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Monday, January 03, 2000 Well, spit. I bet you thought I wasn't gonna ever write here again. It sure seems like it's been forever. It's hard to get to when hubby is home. And then this weekend, the resident Acme troll was once again posting things from my Cat Fight forum over at Acme. Using stuff against other people and I decided to go to password protection. Only problem is, I don't know how to do it and it takes me time to figure this stuff out and I wanted it done right now. So, I set up another forum over at benny da kat's fun forums, a private protected board. I was up until after midnight last night working on it. *yawn* Now, I just have to get everybody acclimated to a new type of forum. I can't believe how excited people get when they have problems getting into it. Then when they do, they're so relieved.

Friday, after the little thing Brian did, he actually stayed here in the office and cleaned his desk. He took about three or four garbage cans full of stuff out to the dumpster. There's no way I could clean up his desk because I have no idea what to keep and what to get rid of. It sure looks better over there today. I got over my irritation quickly, I must admit. But then, I also took a St. John's Wort pill. Helped calm me right down. I input all the invoices we had in, paid all the bills due, Brian put more money in the bank from the home equity loan. So, right now, the only one we owe is the bank. Since I had to get those bills out, I just did it. It's taking me forever to do this diary today. It's almost three.

The weather got bad Friday. Cold and we had scattered showers off and on. A miserable end to the last year. I mean, it was downright bonechilling cold. We had planned on going out to dinner, but I made a very late breakfast. So, that shot down the good dinner. But that was okay, because Brian's side of the office really did need to be straightened up. It's much nicer. Because of the weather, I didn't wash the carpet. With as damp as it was, it would have taken forever to dry.

Saturday, Brian went up to the sticks to put in the new fences. The new GPS thing he bought last year didn't work worth a darn. He's going to take it back. The day was still miserable. So bad that Benny stayed inside most of the day, which is not at all like him. Brian got home after dark and I ordered pizza. Then we watched the movie Entrapment with Sean Connery. I liked it. Yesterday morning, Brian didn't take a shower, which surprised me. He did go into the kitchen and take a bunch of vitamins. Then he went into the tv room, grabbed a blanket, sat in his chair and covered up with a blanket. He was like that all day. He was sick. He said he was sore all over. We watched the Charger/Bronco game and I came back to the office and ended up in here so late last night. Brian went to bed about seven thirty. He was lucky.

DeeJay's worrying me. He just doesn't seem to be interested in food. This morning, I opened up a can of nine lives, kicked the other cats out of the office so he could eat in peace. He ate for almost a half hour. It sure didn't look like he had eaten much.

Jackie likes Gracie. He follows her around. He doesn't try to attack her or anything. He does try to pat her and she just growls at him. I think he might be a little sweet on her. It's so cute.

Brian said that Peter slept with me under the covers the other night. I remember him going under, but I don't remember him staying there very long. He's becoming quite the lap cat when I'm watching television or sitting here at my desk. "Oh, look, the lap, guess I should warm it." He's such a cutie. When I kick him out of the office, I take him to the door and put him on the floor or the top of the litterbox outside of the office door. He always jets down the hallway. It's so funny. He's just so darn cute. I took a couple of rolls of pictures this weekend of the cats. It's been awhile and I want to get more of Jackie and Peter before they're all grown up.

I have to take Peter in tomorrow for his next shots. Wednesday, I might have to take mom for her chemo treatment. Her neighbor isn't feeling good. And Thursday, I get my new internet access and our new phone service.

I hope this isn't a busy year. Time goes too fast when I'm busy.


Friday, January 07, 2000 Boy, that was a quick week. I have to call the vet and reschedule Peter's appointment today because I need a day just to catch up. He was supposed to go in Tuesday, but the little brat wouldn't let me catch him. After chasing him for fifteen minutes, I called and told them I'd be late. After another twenty minutes, I called and said I wouldn't be able to make it. He's a quick little squirt and I certainly don't want him to be afraid of me. He's fine in the evening now, but he's very cautious during the day. Funny how such a little guy has such a long memory. I think I'll see if I can get him in next Friday, late afternoon. Hopefully, he'll be calmer by then. I did call the vet this morning and Shari told me to just bring him in when I could catch him, not to worry about an appointment. One of the techs can give him his shots. So, that's something I won't be concerned with.

I ran out of cooked chicken again yesterday, used the last piece. So, I cooked up the last of what I had in the freezer this morning. Looks like we need to do another food run to CostCo. Brian went earlier in the week without me.

