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august 19, 1998 Gee, where should I start? Benny? Bobby? Lisa? What I stepped on in the kitchen this morning? Don't misunderstand me, I love these cats and these dogs and my life and I wouldn't change anything about it. Well, maybe make the cats a little more conscientious about where they do their business....

Let's start with Bobby. Yesterday, I started to scratch his back, which he really likes. Then I decided to flea comb him. Now, Bobby gets overstimulated pretty easily, which had somehow slipped my mind. (Aging process, everything at this point in my life can be blamed on the aging process.) So, I had finished with the flea combing and he had many fleas. Then I started to scratch him lightly by his tail. He bit me. He bit me hard. He bit my left index finger at the tip and on the little pad. The part that hits the keyboard. The blood poured out. I took Bobby back into the living room, not mad at him, I should have known better. I let the injury bleed out for a little bit, to flush out anything his teeth might have put in. Then I ran cold water over it, to try to make it feel a little better. It does and my hand didn't swell up like Brian's when Lonee bit him, but my finger sure hurts. Especially when I hit the t, g, b, and all of those keys.

Now, Lisa. Lisa was in a bit of a snit yesterday because I pulled the food up. She refused to stay in the office, stayed in the bedroom. What a pout. But DeeJay got into the chair last night.

Benny, oh, little Benny. I knew it was just a matter of time before one of the cats discovered that you can get over that barrier on the fence from the pool filter platform. It isn't a long jump at all. I'm actually kind of surprised that it took this long, when you think that's the same place I lean over and feed the outback cats. And it was our intrepid explorer, Benny. Yesterday morning, I looked out of the office window and saw little Benjamin on the fence. Oh, boy. Did I run. Got a hold of him and plopped back into our yard. Found some wire in the garage, and wired some places that I thought he might be getting through. Re-attached some places where the fencing had become loose, thought I had the matter taken care of. Nope. Wrong. I didn't. Yesterday afternoon, before Brian got home, there was Benny. Back on the fence. *scream* Out I go once again. Grab Benny once again. Put him back into our yard. Once again. When Brian got home, I told him about Benny and Brian went out and put more fencing up, this time up into the air, attached to the existing barrier, in front of the pool filter platform. He did this after the cats were in, so the cats didn't see it last night. But this morning, when they were let out, Benny hightailed it for that back fence. Looked up. Saw what Brian had done the night before. He walked slowly along the bottom of the fence, looking up for a way out. I came in and told Brian. He said he would put more fencing up to the end of that section before he left for work. He did, then he left. I watch once again. Benny pacing. Climbing onto that stinking woodpile that I hate so much. (Its termite infested, rats hide in there and I just hate it. Now, it seems, there is another problem with it.) Benny, standing on the woodpile, jumped over to the fence. I hear it, I run out and he's hanging onto the top part of the wire. I'm fuming right now. He looks at me sweetly, paws holding tightly to the wire. "Benny, you little SPIT!!", I say to him, except not exactly those words. I get him down. Call hubby. He answers the shop phone.
"D & D".
"HE JUMPS FROM THE WOODPILE!", I say without preamble.
"Benny jumps from the woodpile to the fence."
Silence on the other end of the phone. Finally, he says "I'll be home". Which he is right now. Pulling back stuff from the woodpile. Benny laid on top of the wheelbarrow. "Hi, Paw!!" Brian scratches Benny on the head and asks him why he's such a brat. Benny ran off and now Brian is setting up a barrier on the woodpile, so that it will be extremely hard for Benny to jump over to the fence.
I don't think Benny wants out, I just think he's curious as to what's over there. He knows there are more cats and he knows that they have food over there that I don't feed over here. He sees birds in the trees and from his previous adventures, we know how much he likes trees. Fingers crossed that what Brian is doing right now will take care of this latest problem.

Boy, my finger hurts.

This morning, I made another page for the catcam section. This one has a link to all pictures that are in the directory. All eighty of them.

