me in the entire time I've been going to him. Keep in mind, that's been fourteen years. Then he said how he wants to see me around for many years to come. I thought that was so sweet, I told him that was nicer than anything my husband had ever said. Then he asked me if I was on medication and I smiled and said "no". I explained about the chiropractor and how he's working on getting my bp down. I also told him about the chiro's take on calcium (supplements, yes, dairy, no...dairy has usually been pasteurized which heats the calcium so that it's no longer helpful). The gyn doctor said that calcium is good for women with PMS problems. I just laughed and told him it's sure mellowed me out.

I told him about my mom and her cancer. He checked my breasts for lumps, then told me that usually women my age can get away with mammograms every two years, but since my mom had the cancer, that the recommendation is once a year. We then went over some other questions, one being "when was your last period?". I laughed.
"Well," I say, "it started on June 30."
"Started? You mean you're still having it?"
"Yup. It's not really heavy or anything, not unless I'm not wearing protection and I'm wearing light colored shorts. And there's no cramping or anything. It's more of an annoyance than anything else."
He asked me about the timing of my periods the previous months. Right on schedule, except when I didn't have one. I said "remember this happened to me last year and I thought I was dying?" Well, it seems that I am officially "perimenopausal". As I understand it, menopause is when there's nothing. But perimenopause is when all of the fun stuff happens. Like whacky periods. He asks if I've had night sweats or hot flashes. "Have you been outside lately?" I ask him right back. Of course I've got sweats and hot flashes. For Pete's sake, according to our weather station, the heat index was over 114º yesterday. So, he makes it official. I'm in the beginning stages of perimenopause. Now, how long it's gonna take to get through it is anyone's guess. But I can now officially look forward to that old hag Aunt Flo staying away. He did say there were a couple of things we could do for the spotting. You know, it really doesn't bother me all that much. But I'm sure not looking forward to going to Disneyland in October and having to put up with this. Plugs can be uncomfortable for me and pads rub me raw when I have to wear them for months at a time. He said "well, let's try this" and went on to describe a prescription of ten pills which I will take everyday. Then (I think I've got this right) after I finish the ten pills, I should have a pretty heavy period, but this should clean me out. He said it was a chemical D & C. Hopefully, this will stop the spotting. And if it doesn't work, we can do it again. If it doesn't clear it up, I can always have a D & C. I'd rather not, thank you. I just want something to make this infernal drip stop for a week in October. So, he gave me a prescription for this stuff and a prescription for my mammogram. I stopped and filled the pill prescription on the way home. I was given the generic brand and it's generic for provera. Heck, don't they give animals depo-provera? ACK!! Am I gonna start barking? WOOF! I called and made the mammogram appointment, too. They had a cancellation for tomorrow at seven ayem, but no thank you. I don't want to get up that early or fight that traffic going into San Diego. So, the appointment is for September 13th.

Now, about Lola's appointment yesterday. I bet you can hardly wait to read about it. Remember, this was the appointment with the holistic vet.

What's important to remember here is what I asked when I originally made the appointment. "Do you have alternative treatments for cancer." Let's take it from there. The appointment was for eleven and at ten thirty, Lola started walking around. I figured she may need to potty. I follow her into the garage, she gets into the litterbox and just dorks out. She doesn't do anything, gets out of the litterbox and walks outside. She just stands there. Then she comes into the house and jumps up onto the coffee table. Fine, she wants to eat. I heat up her food (and I must say, she's doing wonderfully at eating) and she eats quite a bit. She goes over and sits on one of the condos. I left to get the carrier. I bring it back in and she sees/hears it and runs. I mean, she's gone. This girl is showing some spunk. This is good, believe me. I finally catch her and tell her she'll be okay, that nothing is going to happen to her on this visit, no needles or anything like that. We get into the truck and we're on our way.

I get down to the hospital with no problems. I walk in and I ended up waiting for a half hour. Didn't see much that would make me think "homeopath" but, hey, what do I know about homeopathic vet's offices? After all, this was my first time in one. All of the literature that was out was the stuff I see at my vet's office. All of the food samples they had were regular pet food. They had a candle burning, though, and I've never seen that in a vet's office before. So, I guess maybe they are holistic. I thought it was strange, though, that there was no mention of this anywhere. But what do I know?