It's Friday afternoon already and I'm finally starting to settle down. It's been a very hectic week for me, non-stop, high stress level, not the kind I like, not at all. I can do without these kinds of weeks. I told Brian this morning, before I had called the vet to cancel the appointment, that I thought I needed a "me" day, a day to catch up with things. Like my diary. *grins*

So, let me see what this week has been like. Monday, there were still some problems with the new forum I had set up this weekend. People couldn't get in and weren't really taking the time to figure the new board out by themselves, they were emailing me and I was trying to answer them, I was posting on the forum where I purchased the script initially, and trying to answer peoples technical questions about the board. And since it's a private board, people couldn't post until I had approved them and this all took time. There were some minor problems, some problems that could turn out to be major and this took longer than I had expected it would to get most of the wrinkles ironed out. But it looks like things are starting to smooth out and that's nice. And it seems as if people are a little more relaxed, knowing that they are a little safer in the personal information they share. I was worried that people wouldn't like it or be able to use it easily. I had asked my programmer about making the old forum password protected, but I just didn't want to spend any more money on it. I have to quit spending so much money on this stuff until I start getting some back, in the form of teeshirt sales. I had my fingers crossed that the new forum would be a success. Looks like it is. Yay!!

Tuesday, Peter was supposed to go to the vet's and we know he didn't make it. I was still busy, cleaning the office. I figured I should vacuum and shampoo the carpet in the office, at least, because of the pissy smell. So, I got that all done Tuesday. Washed the mirror doors, moved boxes, vacuumed the carpet, shampooed the carpet and as always when your time is limited, the shampooer kept giving me fits. Not because of it, but because my frustration level was so high that I wasn't taking the time to think things through like I should, I was adjusting the wrong things and making a big mess and getting more frustrated. That saying, "the hurrier I go, the behinder I get"? Well, that was me this week. It didn't help that for some reason, a few of the cats decided that this was the time to be needy and seek attention from me, attention that I didn't have much time to give. Maybe they sensed this and were trying to get me to calm down and get my priorities back in sync. Whatever their motives, all it did was to frustrate me further. Between the cleaning, I was also working to get the shopping cart functional. That was a pain in the butt. I'd move a box, vacuum, check my email, which had further instructions for me. Then I would try to do what I was told and then let Mike know I had, then do some more cleaning, until I heard from him again. I guess we got a lot done, I don't know, I haven't checked it out yet. I'm afraid to. *smile*

I realized that I may not get the house as clean as I would like, so, I thought about the rooms that would be most important to have cleaned. The office, of course, and then the bathroom. You never know when someone will need to use it. I figured I could do that Wednesday. I wasn't positive until Tuesday, late, that I would be taking my mom for her therapy. I didn't need to go in with her, but it's a half hour trip one way. So, my driving would take two hours out of my day. Her neighbor, who had promised to do this, was unable to because she was sick. She had been getting sick for days. But she had a miracle recovery on the day of mom's chemo. A miracle because the day before she wasn't even able to walk on her own, she needed a walker to get around and needed oxygen to breathe. But amazingly, on the day of mom's treatment, she was well enough to go to the local Indian reservation and play video poker. :-0 I don't have good thought about this at all. If she doesn't want to take mom for her treatments, then fine. Just let me know. I don't have a problem with it, if I know about it in advance. But I had made the appointment for the Cox company more than two weeks previously and I wasn't happy about this at all. I picked mom up at nine, took her down to the hospital and dropped her off. She told me she would call me when she was ready to come home. She figured this would be around noon. So, I started cleaning the bathroom. Washing the mirror, washing the cabinets, scrubbing the toilet and mopping the floor. Right before I was going to stop to go get her, the phone rang. She hadn't even started the treatment yet. They were way behind, overbooked. She'd call me when she started. Now, I have to be on call, I can't leave to do anything until I hear from her. I finished the bathroom, getting crabbier and crabbier by the minute. Brian came home and I ranted and raved about my stress level and he was really sweet, commisserating with me. I felt a little better after that. And I kept in mind that I wasn't the one with cancer, that I wasn't the one who had to *get* the treatment. I wasn't upset with my mom, just with my lack of time. Cleaning the house with this many cats isn't something you can do the week before; because cats do what cats do and I would have to clean all over again. But since I've been doing a better job of keeping on top of some aspects of housekeeping, it isn't as bad as it used to be. My mom finally called and I left to get her. I was back home by three. The couch covers had all been laundered and they were back in place. The bathroom was clean and the litter boxes had been cleaned out. I was ready. I made it to bed, early. A good night's sleep was so nice.

