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Monday, August 26, 2002 So, here's the update on the doings around here. Brian is feeling much better. He's at work today. He even mowed the front lawn late yesterday afternoon, after the sun wasn't shining directly on it. Saturday, he was definitely feeling better, although he didn't push it. He did chat with Chuckie for a while, which I'm sure he was happy to do. He hadn't talked with anyone but me since he was diagnosed. Well, he did talk with his brother on the phone, but he was still at home. We watched movies, I finally got him to watch "A Beautiful Mind" and we watched "Hook" again. Both really good movies. Yesterday, he got up, took a shower, then made breakfast. Eggs, potatoes and bacon. I think he may have done a little too much too soon, because he did say he was feeling a little light headed, but as the day went on, he felt better and better. After he'd gabbed with Chuck for over an hour, I decided that he was probably well enough to go shopping. So, we did. Got dog food and hit Costco, got some staples for the house, like laundry detergent. We went to Del Taco for lunch, had classic chicken burrito combos and came home. I started on my major project of the office closet and he drove down to Kragen to get a new radiator cap for the Bronco (it bubbled over when hot) and windshield wipers. Then he visited with his brother. While he was there, I came to the realization that three new sets of shelves, a foot wide, two and a half feet high and a foot deep were not going to be nearly enough. I called him and he came home, measured the closet, then went down to Home Depot and bought five more. I was working in here until almost ten last night. I finally finished at about 11:30 this morning. That's why the catcam was down, because I had everything pulled away from the area. Brian did some bush trimming yesterday and my addition of stuff that I've been hanging onto for years filled that dumpster up. Gosh, there was even candy from Mickey's Halloween Treat from years ago. Ick. Out it went. After I'm done here, I'll make up boxes and tackle the exercise room. When Brian pulled up the carpeting in the living room and dining room earlier, he also got rid of a bookcase. There were books and videos in that case and now, they're all piled up in the exercise room, where all of my equipment is. So, I'll get that straightened up, then finish the new store.

About Lola. I just don't know what to think. I keep hoping and praying that the vet is wrong. After all, he was wrong about her having FIP so many years ago. He was wrong about DeeJay only having days left earlier this year (remember, DeeJay had gotten some cow's milk and it really upset his system; the vet didn't realize that, thought DeeJay was on the edge of death; sub qs helped enormously). Lola weighed seven pounds, three and a half ounces eight weeks ago. Friday, when I brought her in, she weighed five pounds, fourteen ounces. When I brought her home, after the sub q fluids, she weighed six pounds, five ounces. And last night, she weighed six pounds, eight ounces. She hasn't thrown up again. Of course, she's not eating much. She didn't poop yesterday that I know of, and I'm concerned she may be getting constipated. So, this morning, I gave her a little non-fat cow's milk, warmed up. Probably about a half a cup and she drank it right down. I'm hoping it loosens her up a little. I did see her poop and it was a small one and I poked it with the scoop and it was really hard. But later, after doing some of the office cleanup, I went to check on her and she was outside, coming in. I checked the grass for any poops, saw one that looked fairly fresh. I know this is gross, but I felt it with the back of my hand to see if it was warm. It wasn't real warm, but it looked fresh. And an hour later, it was getting all dried out, so I'm hoping it was from her. It was a good sized BM. I sure hope it was hers.

All the other cats seem to be well. DeeJay has been throwing up and it seems like it's usually when he's on the sofas. I really need to shampoo them soon. Besides the fact that the back of Brian's easy chair has become a regular spray spot for many of the cats. I've got to shampoo that, too. Heck, I have to do them all. I've got a list here on the wall of things to do and that's what I'll be doing after I get my next two projects finished. And I should be done with those by Wednesday.

Oh, SpotTee was back last night. What a fine sight that was. Lightened my mood considerably. I saw all six last night. Meezer, Meetoo (who, I think, has taken up residence here), OC, Angus, Repete and SpotTee. Brian moved the two story cathouse to the bank yesterday. For some reason, the cats were all avoiding it where it was. I don't know if something happened by it to scare them away from it, but Meezer used to sleep by those bushes all the time. I'd see him at night, sitting on the cathouse. For some reason, he suddenly quit hanging out there. Maybe he'll go back now. And maybe they'll use the house now that it's on the bank. I know they use the one story.