Finally, I meet the doctor. She introduces herself as a "cancer specialist". Cool, I think to myself. "A homeopathic, cancer specialist. She ought to be able to help out a lot." So, she says she's sorry she's late, says she was checking over Lola's records, which are in backwards order. The newest information is on the top. She has to start at the bottom and work her way up and there were pages of information. She's asking me questions about Lola's treatment and so far, has said nothing faintly resembling a discussion on homeopathy, which I thought was odd. So, I asked her. "Oh, no, I don't do that sort of thing. I don't know anything about it." (WHAT!! WHAT!! What do you mean? You aren't holistic? Ah, spit, here's eighty bucks wasted, I already have an allopathic doctor that I have full confidence in, man, should I just leave? Well, spit. Geez, how could I have misunderstood this? Anyway, I was gonna get charged for the consultation, might as well go ahead with it.) And she tells me that she's one of two cancer specialists here in San Diego. Well, that was something, I guess. I did find out that Lola's crashing earlier was most likely from the Oncovin she got on June 30. The doctor said that anorexia and constipation were known side effects of the drug. She said that she doesn't use Oncovin on cats because there is another drug that is just as effective without the side effects. And she wouldn't have used as high a dose as my regular vet had used. Other than that, his treatment set up was a good one. And she felt that Lola is well enough now to resume treatment. The other two drugs she's on won't give her the reaction the Oncovin gave her and like my doctor told me previously, if she gets more Oncovin, she won't react as badly to it. They seem to build up some sort of resistance to the side effects. She's going to write up her findings and what course of treatment she would advise and fax it over to my regular doctor today. Then I'll call him tomorrow about restarting Lola's treatment.

I did ask her if she had any recommendations, but she only knew of one person and she didn't like the way the woman worked and didn't want to recommend her. So, I said "then don't". I certainly don't want somebody who doesn't come recommended. On the way home I stopped at a Carl's Jr and got zucchini and a cheeseburger. Lola really became alert while waiting in the drive-through.When I got home I gave Lola some of the cheeseburger (which she inhaled), ate, then called the number of a holistic vet who had come highly recommended, but who had retired. I've called before and this is when I found out about the retirement. This time there was no message about retirement. But there was no message about "leave a message" either, but you could fax him. So, I typed up a letter giving a short background on Lola's problem and asked if there was anyone he could recommend in our area. As yet, he hasn't returned the call. I don't know if he will.

I was a little nervous, I admit, about telling Lola's regular doctor about the visit to the specialist. I called yesterday afternoon and explained what happened to the receptionist, that the cancer specialist would be faxing over her findings. I certainly don't want to step on anybody's toes. What a day.

Oh, yeah, I got Lola to lap a little water yesterday. Yay!! She has no problem lapping watered down catfood, so I thought we'd try just plain water. She hasn't had fluids since last Saturday and she's not dehydrated at all.

When I left the vet's office yesterday, it was raining big drops. It didn't last long and didn't do much to clear up the mugginess we've been having. In the past hour today, it has clouded over, started to thunder (the back door is now open and Buddy is in the kitchen) and it's started to rain. I don't know if it will rain much, but it's cloudier than it was yesterday. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.


Friday, August 04, 2000 So, yesterday morning, I called the vet's office to find out about resuming Lola's treatment. Dr. Clark's letter hadn't shown up on Wednesday, but as far as I knew, the reaction to the cytoxin wouldn't be bad like the oncovin. I still had the pill here from when her treatments first started. What I wanted to know was should I bring her in for a CBC before I give her the pill. The doctor wasn't in when I called, so Sheri was going to check and let me know what he wanted to do. At around 12:30, I hadn't heard from them, so I called. It appeared he wanted to do the CBC and I could bring her home to give her the medication. So, I loaded up the truck and off I went.

Once there, I was told he had gone to lunch and that the plan had changed. He wanted to observe her after she got the drug. Sheri said that the letter had gotten there from Dr. Clark and Dr. Clark mentioned in the letter that I thought she was a holistic vet. It appears she went on to detail what her thoughts were on Lola's treatment. And I guess observing Lola after giving her the cytoxin was one of the changes. We weighed Lola and she weighed eight pounds, five ounces. Up six ounces from Saturday. Good news. I came home and began the wait for the phone to ring. At four, I hadn't heard from them, so I called at ten after. "The doctor is still observing her, we'll call when she's ready to come home." At about a quarter to five, I got the call to get her. I went down and settled the bill and asked if there was anything I should do now. Tiffany, the new receptionist asked the doctor and he said that Lola should be okay, but that instead of treating her once a week as he had originally planned, we were going to take it a little slower. Her next treatment was in two weeks, instead of one. I can live with that. My next chiro appointment is in two weeks. So, it looks like I have two weeks off. Yay!!