Thursday started like any normal day, but I was excited!! I get my high speed internet access!! They show up at nine-thirty. I let them in and we went back to the office. They get everything set up with the new modem. We talked, one of the men said that he used to live up the street in the trailer park. He remembered my license plate on my truck. Small world, I tell him. The cats were pretty good, stayed out of the office. He asked about the nearest cable location in the house and I showed him the outlet in the bedroom. "Well, I can do this two ways. I can wrap the house, or I can go up into the attic and run the cable." I've seen how the roof looks with those nails hanging down from the roofers. I wouldn't want anybody up in that roof. Too dangerous. I know it's his job, but if there's an easier way, let's go that route. So, he would run the cable along the top of the house, under the eave. Drilled a hole through the side of the house into the office. Pushed the cable through and attached the cable along the side. Once that was done, they came back in and attached the cable to the modem. I'm glad that I had cleaned the bathroom, because they both took advantage of the facilities. I told them both "toilet lid down" when you're finished. The cats were getting familiar enough with the idea of strangers in the house and they started to come into the office, trying to make friends, sniffing this and that, climbing on laps, being cats. I was told that my access would be offline when the phone guy got here to change over the phone lines. He had to make a call to get the modem authorized and picked up our home line. A loud obnoxious buzz came over it. "Oh, spit" I thought to myself, "the cats have done it again." I have everything covered in plastic and I had no idea how they could have ruined another outlet, but apparantly they had. This was so annoying. While they were waiting for the modem to get working, we talked a little about pets. One of them said that we must have horrendous vet bills. I told him we did. The other one said he wouldn't spend over $150.00 on a pet. Kind of like we were nuts. I said it's a choice we've made. We don't have kids, so....... Anyway, they finished up, he changed some of my preferences (which I changed right back after he left) and they were gone.

Within forty-five minutes, the phone man was here, so I didn't get much time to play. I told him about the one phone line not working. (After the other guys left, I went through the house, checking all of the phone lines. I even pulled the faceplate from the phone here in the office and checked to see if the wires were okay. They seemed to be, the plastic I had put up kept the wiring nice and dry and clean. I heard him at the door, saying he would like to check it out. I said sure, come on in. He came in the house and I heard him say, "where are you?" and I laughed, told him I was back in the office, oh, yeah, you've never been here, you don't know where "back here" is. "Yes, I do" came the reply. "I used to live here." Whoa!! What a trip. He came back into the office and said "you know those feetprints out front? Those are mine."


Yep, he used to live here when he was a little guy. He was close to three years old when his feet were stamped into the concrete. What a coincidence. Anyway, we talked for awhile and as he was checking the phone lines, I was relieved to find out that Pacific Bell had already disconnected one of the lines and that's why it wasn't working. The cats weren't to blame this time. When he left, I got back online and started playing. I had uploaded the latest version of Webcam32 earlier this week and the streaming video wasn't working. The regular images were uploading, but the html page, which changes each time I logon to the internet, wasn't. So, the java wasn't working. Around 8:30 last night, after seeking help on the website where the software is available, I gave up and turned the computer off. I needed sleep and there was no reason to stay up until sparrow fart. I could do it today.

The first thing I did this morning, was to work on it. I had a couple of emails to check the forum, which I did. Nothing helped. I called my provider and tried what they said. I changed the information, but it didn't save. I was going nuts. I changed directories from which the html was uploaded and nothing worked. I put up a disclaimer on the streaming page and said I was sorry, but the video wasn't working at the moment. Then, I thought out loud, "I wonder if it's the new version?" I still had the old version on my system and I started it. No problem. The video was working properly. Well, this was a good thing. So, I started playing with the webcam. Since I upload so much more quickly now, it's only taking fifteen seconds instead of a minute, I changed the upload time to ninety seconds instead of a hundred and eighty. Then I had to change the information on the webpage. And I had to change the autoload page. And now, I had to save twice as many to my directory, to get the full four hours worth. And I had to put up more webpages with the last four hours pictures. I got that all done and it's only taking thirty seconds to do all that it's supposed to do. This is wonderful. I love it!!

DeeJay is still being a picky eater. It takes forever for him to eat, but he *is* eating. I sit here and watch him. He will eat a little, walk off, turn around, come back and eat some more. Like I said before I have to watch him and he has to be alone. It can take fifteen or twenty minutes at a sitting until he's eaten as much as he wants. And while that's happening, I have other cats trying to get to him, or if I shut them outside of the door, they are trying to get in, scratching and crying at the door. And Maggie's started just sitting on the desk and crying at me. I have no idea what she wants. She's like a kid, shouting "HEY!" over and over again.