After I finished with that, I took my coffee cup into the kitchen, to rinse out and to make my morning pot of coffee. I stepped right onto a big pile of catpoop. *sigh* I sure love these guys.

And, I have to do some more cleaning in my bathroom. The mirror was sprayed twice and the cabinet once.

Pepper is sitting on my desk. Gracie is on the copier. Lisa left. I put the food up. Benny is returning to the scene of the crime. And I love my life. I really, really do. I wouldn't trade it for anybody else's in the world.


august 20, 1998 I haven't even been out of bed 40 minutes and I can tell its gonna be a great day. I get up, let the cats out. I walk back to the office to turn on the computer. The towel that I just washed and hung up, was on the floor. The second time in three days. Some kitty pulls it off of the towel bar and pees on it. Sure enough, when I pick it up, its wet. *sigh* I come back to the office, turn on the computer. Then I go outside to see if Benny is where he's supposed to be. **SMACK** Kirby runs, at full speed, into my leg. Benny is right behind him. I looked at the side of my leg, oh, gee, now I have an inch and a half gash, blood running down my leg. Benny is still chasing Kirby, now they are around the shop, down by the pool, up along behind the big doghouse. I'm running to intercept Benny. I'm yelling in a low voice (hey, come on, its morning, don't want to bother the neighbors) "Benny. Benny. Benny." He stops before he gets to the cat door. Kirby goes inside. I walk up to Ben, squat down and take one of his cheeks in each hand, make him look at me. "Stop it. You leave Kirby alone." I walk off. Benny walks off. I go into the bathroom in search of something to clean my leg with. I settle on peroxide and a cotton ball. It really stings right now and I would love to put some Neosporin Plus on it, the one with the pain killer, but its no where to be found. I settle for regular Neosporin. Now, to check on Kirby. I went into the garage and he was in the rafters. Hi, Kirby, come down, kitty. He looks at me, licking his nose. Something I hadn't considered was the possibility of him getting hurt when he ran into my leg. I try to talk him down, am unsuccessful. I go over to the freezer, pull out the catnip I bagged last week. I shake it. Down he comes. This cat is a sucker for catnip. I wipe the cobwebs off of his head, put down a small pile of catnip, and pet him. He's okay. Of course, by this time, I have five other cats wanting a little sample. I dole out little individual piles and put the catnip back in the freezer. It seems everybody is doing fine. I went outside to check on Benny, he's laying on the wheelbarrow, cleaning himself. The brat.

Last week, I mentioned to Brian the possibility that wasps were building a nest by the pool filter/pump. He sprayed that evening, no wasps. But the next day, there weren't any flying around that area. Yesterday, I noticed a huge butterfly, flying around the lime tree. Right below the lime tree is a four story cathouse that Brian built and Gracie was sitting on the roof, watching the butterfly along with me. I walked up closer and oh, Lord, look at that!!! There were a bunch of wasps lighting on one lime leaf. It was one of the oddest things I had ever seen. I know that you don't spray these things in the heat of the day, I didn't look for the spray yet. But when I did, there wasn't any. I looked at the wasps again. There were quite a few of them and they were all huddled up together, one on top of the other, nasty, nasty, nasty looking, covering both sides of the leaf. *shudder* I paged Brian to ask him to stop on the way home, to get some more wasp killer. He didn't call back, he just came home. So, I explained why I had paged him. Said, come look!! He, being tired, said, can't you just tell me? Hmmmph. He should know me better by now, I'm like a child at some things. "No, I can't explain it, you have to see it to believe it!!" I grab a flashlight and out the door we go. Over to the lime tree, I tell him, now you have to bend down to see this and I shined the light on the wasps. He was as amazed as I was. The placement of the wasps wasn't good, being so near to where the cats like to walk and sleep. And as most cat lovers know, cats love to bat at flying things. Brian left to go get some wasp killer. He brought dinner home (late, I know) and after we had eaten, I grabbed the flashlight and he the bug spray. He sprayed the heck out of that leaf, he sprayed the wasps squirming on the ground. There must have been at least two dozen on the one leaf. I hate wasps almost as much as I hate ants.

