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june 13, 1999 Well, after my scare last week, everything seems kind of mundane now. There really isn't too much happening around here.

The people in the yard behind us pulled out the old dried ripped out lining of their above ground pool and put a new one in. They had let all of the water evaporate out of it at one point and never put anymore water in it. Of course, the year that we had a lot of rain, a cat almost drowned in the little bit of water that was in it, remember that? I wrote about it here and Benny wrote his own version in "Ben's Advenchurs". Brian said he couldn't understand why they didn't just keep water in the old one and run the filter every couple of days and add chemicals. That pool was a mosquito breeding ground at one point, filthy, dirty water, really gross. And he said that the liner cost at least $400. I said that I thought it wasn't a matter of money, but that they never went into the backyard. That was one of the problems with the dog Shamus, the one that killed Hollywood. The only time he got attention was when he was attacking a cat. Nobody set foot outside of that door any other time. And I also saw the husband sitting on the ground digging up weeds. LOL!!! He never waters the yard so there's no grass to speak of. The weeds are the only green in their yard. It's a nice yard, a lot could be done with it. It's a shame they let it go. Plus, having grass around the home instead of dirt sure keeps it cooler in the summertime.

I haven't been giving Buddy his medication. One of the medications is Medrol, which I believe is a steroid. One of the things that caused his pancreatitis was Medrol. At least my human health books both said that steroids could be a factor, as well as overweight (he is), diet (which is fine now, no more bacon grease soaked bread), and smoking (don't have to worry about that, he has no money for tobacco). But before I continue giving them, I'll talk to the doc about it.

When Red started coming into the house, Lonee quit. She spent most of her time in the garage or outside. Lately, she's started coming back into the house. Maybe because the catdoor is blocked from going out (because of Ciara). She's been up here on the desk, eating Ciara's kitten food. And she sleeps on one of the chairs in here, even lets me pet her. She's so sweet.

Kirby is feeling better. Wracking my brain trying to figure out what could have caused the sudden influx of crystals, grasping at straws, I decided not to let him lick the bowl after I feed the outfront cats. They get Purina/Kirkland blend and I mix it with water and 9 Lives. When I was finished dishing it up, I was letting him lick what was left over. No more. I take it into the kitchen right away and wash it out. Poor guy, he follows me, crying the entire time. Brian asked if I explained it to Kirby, why he couldn't have it anymore. I tried, believe me, I tried. He just doesn't understand. He *is* getting better at taking his pills. That's a big relief. I noticed that his claws looked funny after I had brought him home from the vet. LOL!! Somebody clipped the sharp tips off. I wonder how badly someone was scratched.

I really wanted something chocolate yesterday. Really, really, really wanted something chocolate. So, I made frosting. Two squares of baking chocolate, melted and then you add a can of sweetened, condensed milk and stir it. It's really chocolaty and really sweet. I ate about a third of it before my craving went away. I put the rest down the garbage disposal and cleaned out the pot. This morning, I would love a chocolate covered donut. I hope it goes away. When we were at Disneyland, Brian really wanted a Butterfinger. Never got one, but he wanted one.

Oh, the other day, I turned on the satellite receiver and the tv. No picture. The satellite guide was on. And if I went to local stations, I could get those, but nothing from the receiver. I checked all of the connections and they were as they should be. I called the man who installed it and he said to unplug it for five minutes, then plug it back it and try it. It worked. He said static might have built up inside. Oh, and yesterday, we got notice from Netlink that our network viewing is about done. Well, we'll still get ABC (they sent a waiver) and NBC (we can find all three feeds on KU band), but no CBS. Unless we can find their wildfeeds. And if they don't scramble the feeds themselves. Oh, well, we have at least a hundred movie channels (at least it seems that way). And lots of other stuff to watch with the new receiver. Brian always liked the Discovery Wings series. Well, 4DTV has a 24 hour Discovery Wings channel. Brian has it as one of his favorites. And we did most of our network viewing on NBC and ABC. Not much on CBS. Maybe Jag, but that was it.


june 14, 1999 Poor Georgie. He spent the night in the backyard. He wanted out at around nine, I told Brian "remember Georgie is out" and fell asleep on the couch. Both of us did. We woke up and went to bed. Forgot all about George. He was in the big condo outside the door, wanting in. I wonder if he'll want out tonight. He was really hungry this morning.

