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Monday, February 26, 2001 Well, I'd started this earlier, didn't save. And the electricity went out for an hour. *sigh* I've been meaning to post here, but I just keep getting sidetracked by little things like litterbox duty, laundry or even paperwork for Brian. Nothing too exciting has been happening. I didn't even realize that it's been over a week since I've posted an entry.

The weather has been gloomy here. I love it. Cats aren't really happy about it, though.

Georgie is doing better, no blood in his urine. But I don't know that amoxi is strong enough to fight what he gets, so I'll watch him closely. I still may have to take him in.

Let's see, what else. Oh, the guy showed up at five last Tuesday to check out the television. He didn't even take the back off of it, so there was no reason to even have had it pulled out and blocking the room. It drove me nuts because the cats kept getting up on the table where it was, jumping up onto the shelf where it usually is and peeing on the wall. I didn't want them going into the back of the entertainment center and put pillows to block their way. The pushed the pillows down behind the entertainment center and peed on those. Of course, Brian worked out of town, didn't get home until 10:30 at which time neither of us felt like putting the tv back where it belonged. I thought I did a good job of covering it, but Wednesday morning, the cats had pulled all the blankets down and peed on them. At least the tv was dry. When we put it back where it belonged, I got really frustrated because I couldn't see one of the connections and I had a major tantrum. I was really irritated. The television shouldn't be doing this and I wish I didn't have to do everything in my life without thinking about the cats first. Like I said, I was in a pretty rotten mood. Brian, in his infinite wisdom said "why don't you take a couple of Midol?" *lol*

Thursday, we took the monitor back to CostCo. Got the replacement one, works great. CostCo also now carries webcams (about fifty two bucks!!) and USB hubs. You can get USB extension cables, two six footers for six dollars. What a deal!!

Friday, Brian came home early from work and we went to California Adventure. He wanted to see what the lights looked like at night. We left here early afternoon and there weren't too many people there when we arrived. We had hoped for rain, but we missed it by a couple of hours. We went on a couple of rides we hadn't been on before. Very different from our first trip. Very disappointing. There was a limo ride through Hollywood that was really lame. There were large dolls, I guess you would call them, that resembled Hollywood stars. Cher, Tim Allen, Whoopie Goldberg, to name a few. Pretty stupid. Then we went to the Muppet 3D movie. It was okay for kids. We were bored. But then, we're not into muppets. We did the Soarin' Over California again and the Grizzly Rapids. That was fun. We did the Sun Wheel, this time on a stationary car. Then Brian went on California Screamin' by himself, sat in the front seat. I watched as they took off. The lights at night were really cool. Brian took some pictures. I'll post them when they're developed, if they come out. Then we came home, got back about nine thirty.

Saturday, Brian went up to the Sticks and worked on the waterline. Sunday, Brian chopped some wood and Sunday night, we had a fire in the fireplace. First one in about ten years. It was really nice. Except for in the living room, where the glass is. The fireplace kind of splits the living room and television room, you can see it on both sides. But the wood is put in from the tv room side. Brian put glass on the other side. Well, it seems that all of the urinating the cats have done on that glass during the years had soaked into the concrete below. And hooey, did it smell when it heated up. Cooking cat piss. Puke. After a couple of hours I think, the smell burned away. But Brian and I both went through the house spraying air freshener.

They're supposed to be out tomorrow to fix the tv. This is it. After this year, it will be a new television.


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