I went swimming yesterday, laid out in the sun for a while. Benny hung around in the shade, keeping me company I guess. At one point, he decided that he was going to try to leave again. He climbed up the wooden fence, stuck at the wire barrier. He looked at me and meowed. I told him get your own self down and no, I don't think you are cute. But he was.

The webcam was ZDNet's hot cam of the day yesterday. Pretty cool.


august 23, 1998 The heat is back. Whew. Back to sleeping with the a/c on. I like the heat, but not at night. It was a little cooler this morning when I got up and after letting the cats out, I started opening windows. One was in Brian's bathroom. I walked over to the window reached up to turn the handle and stepped right into another pile of cats*it. Flattened it. The instep is what flattened it. Standing on one foot and the toe of the crappy foot, I wiped most of it off of my foot with toilet paper, then wiped up the mess from the floor with more toilet paper. I flat foot/tippy toe out to the backyard and wiped my foot in the damp grass. Good morning. :) One thing though, better me than Brian.

I've been doing stuff around the house and reading a little. Even though I have plenty to do online, I have plenty more to do off. Since Brian wasn't home (he went to do a job at the river, left 3am Friday am, got back yesterday afternoon) there was no big push to get it done by a certain time. And with Brian gone, I won't leave the bedroom windows open, so I don't sleep in the bedroom, I sleep on the couch. I like open windows. I had a sheet wrapped around me and one of the cats, Mickey, I think, or maybe Boney, jumped up along side of me. Then I feel this heat on my legs. Oh, he's peeing on me!!! I kick out at him to get him off of the couch, which is easier said than done, my legs are tangled up in the sheet. I unwrap myself from the twisted sheet, putting it in a heap on the floor. I look around for the cat that did this, no sign of a dark cat, no chance of exacting revenge. I stumble into the bathroom and hop in the tub and clean the mess off of me. When I dry off, I grab a clean sheet from the closet and go lay back down. Gosh, I love my cats.

Benny hasn't been able to get over the fence since Brian added more fencing to it. Its sure hard to feed the outback cats, though. I have scratches on my arm from trying to get the food over. Speaking of feeding strays, Angus was at the front feeder last night. Angus use to hang around with OC for the longest time, then he was gone for a while. Next I knew, he was outback with the other ferals. I call him Angus, because his ears are folded, like a Scottish Fold. Since he's been on his own so long (he isn't neutered) a lot of his ears are gone, due to fights. Of course, I was surprised to see him out front. I wonder if the other outback cats will follow suit. If they did, I could start trapping and fixing them. That would be really good.

