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july 26, 1998 (Continued)
And even though I don't believe in letting cats roam anymore, I understand that not everybody feels the same as I do. Okay, fine. GET THE ANIMAL FIXED IF YOU ARE GOING TO LET IT GO WHEREVER IT PLEASES!!! I think it might help these morons (sorry, but I'm really upset right now and moron is not nearly strong enough compared to the disgust I feel for these people right now) to volunteer at a shelter for a month. Then see how they feel about spaying and neutering. Oh, yeah, sure, we have homes lined up for Kitty's kittens and we are getting her fixed afterward. Fine, so Kitty has six kittens and they each go to a different home. Who's to say that those new owners will be responsible? And so on down the line.

Okay, so I can see Kitty having an *accident*. I don't understand why Kitty is out and about and not fixed. I don't understand why those people across the street don't have Butch neutered. Or maybe, it wasn't Butch at all, but the feral that is here because a couple of cat generations ago, some irresponsible owner didn't get Charlie fixed then moved away. Left Charlie behind. So, I know how cats get pregnant. And its understood that I believe its wrong, wrong, wrong, with so many cats in shelters (and in cages in front of pet stores on blistering hot summer days). But dogs? Dogs are not allowed to run loose in my county. How did they get pregnant? And bunnies? BUNNIES!!! Now, how on earth did these bunnies get pregnant?

It all boils down to one thing. IRRESPONSIBLE OWNERS. Bottom line. And I get so frustrated, I told Brian yesterday I would like to take some of these people by their necks and just shake some sense into them. Ask them what they are thinking? Or not thinking? ARRGGHHH!!!! For more of my views on the spay/neutering of cats, check out spay/neuter views and while you're at it, join the webrings. Help spread the word. If you know somebody that won't do it, be a pet lover. Do it for them. Talk to them, make the appointment, pay the bill. Don't give them the money to do it, I wouldn't trust them. Just pay the vet bill yourself. Print out my *fixed* page. Go to the other links and print those out. Cover these people with the facts of unwanted and homeless pets that are put to sleep everyday. Educate them. Because I believe that once someone really understands what happens, they will think differently. I surely hope so.

</End of Rant>

Rusty scared me yesterday. He wasn't having an easy time of walking. His back legs seemed weak. And he wouldn't touch anything yummy I gave him. I pushed an amoxi pill down his throat and just watched him closely. As the evening got later, he was doing better. He seems almost back to normal this morning.

And somebody has extremely lose stool again. I'm thinking maybe because somebody else drank the milk I tried giving Rusty. There isn't much. But, once again, I must be vigilant.

I added a different guestbook to the Disneyland page, this one is for sharing Disney memories. It should be fun. Providing people use it.


july 27, 1998 Boy, did I get a surprise this morning. When I let the cats out, Lola was already out. I guess we didn't get her in last night. Lola is never outside and both Brian and I got the cats in and neither of us saw her. I guess I have to start headcounting again. Poor Lola. I picked her up and gave her lots of snuggles and scratched her under her chin til she purred. She's okay.

The woman that fed the cats has been moving the past couple of weeks and Saturday, they rented a van and moved the big stuff. She called me yesterday afternoon and said that she wasn't able to feed the cats and that she probably wouldn't be able to last night. I said I would. After we got our cats in, I put some dry food in a bowl, opened a can of Fancy Feast and put it on top, went out front and started banging the can, like I did when OC was in the office. Didn't see him. Like I said yesterday, we haven't seen him for a couple of days. I periodically checked out the front door before we went to bed, no OC. We were both in bed by 10:30 and at 11:15 we were woken out of sleep by the barking dog, Buddy. There were a couple of kids (under 13) walking up the street and talking. I got up and went to the front door and looked out. Hey, there's OC!! He was eating and this morning, every bit of food I put out was gone. And so we start the courtship.

Its gonna be hot today.


july 29, 1998 I spent all day yesterday trying to find a good cheap search engine for this site, since its so darn big. I finally found one late last night, set it up, did the search index page and was in bed by 12:30. I'm very tired this morning. And right before I was done, I found out that the links on the family album pages didn't work. I fixed them first thing this morning. I can't stand bad links and broken images. I'm glad that people take the time to let me know when they find them here.

Rusty got into the catcam chair this morning when lisa was eating. She wasn't very happy to find out her warm spot was taken.

I have to wash the hallway and the throw rugs again. One of the fun parts of being a multi cat family.


july 31, 1998 Well, here it is, the end of the month. Almost the end of summer. It was a good month for me.

Since the cats don't seem to want to spend all day in the catcam chair, I've made some little signs to put up during the day. Nametags for when the cats are on. "Where are they now?", type of signs for when there are no cats. I hope its more entertaining than an empty chair. Maybe when the weather starts to cool off there will be more cats inside.

I cleaned the hallway and my bathroom yesterday, washed the floors and little rugs. I was happy this morning when there was no little poop pile on the rug closest to the litterbox in the hallway. I went into the kitchen to make coffee and ewwww, what was that? I just can't win. Somebody pooped on the rug in the kitchen. Of course, its in a semi-dark area and I didn't see it and I never wear shoes unless I'm going somewhere, I'm fresh out of the shower and I get a lovely instep full of cat crap. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Knocked me off of my high horse.

I'm going to wash the dogs today, I think. They sure need it.

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