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On Saturday, January 9, 1999, I was just working on my website and doing a little surfing. Listening to Madonna's Bedtime Stories on the cd player. Around 11:30, there was a knock on the door. Brian was at work, so I got up and answered it. It was one of the boys from the house two down from ours. He asked if any of our cats was missing and I said no, that they couldn't get out of the yard. I asked what they had and he described a young cat, light colored with dark ears, tail, nose and dark patches on the legs. I said sorry, but everybody is in and we don't have any that look like that. Then he mentioned the blue eyes. Now, I've wanted a blued eyed cat for years and years. The only one that I've had is the cyber kitty on the "about the cathouse" page. Brian said that we can't go looking for one, that if we are meant to have one, it will appear. And now, a blue eyed cat was here, the same way that Pepper, Hollywood, Kirby, Georgie, and Gracie came into our lives, through a neighbor. Like it was meant to be.

I walked with him, barefoot, down to his house. Then I saw her. The sweetest little girl..... I held her. And noticed that she didn't sound right. I told the son that my husband was going to be very upset, but I'll take her home. And he said that if we couldn't keep her, that they would. So, I knew that she would have a good home.

Once home, I set her up in the exercise room with some food and a litterbox. I called the vet to see if there was any way that I could get her in. The vet's office was closing for the day in five minutes. I crossed my fingers. Yes, I could bring her in. She weighed a little over four pounds, had earmites, fleas, tapeworms, and an Upper Respiratory Infection. Now, almost two weeks later, I'm sure she's put on at least one pound, her breathing is better and the fleas and worms are gone.

I had called the mother of the kids that brought me to her and told her "if anybody comes looking, you haven't seen her". Because I believed that this kitten had been dumped. Her poor health was an indication. She hadn't been on the street long enough to get into such bad shape, because if she had been, I'm sure coyotes would have gotten her. She has no street smarts and the white/pale cats are the ones that have gone missing in the neighborhood. Even with my gut feeling of a strayed kitten, I still search the newspaper for any ad about a lost kitten and I look at all of the posters on the telephone poles. In two weeks, I've seen nothing.

She's getting along extremely well with the other cats, even plays with a couple of them, Benny and Mickey that I'm sure of. I think she's going to fit right in.

The subject of naming her was a little heatedly discussed. I liked the name Callista, Brian said it was too big for a cat. I told him that she had to have a name and we settled on Ciara (keera). Last weekend, I thought of Dixie and he said nope. We aren't changing her name. So, Ciara Vista it is. Our newest addition to our fur family.

Ciara's finally getting spayed!!

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