Friday, I went grocery shopping and got potatoes and onions, for potato salad and some sliced turkey (cracked pepper, yum) to make sandwiches. I also bought nonfat plain yogurt, for the sourdough bread I planned on making (if anybody reading this would like me to post the recipe for breadmaker quick sourdough bread, let me know - it uses lemon juice and yogurt instead of sourdough starter). I get the ingredients going in the breadmaker yesterday morning, and the potatoes washed and pared and in the pot for cooking. Everything's moving along and I'm in the kitchen when the phone rings. It's my neighbor and while on the phone I was able to finish the potato salad and put it in the frig. (I put a little too much vinegar in it I think, but setting overnight, it should be really good by now.) Over an hour later, we hang up, each having our respective housework to take care of. I wash the rugs in the living room, dust and vacuum. Then I decide to go lay in the sun for a couple of hours. I was out for a half hour when Brian got home. I went in, took a shower, then asked if he was hungry. He said what's gonna be on the sandwich? I say turkey. Jalapeno cheese. Lettuce. Tomato. Onion. He asks if that's all? He also want bacon. *sigh*. I go to the freezer to find some bacon. One package left, I take it into the kitchen, empty out the sink and turn on the garbage disposal. It doesn't work. Great.
"The garbage disposal isn't working. Does it have a reset button?"
"I dunno."
I go get a flashlight and bring it back into the kitchen. On hands and knees, I open the cupboard doors, twist my head around, shine the flashlight on the bottom of the disposal unit. See the red button, push it. Stand up, push the switch. Nothing. Its dead. "Honey!!!"
"It won't work."
He pulls himself out of his comfortable, relaxing chair, comes into the kitchen.
"Maybe the switch doesn't work because of cat pee", he says.
"Then why does the light switch work?", I disagree with him.
He gets on his hands and knees, turns on the flashlight shines it up onto the bottom of the unit. "Is this the button?" "Yes." Still nothing. Oh, well, it isn't a big deal right now anyway, I think. It can be fixed tomorrow. I run the water till its hot, plug the sink and put the bacon in to defrost. I make other preparations, such as slicing the purple onion and the jalapeno cheese. I plug in the electric skillet and start cooking the defrosted bacon. I pulled out the electric knife and the wooden holder for slicing the bread. I place the bread in the bread holder, put the blades in the knife, plug it in and turn it on. Nothing. Now, I'm no electrician and I'm baffled. There are two switches, one for the lights and one for the disposer, one is working, one isn't. There is one outlet with two openings. The skillet is plugged into the bottom opening and working fine. The top opening isn't working at all. I guess Brian was right. Cat pee to blame again. I take my bread and knife over to the stove, and use the outlet there. Gee, I love our cats. I love our cats. I love our cats. I love our cats.....I repeat over and over to myself. When we move, I want a door on our kitchen.

When I went to the freezer to get the bacon, Kirby was laying on top of it. I had to move him to open it and I kind of like to smurgle the cats and love them and make them purr before I disturb them. Kirby got up and walked away and man, oh, man, did he have a nasty trail of worms from his bum. Instead of getting the bacon, I found the Droncit. Very sneakily, I petted him, the held his head with one hand and opened his mouth with the other, and popped the pill as far down his throat as I could. He's more spunky this morning. Guess I should start pilling the other cats.

I got Junior kind of in the pool with me the other day. He and Sandy were walking around, I called him over to me. Then I took him by the collar and walked him over to the pool. I got in and tried to talk him in with me. Nope. So, I pulled him in to the second step, his back legs were on the top step. His tummy was in the water and I sat next to him, stroking him between the eyes. I was no longer holding him there and he looked very happy. But he didn't go in any further and I wasn't going to make him, not if it scared him so much. He ran off, jumping and laughing and rolled on the grass. Because his tummy and legs felt good from the cool water? Or because he lived to tell the tale? LOL!!

We watched some movies last night on Starz. One with Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence, by the name of Nothing to Lose. Lola, a daddy's girl, came and laid on my for the entire movie. *grins*

My neighbor that moved called yesterday. She wants me to see their new home today and get acquainted with it as they are going on vacation next week and she needs me to pet sit. I don't know if I'm gonna like this. I didn't have a problem with it when she lived across the street, but now she wants me to get in my truck and drive somewhere. *whine*


august 24, 1998 Well, I don't have any kitty complaints this morning.

I do have to make an appointment for Boney's eye. He's had little problems with it before and it looks a little swollen. I'm concerned enough to get him in.

Yesterday, I leaned out of the door to tell Buddy to shut up. Benny, who was behind the shop in the wood pile, came running from the back of the yard up to me. I really like that. Makes me think of Timmy and Lassie. Of course, when he got to me I picked him up and kissed his nose and gave him a big hug. He made stars on my arm and purred for me.

Last night, we were watching tv and I had Pepper on my chest, Lola on my tummy and Georgie laying across my legs. Its such a neat feeling to have all of those cats on me. A real Kodak moment.

