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Saturday, June 03, 2000 Well, better late than never, I guess. It's not like I don't have a life or anything.

Wednesday morning, the cassette player crapped out in the car. It's original equipment and the car is an '89. So, I decided I needed a new stereo in the car, a CD player. Now, mind you, we have the one that we got at CostCo last year. The same one that Brian has in his truck. And I'm not impressed, it's not what I want in my car. Sorry, but it's not. Maybe if Brian had already put it in, I'd live with it, but he gave me time to think. So, when he got home Wednesday night, I told him of my decision. Dinner was ready so we ate, then left. Spent alot of money. Got a new stereo as well as speakers. I would have gone for an amplifier, but there's no place to put one. Small car. Not even in the trunk. We *do* need room for at least one suitcase, ya know. And there's to be no cutting into doors or anything. Everything is to look as original. We spent enough to get a hundred dollars back on the Memorial Day rebate sale. As well as free installation on the stereo. We did have to pay for the speakers. To reach the magic dollar amount to get back a hundred, we had to spend $11.03 more. They didn't have anything around that price, but the salesman came up with a car kit that's free with a cellphone, but $120.00 by itself (a ripoff). It's kind of nice, has jumper cables, some tire sealant, a light that runs off of the lighter, I think; it's in the trunk of the car right now. The installation was set up for Thursday at one. I put the top down on the car, thinking it would be easier for them to do the work. I was told it would be two and a half to three hours wait time. There was a large shopping mall across the parking lot and I knew to bring my water and a book. And a watch. A watch was important. I walked over to the mall and started to read. It was an engrossing book. Two hours later, I walked back over to the installation place. I was told to come back an hour later. I went back over to the mall. Read some more, had a Greek pasta salad.

Now, one of the things I hadn't checked was the amount of money I had. I only had five dollars and change. Boy, was I pathetic. The pasta salad was $4.03 total. I was almost out of water. I asked the guy how much was a bottle of water. He told me $1.35. I counted my change and rummaged through my purse to come up with the difference. It was hot and I was dry. I needed that water.

I ate my salad slowly, not dropping too much of it on my chest. That happens when you're as big bosomed as me. With a body to match. The bosom is kind of like a little shelf. Real fun. I poured the water into my bottle. I read. And before too long, it was time to go back. I slowly walked over there. I hurt most when I first stand up and straighten out my legs. And then I have to walk slowly to work it out and then I'm pretty much okay once I get going. When I got to the installation bay, I'm told there was a problem, they had to put different speakers in because the door wasn't deep enough to accomadate the speakers we bought. I had to go inside and got a credit for the difference.

The problem was, the new speakers didn't fit either. And as I drove home, I have to admit, I was disappointed in the quality. The original speakers sounded better. I wasn't even the one who asked for new speakers, Brian said we should get them. And the way they didn't fit was the speaker grill that came with the car wasn't fitting flush against the door panel any longer. Not good. Not good at all. I knew I would have to tell Brian about it when he got home.

Which wasn't one of the more pleasant experiences I've had in my life. He had a bad day, got notice that the new owners of his shop were raising the rent from $825.00 to over $1250.00. Big jump. Thirty day notice. So, he was in a pretty bad mood to start with. Then I tell him about the speakers, show him the doors. Boy, was he pissed. Not acceptable, not acceptable at all. He came back into the house, got a screwdriver and went back out and undid the grill. It was barely even screwed in. The tighter it was screwed in at the bottom, the more it stuck out on the top. Whoo, bad news. Unfortunately, they had only given me back one of the original speakers. It was almost six, the time our salesman was due to clock out. I asked Brian if he wanted to talk to them down there and he said he wasn't talking to anyone. He said he was not in any condition to talk to anyone right then. But I had to call, to make sure they kept the speaker. We may need it. I called and explained the situation to Ty, the salesman. I tried explaining what had happened, what the problem was and didn't seem to be having too much luck. Brian had come in and was looking at a glass catalog and I told Ty to hold on and put Brian on the line. He explained what he was unhappy about to Ty, then Ty transferred Brian to the installation manager. They got it all talked out and I was to go back in Friday, at one. They would find new speakers that would work, or put the original speakers back in. That night, Brian and I got into a little discussion about why they didn't know the speakers they sold us wouldn't work. Brian contended they should have known. My thinking was it's a car that's eleven years old. They no longer have that style body, haven't for ten years. They've probably not worked on this body in a long time, and they're coming out with new improved stuff yearly, to fit the newer vehicles. Brian actually said that the new Mustangs aren't any bigger than mine. He's looney, I tell ya. He conceded "a couple of inches, maybe".

