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"hi, I am Guess Who's Whiskers and also, sister to Ladylynx. I get to watch from outside the window,no, she lets me in, I even have my own key and I used to use her name on the board til people yelled at her and she had no idea why and K. ratted, so LL told me , use your own name, I guess I got off easy, she still lets me use the computer.....I help her when I'm in from the city.

" I want to surprise her, she won't be back til sometime Tues. I am trying to do some of her mail for her, she had some fax's....and I am allowed to answer questions for her on the bird and cat bb's...some things I can't do, but right now, there are some unusual circumstances, I will be watching the Fort...til she returns...I see you on her list of private emails, so, the kitty that was having contractions......she did not have to have a c-section, no kitten, it is intrauterine, she may have to be spayed, she was give several meds, and some to take at home, she gets a phone check tomorrow at 6 pm, and Tues. dr. sees her again...then she may go in Thurs.for surgery. But it was not kittens, LL was real upset, she is never wrong about some things and that blew her mind to think she wouldn't know....she has a stethescope from the mao clinic, she can tell how many heart beats in a leopard, that is preg. and never misses. She has some gift. It is spooky, so when Ms. Kitty was having heavy contractions, wow....bonkers here!!! Ladylynx stayed with Ms.Kitty non stop, she moved into the bathroom,kitty napped, LL watched, listened , waited and kept watching. We had a long wait, we called vets everywhere, LL didn't want to move the cat unnecessarily, she got her vet, but he couldn't see Ms.Kitty til 7:30 tonight.

"Alot happened at the vets. Ms.Kitty is home resting comfortably, LL will be here soon as she can. She is a bit tied up......and to make matters worse, during all the insanity, her dog bit a guy, the guy was a cop!! The dog is in dogie jail!! Fortunately when the dog bit the cop, we were all on private property, in the vet's parking lot, so instead of the dog being hauled off to the pound or worse, the dog is in quarantine for rabies for 11 days in Illinois at the vet's office, dogie will be fine,everyone there knows the dog and treats her great, she is a working dog and was doing her job, I was there , it was the dumb cops own fault and he was lucky she didn't go for his throat, he'd be dead, she got him in the upper arm and shoulder....messy.Luckily no cops shot the poor dog,....the cop was a real jerk, none of his fellow officers like him either, they felt sorry for the dog and one cop guy made a joke"hope the dog doesn't get sick from biting George!"....everyone laughed, took some of the tension out of quickly escalating scene. I am sure, LL won't sleep much tonight either, she has a 6 am morn and full day...then hopefully home, I admit, the leopards scare the hegebes out of me. The others are sweeties, but that gold lep, she is a demon, please never say I said that. She is real special to LL. Last yr. ARA's firebombed the bldg and hit the leopard cage and almost killed the asian lep. LL saved her life....the cat means alot to her. So, ....well, what can I say.

"I do free lance photography, and work part time for a nutritional company. I hang out here to help with critters, ride LL's horse, and play with her computer, and she has a better library than the city of Chicago!! I've been coming to the board since Dec. They are great folks and I am jealous that LL likes them all more than me. And she worries about all of them more than me. My biggest concerns are 1.will I become a computer junkie like her? and 2. will the leopard eat me?

"I'd like everyone to visit WildTalk and see what we do, well its LL's baby, but we help with the furball diapers,like tonight......:)

"What do you think?? I hope your kitties are well, you sure have your hands full, LL has a prayer list, and alot of your kits are on it.