So, send some white thoughts Lola's way. Imagine that energy surrounding the mass on her right side, below her ribs. Imagine that good energy surrounding the black energy and imagine the black energy getting smaller and smaller, see it disappearing into nothingness. I've been doing that a lot. It certainly can't hurt. And maybe, just maybe, it will help. Maybe I'm in deep denial right now, but so far, I don't feel that dread in the pit of my belly that I felt with Pepper or Rusty. Maybe it's because so far, she hasn't thrown up since Friday. Every day (yeah, I know it's only been two days), she seems a little better. Each time I feed her, she eats a little more. She's more alert and she seems more comfortable. But maybe I'm just reading that into what's actually there. I don't know. But I'm not throwing in the towel, not without a fight.

Breaktime is over, time to get back to work. I hope it doesn't take more than a couple of hours to move all that stuff. Thanks for being here.


Wednesday, August 28, 2002 Well, there's some bad news this morning. Meetoo is gone. A coyote got her last night. This morning, there was quite a bit of food left. I called her and she didn't show up. Meezer and OC were here, but no Meetoo. I wondered if she'd gone back into the other yard on the corner. Well, when Brian and I left on our walk this morning, I saw some little tufts of white fur in the yard across the street. I walked over and saw what was left of Meetoo. Not much, just the bottom part of one of her legs. Meezer is just sitting inside the gate, looking outside. I know this is really hard on him, because she'd become his best friend the past couple of weeks, spending all of her time here. What a hard life that little girl had. Getting injured, giving birth, then getting eaten by a coyote. I hate those coyotes. Say a little prayer for this little girl, could ya? I told Meezer this morning that I can't protect him if he stays out front. I really want him to come inside. I guess I'm finally getting used to the idea that there's not a whole lot I can do. I'm upset, but not hysterical like I was in January when I thought I'd found OC. I'm sad, but I think now, I know that what happens is out of my hands. I am going to mark my territory again today. I don't know if that helps, but at least I think I'm doing something to help.

Lola has lost a half ounce Monday, but last night, she was an ounce heavier than Sunday night. She weighed six pounds eight and a half ounces. And she's eating a little better. And she's pooping more. I hope this is a good sign. I know that her back probably hurts from all of the positioning of her for the x-rays last week. Last night she laid on Brian's lap for the longest time. She cuddled under the blanket he had on his legs. Never purred though. I've only heard her purr twice since I brought her home last Friday.

Last Sunday, we went shopping and had to get dog food. I picked up this cute rattling critter, which was covered in rabbit fur. I think. Anyway, I bring it home and the cats had a ball with it. The only problem was Sammy kept bringing it outside for Junior. I ended up closing the doors so that the only way he could get outside was through the cat door. Well, guess what? I found what was left of that toy yesterday. It looks like Junior got a hold of it and ate all of the fur. So, I called the vet's office and was told that he'd most likely be okay. Just make sure he poops, which he's doing. Dang. Brian said we couldn't ever get another one of those toys. I have found that cloth toys seem to last longer, although I can't find the kind I was given a while back.

I've got a ton of laundry to do, I haven't caught up from last week. I really have to shampoo the furniture (one of the cats peed in Brian's chair sometime this morning and the sooner that's gone and some "no pee" type of spray put on it, the better) and the floors need to be washed. The house is a real mess right now. I think I'd really like to have something physical to do. I just keep seeing Meetoo. Her big blue eyes, the way she hissed at me whenever I walked outside. The way she came running when I put the food out. I had such high hopes for her.

Damn. I hate coyotes.


