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Wednesday, January 31, 2001 Well, I started this Monday, but didn't get farther than the date. I've just been kind of busy with stuff that isn't a whole lot of fun, but has to be done. Thursday, we went to the chiropractor, then shopping. Friday, I paid personal and business bills. Saturday, we went to the Sticks. Sunday, we moved furniture around in the television room. Monday, I made shirts and had to run errands. Yesterday, I did the final quarter and year end payroll reports, as well as the W2 forms.

So, let's go day by day. Thursday morning I took my blood pressure, just curious how it was doing. 124/86, really good. Well, the dogs start barking and I go see what the problem is. There was a male dog in the yard behind us, having sex with one of their dogs. The same dog who fathered the last litter of puppies. Since these people don't believe in vets or vet bills (obviously), this dog wasn't spay. I have no idea why the male hasn't been done. So, this poor female will have had three litters in less than a year and a half. That has to be hard on her body. The last time, she had a problem with her teats, they were very red and swollen. They caged their cocker spaniel because she kept going after the mother dog. Too sad. And it also raised my blood pressure. I heard the guy yelling at the male to get out of the yard when he got home, but it was too late. One of these times they are going to run out of "good homes" for these puppies. And I can't help but wondering, how many of these homes could have taken in a dog or pup that was living at the Humane Society. *sigh*

Not too much happened Friday. It took almost all day to get the stuff printed out and on the way. It's nice, though, to have all the bills paid off. And it rained. The rain was so nice. I also had to change the bedclothes, because Ciara peed on me. Of course, it was on the bottom sheet and the mattress pad. I washed those and while they were being laundered, somebody peed on the blanket. I had to wash that. While I was making the bed, I happened to notice that Brian's side didn't have very much air in it. No wonder his back was hurting so. I added air. Rusty had taken up a position on Brian's side of the bed, spread out full length. When I went back into the bedroom a half hour later, the bed had once again lost air. Sometime during the night, Brian left the bed and slept on the couch. There was no air in his side. I called the company Saturday morning. They told me a couple of things to try. Well, I guess that the tube came off of the blower, because after Brian fiddled with it, there was no longer a problem.

After that was done, we went to the Sticks. I wanted to see snow and we did. I took some pictures with the digital camera, and I posted them this morning. They're on the Ranchita page. There wasn't much, but it was a whole lot more than we get here. We walked to the top of the hill while we were there and saw cat tracks. Mountain lion? There were two sets, side by side. One quite a bit larger than the other. On the way up, I asked Brian if he wanted to stop and get the trough, but the one he wants is too big for any of the trucks. He has to bring the trailer. I think the wildlife will like having a supply of water.

Sunday, we finally got around to moving the furniture. We hadn't done it in years and the last time we did, it was positioned so that we couldn't use the fireplace. I washed the walls behind where the sofa had been and Brian had to put in a new outlet. It wasn't where the cats could directly pee on it, but they did pee on the wall on the corner and it dripped down. What a mess. Brian vacuumed and I sprayed a bunch of "Smell Be Gone" on the carpet by the wall. I really like the way the room looks, it really seems like it was opened up. The cats like it, too. Benny is even spending more time inside, stretched out on the sofa. I moved most of the cat furniture to where the couch had been, against the kitty entertainment center we use as a room divider. So, now they have even more space to play, since they can get behind the posts. I caught Mystie sleeping in the little chair yesterday. With the way the couch is now, I can kick back on it and look out the window and see more than just the gate.

So, then we get to Monday. Now we're exercising thirty minutes each morning. I think we'll be there for a while. I had a couple of shirt orders to fill, so I made the shirts, packaged them and went to the post office. A really exciting time. I also had to redo the order form again. It seems it was picking up one of each shirt the way I had it. It wasn't adding the full shirt price, but it did add the price of a colored shirt. One order was charged nine dollars too much. That was in California, so I had to also credit back sales tax. Well, I learned something new.

Yesterday, I started to work on the year end reports. My A drive went out. That's my backup drive. I didn't want to call the guy to fix the machine, because he charges $75.00 an hour. I thought I'd see if there was such a thing as an external zip drive that was compatible with USB. I found one at and talked with a salesman. I ordered it along with some extra disks. For some reason, I can't get the 941 reports to print out with QuickBooks. I checked their website to find out how to fix it and it said that you have to sign up for one of their payroll services. The minimun was $179.00 a year, I think. No way did I want to pay that for just one employee. So, I call them. To talk with tech support, there was a charge. Four dollars a minute. Ten minute minimum. Or, I could get the yearly subscription. For one question? And I knew damn well they would tell me that I had to sign up for a payroll service. I wasn't very happy about it. I didn't sign up or pay, I hung up. And I just did everything by hand. Once I got everything together and lined up, it only took about an hour. But it was nice and it's done and it's out of the way.

So, this morning, I know the day is pretty much mine. Except for some laundry I needed to get done. I figure I'll get caught up on the diary. Right now, Mystie is hanging on my right shoulder/arm and I'm trying to type. It isn't easy. I was surprised that my new zip drive got here today. I had it set up by noon. I like it. And wouldn't you know, I tested my A drive and it's working. Damn. I don't know if it was just a piece of dust or cathair, or if it's really going out. Anyway, here I am with another hard drive.

Pete is driving me nuts. He'll go out the door here in the office, go right around the house, in the cat door and back here to the office. Where he starts crying at the door again. He does it in the morning and in the evening. I don't know if it's because he doesn't realize how chilly it is outside, when the sun is weak or not up. He cries and cries until I finally get tired of it. "Okay, go, get" I tell him. I no sooner get situated when he's back. Crying. I just have to pick him up and kiss his face or belly. He's not so sure of that. He will hide under the chair, watching me. I stand there with the door opened, "come on, Pete, you can go out." He starts the trip to the door and rushes when he's in front of me. I close the door, sit down, then within five minutes, he's back. What a fun game.

Lola is doing well. She's even been running through the house. It's really heartwarming to see. She was playing with the tracker the other night. Not a lot, just standing there and pushing the ball around the track. I like to see her feeling better.

Georgie has a piece of skin hanging from his ear. Looks like he got in a catfight. I pulled the scab off last week, thinking that's all that it was and it started bleeding quite a bit. So, I cleaned off what I could and I'm not touching it again. I did start him on antibiotics.

This morning, there were nine cats on the bed when I got up. It must have been cold last night.

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