Lola is doing quite well right now. She was alert last night, loving, and had a really good appetite. She's eaten this morning and I've given her the A/D flavored water. She lapped up quite a bit of that. I'll definitely keep a sharp eye on her, though. I don't want a repeat of her first treatment.

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet around here. And hot. The progesterone has stopped my flow, it seems. I have eight more pills to take, so I get a reprieve for eight more days, then I think I get a big whammy. Oh, well, if it gets me back on track, I don't care. I guess my hormones were all out of whack.

I got notice, too, that lisaviolet is now officially registered. *grin* When used in conjunction with my merchandise, it's lisaviolet®. Cool. Guess I should go design some shirts.


Monday, August 07, 2000 Well, it was a pretty low key weekend. Good news on the Lola front. Yesterday, she rediscovered water. I can't believe how much she drank. She went from water bowl to water bowl, maybe checking to see if they were still there, or if the water was still as good. The first long drink she took, I think she brought back up. Too much, too quickly would be my guess. But that's all that came up. The solids stayed down. I have to admit I was a little concerned that she was drinking so much, but figure she hadn't had fluids in over a week. She did get fluid intake when I would give her extremely watered down A/D. But it was really nice seeing her drink water. Really nice. And she's not drinking like that today, so I think she's probably back on track. She's definitely perking up. But it was such a relief to see her drinking. One less thing to worry about.

Speaking of worry. Last night, I couldn't find Lonee in the house. Anywhere. Brian had mowed the lawns yesterday and when he does that, he leaves the rollup shop door open. I figured that Lonee went in there and found a nice place to snooze. Odd that she did it, though. She's not done that in years. Last night at ten thirty, I finally found her in the house, in the tube in the garage. She hadn't been there before, so, she snuck in at one point. I got Benny in (I had to leave the door unblocked for her to come in) and shut the shop door. Then I fell asleep on the couch. I'm so darned tired this morning.

I think maybe the hormones I'm taking are doing that. I sure wish I knew what was going on. It looks like my period has started, then nothing. Well, after today, I only have three more pills to take, then we'll see what happens. I'm also getting headaches with them. But Excedrin chases those right away. But I'm not anymore irritable that usual. That's nice. *grin*

We went to dinner yesterday, to Black Angus. We had the prime rib for two. It was pretty good. I wore denim shorts that were too tight around the waist, so I didn't overeat. One of the first things they bring you is a huge sampler platter of their appetizers. We didn't care for the chicken and I don't eat shrimp, but Brian does. They weren't battered or deep fried, so those were left untouched. I was thinking I should have brought the shrimp home for the cats. Lola used to really like shrimp. But the last couple of times she ate Sheba, she didn't keep it down, so I figured right now the shrimp wouldn't be a good idea. We had salads and then the meal came. I ate my broccoli, picked around the fat on the prime rib and ate my baked potato. I didn't finish anything, though. And this meal comes with a huge piece of chocolate fudge cake with chocolate shavings on the icing, ice cream and hot fudge. There's no way I was going to eat it there. So, we got that to go and brought it home. Hours after we got home and were settled in (the first thing I did was take the shorts off, Brian laughed) we sat together on the sofa, each with a fork and took turns taking bites. It was so good. I needed some chocolate.

Well, Saturday, I got the finishing touches put on the shopping cart over at lisaviolet designs now that the trademark is legal. Open for business. I didn't let too many people know, though. I found out yesterday morning that somebody had tried to purchase a shirt and it didn't work. I immediately emailed the gentleman who installed the cart and he had it working in no time. I'm working on three more shirt designs, ones that I've had in mind for a while. I just have to see if they print out well on transfers before I add them to the store. Right now there are only two shirts to choose from. *lol* I ordered some different colored shirts so that I can see the actual color. I'm not doing really dark shirts right now, not to begin with, because those are done differently. The colors are available on a color square, which, in my experience, doesn't really give a good idea of the actual color. If they look okay, I'll order them and have different colors available.