Friday morning, I had a doctor's appointment. I was also supposed to be taking Kirby back in for his recheck. I had to call them yesterday morning to let them know I couldn't make it. So, Kirby is scheduled for his recheck on Monday. I don't think his ears are doing any better, though. He still twitches them all the time. And I'm so tired of him being afraid of me. The doctor's appointment was good. My BP was 132/86 the first time. He didn't take it a second. And I'm down to once a week now. Cool. My body is healing itself. I do have much more energy.

At one, I left for the stereo shop. I asked about the amplifier again, we checked out the trunk and I realized why it's not possible to have one. I resign myself to life without an amplifier. I get there, I was told to come back in an hour. I hobble over to the mall, start reading my book. It's boring. I liked yesterday's better. After an hour, I make my way back to the Good Guys. As I left the food court area, I see that my car is being pulled into one of the bays. By the time I get over there, the door is opened. The serviceman looks at me apologetically. I asked him if he was just now starting on my car. He said yes, he had just gotten back from lunch. I was so upset. I tried not to show it. I walked off, then went back. "When should I come back?" I asked. He said about forty five minutes. On my way back to the mall, I started to cry. Stupid, I know. I was just so frustrated. I was hot, I was feeling sorry for myself because I'm so damned fat and all of these women were walking by in comfortable nice looking clothes, and they didn't resemble blimps. I wanted to be home, I didn't want to be here. I hated the book I was reading. By the time I walked through the entrance to the mall, I had pretty much wiped the tears away. I found a seat and started reading again. I kept watching other people, though, the book bored me. And I saw a family with six children, five of the children with various types of disabilities or handicaps. And I got a reality check. Here I am, singing poor me because I have to wait an additional forty five minutes so that I can get in my little car, with it's new stereo system and these kids will never have a car to drive. Puts things into perspective, real quick. The time didn't go by any faster, but I had a better attitude about it, that's for sure.

The forty five minutes up, I walk back to the Good Guys. They're almost finished. They had to put in smaller speakers, but they were an upgrade from the ones they had put in the day before. So, I had to go inside and settle up the bill. Ty wasn't working yesterday and the salesman I talked to was by the book. He even needed photo ID with my credit card, the same one I had used Wednesday. *sigh* He wasn't happy to see that Ty had sold us a five year warranty on the speakers, he said they don't come with a five year warranty. See, Ty didn't work car audio, he was home audio. But when we went in, nobody else was around. Got the bill all settled up and he said "let me go get the speakers for you". I looked at him and said "they've already been installed. I'm going home now." He did mention that the installer did something during the installation that I wasn't charged for. That's nice. Brian thinks it was filling in around the smaller speakers. I do have to admit, they sounded nicer than the ones that were installed on Thursday.

So, here I am, enjoying the ride home, the top down, the music up. Going about 55, my exit coming up soon. I'm in position. I happen to hear the sound of cars braking in front of me. I step on mine. I don't floor it, I slow down first, the stop the car. I waited to be hit from behind. I was between a Humvee and a lifted Toyota. Not a good place for a low car to be sandwiched. I like my head, I wasn't really in the mood to lose it this way. Luckily, nobody hit anyone. I was shaking, glad to be alive and uninjured. As we got onto the offramp, the problem was in the middle lane. There are three lanes there. One goes right, one goes left and the middle lane can go left, straight or right. Being in a low car, all I saw was the middle lane backing up, the Humvee in front of me, so I took the left lane. The Toyota behind me also took the left lane. About the time the guy driving the Humvee decided he was going to be in the left lane, too. And almost hit the lifted Toyota. What a moron he was. She honked her horn and he told her to go do something pretty much physically impossible. As the traffic moved along, the tie up was apparant. A semi truck was broken down in the middle lane, CHP's helping the guy out. I was so glad I hadn't gotten hurt. I just listened to my new stereo and cruised on home. The woman in the Toyota was next to me and she was still shook up. You could tell she had road rage real bad. Me, I'd be wiping my brow in relief, not banging the steering wheel in anger.

