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Wednesday, August 22, 2001 So, let's see. The kittens are gone. I don't know where the mom took them. This is the second time I've heard/seen kittens on one day, then they disappear. The other times, I'm aware of the kittens' existance on more than one occasion. Darn.

We took Buddy in on Monday morning and signed the paperwork for the surgery. Shortly before noon, the clinic called. Because the lipoma was so big and because of Buddy's advanced age, the vet didn't want to perform the surgery. He said he would have had to cut through muscle and the recuperation would have been harder on him than the lipoma itself is. I had to wait until Brian got home to get him, because I can't lift him into the back of the truck. We had to wait for Bud, because they were so busy and then we had to wait because the vet wanted to talk with us. When Liz brought Buddy out is when she asked us to wait. While we were waiting, Becky came out and shook her finger at Buddy. It seems that Buddy pooped while in the cage and laid in it. And it was diarrhea, so she had to bathe him. Then he shivered in the tub, didn't enjoy it at all. Buddy does not like water and I think he hates it more since he fell into the pool earlier this year. Remember, he can't get down there now. Anyway, the vet didn't talk with us, Charlene came out and reiterated what Liz had told me initially. So, Buddy's home and happy to be here. Still barking up a storm.

One of the things that sidetracked me this weekend was I found a great script that allows me to have my own little internet community. I figured maybe 200 sites at 150K each, but I may change that to 100 sites with 300K each. I was hoping that it would give newbies and people who are afraid to make a website, but would like to, a chance to learn. Once they get a feel for how to work on it, if they need bigger, they can always move to one of the other free hosts available out there. I also found a script that makes web pages. I was so proud of myself when I was able to modify the script to add colors (which wasn't really that hard) and added backgrounds (which I had to figure out, it took me hours to find what parts of the cgi script I needed to add code to). There's also a META code generator, where you fill in the values and it gives you the code to copy and paste into your site. This is something I really need to do on mine. It helps immensely with search engines. Then, I tried to get my search engine to work so that everything worked from one link. I was up late a couple of nights, but it's working fine now. If you're interested in signing up for a page, go to my and if you would like to look at the help information, go to site help. Also coming up on are a series of articles about kids and cats, written by a mom with cats. It will be very informative and helpful for mothers-to-be and new moms.

Remember me having mentioned needing to get Jackie in for neutering and also to have his mats cut out? Well, we still haven't gotten him in. He's been working one of the mats himself and it was just hanging off of him. So, this morning, in the kitchen when I was warming up their morning chicken, he walked past me and I grabbed the mat. It was very loose and came off in my hand. It was a big one. I had to take this picture in the shop because the kittens kept trying to play with it. *grin* They're so cute.

Sammy has a little cough. He doesn't do it all the time, it seems like he's only doing it in the morning and evening. He's acting fine. I'll keep watching him to see if it gets any worse. It may just be allergies, or maybe a cold. He doesn't seem to be doing it as often today as he has been.

The weather has cooled off nicely. Yesterday, I fell asleep in the sun. I've been sleeping on the couch because Brian's not been sleeping well and I figured he may sleep better without me next to him snoring. This morning he said he didn't sleep well at all because Boney is a pest and Richie and Opie wouldn't settle down. He said one of the boys wanted to suck on the other kitten's ear and that kitten didn't want to be on the receiving end and kept trying to get away. They ended up crawling all over Brian. So, I may as well sleep in my own bed again. I do want to, I miss it and the couch isn't nearly as comfy.

Talk about the power of suggestion. Since the doctor mentioned hot flashes to me, I'm having them all the time. I keep asking Brian "is it warm in here to you?" Most of the time, it isn't. *sigh* Funny thing. I didn't have them before the doctor asked me about them. Grrr...... At least, they aren't too bad.

The dogs are getting along with the kittens. The other day, I looked out on the patio and Angel was laying on one of the chair on the patio. She was cleaning herself. I saw Junior go over and put his mouth over her head. She didn't care, wasn't scared, she continued to groom. For someone not familiar with these guys, it could have looked pretty frightening.

My mom did have her dog put to sleep last Thursday. She's doing much better now, but she was heartbroken the first couple of days afterwards. She said that last night, she actually went and visited with some neighbors, something she's not done for a while, because she was so worried about the dog. She has said she won't get another dog. I can understand that.

Well, I have to get a contract out in the mail and then I'm going to go lay in the sun, since it's not so hot today.


Sunday, August 26, 2001 Well, summer is back. Pant. It's hot again. The cats are in various places in the house and yard, all stretched out and conserving energy.

Ciara bit me Friday. She bit me badly. I was back here getting checks ready to pay bills. I heard a noise in the other room and went to check it out. There was fur all around, Ciara fur, and Ciara, walking very nervously, looking all around. Ciara was the only cat around and I'd not heard any hissing or growling. She looked like something had really spooked her, so I petted her and then picked her up. She went crazy. She started squirming and since she wasn't even a foot of the ground, I was letting go of her. Before I could, she bit my right hand middle finger knuckle. Holy spit, it hurt. Stunned, I looked at my hand and she ran off. I went into the kitchen to get something to put bleach and water in, to soak my finger. Blood was pumping and I kept it pumping by squeezing. Hopefully, any bacteria she introduced with her teeth was being flushed out with the blood. I had a hard time getting to the bleach, because Rusty wanted milk. He wasn't aware that there already was milk in his bowl. I almost tripped over him a couple of times, before he finally understood why I kept pushing him over to the bowl. Oh, yeah, duh, there's the milk. When I wasn't trying to avoid stepping on him any longer, I was able to get the bleach. I soaked my hand for about ten minutes and it kept bleeding, but not much. It finally stopped and today, it feels much better. Since she got the knuckle, it's still a little bit stiff, but not much. It's also still a little swollen and discolored. After I got myself all situated, I went in search of Ciara to make sure she was okay. I found her over on the bank and I ran my hand down her back where I found a claw sheath. Well, that explained it. She had been fighting with someone, most likely Mystie, since Mystie also had white fur. I finally did get all of the checks signed and in envelopes, but it took longer than it should because I couldn't bend my finger.

I weighed DeeJay this morning and he's lost about a half a pound in a month. I think it may be his teeth. I'm going to call and make an appointment for him to get them cleaned. He has had problems in the past. I sure hope that's all it is.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of Maggie's death. I miss her so much. Brian and I were talking about it yesterday morning and he said that he misses her a lot. She was so full of life and loving. She was definitely not a snuggle puss, but she was a good snuggler when she was in the mood, which wasn't often. I mostly miss her when I sit on the swing outside.

Brian put an ad in the Trader for his four door truck. So far, not one phone call on it. Bummer. What's really sad is he'd really wanted to go to the Sticks this weekend and spend the night. He'd forgotten that he had the ad in. And now that it would seem nobody's interested.....

Thursday, CostCo was having a road show with cat condos. We bought one. The cats love it. I'll post a picture of it later.

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