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I've had occasional donations to the cathouse. Just about every page on my website has a link at the top "did you enjoy your visit? then please click here" that will take you to my affiliate page. (Commissions received are turned over to the fund.) And people would either shop the stores listed on that page, or send some money using the donation buttons. People who were thankful they'd found the declaw page before they'd had the surgery done on their cat, people who read the instructions for the backyard fence and were happy to have a way to safely let their cats out, people who enjoy watching the webcams while they're at work and find it relaxing, or people who sent money just because they had a nice time visiting the site...

While the donations were always nice and they were always welcome, I felt a little guilty for taking them, because, truth be told, I really didn't need them. So, after talking it over with Brian, I've decided to put the donations into a fund so that I can help cats. And I thought maybe other people might want to join in.

Donations go into a general fund that is used to help cats and cat owners in need. If you have any questions, please visit Benny's Fund Forum.

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Donate using PayPal

For snail mail donations, please make check payable to:

lisaviolet designs
P.O.Box 2972
El Cajon CA 92021
Please let me know that you're doing so, so that I'll check the mail.

All donations will be acknowledged, as long as you've provided a valid email address.

Thank you.

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