"This is to go NO FURTHER!!! I will be MURDERED. Ladylynx was on the way to the vet, she can not get out the door without checking the mailbox one last time, well SOX was sick, so, she just HAD to do the post thing, she's that way, crisis , and she is praying for someone else...insane! now everyone is yelling at her, hurry up and she is having problems with the post, she is tired, worried, and now she runs out the door, and up to the car, tells Leo, move, "I'll drive" she has a way of transcending time, I am in the back with the dog and crate with the cat. LL drives fast, I mean like the!! If she gets one more ticket she will loose her licence for 5 yrs.....any way her vet is in Illinois, we are in Wisc. driving south at about the speed of light.We have to be there at 7:30, it is 5 to 7 we're late.....LL at the speed of light, drives thru 1-PL -2GC-3-R 4-SM5-SG 6-FL- and back at #3 she crossed a state line. She never saw the cop in PL...crosses state line, speed of light.....State trooper pulls out in SolonM.s.....she ignores him slows to 65 in a 45, SG...localcop joins State Trooper, then squad 3 , LL keeps on, State Cop has mike, "pull the vehicle over, this is the State Police"...LL keeps going, all of us, me and leo are having a HEARTATTACK!!!!!!! LL very calm and cool and focused, makes joke, "don't worry, it will be fine, what can they do, hahaha , arrest me? I need a rest and a hot meal !" so her.....on she goes, cops chasing us, on she goes right to the vet, pulls in, we all jump out of the car, with crate, run inside, Leo and I stay by lobby door,LL and Kitty go into office maze back to surgery room, parking lot by now has State Troopers, 2- FL cops 3cars, SM=2cars, and the Spring Grove is screaming, cops come in....INSANITY...Lady LYNX and Doc and Kitty are in back surgery ofc....doors locked, Staty goes back , all cops have guns out....big mess....Insanity....I knew we were all going to jail for life, cops and LL and Doc, powwowing...LL mad as a hornet,.....refuses to leave til she knows her cat is ok, NOW, comes JERKO cop, reading her her rights....she is just smiling, he is madder and madder cause if you ever saw that smile, reminded me of that leopard in the back yard, I am staying with the Doc and kitty, Leo has fainted, paramedics have to come to revive him, this is like a circus of horrors. They all go outside, like 20 cops, the Doc, LL, in all the commotion, no one thought of the window in the car being 1/2 way down , the dog likes to ride with her head out....well the mean cop has LL by the arm and she is handcuffed, she is 5 ft 1 he is 6-6, he had his hand on his gun butt, the dog lunged thru the window nailing the officer, the impact knocks LL to the ground, now she is laughing so hard, she can't call the dog off the cop, then sees the other cops is yelling don't shoot the dog, I am screaming, LL now recovers and is hysterical starts kicking the cop, don't shoot my dog....she tells the dog NINE!!! dog immediately lets go, goes to a heal command. Cop that got bit now needs the paramedics that are working on poor Leo....Leo looks like death,....Doc takes the dog, yells at cop to take hand cuffs off, Fox Lake cop, steps in ,takes cuffs off, LL kisses her dog and wipes the blood off dogs face with front of her t-shirt,now she looks like a victim of the cops....Doc takes quarantine responsibility,for dog.....LL tells me to take car and Leo home, with Kitty, and take care of animals, visit dog in am, I have made 100 phone calls, vet did too, he is great, F** L*** didn't bring charges, state troopers were there cause she crossed a state line and there was a police pursuit, we never even saw those cops....LL has to go to the Stone Hotel for the night, if we had gone 2 more counties, she's have been in C******, and C*** co.has night court, so she could have been out by 2 or 3 she has to wait for a morning arraignment....there are a lot of charges speeding, thru each town, and crossing the state line with police in pursuit....resisting arrest,battery on a police officer, there's even a charge for the dog bite, cause the dog is shutsund....its like having a gun...the dog is considered a weapon....and she went thru about 8 red lights.She looked, saw no cars, went for , I never got in this much trouble, LadyLynx was in a good mood, she is glad the dog took a chunk out of the jerk cop, she left with the state guy in the squad car....Leo , he is a mess....Doc worked on kitty, gave me the meds, I sat with the dog a half hour.Then brought kitty and Leo home, creeping along the highway at 40 mph.....Ladylnx made it to the vets ofc by 7:20 and it was like a bonnie and clyde movie, I am still in shock, I am not even tired, I got Kelly to come over, she went to L*** Co....took court clothes to LL for court tomorrow....friends are there with bond money....and a friend came with more money to pay fines, whatever..she won't sit there long, the lawyer was on his way before they even took her in the car....he would be at the jail before her probably, he is a top notch attorney...kitty is resting, looks good, still having those contractions, but they come and go and he said not to worry about that, I have to tell you.My sister would never leave her animals,unless she was dead, unconscious or in jail....and she is not here tonight with kitty cause she is in the pokey.So is the poor dog, she got to call me and she is nutts....she was laughing and said everyone was real nice to her,and the people in the can are real nice, and they think the cops beat her up cause of the blood on the front of her shirt,and everyone thinks the dog is a hero for biting the cop. the cops got her a subway foot long sandwich, juice, some fruit.....this night has been insane, she doesn't care about the arrest, she would not stop til she got the cat to the vet. I never knew anyone with such focus....or maybe she is just insane, mother always said, your sister marches to the music of a different drummer, she could hear the angels singing when she was little,...she probably still hears, she won't be on the bb for a few days, and then there will be the meetings with the attorney and court, and all the stuff from tonight, Leo, he is in shock...I never saw a man faint before, now you know.....This has been one CRAZY day.I have to go check ms. kitty and give her her meds, and go get Leo to help me with the outside cats, .....could you post a update on kitty for me?? But leave the police chase part out ...she is limited in her accommodations, no computer, course, the cops mighe let her use theirs, she told that one guy he could come see the cats, the lawyer said there will be no charges filled in W***....they seemed to understand the situation, and I am sure , it cost her a bundle under the table, and I hate to see the cost of 10 speeding tickets,and battery to a police officer, she was really mad....

"Well.....that is what we're doing....what was your day like???????:):) fondly, Guess Who's Whiskers......

"YOU are NOT to mention this to L****!!!!!!!We will both be mouse meat....she doesn't need any more problems, she is quite capable of creating her own!!This is only GIRL stuff...She is almost home and has a real GREAT personal attorney, NO ONE worry please, when I spoke to her, she said it was ok to talk to C****** and lisaviolet, she asked me to make some calls for her,and take care of the work on her fax list, she is in the Stone Hotel, worrying about sick kitties, P**...and I am supposed to email the lady with the serval. And S*****...I guess she wanted you 3 to know she's a bit tied up, and not to worry,....she has no idea that I want to do the Who's Who thing....lisaviolet, she said you should get a kick out of this..She really is crazy....she cares too much about all the animals....gotta love her....don't worry about the critters, I have taken care of them lots of times, I do miss the dog though.....dogey jail, sad, sad....the dog thought the cop was a bad guy , he was pulling dogies ma, and the man had a gun, must be a bad guy, it happened so fast, I will catch hell for that, I was in the back job to put the window was so crazy!!!maybe if 20 cops hadn't been chasing us, I'd have thought of it...and LEO, Leo is useless!!!!! Men are wimps!!!Can you see this guy 6 ft 2 fainting when he saw all those cops coming into the lobby, I think he thought we were all going to jail forever...!!!!!What a night....what a night."

February 1997

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