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the song is "a whole new world"
Hollywood Greets Mister Fluffy
at the Rainbow Bridge

Mister Fluffy

December 31, 1997

I seed yew comin up heer....we rainbow angels wuz giffin all dat we kud tew hep doze docturs sayf yur lyf, but dat badnasty doctur, TED (the evil doctor) incarnayt, well, he did tew much damach fur jus purrayers tew tayk kare uv.

Sew, now yews at da brij. Its a nyc nyc place, Mistur Fluffy. Deres lots uf stuff tew dew. And lots uf frens, tew.

Wow, yew iz a purrdy big kitty, my bruvver Bart is a big kittee, tew. Dew yew want tew play wif me? Ooh, luk, yew got ur boy parts bak!! Dats wun uf da best parts bowt beyun at da brij. We kin dew stuff dat we kudent dew befur.

Oh, luk, Mistur Fluffy, yur meowmie an paw is awful sadsad. Deys waddurmonsturs on dere faces, deys kummin frum da eyes. Dew yew wanna go down wif me an gif um sum hedbutts? dey will no, beleef me. I givs em tew my meowmie an paw alla tyme. And sumtyms yew kin git wun uf da kiddees dats dere tew be speshully sweet. Yur hoomins will no itz cuz uf yew, dey ar ril smart dat way.

Okay, lets go down.

*Two long furred kiddees float down tew erf, into the hoam of very sad hoomins.*

Okay, Mistur Fluffy, hoo yoo wanna dew furst? Meowmie? Kay.

*Kitty Angels headbutt Diane-Hollywood nuzzles her hair and Fluffy puts his face to hers, looking into her eyes, wiping at the tears with a soft paw*

Oh, Meowmie, Iym still heer wif yew, doan cry. I feel lotz beddur now. Wanna see me pee? Its feels furry nyc. I luf yew meowmie and I will be dare tew smurgle in yur dreems.

*The lovely lady sighs, she can hear the soft purrs coming from the two cat angels and something rough on her cheeks, wiping away her tears*

Hollywood, lets go talk tew paw. Dats him, izunt he furry hansum? Hez a wunnerfur paw.

*The faint fluttering of wings can be heard*

hihihihihi paw!! its Fluffy!! *headbutt* I misses yew paw, I misses yew furry much. Yew wur so gudgud tew me an gentul, rocking da crystuls loos. But I doan haf no moor crystuls. Deys all gone!! An luk, I gotted my boy parts bak!!

*turns around*


*Proudly shows off his nether regions*

Paw, we will all be tewgevver sumday. Me an yew an Meowmie an Binky, an even da kiddees I neffur haf node yet. An kiddees dat yew hafunt node yet. Ime not sayun Ime in a beddur playc, dere's no beddur playc den yur onetruhome, but Ize okay now. Now, yew gotta dew sumfin fur me. Get that evil doctur away frum animuls if yew can. Sayf uvver kiddees lifes sew dat myn woan be fur nuffin. Wif effurylyf yew sayf, I git strongur an can help uvver animals wif my heeling strength.

Oh, Hollywood sez we gotta go bak up now. I get tew meet da Big Guy, tewday. I'll be bak an yew will no it. If sumfin feels a liddul stranj, dats me!!

bye meowmie an paw,


*Two fluffy cats spread their wings and fly heavenward*

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