But things are calming down and I'm feeling more relaxed.

Brian came home a little early and I asked him if he would go to the bank, since we've gotten a couple of payments in. Sure. He asked me if one of the contractors had ever paid for one of the jobs he did early last month. About four thousand dollars. I start to look for it. We never billed the guy. And this guy won't remind you. He just figures it's more money for him. This isn't the first time he's done this. Brian couldn't find the paperwork and I pulled out what he had given me for the second portion of the job, an invoice which we were paid for today. He looks through it. The amount that was supposed to have been billed back on December 6, was $5,000.00. Nice try, buddy. I got an invoice made and Brian faxed it over to the contractor. Then Brian called him. "Hey, I never billed you for that job." Of course, this guy plays dumb. I used to work for him, that's where I met Brian and I know damn well he knew he had never been billed. He just figured it would be more money for him if he never mentioned it. Anyway, Brian left to go over and pick up another check. Sheesh. You should hear this guy whine when he's screwed up quoting something to one of his clients, or something on the job goes wrong, or when he's ordered something wrong from Brian. "Can you give me a break, I'm really in the hole on this job." Brian finally started saying "no". I'm glad.

Well, that pretty much catches me up for the week. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back on schedule, now that all this other stuff has been taken care of.


Sunday, January 09, 2000 Friday night, the dogs wouldn't shut up barking. I went out to see what the problem was; there was a possom on the fence. I called the dogs up to the house and gave them biscuits and sat with them, thinking the possom would leave. I went back into the house. The barking started back up. The possom had moved, but hadn't left. So, I had to put the dogs in the shop. I left them in there for about a half of an hour, then let them out. The possom was gone, but the barking continued sporadically. *sigh* They hate being in the house, it makes them nervous, or else I would bring them in.

Yesterday morning, we watched the wild feed of Monday's Ally McBeal. I really like Ling, she says exactly how she sees things. Anyway, then I told Brian we should go to breakfast and he said "where?" and I know full well he meant Julian. I didn't get excited about that idea, so we just went to the local IHOP. Then we went over to Home Depot and I got new connectors for the phone lines in the office. Nice, clean uncorroded ones. I also got a new box for the wall. We haven't been out for a nice dinner in ages and decided that we would go out last night. Brian said that we should be ready to be out the door for dinner at four. Then he said that would mean we'd probably make it by six. We didn't make it at all.

Brian had a bunch of stuff he wanted to do around the house this weekend and one of the things he wanted to do (he wants to do at least one thing each week related to Ranchita) was to get his tractor running. It's over at his brother's house and he went over there at ten to wash it so that they could work on it. Meanwhile, I'm trying to hook up the new connectors and wouldn't you know it? The new one for the wall won't fit into the hole. The hole is round. I've changed it out before, put in a rectangular one, but it wasn't so big. This one took up one and a half times the area for the same amount of connections. Spit. I would have to figure something out here, because the wires are just hanging out of the wall and I had taken the old connector box apart to see if parts could just be replaced, so I couldn't use it. Everything was hooked up properly, I thought, but just hanging there. I covered the wires and hole with plastic while I thought about this. It was about 2:30 and I wasn't feeling well. I had a big headache and was really tired all of a sudden. I paged Brian and asked if he could go back to Home Depot if I told him what I needed and he said it wouldn't be a problem. I told him I felt crummy and that I felt we should pass on dinner. That was okay with him, as he was still working on the tractor. He came home about four and took a shower, and left to go look at a job.

While he was gone, I was holding Peter and for some reason, I touched his right back leg. He has a lump in the muscle in the back. I start to freak, thinking "vaccination site sarcoma". I quickly surfed some websites and, if my vet is following protocol, there would have been no vaccination in that leg. The lump was in the rabies leg and we don't do rabies vaccinations. I called his answering service and left a message, but I'm thinking they'll just leave it for him until Monday. I posted my concerns a couple of places. This has happened to others and around five weeks after the vaccination, the lump gets smaller and goes away. It's been a month since his last shots. Brian came home and I was in tears. I asked him to feel it and he did. Brian isn't a worry wart and said Peter would be fine. I held Peter and felt along the back of his left leg. He had a lump there, too!! This is so strange. There was nothing I could do about it last night. I tried hard not to think about it. But I picked Peter up and loved him every chance I got. He's so young to have to go through cancer treatment. If he has cancer, that is.