So, anyway, I'm better today. Brian left for Ranchita early this morning. He has a bunch of stuff he's been buying to take to the clubhouse, there's a couple of things he wants to check out, then he's coming home. I haven't vacuumed or dusted this week, so I should really do that. I have a really wonderful story of a cat who was in foster care, but needed a forever home to put up on my site. It's very heartwarming. Even have pictures. I also have the Trivia games to work on.

And last night, I got some great news about my trademark. The statement of use was accepted and in "due course" I'll be getting notification that I can legally use the ® after "lisaviolet" for the teeshirts and lvdesigns website. Even niceR, a woman I know who is a graphic artist asked if I could do a favor and set up a website for a cat club and how much would I charge. I figured it would be nice if she could do a photo realistic drawing of baby lisa under the blanket for me. The photo doesn't do well on a teeshirt because part of the face is too washed out. I would sure love to use it somehow in conjuntion with lisaviolet designs. Maybe now I'll be able to.

Y'all have a great weekend. I know I will. I survived the freeway yesterday. Can't get much better than that.


Monday, June 05, 2000 I gotta say it. The AcmePet Animal Advocacy board sure has a couple of losers on it. And it's about declaw. The cat is their property and they'll do what they want. They see declaw as a "choice". It isn't for the cat. One woman even told me my claws should be removed. Pretty funny. Since she's the declawing advocate, I think her's should be removed. Then someone else saying it cost her seventy five dollars to have done, "it wasn't cheap" she said. Seventy five bucks to mutilate her cat? Of course, I said something about that. What would she do should her cat get sick if she thinks $75.00 is a lot of money. Then I get a story of how she spent five thousand dollars on her dog's hips. Yeah, but what about the cat, would you spend that on the cat. Never did give me a straight answer. Bunch of maroons.

I take Kirby in for his recheck in forty five minutes. I quit giving him the amoxi and ear drops. And last night, I didn't bother to give him the ammonil. I'll start again tonight, but this boy needs a break from being chased by me. I'm going to ask the vet today if maybe the ear problem could be something the cats pick up in the yard, because Kirby isn't the only one with ear problems. A couple of the others have it, like Georgie. I looked in my cat book last night and there are a couple of different medications used for ear fungi. Tresaderm and panalog. Both work on different stuff. I wonder if the doc will want to do a culture of whatever the heck is going on in there. I'd sure like to take a cat other that Kirby.

Well, we're back. And Kirby's ears are much better. Boy, was I surprised. I'm to give him the ointment once a week for the rest of the month. The doctor already gave him this week's. Yay. He was surprised that Kirby didn't like getting the ointment because it's soothing. I said it was catching him to give him the ointment that was bad. He asked me if Kirby was really loving at home. I said "well, to me, but not alot." He said "there has to be some reason you keep him around." Hey, he's my purr kitty, what more can I say. I did mention how beautiful he is, how I can spend hours looking at him. His fur is like patent leather in the sun and his eyes are emerald green. And then, he does talk alot when I'm petting his belly. Little moans of "oh, yeah, right there, that feels good, don't stop". Sure, I love this guy. Who wouldn't? He also asked how Brian took the news that the only thing wrong with Kirbs was his ear. I said "well, I did something pretty mean. I let him think Kirby had been put down." The vet thought that was really cruel. Heck, no worse than what Brian put me through earlier. Served him right.

I didn't get much done around the house last week, the only thing I kept up with was laundry and litterboxes. So, I should really dust and vacuum this afternoon. I really would like to go lay by the pool when I'm done. I can make that my reward.