Yesterday, we went for another ride to the sticks. A couple of the roads we go on are dirt. And not in good shape. I had had coffee beforehand, as well as water. And the bumps were waking up my bladder. At the top of one of the hills, Brian drives slowly backwards. Stops. Then goes forward a little bit. Here we are, the same place we've been millions of times before. Well, yeah, I exaggerate, but I'm getting so tired of the same old drive to see the same old thing everytime we go. As yet, nobody has accepted any of his offers. And how long has this been going on now? *sigh* Anyway, I ask him "what the hell are you doing?" He said "planning how to do stuff." *bigger sigh* "Brian, you don't have the property yet. Why do you do this to yourself?" He said "you're right," put the car in drive and down the hill we went. On the way down, he said that he won't go out there again until he hears something. I mentioned to him that he had said this before. I reminded him that we used to take rides and not have any idea of where we were going when we started out and that was always so much fun. An adventure. He asked what I wanted to do now and I said "how about going to Julian for food?" We made it a late lunch/early dinner. On the way back, there was a very long detour. There was an accident ahead and they were clearing the road. In this morning's paper, there was a picture of it. An 18 year old had crossed into oncoming traffic and had a head on collision with a van with a family in it. Now, the area where this happened, there is a double yellow line, which means "no passing". Duh. What on earth is wrong with people that they just can't wait? And you know, young drivers are the worst. Not just the males, but the females, too. Not all of them, but in most of the riskiest driving I've seen, there's been a young person behind the wheel. I guess the idea of mortality isn't a factor in the pedal to the metal. What's strange is earlier I said to Brian that just once I'd like to see someone that's been driving unsafely to be pulled over. Those lane jumpers who just have to get ahead of the car in front of them, the people weaving in and out of traffic, with only inches to spare. They scare me and I'd like to see them off of the road. Because it's obvious they drive like this all of the time. I'd rather see them getting a ticket than an ambulance. And how many times when they *do* have an accident, do they take out innocent people with them? As for old people, here in California they're working on getting them off of the road if they can't drive safely. Now, once you reach 75, I think it is, you have to take a road test every year. Geez, there are stories in the paper all of the time about people in their 90s receiving automatic renewals in the mail. Scary.

So, we finally get home and let the cats out. Brian had fertilized the lawn before we left and we got all of the cats in. And he had the sprinklers come on so that the fertilizer would start to work. The lawn had dried by the time we got home. Ciara has been pretty good lately about not trying to leave. Well, guess what? I happened to look out and there she was. On the fence. Dammit. I shouted for Brian, who had fallen asleep in his chair. We both went out and he was able to get her by putting his hand through the wire and he handed her over to me. I brought her in the house. Little spit.

I've seen another red cat coming by in the evening with OC and Angus. A male. He has really big ears. I think I'll call him "Opie". This morning, we heard a cat growling and it sounded like Bart. Turns out it was Opie and the little black cat. I bet that's who was fighting last month when Brian thought it was Cleo and OC. I got out of bed and opened the door and the both ran off. I think they both live behind us somewhere. And this morning when I went out to get the newspaper, I saw Chipper (George and Gracie's mom). I was just thinking about her last weekend, wondering how she was doing. Looks okay. It was nice to see her.

Well, I just called the vet about the Medrol for Buddy and was told it's not a problem. Unless he actually *has* pancreatitis, but he doesn't. Well, that's good, because he's seemed a little depressed. Now, I can start giving him the meds again without worrying.

Brian wants me to fill out the loan stuff. He said it should be my job. I asked why my job? He said cause I'm supposed to do the paperwork. But I don't want to move, he wants to move. Why should I make it easier for him? He said "don't you want the cats to have a bigger house?" I said this house is just fine for all of us. He started in again on me this morning. I told him I would work on it. But I'm not promising to finish it today. I hate paperwork.

This morning I changed the blanket on the catcam chair. Wouldn't you know Boney comes in and pees on it? Not even on for fifteen minutes. I caught the little spit before he ran out of the room and put him outside. AAARRRGGGHHHHHHH!!

Cats. Gotta love 'em.


june 15, 1999 Gotta get the estimated taxes out today. $12,000. At least, when we can pay them when they are supposed to be paid (well, I always miss the April payment, because I'm still paying for the previous year, so I split that one up) it isn't so bad at tax time.

Georgie went outside for a little bit last night, only fifteen minutes. Wanted back in. Stayed in. When we went to bed, he was already on the bed. He followed Brian into the bathroom and started talking to him. Brian walked out holding George and laid down with Georgie on his chest. Georgie was purring up a storm. And I guess drooling, from the complaints that Brian was making.

