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Venuzia's Story

Hi, I just had my sweet little Venuzia declaw last Friday and I fell that the vet lie to me and I feel so giulty!!!

Let me explain, Venuzia is 8 month old. He's an inside cat and has a big sister Buffy also inside cat 3 years old . I found Venuzia in the street when he was only a month old. I love cats and I took great care of him. He's a good boy , very affectionate and get along just fine with Buffy (my other cat) and the 2 dogs I own.

The only problem was that he destroy my dining room and my bathroom. He took the wall paper off the wall. I tried the spray call Scratch off and try to squirt him with water when he does it. I also clipped his nail often and both him all the toys and scratching post I could find but he was still destroying the house (by then he was ruining the living room wall also). My other cat ruin the couch and the mattress in the bedroom , but I don't care cause they are just furniture. The walls was a bigger problem to me.

So last Friday I took Venuzia to have him 'fix' (castration I think it's call). At the same time I asked the vet what to do about the scratching? He asked me if I had toys and scratching post. I said yes but he wont use them. So he said have him declaw. I told him that I didn't know, cause I never had any of my cat declaw. So he said 'Don't worry' . I have 5 cats and they are all declaw with no problem' 'The surgery is very minor and there is not much pain to it''He will be back to normal tomorrow'

I asked him if he knew of any other thing I did not try yet to stop the scratching and he said no. So I asked him again about the pain cause it's my babi and I don't want him to suffer. He assured me again that it was a very minor thing and that he does lots of them every year . He said out of 100s of cats only 1 has a problem with it. I asked him what he would do to him .He said he was gonna take the claws off and then put bandage on the front paws and that tomorrow I would be able to take the bandages off and that my cat will be back to normal. He said everything was safe and that my sweet Venuzia would have very little pain so I said ok do it. I left the clinic at 10 in the morning and whent back at 2 in the afternoon to get my babi. He had little red bandage on it's paws and was still sleepy. The vet gave me antibiotic and told me to take him home . Then he told me to replace the litter with paper. I told him that my other cat is very fussy and that she won't use it if I change brand of litter she will surely not use it if I put paper. I told him I use the very fine litter call 'clumping litter'. He said that was ok to just keep using it but to make sure it was clean.

So I took my babi home . When I took him out of the pet carrier. He was still very weak and sleepy. I lay him down next to the warm air of the furnace . Then I spent all evening conforting him. He was NOT back to normal on the next day . When I took the bandage off on saturday morning I saw little stichs on is tumbs. No one told me about stitches , only glue he said. He was under the bed all day Saturday . He did not want to eat or drink. I made him drink some water by putting it on is nose and he finally drank a saucer by himself. I was very worry so I called the vet Saturday to tell him that he was not eating. I told him that his last meal has been on Thursday night before the operation that was on Friday morning. Since he did not eat all night Thursday to Friday then all day and night on Friday and most of the day saturday I was very worry. He said 'Don't worry just keep him drinking and call me back tomorrow (Sunday) if he does not eat.' But I was worried so I decided to take a look on the internet.

Maybe ther is a site that tell me what to do after the operation I tought...so I look and found this site. I was shock to find out that this was not a MINOR almost PAIN FREE operation. And that there was many possible problem. I feel cheated cause I asked and I was not told the whole storie. He told me it was a every day operation . He told he was removing the claws not part of the toes!!! He told me infection occur in 1 out of 100s but he never told me about nails growings back after years and about all the other problemes. I trusted him when I asked him about the operation and I was not informed well enough I think. Otherwise I would not have done it. On Sunday Venuzia was still not eating . He was walking around just fine but refusing food again. so I called the vet again . He was not there so I left a message to please call me back . That my cat was walking fine but was still not eating . He did not call back yet and we are now monday morning. Today ,monday, Venuzia had some food this morning and seem to be just fine.He used the litter box. And does not bite. But i'm still worried about the future what if he develop complication in a year or longer? I was never told this . And I was told that it was almost pain free, that castration was the same when it come to pain. Well that's not true!!!I don't beleive it after what I read on your site.

And I'm angry that I was never offer some alternatifs,like the little cover that goes over the claws. If my vet would have told me I would never have done it. I will print all the bad storie and show it to him and ask him why he did not tell me the true. Don't get me wrong that vet has treated my little poodle for 6 years and all my other dogs and cats . He was always a good vet , but this time I feel that he was wrong. I hope that my little Venuzia don't developpe problem later in years . But event if he does not and that he is fine I will still feel worry and guilty about it . I'm a good mom and never wanted to hurt my babi but I was misinform . If you ever think about declawing don't beleive what the vet tell you and read the stories on this site first. I was told the true by my vet and I'm sure that event has I write this letter down some other peoples that are asking are being lie too and this is wrong. I want everyone to know the true and I will show this site to any one thinking about declawing their cat . Please do the same.

Helene Note

To the personne who run this site:' I'm French and i'm not too good when it come to write in english if you have time can you please correct any mistake that I may have made in writing or in trying to explain something.

Thanks :o)

Helene, I think you did a wonderful job of explaining what happened.


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