Yesterday, Brian announced that he would no longer be eating breakfast, because he's been eating too much and has been gaining weight. Okay. Whatever. This morning as he's cooking his eggs, I said "I thought you weren't going to eat breakfast anymore." Nope, now he's not eating dinner anymore. Okay. I like that idea better anyway. I like not having my tummy get upset, which happens when I eat at night and I sure sleep better on an empty stomach. And it's a much healthier way to cut back. Our bodies don't need as much fuel to sleep as they do to get us through our every day lives.

Lola is starting to put a little weight back on. Her ribs aren't as prominant. Good thing. Rusty is losing fur. I can gently pull on it and it comes out by the root. Boney's is doing the same thing. It's really weird. I should get Rusty in for a checkup. Benny is going in next Tuesday for a haircut. I think we're going to have a hot summer this year and Benny just loves to be outside in the heat.

Well, I should get busy with housework. If you haven't read Maya's Story yet, please, try to find the time to do it. It's a labor of love for Mary Anne, and it's very interesting to watch her progress of socializing a very unsocial kitty.


Wednesday, June 07, 2000 Well, it's a sunny day. Supposed to cool off a little.

We had a cat fight in the yard yesterday morning. Lonee and Gracie. Boy. Lots of fur flying. Gracie's been acting a little strange lately. She even climbed one of the trees. I told Brian that it had been breached, so, he's gonna have to fix it.

Gosh, I'm having a tough time getting motivated this morning.

I called the vet and made an appointment for Rusty tomorrow. He seems to be losing a lot more fur than I would expect with normal shedding, plus his skin is very dry. He's eating and drinking okay. He's peeing well and pooping nicely. But he seems to be a little unsteady when he walks. He was playing the other night, so he feels okay, it's just that he's seventeen years old and I want to be sure I catch anything before it gets too far. His back legs are a little stiff and when he sits down, it seems to take a little while before he's got his butt all the way down. I don't know if there's some sort of bladder problem or what. I hope he's okay and it's just old age. I can't help but think of Bobby and how quickly he went downhill.

Since Brian's has a job where he has to work on a roof this week, he's been leaving an hour early. So, he's trying to go to bed earlier. Monday night, our neighbor who hates our trees was blowing off her driveway after nine thirty. Can you believe that? I looked out the front window and in the light from the streetlamps, I could see all of the dust she was stirring up. I wanted to go turn on the sprinklers, but Brian said not to.

I was going to frost my hair this morning, but just read the directions. You're supposed to do it on dirty hair. I washed mine this morning. Oh, well. I guess I could just lay out in the sun.

In this year's CostCo summer savings coupon book, they will have fifty dollars off on a telescope in August. I've been wanting one since I found the link for the sky watch (the link is on my weather page; to go there click on the weather icon at the top of this page). The link tells you what will be visible in your sky. Like the space station and different satellites. You can also find out about the stars. I also thought it would be nice to have up in Ranchita, because you don't get the city lights. I'm sure the night sky is crystal clear. Billions and billions of stars. Anyway, Brian wasn't too gung ho last year about the telescope. So, it was nice that he mentioned this one. Then he says "you'll have to go get it, I'll be gone that weekend." Gone? Gone where? "To Ranchita, I'll be up there the fourth of July weekend." Huh? Now, bare with me here. I wasn't thinking about August, I was digesting "I'll be gone for that weekend." Then, I find out that July 4 is on a Tuesday. He'll be gone for four days? I hate this. Spit. Damn, if I had any friends I'd have a party, that's for sure. He said "well, you're gonna drive up and visit." Well, yeah, I guess that was one of my reasons for getting the new stereo in the car. I didn't think it would come back to bite me so quickly. Then, it dawned on me. "Didn't you say the telescope was on sale in August?" Oh, yeah, he did. What a way to drop a bomb. He's been giving me a bad time about our yearly trip to Disneyland. "I'm not going," he tells me. "I'll take you up there and drop you off, then pick you up." No, you're going with me. See, we're going to meet with a couple of my online friends, the same ones we met with last year. Nothing big, though. "You don't need me" he says. Well, he was a big hit with them and he's part of the fun. I want him there. He's a take charge kind of guy and it's nice to have someone who is decisive. So, last night after he dropped the bomb I looked at him, pointed my finger at him and said firmly, shaking my finger as I spoke, "You will go to Disneyland with me and you will have a good time. There's no getting out of it now." He just laughed.