Today I'm going to make the winners' shirts that I haven't done and get those sent out. I'll see if the newest image transfers well. I have a bunch of housework to do, too. Looks like I'm going to be busy.


Thursday, August 10, 2000 Man, I feel awful. That pain is back in my side. I can hardly move. I'm wondering if it's because of the pills I'm taking. I take the last one today. I'm thinking it might be those because it's supposed to help regulate Auntie Flo's visit. When I go off of them, it's my understanding that she'll be coming for a visit and bringing her extended family. So, I'm thinking I'm awfully bloated and retaining a bunch of water, even though I'm drinking tons to try to flush out the system. I was up and down last night, though, getting rid of a lot of water. I don't have cotton mouth this morning, the first time since last Saturday. I do have a headache. That's one of the "possible side effects". And I'm not *as* tired as I have been. Last night I had to let air out of the bed so that it didn't hurt as much. I hope it doesn't last much longer. Well, at least I know it's not a terminal thing, figuring it's been happening for at least ten years. It's possible I've pulled a muscle and the pressure in my abdomen is making it hurt. Lola sometimes sleeps by my side and when I get out of bed, I try not to disturb her, and I contort myself to get around her. Oh, well. I'll get over it.

I got my first shirt order yesterday. And it had been so long since I'd done the first two in the shopping cart, I found out I didn't fill in all of the blanks. I forgot shipping. Well, that's a learning experience, I guess. I immediately went a fixed it, so it shouldn't happen again. I'm working on another image right now loosely based on the Baby Lisa picture on the front page of this website. I'll hopefully have it up in a couple of days.

Lola is doing well. She's eating, drinking, peeing and pooping, just like she should be. I hadn't seen her poop in a couple of days, even though I would carry her to the litter box or outside. I took her out late yesterday afternoon and she peed. Then she came in, went into the litter box and pooped. Boy, I can't begin to express how relieved this makes me. I'm just so worried about her getting constipated again. Constipation isn't something I ever considered life threatening, but as I found out last month, it is.

We got our latest gas and electric bill yesterday. I still hadn't paid last month's. Time just got away from me, what with Lola and her vet visits, my doctor's appointments, lvdesigns, I just kept putting it off. Well, Brian got all pissy. "There's no excuse for not paying bills" he says. Me, I don't think it's a big deal, really. I mean, nothing gets really past due, not to the point of being shut off. Heck, they come to the door before they do that. *grin* Anyway, this happened while I was getting dinner ready (we had bean, cheese, guacamole and sour cream burritos). I said "you're not going to be pissy are you? If you're going to be pissy, I'll just stay back on the computer." He said "I thought you wanted to just stretch out because you're hurting." Well, yeah, but I'd rather be in pain than around him when he's being pissy. It's his form of punishing me, I guess. He did lighten up and I turned off the computer early last night. And he punished me a little more, I think, when it was time to feed the outfront cats and get the cats in for the night (some of the cats get to stay out late, sometimes until I'm ready to go to bed; Benny, Bart, Georgie, Maggie and Lisa, although Benny is the only one who stays out late every night). He just laid back on the sofa. I closed the front door after feeding the outfront cats and opened the casement windows at the side. Walking past the windows, I saw our raccoon buddy out there. I hadn't seen it in a while, was curious where it had gotten to. Somebody emailed me to let me know that raccoons and cats get along just fine. And suggested I get something sweet for this raccoon to eat, like cookies, just no chocolate. I think I might.

So, I guess I'll go take a nice long shower, put on some comfortable shorts and one of my new teeshirts (the sample one with the baby Holly pick), print up my one order, package all of the winner shirts I made earlier this week and get them sent out.


Sunday, August 13, 2000 Well, I started this a couple of hours ago, as anyone who may have dropped by may have noticed. I got as far as the date. I've been trying to come up with a different way of linking to the many pages here at the cathouse, as well as the chatrooms and forums. And I want people to see the links right off, not way down at the bottom of the page by having the drop down menu at the top. I finally had the little gif images so they didn't look really crummy and I went outside and got stung by a wasp. Almost two hours later, it's still stinging like an SOB. Man, I can't believe how bad it hurts. Brian came in and looked for the stinger. I told him I thought I already got it out. He got the tweezers anyway when it dawned on me that wasps don't leave their stingers behind and that's what makes them so deadly. They just keep stinging and injecting their poison. I wonder how many times I was stung? I didn't step on the sucker when I was stung because the sting was at the tip of my toe. The one next to my big toe on my right foot. I iced it and that helped a little. I did get my sandals on and go take care of that wasp. He won't be stinging anything, two footed or four footed again. He's compost. My ankle is starting to hurt because of how I've been walking, favoring that toe.