I got the worm pills down DeeJay yesterday and Kirby seems to be feeling more active since he got his. Of course, that could be because its a little cooler.

I almost forgot to tell you, Saturday morning, I passed by the bedroom and Red was on the bed, cleaning himself. That's the first time I have seen him on the bed. I couldn't pass this up. I slowly walked into the bedroom, talking softly to him the entire time. I got to the edge of the bed, dropped my head in my submissive position and talked to him. He came up to me and gave me a headbutt. I slowly climbed onto the bed and he kept headbutting me and bodyrubbing me. Finally, I was laying down and we were smurgling!! Of course, he gets nervous after ten or fifteen minutes and he ran off. But, we made a connection in another area of the home. This is good.


august 25, 1998 Well, Boney's okay. The vet says that he can still see out of that eye. It isn't any worse that two years ago when I first took him in for it. He's starting to get a cataract. The vet gave me some eyedrops to put in twice a day. Boney just sat there while the vet checked him over. Looked in his mouth, scraped one of Boney's teeth, looked in his ears, listened to his heart, which was great because I just wanted his eye checked. And through all of this, Boney sat there and purred. Then when Doc was done, Boney just sat there when I put the carrier up. Usually, the cat is right in that carrier.

More good news. The electrical problem isn't the cats' fault in the kitchen. Last night, Brian changed out the disposal plug and the disposal still wasn't working. Then he started to change the outlet, decided maybe he had better turn off the power. He did. But he didn't. He turned off the wrong thing. (I guess we should go through and re-label the breakers.) He got a big shock, bounced back from the outlet is the only way I can describe it. Threw the screwdriver away from him. Scared the wee wee out of me.
"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine."
I didn't push it cause he was pretty ticked off. He went back outside to turn off more stuff. I said wait let me turn off the computer and ran back here to turn it off, sat down, and off it went. I didn't have a chance to close it down first. I stood and held the flashlight while he changed the plug. The answering machine started acting wacky. I looked down at it and the light went off. When Brian was all done and had turned the power back on, the answering machine wasn't working. Neither were the fish pumps. The outlet he just changed didn't work either. He said that one of the breakers was kind of iffy. So, now it looks like it was the breaker, not the cats. But he says we should get the type of plugs that people use outdoors that are covered. Yippee. That ought to look nice. But if it saves us from an electrical fire, I guess its for the best.

I'm trying to type right now with Rusty in my face and Benny laying right next to the mouse. Both purring. Stereo.

For those interested in the bread recipe, here it is--Bread recipe.

The little cocker spaniel behind us gets along with the cats. I saw him/her pulling on a grey cat's ear yesterday and the cat didn't do anything. So, that's good. I think he got swatted a couple of times this morning, though. I heard him yelp at least twice. Of course, this sets Buddy off and he has to add his two cents worth.

There was a wasp in the garage last night. He flew into the window and I shut the window with him on the screen. He was still kicking this morning, so I tried to smash him. It didn't work and he was on the window tract. So, I kept closing the window on him, hoping he would die. I don't know if he did, but he's certainly not flying anymore. I hate wasps. *shudder*

Lonee came running to me for love this morning when I opened up the doors. I just love it when she does that. She purrs and headbutts and will softly smell my face. She has a cold little nose.


august 26, 1998 Well, I'm trying not to eat late. I sleep better and feel better. Brian asks what's for dinner. I shrug my shoulders. He thinks about it then goes into the garage and comes back in the house with the box of breaded shrimp. He went into the kitchen, got the electric skillet out of the closet, sets it on the counter, gets the plug, plugs it in. I watch him spin the controls. He takes it out of the outlet and puts it in the other one. He spins the controls again.
"Neither of these outlets work!!"
"Duh. Isn't that what we discussed last night?"
He took the skillet over to the other side of the kitchen, using a plug there. While the oil is heating, he changes the breaker outside. Yay!! Power. I reset the time on the answering machine and plug the fishtank pumps back in.