Friday, August 30, 2002 Brian and I are trying to catch both Meezer and OC and bring them into the house. So far, they've avoided the traps. *sigh* What would be ideal is to catch them the same way we got Red and Jackie. Through the garage door. But Lonee doesn't seem to want to leave the garage. She used to love to be outside during the day, but since we've been leaving the door wide open with a gate at the bottom so the dog can't get in and eat from the litterbox, she's been content to just lay on the freezer during the day. Brian is a little iffish on bringing in OC, says he thinks OC will try to get out again. But I figure it's been six years since OC was here and he's older and not as limber as he was back then. Don't forget he was injured by a car the year after he escaped from the office. And I think they would assimilate easier if they were brought in together. But we aren't having any luck getting them to go into the traps. We'll have to figure out something. I absolutely do not want to find them like I found Meetoo. Sure, she was young and not as coyote wise as these two old timers. She definitely didn't have the smarts that OC and Meeze seem to have. Wednesday night, well, actually Thursday morning, I was outside around 3:30 am (having a hard time sleeping) and I heard an awful cat sound up and across the street. I hope it was just a warning cat sound from a cat fight. But I didn't see Angus last night. Gah, I hate coyotes. I really, really want to get these guys in.

Last night, we even had Kentucky Fried Chicken. I've read that this chicken is wonderful to use as trap bait. But it didn't work. We fed the cats as usual last night because I don't want to catch Repete, Angus or SpotTee. They seem pretty solitary and I don't thing they'd fit in well (boy, do I wish I knew someone with a safe barn right now). We gave some to the inside cats and Lola really liked it. I don't know what it did to her, but she was even drinking water last night. That's something she hasn't done since she's come home. And this morning, she ate more A/D at one sitting than she had since the vet gave me the bad news. She lost an ounce from last night, though, which isn't good. Hopefully, she'll start perking up soon. She's still pooping nicely and she hasn't thrown up since last Friday. I still believe that was because of the amoxicillan. I'm praying like crazy that she's okay. I'm also burning green sage scented candles, in hopes that the aromatherapy helps. Hey, if I was told that doing a naked dance under a full moon would help, I'd do that. I'm sure it would scare off bad spirits.

I think that Daniece may have seen what happened to Meetoo. Brian said 'how could she see that, Meetoo was eaten in Chuck's yard across the street'. Well, Meetoo liked to sleep on top of our car, which is very visible from the bedroom window, where Daniece likes to sleep at night. I think it would have been very easy for her to see the coyote catch the little girl. All day Wednesday, she was really spooked. At about 9:30, 10:00 am, I started looking for her (I do a head check a couple of times throughout the day). I finally found her under the sofa in the family room. She ran from me, ran outside. Then she ran into the office and I was able to shut both doors and try to calm her down. She was terrified. She was growling like crazy at me. She didn't lash out or anything, but she was so scared. Her tail was between her legs and she just wouldn't relax. I thought she was okay and let her out, but it was just as bad as before. I let her go for about an hour, then started looking for her again. I was able to corner her in the bedroom (I wasn't scary chasing her, but using a gentle voice and no fast movements). At one point, she just laid on the floor in the bedroom, growling and giving me a plaintive meow. When she moved, I saw that she was so scared, she pooped. I cleaned that up, told her she was okay, that she was safe and was finally able to pick her up. She tightened up in my arms and I kept stroking her softly and whispering that it was okay. I took her into the bathroom and shut the door, sat down on the floor with her. I was probably with her for a half of an hour, trying to calm her down. I gave her some food which she ate a little of, growling the entire time. Once I had her purring (even though she was growling at the same time) I figured that was about as much as I could do at that point. I let her out. As the day wore on, she got a little more relaxed around me. Last night, I knew she was back to normal, because she came to me in bed, talking to me and purring, wanting to be snuggled, which I gladly obliged. She had me pretty worried.

Brian went up to the Sticks today with his brother. He's meeting with the insurance agent. He talked with her this morning and it sounds like we may have a problem getting paid for the damage. Not something either of us are happy about, knowing that the subject of insurance for the property came up with our insurance agent, who told us not to worry about it, our homeowner's would cover it. Somebody is going to pay for this and it's not us. He also is putting in a claim with the National Guard after the insurance agent is done. Figure that we're going to need to put up fencing now that all that brush is gone, brush that helped keep trespassers off of the property.

I guess that's all for now.

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