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And she knew just where Maggie's buttons were. Before they left, Ann held Maggie and Maggie was loving every second of it. Maggie looked so relaxed in Ann's arms that she almost looked like she was going to fall asleep. She didn't want to be put down at all. When I told Brian about it, he was jealous. Maggie doesn't let him hold her at all.

Rosemary has the sweetest light southern drawl. She set me up on mIRC, so that I can chat with even more people on the internet. I went onto it a little last night, but no one else was on. Georgie followed her around and I could tell he really wanted her attention. He even stretched on her to be picked up. I picked him up and she scritched his head and he smiled. He was one happy cat. Rosemary's cats also have a website, Alex, Bebe and Cody's homepage. I just love to read all of these kitties' stories.

Ben decided to be a shy boy. I was really surprised that he ran like he did. At one point, he stuck his head in the door, and looked around, eyes open wide. "uh,uh..I'm not coming in there with those people I don't know." Later, when we walked back outside, he went running. Rosemary was able to see him in the woodpile. Then he dashed around the side of the shop. Like we were playing hide and seek.

When we were in the office looking at websites, Rosemary said that they had to leave. Ann went in search of Maggie to say goodbye and I got a couple of pictures of them, smurgling with Maggie. Then Lisaviolet came to say goodbye and right before they left, I remembered that I had planned on giving them some catnip to take home to their kitties. I left the box with the catnip in it on the counter when I walked with them to the car. Of course, it was upside down on the floor when I came back in. With many cats around it.

I watched these two beautiful women drive off, thinking how nice it had been to visit with them. I wish there were more people in my life like them. There is a possibility that they will be back in town in October. I'm looking forward to it. And so will Maggie. After they were gone and I had the catnip mess pretty much taken care of, Maggie wandered into the office and looked around. She looked at me as if to say "Oh, it's just you. Where is my wonderful Auntie Ann? She knows how special I am and treats me accordingly. You don't. hmmph." then she walked out. Thanks, Maggie.

My mood was so good, that when Sabrina and her mom came over to take my Girl Scout cookie order, I ordered 34 boxes. Oh, Lord, what have I done????? Well, we do have a freezer.

My mom told me Wednesday morning when I talked to her that she had gone to the hospital via ambulance Monday. And that she was having tests done on Thursday and had an appointment to see her doctor on Friday. She didn't tell me before because she didn't want me to worry. She mentioned that she had been having shooting pains in her left arm since she had the case of bronchitis. Her friend called me Thursday and told me a little more. The doctors were worried that mom had a blocked artery. So the test they did Thursday was one where they ran die through her system then looked at it to see how it was flowing. On Friday, she got the results. This was much quicker than the previous time, when she called me, frightened, and I went to her home and called an ambulance. It turned out that time, that her heart was fine, but she had esophageal problems. And guess what? Her heart, once again, was fine. As a matter of fact, her blood pressure was doing much better than previously. The diagnoses? Pretty much the same as before. It's her esophagas. So, now she's doing better. Her doctor made it clear that she wasn't going to die from it. And mom is happy that she can continue to do yardwork. She really likes being outdoors and working in the dirt.

As I sit here at the computer, looking out the window, I see the clouds coming in from the west. How long will it be before the rain hits? One forecast is mentioning thunderstorms later this week. That's something we don't get alot of. I know we are going to have some unhappy animals around here.

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