Lonee was waiting for me at the edge of the counter this morning. I picked her up and cuddled with her, scratching her lower back. She purred and kneaded my arm. I set her back down and continued to scratch and pet her. She really liked it. I thought back to two years ago, when she was new here. She had been here less than two months and she was still hiding most of the time. I remember laying in bed at night, hearing her playing with the cat track, (we had lattice on the door so she would get the house smells and sounds), thinking about what I had read about feral cats. They don't like to play. Lonee sure didn't mind. And I remember how much she liked the fake mice. She would play with them for hours around the legs of my chair while I was typing, once she got use to me. But there was no way I could touch her or pet her like I can now. She use to hiss and slap at me when I would put treats by where she was hiding, not eating them until I was out of her sight. Now, she impatiently waits for the treats to be given to her. Pacing and talking to me. "Hurry", she says.

Boney's eye seems to be doing better all ready. The way the vet explained it, there is a tear by the pupil and this is letting foreign proteins (I think that's what he said) into the front of the eye and that's what's causing the swelling. This medicine must be really good. For the first time in a while, he was in the bathroom at 5:40 this morning, wanting someone to turn the tub faucett on for him. He likes to drink fresh water. He can be very vocal when he wants. I got up and turned it on for him.

Mickey is so possessive of the bed. He's okay at night, when we go to bed and when we are sleeping, but in the morning, the period that we are awake, waiting for six o'clock to be here, he plays "king of the mountain" catstyle with he being the king and the bed being the mountain. All the cats but Mickey were off of the bed this morning and DeeJay came in, wanting me to let him out. I scratched him a little, he was on my left side, next to the edge of the bed. Mickey, who was being petted by Brian, got up, walked over me and slapped DeeJay. I yelled at Mickey and DeeJay ran off. I told Mickey that wasn't a nice thing to do and Mickey laid down and started to purr. Then he got back up and ran to the edge of the bed, slapping DeeJay again. DeeJay had not left, he had just waited til he couldn't see Mickey, then he jumped back up onto the bed. *sigh* I got up and let him out.

Right now, Lucky is in the catcam chair. Rusty is looking at me longingly (Please open Georgie's food for me, meowmie, please?), Lisa is outside (which is wonderful, she has more of a tendency to walk out there, chase bugs, stuff like that) as are Maggie, George, Benny, Bart, and I don't know who else. Its a pleasant morning, cool, gentle breeze, I made coffee this morning and I hope this is a great day. As long as we are all alive and healthy, that makes it a pretty great start.


I heard an unfamiliar sound out back and ran out to see what it was. All of the animals were looking in the direction of the pool. Maggie came running out from behind the pool pump, soaking wet. She fell into the pool. Luckily, the pool is rough, *pebbletek* I think they call it and its easy to climb out of. I think the noise was her going in and she was already out when I got outside. I came inside, grabbed a big clean towel, chased her down and dried her off somewhat. Her head was pretty dry, only a few water drops on it. Then I just held her and talked gently to her for a few minutes, til she calmed down. She's over by the typewriter, cleaning herself off right now. A Kodak moment. My shirt is pretty wet right now. Because of how Maine Coon's fur is, she is only surface wet. The only part of her that seems soaked are her back legs. Poor kit, what a scare for her.


august 27, 1998 Maggie's fine.

Yesterday I went to the vet's to visit, to see Charlene's kitten. The last kitten I bottle fed. Anyway, they had four tiny kittens in. And I got to bottle feed one of them. Oh, what a little cutie, I wanted to bring them all home. Black and white, every one of them. This kitten took quite a bit from his bottle, then he started purring and laying in my arms and showing me his belly. The sweetest little face. *sigh*

OC UPDATE: Well, I saw a cat eating last night and I shined the flashlight to see if it was OC or Angus. It was OC. I went into the garage, got a can of Fancy Feast and a paperplate. I went out front and OC ran off. Then, I started making a big deal about opening the can, banging on it and calling OC by name. I looked up and he was watching me from outside of the gate!! I talked to him, looking at him while I dished up the food. I put it on the feeder station, then went inside the house. I looked out the window and he ran over to the food. I talked to him and left him. This was a first. Hopefully he is starting to associate the yummy food with me.

