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Wednesday, December 26, 2001 The past two mornings, very little of the food that we feed the outfront cats has been eaten. I've not seen Angus since Monday night. Brian said maybe he got stuck in someone's garage. I'm also thinking something happened to the possom that would come here to eat at night. Chipper still shows up. That just amazes me. Meezer and OC still come around (knock on wood). And SpotT is still here, as is Diamond. I surely hope I see Angus tonight. My mom said that maybe there's a bunch of good food to be scavanged. I don't know. I hope that's it. I told Brian yesterday that I think about it a lot and it makes me want to cry. He said he knew how I felt and that it was best just to not dwell on it. We went for a drive yesterday and on one part of the trip, I saw a coyote by the side of the road that had been hit long before we drove by and it was dead. I cheered. I can't help it, I want the ones in our neighborhood to die. I don't want them here, I want them gone. I wish the developers who chased them in here would have trapped them and relocated them. But they didn't. Now, all of the cats are disappearing. The coyotes are at the top of the food chain. They have no natural predators in this neighborhood. *sigh* I hate them. I really, really hate them. But one thing, and I know I've said this before, but I just can't help but thinking it, and often. I'm sure thankful we got the cats in that we got in. Not just the kittens, but Mystie and Katie and Jackie and Pete and Ciara and Red and Lonee and Georgie and Gracie. I'm so glad they're in here, where they won't be some frigging wild animal's dinner. All I can hope for the cats who have gone on is that death was quick. You know, when we brought these cats in, I knew we were saving them from a life in the street. I never imagined we were saving them from death, even though I know that's a part of the feral cat existence.

We had dinner at my mom's Monday night. It was excellent. The best ever. The stuffing was good, the turkey was moist and tender and the rolls weren't overdone. After dinner we gave her the stuff we'd gotten for her. A book, "Home Improvement for Dummies", which made her laugh and a tool box, with lots of different tools and a place for each one. Years ago, we gave her tools for Christmas and a box to put them in, but over the years, the tools weren't put back and vanished. So, she was really happy with her gifts. And she got another surprise. It wasn't anything close to what she gave Brian and I (money) but she thought we'd gotten her a gift certificate for CostCo. Well, I did, but she said after we'd gotten it, that she'd really like a gift certificate to WalMart. So, we got her one for WalMart. It's actually a little credit card. Last year, we got her a card for Sears. She still has money on that. It's pretty neat how they do those now.

I was asking Brian what he was going to get with his present and he said he didn't know. I said I wanted to get one of those little stereo systems they have at CostCo. There's a nice one for $149, and I'd still have over half of what mom gave me left. I'd like to put it here in the office. Brian said "no, you don't want that" and I'm like "excuse me? You're telling me what I can get with my money? What do you think I should spend it on?" I'll probably have to use some of it to buy pet food this week, because we're getting low on food and funds. My mom would have a cow if she knew. Oh, well. I can't imagine anything else I want. Maybe the DVD "Miss Congeniality". Or a really nice dinner out with Brian. Not KFC. *grin*

On our trip yesterday, we drove up through Julian, then out to the Anza Borrego desert. Brian wanted to see if he could find the place that's in the Soarin' Over California ride at Disney's California Adventure. We drove through an orange grove and Brian had me take pictures of the mountains. It was so clear yesterday, that before Julian, we could see the ocean to the west, thirty five miles to the west and then driving up the road, and taking the turn for the view point on the other side of the road, you could see the Salton Sea to the east. Another thirty five miles, at least.

the Pacific Ocean

the Salton Sea

We also went past Lake Cuyamaca. It was beautiful.

I took a bunch of CDs with us and we listened to Christmas songs as we cruised the county. It was a pretty restful day. We had planned on going to Disneyland, but I've caught Brian's cold and my throat was pretty sore. Still is, as a matter of fact and my head is plugged up. Feels like it's in cotton. And I'm really tired. One of the places we went, the last place, was to Ranchita. Brian showed me where he had the new house marked out and we talked about what view I'd like from which room. I chose over the mountains at sunset and I'd like the sunrise view in the kitchen. Brian said "you don't want to see the town at night?" No. We're moving up there to get away from people, I'd rather look at the mountains than the houses in that little town. Can't you just imagine this view at night with all of the stars? Or during a storm, with lightning? Can't you just imagine the mountain tops covered in snow?

I think I'd prefer this view than that of the valley. Anyway, if we'd gone to Disneyland, I was supposed to have called my mom before we left, to let her know what Junior needed to be fed. But since we didn't go, I didn't call. So, yesterday afternoon, we're back in the office, fresh coffee and soft music on, Brian working on designing our house, complaining that I'd screwed everything up because of how I wanted our view to be and I was downloading pictures, when we heard a key in the front door. And then we heard the front door open. We looked at each other and got up and walked down the hallway. There was my mom. She had called while we were gone and figured we'd gone to Disneyland and hadn't called her. So, she came over to feed Junior, even though she didn't know what she was supposed to feed him. *lol* We had a laugh about it and I showed her what he eats and we hugged and she went home. Brian and I came back into the office and continued on with our mellow afternoon. It was a really nice day. I sure would have loved to see Angus last night. That would have made it perfect.

The cats have been coming in pretty easily at night. I'm not having to hunt them down, which is nice. Usually, just calling out for them gets them in. And the kittens still like to sleep in the bed with us. Autumn will come in when we're asleep, but when we wake up, she'll run out of the room. She's still not too sure of us. But she is getting a little softer with us. I'm really putting effort into Jackie. He's such a beautiful cat and I love to feel his fur under my hands and put my arms around him. I've been able to do this a couple of times and he lets me. But I can only do it for so long, then he gets up and walks away. I'd really like to soften him up. I know he has potential to be a big lovebug. We'll make eye contact and we'll do the long slow blink at each other. I love it when he does it. He has the most beautiful yellow eyes. I'd love to have him snuggle with me on the couch like Red does.

The trash came today and Brian pushed the dumpster out. It was early and I had lots of used litter to get rid of. Well, I've been putting the used litter in the empty litter buckets. I had two of them and when I took them out this morning, I had to shut the door behind me. I was barefoot and I set one of the heavy buckets down on my big toe just right and, boy, it's still aching this afternoon. I didn't even hit it that hard. I've noticed that if I'm diligent about scooping all boxes on a daily basis, the house doesn't reek when we walk in. How about that?

And some kitty has really runny poops and they're not putting their butt in the litter box when they go, but hanging it over the door. Yish. Real fun to clean up.

I was looking through my pictures last night and this morning and I have about thirty to add to the Ranchita page. Some were taken much earlier this year. I'll make Brian sit with me and tell me what they're of if I don't know. I should have them up by the end of the week.

WOOHOO!! Angus was here for dinner!! It was so nice to see him. And the food that was out there is almost all gone. He was a hungry boy. I feel so much better now. He was out there with OC and Meezer.

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