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Katie Blue

Sometime in mid May, Mystie and Katie's sister, Little Guy, had kittens. We didn't know how many she had and at one point, we didn't think they'd made it. She was so thin and was here early every night for dinner. I fed her Nutro moist kitten food every night, just in case she had kittens somewhere. Well, on June 14th, there were two little kittens out front with Little Guy. Two white kittens. The next morning, there were two red ones and one white one. That evening, there were two white ones and two red ones. There was some discussion about what we should do. We'd been in the process of trapping cats and getting them fixed. What about these kittens? Did we want them to stay outside? One of the little red boys had a nasty thing on his little face. It was on his cheek and looked to have affected his eye. I told Brian I wanted to trap him and get him to the vet. What then? We didn't know. But I didn't think he'd have much of a chance outside if he was blind.

Well, we watched them every night and each morning. They were living up under the Mustang in the driveway, all four of them. I had found a place that would help me place them if we could catch them and socialize them. On June 20th, 2001, early in the morning, I caught little Daniece. She never even saw me coming, her eyes were so messed up. I hadn't noticed a problem with her eyes. I took her into the bathroom and settled her in with a carrier with a blanket in it, a cover over it, a litter box and some moist and dry food. She took to me immediately, no hissing at all. And she started purring right off. After a visit to the vet for testing and an examination, we were sent home with antibiotics and a disease free kitten.

We kicked around a name for her for a couple of days. I had jokingly said at the vet's office that we call her Daniece, because Mystie and Katie are her aunts. The name stuck. As yet, we don't have a middle name for her, but I'm sure it will come in time.

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