Well, last night was the first night of catsitting for our old neighbors. We (Brian went with me so I would know where I was going) had to go to their house, which we found without a problem. Punched in the numbers for the electric gate and it opened. Then in we drove. I think to myself "oh, boy, I'm rotten at turning around, I'm not gonna like this". We got out of the truck and Lassie was barking. I go over to the front door and put the key in the lock and try to open. It wouldn't. The key fit, but the door wouldn't open. Brian came over to try and I went over to the kennel to let the dogs out. I petted them and they ran off to the back of the house. Brian was still trying to get the door open. I walked around to the back of the house, looking for another way to get in. I'm starting to worry. What if we aren't able to get in? What about the cats? All of the information I need to get in touch with them is *inside* the house, which doesn't do me any good if we can't get in. Brian comes around and almost around the house, we are able to open the garage door. I go in and start looking around. I've never been in the house, its 5000 sq ft and I have no idea where anything is. Its dark and I don't know where the light switches are. Mixer, who hates me, is sleeping in the sunroom. She let me pet her a teeny tiny bit. Then I went in search of the other cats, Angel and Porsche. This is my first time in this house, its 8 in the evening and dark. There is music on throughout the home. I feel kind of like I'm in the twilight zone. I look for light switches. I went upstairs to the master bedroom and found Porsche under the bed. Hi Porsche and he came over to me and let me pet him a little. I went back downstairs and started reading the note that they left me. One of the things was don't let the dogs loose without being there. They can get out through the front gate. I ran outside yelling for Brian to watch the dogs. That we should get them into the garage, where they are to spend the night. Brian told me to open the garage door. I open one. The wrong one, so I went to the other side and opened that one. I didn't close the other one, both were open. Brian corraled the puppy inside and I finally got Lassie. I sat down outside and called her over to me, she came and I picked her up and carried her inside. For some reason, she reminds me of Maggie. Brian shuts the one garage door and I start to shut the other. Lassie jumps over the barrier and out the door she goes. I stopped the door from closing and after her I go. "Lassie, Lassie, come here girl, come on." I corner her in the entry way to the house. I am able to pick her up again and I told Brian to hold the puppy and I held Lassie while the garage door shut. I put her down, went into the house to get her food. She ran it with me. I had to find her, remembering the last time she was in the house when I was petsitting. The time that she peed on Sabrina's bed. Remember that story? I'm thinking, please Lassie, don't piddle. They had brand new carpeting installed and I don't want to be the first to stain it, I really don't. On my way to find Lassie, I see Angel. "Hi, Angel." I found Lassie on Sabrina's bed. I pick her up and back to the garage we go. I went into the kitchen, found the drawer with the flatware and grabbed a fork, back into the laundry room, grabbed a can of mighty dog, into the garage, got the bowl of food, opened the can of mighty dog and scraped it into the bowl. Set it down for Lassie to eat. Back into the laundry room, I put more dry food into the cat bowls, then I open a can of prescription food and split that up between the two bowls. I walked back through the house, looking for Angel. I find her in the living room, laying on a glass top table. I pet her and snuggle with her, she purrs. Brian is at the front door, fiddling with the front door lock. He came into the house and Angel walked off, unsure of him. I went into the kitchen where I read part of the care instructions out loud, one is to turn on the driveway lights on. Brian shows me how to do this, so that I can turn them off this morning. I said, well, should I take the instructions? because Chris' pager number is on it. He said, just make a copy. He went upstairs to Chris' office to make a copy of the instructions, then he came back downstairs with both copies. I mention the mail. We didn't get the mail. Brian walked out the front door and was gone for a couple of minutes, came back with the mail in hand. He said that we should get the mail before we drive in, since its outside of the gate. Brian, having figured out the front door lock, finally, tries to show me. I can't do it. He tries it again, it works for him. He resets it. Try it again. I still can't do it. Then he does it again, slowly. Oh. I get it. You have to push it past where it seems it stops. It *does* go further than you think. Then we get into the truck and he says he's gonna show me how to get out. I'm a rotten backer upper, for some reason, I have a hard time judging distances just with the mirrors. It goes smoothly for him, I know it won't for me, because I won't pull back as far as he did. I will do my backing and turning in shorter, smaller increments. And you know, I remember telling Gail when she moved not to plan on me sitting anymore. I guess she thought I was joking.