Lola is doing so much better, she seems to be recovering in leaps and bounds. She's definitely eating much more. She's getting her self esteem back. This morning, her fur was damp from a full body grooming, something I haven't seen her do in months. She came into the garage last night when I fed the cats, went potty, then hung around while I got dinner ready and decided she didn't want to be around all of the other cats and went back into the bedroom. When I dished the food up, I did an extra little bit in a separate bowl for her and took it in to her. She had been stretched out, but when she smelled it, she got up and walked over to where I had set it down and began lapping. She almost finished it. I'm so glad to see her doing better. She had her third chemo treatment this week and it's another intravenous one, but it isn't Oncovin. I'm hoping she does as well through this one as she did her Cytoxin.

I finished my progesterone Thursday and so far, nothing from Aunt Flo. My hands have felt funkier (one of my pms things is the only time my hands feel clean is right after I wash them; after that, they feel like they have some sort of film on them; I don't believe that they really do, but I think it's a hormonal thing) the past couple of days and I'm washing them more than normally. (My my toe hurts.) Friday, I was a little lightheaded and the same early yesterday. I don't know if that's some sort of hormone withdrawal. I'm feeling fine today (except my toe hurts like hell).

I got a new printer Friday. It can print on paper 13" to 44". I'll be able to make bigger prints on the shirts now. Speaking of which, I just got done with a new image and it's absolutely adorable. Somebody else did the actual drawing, I just colored it in. After I make sure it will transfer without problems, I'll put it up for sale. I can't imagine, though, why it wouldn't transfer well. I had asked Brian to make a sort of case for the new printer, to save it from the cats and he's going to be doing that today and I'll rearrange the printers so that they are easier for me to access. (My toe is throbbing.) Hopefully, I'll have more room to work in here.

I just went and interrupted Brian's conversation with Chuck. Asked if he'll be making my little cabinet today. He said that hadn't been the next thing on his list and I said that I'd be able to do what I wanted to do in the office once it's done. And I put more ice in a ziplock back and it's now resting on my poor toe.

It isn't as hot here as it has been. The A/C wasn't run at all yesterday. Friday, we got a check back from our local electric company for over eight hundred and fifty dollars. Some sort of refund for money saved from when the company went to deregulation. That should help offset the pain of the bill I paid last week. Then I hear on Friday's news that the California legislature is talking about making it so that they have to rollback rates to last year's prices. Retroactive to June, so we most likely wouldn't have to be paying for a month or so. That would be nice. They're still investigating to see if the power companies are colluding to overcharge us here in San Diego county.

As I said, we didn't run the A/C yesterday, had the doors and windows opened, the fans all going full blast. It was nicer in the shade, with the breeze, than it was indoors, though. It got into the upper nineties, but the humidity isn't nearly as bad as it had been. And with all this openess, where were the cats? I counted fifteen of them inside. Many stretched out under the ceiling fans in the bedroom and tv room. On the bed, on the floor, on the sofa, on the was really funny.

I've been sleeping much better since that last pill, too. I'm not waking up feeling nearly as tired as I had been. I could probably sleep until seven or eight with no problem. I usually am up around six to feed the cats. And something I can't understand is how, even though it's getting light later in the morning, the cats are in the bedroom trying to wake me even earlier. The past couple of mornings, it's been five o'clock. Almost as if they can tell time. Now, I could kind of understand it if there was some outside influence that woke them up at the same time everyday. But on the weekends? Nah. My cats can tell time. They look at a digital clock and know what 5:00 is. It's time to wake mom. Of course, I don't give into them and they stop doing this after a couple of mornings. But, they eventually try again. But it's sure nice not waking up feeling like I haven't slept at all.

Well, guess I should go do something resembling housework. Like maybe fold some laundry. That's in the bedroom, next to Lola. I can smurgle her while I'm at it.


Wednesday, August 16, 2000 I'm still trying to get my first shirt out. Unfortunately, the test shirts aren't holding up well in the wash. The picture looks good, isn't fading, but it's cracking. *sigh* I have to play with my press to get the right ratio of heat/pressure. The test shirts have to sit for twenty-four hours before the first laundering. This is more work than I had planned on, but once I get it down, it should be pretty simple.

