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family album


Mystie and Katie
Mystie and Katie, snoozing in the office

the Pool
The pool

Little Guy and kittens
Little Guy, Opie, Richie and Daniece. We tried to catch Little Guy (Mystie and Katie's sister), but she was too smart to go into the trap, although she was smart enough to bring her five kittens to our house. She just disappeared one day, never to be seen again. We believe a coyote got her.

The set up
Getting ready for Little Guy's kittens

Kirby after the operation
Kirby, after his perineal ureosthromy surgery, June 2001. His penis was removed because of his repeated blocking due to crystal formation. He had these for years and nothing we did prevented them. We tried diet, more water, and medication. The vet finally said this was our last option. Kirby has been fine since (knock on wood).

Kirby and the stent
When the stent was removed I was very surprised to see that it was at least six inches long, into his bladder.

family album

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