I couldn't find Kirby last night. Brian had already gone to bed and I had to give Kirby his pill. Brian said he wasn't outside, that right before Brian had gone to bed, Kirby jumped up on the Kitty Kingdom in the living room to be petted. But I couldn't find him anywhere. I did go outside with a flashlight, looking in all of the hidey spots and nothing. I looked in the rafters a couple of times, behind the sofas, on chairs, behind boxes in the garage and he was nowhere. He had just disappeared. About forty five minutes into the search, I found him. In the TV cat sleeper. In the garage, behind some chairs. *sigh* I had to move the chairs and pull him out to pill him. But, he did get his pill. He's outside right now, down by the pool. Pete found something floating in the pool this morning, on the steps. I went to check it out and it was a dried out palm frond and I took it out and left it on the concrete. Well, Kirby likes the smell of chlorine and I guess it smelled just right when it dried. I'm so glad he's feeling better.


Thursday, June 08, 2000 Boy, it cooled off considerably from yesterday. We have nice big clouds and a cool breeze. Reminds me more of autumn than summer.

I have to take Rusty to the vet in about an hour. I made a list of everything I want the vet to check. And I know they'll be doing a geriatric blood panel. I want his ears and mouth checked. He probably needs a teeth cleaning. He has a bump on his lip I want looked at. It's recent. He's got dry skin and shedding more than I think is normal. He's drinking alot of water and peeing alot, but those are things he's always done. I don't know if I'm just more aware of it now. At least his incontinence hasn't happened in a while. That's where he would be walking along and just stop to pee. Didn't matter where he was, on the couch, in the yard or on the bed. If he had to go, he went. It wasn't as if he didn't know he was going, because he always stopped in his tracks. Like I said, it's been a while since he's done that, maybe because I'm watching him more closely and taking him to the litter box or outside when he first wakes up from a nap, gets done eating or drinking, or when he seems to be sniffing around more than normal. He's walking kind of stiffly and when he sits down, he doesn't sit right down, but slowly lowers his butt to the ground. Kind of how I stand up straight. Slowly, because it hurts. He also has some sort of tremors. Bobby had them, too, for years before he went to the bridge. I hope nothing is seriously wrong with him, just old age. Please cross your fingers that all turns out okay. He still plays and runs in the yard, chases the dogs, sharpens his claws on the trees, runs up the cat tree outside, has a strong appetite and has nice, firm stools. He's lovable and affectionate, never cranky. And he's seventeen years old.

Brian and I both went to the chiropractor yesterday afternoon. He dropped a bomb on the drive over. And I lobbed it back. I don't remember if I've mentioned this, but the old owner's of his shop sold the property. Well, the new owners raised the rent. From $825.00 to $1251.25 a month, effective July 1, 2000. That's a huge increase. Brian's been thinking about what to do, because he doesn't want to pay that much. If he goes on a lease, they'll drop the rate a whopping $63.00 a month from the $1251.25. Not impressive by any means. Anyway, he's telling me that his brother had a really good idea. To buy a modular home and put it on the property and move out there next year. And work from there. (What!! Are you trying to give me a stroke? Raise my blood pressure sky high? No frigging way am I moving out there next year, lock stock and kitty cat. No frigging way, are you out of your stinking mind? It's not gonna happen, it's just not gonna happen. Move out to a modular home and then have to move again when the real house is built? NONONONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!) Well, of course, I could feel my blood pressure going up. And I was pretty upset. Hell, didn't he just spend a ton of money on a clubhouse? "I need something to have for the year, it wasn't a waste of money" he tells me. I ask about the commute. The jobs are down here, not up there. "Well, I'll just have to find work up there." No. I put my foot down. I'm not going to do it. At the chiropractor's office, waiting for the doctor to come in, he discusses it a little more. Then he says "I should have never said anything." I agree with him. He shouldn't have. I guess after his brother came up with that brilliant (not) idea, someone else made an excellent offer. Much more space than he has now for only five hundred a month. There's a couple of strings attached, though and we have to decide if the strings are worth it. But I don't think he'll get a better deal elsewhere. I know he won't.