The new phone I got for lvdesigns doesn't ring. I think the ringer is broken or something. I read the instructions and if the ringer isn't working, you have to make sure the ringer is on. It isn't a simple switch at the side, but it has to be programmed in. I worked on it and found out that I didn't have the lines hooked up properly at the wall. When I dialed lvdesigns, Brian's company phone rang. Dangit. What a pain in the butt. I had to pull everything out, five boxes and a trashcan, and with a flashlight, under the desk, I unconnected the wires that were incorrect. Except I got the wrong ones. It took me almost an hour to get everything done right. And I had some cat help. It probably wouldn't have taken as long without it, but they were curious what I was doing. Once they realized it was no big whoop and there was no food involved, they left. Of course, I'll have to set it all up again when I get the new wall connections equipment.

This morning, it seems as if Peter's lumps aren't as big. Maybe it's just wishful thinking.

I guess Meezer is gone. I haven't seen him in over a week. This makes me sad. Last night, Big Opie came up while I was filling the dishes and Angus came in, almost to the dishes, almost close enough for me to touch him. He sat there watching me and I talked soothingly to him. He watched me with interest. Opie just started eating and I stroked him as he did. Gosh, he's a big cat.

DeeJay's appetite is much better. He's actually eating like he's hungry, not just picking at the food. It still takes awhile, but we're getting into a routine. He eats, stops, I use the fork and stir up the food, and he eats some more. He really likes the mixed grill flavor.

Well, say a little prayer that Peter is okay. I sure appreciate it.


Monday, January 10, 2000 Well, hopefully I'll be able to get back into some sort of schedule now, like before the holidays and roofers. We're getting new rain gutters on the 19th. Brian decided it would just be easier to pay someone than to do it himself.

I really like my new internet access. I faxed a cancel notice to access1 Friday. They owe me money. And I had never received an email about returning the camera, so I called them last Friday and got the number and information to return it. That will be a credit to the card.

After my scare with Peter Saturday night, I posted a couple of places and got a link to a site with drawings of cat anatomy. One of the drawings showed the lymph nodes and Peter's swellings would be the popliteal nodes. So, because of the work that lymph nodes do, the swelling would be normal after vaccinations. I knew that answering service hadn't relayed the message until this morning. Suzanne from the vet's office called here this morning and I'm going to take Pete in at four thirty. Sometimes he feels so very, very warm.

I was watching football yesterday and reading the paper on the couch. I had the paper spread out and Rusty walked on it and slipped onto the floor. He was limping pretty bad, scared me. I checked his leg out and it didn't seem to bother him. I flexed it and it worked okay. After I did that he wasn't limping any longer. He and Boney are about the same age and if they jump down from someplace, they limp a little. Boney more than Rusty, because Boney will jump from higher places. We've tried to position furniture to make it easier for them. Like here in the office, I have chairs placed so that they can get up onto the desks more easily. But accidents still happen. Rusty's doing much better about making it into the garage or going to the doors to be let out when he has to pee. In the office, he usually pees against the wall under Brian's desk if I don't catch him in time (I have a bottle of enzyme cleaner in here, just for that). This morning, he was in the office litterbox, peeing. But when he starts out squatting, he usually raises his butt up and he ends up spraying. But I couldn't yell at him because he was doing it in the right place. *sigh* He's such a lovable cat. At times he can be so clingy that it's annoying, but when I think about *why* he's doing it, because he loves me so much, well, it's hard to stay irritated. Last night on the couch, I held him in my arms, on his back, like you would cradle a human baby. He just purred and purred and purred. I would kiss his face. He trusts me so much.

Brian didn't get much done yesterday. He mowed the back yard, mostly to pick up leaves. He finished off the trim around the sliding doors on the outside and washed the outside of the windows (I did the inside). He did a little clean up in his shop. Not a very productive day. He told me at one point he was going to go talk to Chuck. He hasn't talked to him since the day before Christmas. He was across the street for hours.

Today's my mom's birthday. She sounded pretty good on the phone this morning. She mentioned how cold it is and I reminded her that it *is* winter. *grin*

I also checked out the websites of two of our local favorite radio stations. KIFM, a smooth jazz station and KSON, until recently, San Diego's only country station. They both have website music, which you can listen to via Windows Media Player. I can't believe the difference with this cable connection. Before, the sounds use to break up. Now, it's smooth. I like it.