I went to the chiropractor this morning and my bp was 121/88 on the first reading, so we didn't take a second. Really, really good. A far cry from a high of 179 systolic and 111 diastolic (not on the same reading).

Rusty's doing something really odd. I don't know if it's something related to his hearing or something neurological. You know that sound when you pop your tongue on the roof of your mouth? Or the sound of tapping on wood? Or the sound of a spoon in a plastic tumbler full of liquid? Well, those types of sounds make Rusty twitch. As soon as the sound stops, so does he. Adn it's sporadic. I'm curious if maybe he has an ear infection and his ears are super sensitive. Guess that's another question for the vet.

It's really muggy out. I turned on the A/C this morning (the first time since last weekend) before I went to the doctor and I'm glad I did. The house is nice. It's much cooler than if I turn on the A/C after it's warmed up outdoors. According to the weatherman this morning, we're supposed to be in a cooling down period. Ha. I'm planning on doing some housecleaning this afternoon. I haven't washed walls in a couple of weeks and I really should. Besides the normal vacuuming and dusting. It will be much easier to do when it's cooler in the house.

Brian's talking about going to the sticks this weekend. If the house is nice, I won't be putting pressure on myself to get it done. And maybe I can get some more CDs made. They sure are nice to have.

Yesterday when I was working on the test shirts, I realized I didn't have a radio in there. A tv with a VCR. A portable CD player (Walkman type) with loudspeakers. A telephone. My original multi CD player, that I have to use headphones with. But no plain Jane radio. No AM, no FM. No static at all. Well, a couple of months ago while at CostCo, I bought this really neat little item. I can't say what it is, but there were five on the card. Well, I thought this would be a neat little gift for my friends that I'll be seeing this October (neener neener Netterbug and Farn, I know you're reading's a special message for here...). I figured I could split the items up. But I didn't know how to do it. Well, there's no way I could buy this thing with hubby at my side ("What are you getting those for? Why do you need those?") so, I figured I'd wait until I was there without him, which doesn't happen very often. Unfortunately, they ran out. Typical. I finally had a chance to get them earlier this summer and they were no more. Well, we went shopping Monday night (got fifty dollars off on a telescope; at the beginning of the summer, they send out this "passport to savings" book with coupons good at various times throughout the season. One was for a telescope and what's really nice is it was even fifty dollars less than was printed on the coupon) and they were back in stock. So, I figured I could go today after my chiro appointment. I did and got a new little boombox (I can't even believe I got something called a "boombox") that plays CDs (regular and even rewritable), cassettes, and it has an AM/FM radio. I set it up in the other room and it sounds pretty good. I set it to my favorite local station, light jazz from KIFM. I wonder how long it will be until Brian notices.

I didn't get to bed until after midnight last night. I had decided to defragment my harddrive. It wouldn't have taken so long, except my SETI@home screen saver kept coming on and the defrag would start over saying that "hard drive has changed". I was so tired. I was sitting here at the desk, kicked back in the chair and I was so comfy I almost fell asleep a couple of times. I had to take a shower, because I had changed the bedding yesterday, so I took that shower, came in here then tried to keep the system going so that the SETI wouldn't come on. The SETI thing is pretty cool, by the way. You can help out in the search for extra terrestrials while you are online. If you like that kind of stuff, check it out. After I shut down the system, I went and laid down on the couch, nodded off and knew I was tired enough to go to bed. Rusty insisted on being right in my face, which can be really annoying. At one point this morning, I woke up to Rusty taking up most of my pillow. Lola wanted to eat. I opened the little container of dry food and she started munching out. I guess I nodded off because the next thing I knew, DeeJay was in the food. If he wasn't such a complainer, he might have gotten away with it, but he woke me up with his bitching. I shooed him away and Lola came back, then climbed up on me. I just wanted to sleep, which I quickly did. At some point Maggie got in bed and started talking and kneading. Ah, guys, let us sleep!!!

Lola is eating much, much better. So far today, she's eaten almost an entire can of food. I called yesterday and ordered another case of A/D, since we're down to four cans. With other food, either she doesn't like it, or if she likes it, her tummy is still too sensitive to accept it and she throws up. But she's such a little trooper. She gets another chemo treatment tomorrow. I hope she does okay.

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