Lola is putting on weight. I saw her eating out of the feeder yesterday, something I hadn't seen in a while. So, her appetite is slowly coming back. I'm glad she's doing better.

And Tuesday, I saw Gracie in the tree. And yesterday, Kirby was in it. I showed Brian where the problem is. He's going to fix it this weekend. These cats sure keep us on our toes.

This morning, before I got up, Peter was in to greet me. Ciara wasn't, which was odd. Then I got out of bed and got dressed, opened the doors and went into the kitchen to get the chicken. Ciara was nowhere around. Well, she recently rediscovered how to get the cat flap opened from the inside. One night last week, after we had gotten the cats in, she was back out. I thought she slipped past Brian, but that wasn't it. She got out through the door, like Benny does. I go outside this morning, calling her. No sign of her. I know she was in last night, I carried her in. I was starting to panic. Brian got out of bed and was putting on his sweats when I happened to look in the exercise room. She's a quick one and that's where Georgie's food is kept. We keep the door closed. Well, I had to refill Georgie's bowl last night and I looked in. There she was and was she happy to get out. She had pulled the carpet back from the door sill. I picked her up and snuggled with her, telling her that's why I tell the kitties not to go in and why I chase them out when they do go in. She actually purred for me this morning, it's been awhile since I've heard that. I also found a huge hairball she puked up. She must have been very upset.

Lisa loves to dart into Brian's closet in the morning when he opens it to get a shirt. And, like with Ciara and the exercise room, if he doesn't see her go in, he'll shut the door. Which happened yesterday. The kicker is, I opened it to get the laundry out. And she didn't come out, must have been sleeping in the back. At one point, Ciara was looking at the mirror, I thought it was cute, the way she was admiring herself. I heard a cat crying a couple of times and it sounded distant. I would go outside and check to make sure all the cats were okay, that nobody (like Kirby) was stuck in a tree. Then, when the crying persisted, I checked the house. And there was Lisa, in the closet. Get this. It's a sliding door and fairly easy to open. Lisa had it opened about three inches. So, she would have eventually gotten out by herself, but she was very happy when I opened it for her.

When we left the doctor last night, it had cooled off. Brian put down his window. I followed suit. Oh, Lordy. What a noise it made. Something happened because of the speaker installation. So, I have to go back in. Brian was really upset, saying that the new speakers don't sound any better than the originals. This pissed me off. Because he's the one who talked me into getting new speakers. All I wanted was a new CD player. Anyway, it wasn't pretty and he pouted. I told him it should have been me who was upset because I'm the one who's going to have to go back there and wait again. I just called and they can take me in first thing tomorrow, ten am. I sure hope it's something simple.

And our tv has been popping really badly. It's as if every once in a while there's a static buildup. It keeps building up until the tv shuts off. And all of the settings are lost. We got the set in December 92 and we had it looked at for doing this in 96. I found the extended warranty information last night and I've paid for in home service through this year. So, next week, I'll be calling on that. If they can't fix it, we get a new set. That would be nice.

Afternoon Well, the vet checked Rusty out, was leaning towards hyperthyroidism. Rusty had lost a pound since his visit last year for teeth cleaning. And when they did the pre-surgical blood screening, all of his values were good. I had to wait for the vet to call with the test results. Hyperthyroidism sounded pretty easy to treat. We would start with drugs and if that didn't do the job, he could surgically remove the thyroid. But, it wasn't to be. Rusty's kidneys are starting to fail. Now, it's not bad, like I said, it's in very early stages and hopefully, diet will help. The values were off a small amount and the one that indicates kidney damage (phosphorus, I think it was) was right in the middle of normal. Luckily, Rusty will eat just about anything. So, I went back down to the vet's and picked up a four pound bag of Hills g/d food, for older cats and cats in beginning stages of renal failure. I got wet and dry. I'll have to feed him the wet separate from the other cats, but the dry will be done the same way we do Georgie. I think if we keep him full of the prescription diet, he won't eat as much of the other stuff. This food is formulated so that the kidneys don't have to work so hard cleaning out the toxins. He's to go back in two weeks for another blood test to see if the food is helping. The doc said it had Omega3 in it, so that should help his dry skin. Poor Rusty. The vet was very optimistic about Rusty's chances.