august 29, 1998 Well, its going to be very, very hot and humid today. The kind of day to either lay by the pool or lay on the couch with the a/c on and watch tv or read a book. Its barely 7:30 and its already the same temperature in as out. Seventy five degrees. And we have to go shopping today for cat food and dog food and people food.

The people I was petsitting for called me late yesterday afternoon. They were at the hospital. Some girl was flirting with her boyfriend on the way home and lost control of her car and ended up running into them, they did a 180 on the freeway and got hit from the other side. The van is totaled, but it looks like everyone will be okay.

When I was visiting the vet's the other day, I picked up so large dog Advantage for the cats. (The ingredients are the same, but for four dollars more, I get sixteen more treatments, I just have to split it up.) The only cats I have left to treat are Lonee, Red (gonna need luck to get those two), Boney, Kirby, Benny and DeeJay. I don't treat them every month like you are supposed to, I only treat when the cats are started to get little scabs from biting. So, I always have fun finding the dead fleas.

We are going to do our shopping early, then wash all three dogs since its going to be so warm. I can't understand it. The dogs hate *getting* wet, but they love *being* wet when its so hot.

Speaking of dogs, I think the dog behind us is gone. I'm thinking that they were just dogsitting for the summer. Sure makes it easier to feed the cats.

OC was here for dinner last night. Once again, when I saw him, I went out with the Fancy Feast. He ran off out of my site until he heard me banging the can. Then his little orange head with the big ears pops up and I can see him. He started walking towards the gate when I got up, and once I was inside the door, he ran. Checked out what flavor he was getting tonight and started eating.

Yesterday, I washed the hallway throw rugs, got a bucket, poured some Murphy's Oil Soap into it, added water, got a rag and started washing down the wallpaper and doors in the hallway. I cleaned the floor there and also did my bathroom. Then I vacuumed the bedroom, living room, dining room and tv room. When Brian got home last night, as soon as he walked into the door, he said "you cleaned!!". It sure smells a lot better.


august 31, 1998 We had record heat Saturday. My mom called in the early afternoon wanting to know if our electricity was on. Yep. Her's was out. She called yesterday, the electricity wasn't turned back on until almost 10 pm. And the managers told the residents to please not use any air conditioners until today, to give the equipment time to cool off. She lives in a mobil home park and even though the rent is raised every year, the owner of the property has never upgraded the electrical equipment. She called yesterday evening to let me know that she and her friend, who lives across from her were going to check into to a hotel. She was taking the dog with her.

We haven't gotten the dogs washed, Brian's neck and back were hurting him yesterday. He did get the lawn mowed, but he felt really crummy after he had done so. I will do my best to get the dogs washed this morning. And if it gets really hot again, I'll let them into the kitchen/laundry room and block off the rest of the house. I put our portable swamp cooler on the patio Saturday. You know, its really weird. The cats stay outside. Laying in the tall grass, under the trees, on the patio, they really like to be out in the heat. Or they will be on the floor in the garage, where it is really warm.

Red climbed up into the window in the tv room Saturday night and slept on the pillow. He went up there again last night, but Lola was there already.

All in all, it was an uneventful weekend. My favorite kind.

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