Tuesday, January 11, 2000 Well, Pete's gonna be okay. We took him to the vet late yesterday afternoon. It took both of us. Brian was holding him and I brought out the carrier. When Peter heard the squeak of the door, he started to freak out, trying to get away from Brian. I held the door open and Brian put him in. Peter started crying, loud plaintive cries, and kept pushing at the door with his nose. By the time we got to the vet's, which isn't even a mile away, his nose and paws were soaking wet from drooling. So was the pillow. Anyway, I told the vet about finding the lumps and doing a search where it turned out they were most likely lymph nodes. The doctor looked Peter's teeth, listened to his heart, checked in his ears and took his temperature, which was normal. He also palpated a couple of spots on little Pete. He said that he's never seen all lymph nodes swollen on a kitten this young, which was Pete's case. He fine needle aspirated one of the nodes and found nothing in it that shouldn't be there, like cancer cells. And he pointed out where he gives the vaccine. On the outside of the leg, not in the muscle. So, Peter is on antibiotics to help fight off any infection he might have. The vet feels it's most likely from Peter teething. He opened Peter's mouth for me to look in and pointed out all of the new teeth and said that there is a likelihood of gingivitis right now. Poor kitten. He said if Jackie's mental state changed at all, if he stopped eating or playing, to bring him right back in.

While we were there I also brought up Jackie needing to be neutered, but having the problem that neither of us is able to hold him. There's no way we would be able to get him into a carrier without much damage to ourselves. The vet asked if Jackie stays in the house. I told him yes. He said he would prescribe some Acepromazine, which will knock Jackie out. To not feed Jackie for twelve hours, then when he's good and hungry, give him some flavorful soft food with the pill crushed up in it. Then, when Jackie is out of it, bring him in to the vet's. It doesn't matter what time of the day. Now, I tried the Acepromazine with Red, but he was in the rafters and I was scared spitless that he might fall. But Red had already been neutered before we brought him in. Jackie isn't a climber, thank goodness. He stays in the condos or on the dining room chair or in the bay windows. So, he'll be easy to get. Remembering Bobby on Acepromazine, I was afraid he was dying, he was so out of it. But that's what this pill does. It knocks 'em out. Makes me real nervous.

I went to Target yesterday to get my mom a birthday card. I have some here at home, but didn't see any I liked. While I was there, I got an answering machine for LVDesigns. And I picked up a neat little hands free phone. It even has a little tiny number pad. A full service phone. I used it this morning when I called my mom and she could hear me, no problem. It will be nice for when I'm stuck on hold when I have to call companies. My neck gets so stiff from holding the phone. Cool. I also picked up a nice aromatherapy candle for mom. I liked the way it smelled, but I also thought it would look nice in her home. It matches.

I'm so cold this morning and my lower back really hurts. It's so cold that Benny didn't stay outside long. He was back inside, sleeping on a blanket on the couch (I must add that the window above him was opened a crack).

Last night, I saw DeeJay eating the regular dry catfood. Yay!! And he's not coming into the office as often for his *special* food. I'm glad. He's getting back to normal.

But little Peter isn't all over me again. Darn. I hate vet trips. Last night, he curled up against me on the couch. This morning, he remembers the trip to the vet. *sigh*


Thursday, January 13, 2000 We went to CostCo last night and I bought a new fountain. It's for indoor use. We've had them in the past and really like them, except the pumps die. The last pump we replaced is so darn loud, you can't hear the water. And the cats can drink the water, which I don't like. This one wasn't cheap, at least for me, it was a hundred dollars. I told Brian that I would pay for it with my Christmas money. At the checkout stand I told him to put it separate. He said not to worry about it, that I didn't have to use my Christmas money for it. Wasn't that sweet?

Little Pete is outside right now. He's eating grass. He let me pick him up, no problem. He walked around for a little while, I went outside and he was up on the bank with Ciara. I think he'll be okay. Brian has to redo the fence at the other side of the yard, because that's where Ciara can still get out. I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but we saw her getting out a couple of weeks ago. It's later now and he's inside, sleeping away. Tuesday night, my hair was in a ponytail and he ran up a condo and attacked it. LOL!! He's so funny. I grabbed him and gave him a big smooch on his tummy. He likes that.

It's weird, but Jackie seems to be mellowing out more and more. The other day, he grabbed for me when I walked past, no claws. He's never grabbed for me before. And today, he was on the chair and playing with my fingers, no claws. There's hope for him yet. I bet neutering him will mellow him out even more.

Other than that, not much is going on. All the cats are doing well (knock on wood). My mom is doing good. And the sun is shining. I would really like to see some rain, but we can't have it all, can we?

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