Sunday, June 11, 2000 Well, Lola's ribs are getting a little harder to find. Well, that's not quite right, because they're pretty easy to find, still, but she is putting on a little weight. She likes Rusty's new food. So does Rusty. He likes the canned stuff better than the dry, though. He hasn't thrown up since he's been on the prescription food. That's good. And he's sleeping better. Still peeing and drinking alot, but I'm sure it takes more than three or four days to work it's magic.

I'm sitting here with a frosting cap on my head. Brian pulled the hair through then I put the frosting junk on it. It sure didn't look like a lot of hair was pulled through, but I'll know in about a half an hour. That's when I'll take the cap off. My hair has always been resistant to change. My natural hair has a lot of brown in it, but it's not a vibrant brown. And I've gotten quite a bit of white in the past couple of years, so my hair is looking "old". Going dark would certainly look phony. But it looks good when it's frosted. That white stuff blends right in.

We woke up to the sound of a cat fight this morning. Boney was going after Lisa in the garage. *sigh* Brian broke it up.

One of the outfront cats is no longer coming around. Blue. The little Siamese mix female that I posted a picture of so long ago, when she was a tiny kitten in the backyard behind us, before the killer dog came to live with them. And a couple of weeks ago, a little orange cat showed up, with a flea collar on it's neck. And a scratch on the nose that went across the eye. I didn't like the flea collar. I was able to catch "her" one night and get it off of her. I had to cut it off. I can just see her catching it on a tree or a dog getting a hold of her. Because of the flea collar, I hope that she has owners and has gone back to them. She definitely needed medical attention for that eye. Believe me, if Brian was staying up at the clubhouse, I would have taken her.

My mom just stopped by because our phone isn't accepting calls. *sigh* We just got caller ID and I obviously don't know how to set it properly. Anyway, I was almost finished with my hair, so she stuck around after I had it rinsed and shampooed and we went outside, sat in the swing and had a beer. She has a date tomorrow for lunch with one of the gentlemen she met while going for radiation. I'm glad. It's nice to see her out. And my hair dried by the time she left and it looks good. Real good.

Oh, getting the problem fixed in my car Friday took less than a half of an hour. That was so nice. I got there a little after ten and the installation manager took my car right in. I went over to the mall with my water and book, got a regular coffee, a warmed up cheese danish and took my time. I also read the boring book. I'm still working on that one. When the alloted wait time was up, I walked back over to the Good Guys and my car was in the parking lot, the problem window was down. Seems that one of the screws used during installation of the speaker was too long and needed to be shortened. Boy, it sure was nice that it was something so simple. Sounds pretty good, too.

I'm losing weight. We quit replacing the junk in the house. And since Brian doesn't want to eat dinner, I haven't been eating at night. Well, not much, anyway. Like last night I had cottage cheese. I might have cereal or eggs for breakfast. And sometimes during the day, I just have cheese and crackers. (I love feta cheese.) I realized Friday night, that the only "meat" I had to eat was a tuna melt on Tuesday night. Wow. What's cool about it, is I'm not doing it consciously. It's just happening. Finally.

I almost forgot. Kirby came running into the house yesterday from the garage, where the catdoor is. He had a bird in his mouth. Geez. I jumped up from my seat and went after him, hoping that the bird wasn't too injured to save. The bird was gone!! I guess Kirbs caught it then took it back outside through the opened sliding door and let it go. Wow. If it had been in the house anywhere, one of the other cats surely would have sensed it and let us know.

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