Well, I'm still having a little spotting and I felt like Aunt Flo was back this morning. I called the doctor's office and explained the situation. I mentioned that it's funny that I didn't have any problems til I made the appointment, kind of like when I made the dental appointment after so many years. "There was nothing wrong with my teeth til I saw the dentist." Yeah, right, I just didn't know there was anything wrong. Ignorance is bliss until ya start thinking about stuff. Anyway, I said "you don't think I'm gonna die, do you?" This to the receptionist. Poor woman. She said no, let me put you through to a nurse. No nurse talked to me, the receptionist came back on. "Can you come in tomorrow at 11:15? It's been a while since you've been in, right?" Yeah, I guess I can. So, I'll have that out of the way. It's most likely the end of my youth. *snicker*

I took the food out back for the cats in the other yard, dumped it over the fence. I looked over. Holy spit!! There's two big dogs back there. Big dogs. I went over to another part of the fence where there is a knothole and looked through it. Both gates were shut. I guess those people have company. No wonder they were working on the backyard. Poor kitties. Maybe they'll follow Blue and Angus to out front at night. There's no other place for me to feed them. I mentioned this to my mom this morning and she remarked on the bad state of their yard. When she saw it, the pool lining was all ripped up and tattered. And like I said, they never water the lawn or the trees. She thought the house was empty. That no one lived there. And I said that's why I hated to see that new little dog over there. They put the dog outside and never go out to play with him or give him any attention. Well, there's no way we can let Ciara out now without supervision. If she can climb over the fence, she can walk back to that yard. Hopefully, these two won't be there more than a couple of weeks.

Brian talked to one of the neighbors from up the street and he said that there's a push on to have the street made so that there won't be through traffic. I said "doesn't bother me" and he said "do you want to have to go down to the main street, up another long side street and down my parents' street to go to my mom's house?" Doesn't bother me, I said, I never go over there. They live less than a quarter of a mile away. He said "well, what about when I pick Mark up for work?" "Well, duh, Mark can walk over here, now can't he?" I think he thought I'd get excited about it, but I would love to have this fast traffic stopped. Anyway possible. But, we know it won't happen.

I started looking for programs that I could have URLs automatically checked for updates. The pages I want to check are my forums and guestbooks because I have so many of them. I downloaded five different programs and finally found one that would read the .mv and .hts extensions. It has an option for how often to check and lots of other stuff. Once I found out that it worked, I ordered it. I had also registered and paid for another program that didn't work. So, I had to write to them to get my money refunded and I took it off of my computer. The one I ordered can be found at The name of it is "Powermarks".


june 16, 1999 Well, I didn't make it to the doctor yesterday. Right after I got out of the shower, the phone rang. (Not having much phone traffic, I like to have fun when I answer it. I like to kind of yell "bueno". A cartoon in last weekend's Parade mag had a kid answering the phone "hello, how may I direct your call?", which I tried a couple of times. Brian said he likes it when I say "Hola!" which I did today. When I'm feeling particularly feisty, I'll answer it with a grouchy "What?!"....LOL!!) The doctor had to go deliver a baby, could we reschedule? Since I feel okay, I said let's just leave my appointment for the end of the month. If anything happens between now and then, I'll be sure to call.

I guess the cats respect those dogs. I did see the cats in the yard yesterday afternoon, but they weren't there long. Both of the dogs were sleeping. And I think that one of their sons is visiting with a buddy and they both have military haircuts. Young guys. I don't know how long the military gives for vacations, but I'm sure that when these guys leave, so will the dogs and things can get back to normal. I did see one of the dogs looking anxiously at something on the other side of the fence. I put my glasses on and there are kittens on the other side of the street. They were playing under a tree. One had Blue's white coloring. Her kittens? Could be.

Last night, I saw all kitties eating. Blue, Angus, OC, Opie, Cleo and the little black cat I've started to call Ebony. I also saw the possom. I filled the dryfood feeder yesterday, even though it wasn't yet empty and I'm giving them extra wetfood at night. I feel really sorry for them.

When I came online this morning, I ran the Powermarks program. It said every forum had changes. I went over to check them out and every single one is full of runtime errors. I sent a report to Simplenet. I haven't done anything, so it has to be something in their system. I checked a couple of other forums out, miva forums run on Simplenet and they seem to be working okay. What a hassle.

I made a couple of new banners yesterday. One for LV Designs and another one for the cathouse to run on LV Designs. I also got the free email up and running for LV Designs and Catler.

Clicking on the LV Designs banner will take you to LV Designs, where I plan on selling shirts and stuff like that with cathouse photos on the. The two email buttons will take you to the two email sites.

I can't believe how much easier Kirby is to pill than he's been before. Brian told me to explain why I had to do this to Kirby last week. So, I did. A couple of times. And now, he still fights it, but I'm not left scarred and bloody. I don't remember if I've mentioned this, but whenever I've given Ciara her nosedrops, within an hour I get this really weird taste in my mouth. It tastes *kind of* like creamed corn. Now, I like creamed corn, but I don't like this taste in my mouth. Of course, I associated it with my female problems. Then it dawned on me that I only get this taste after giving little Ciara her DMSO and Baytril nosedrop. Hmmmmmm...... So, I go over to the website and email them about the taste. This was last week and I got an email a couple of days ago. Yep, it's the DMSO. It's so absorbable, I was told, that putting DMSO on the shoulder can be tasted almost immediately. Well! I called the vet to warn them. They already knew!!! Shari said "Oh, you're a taster, then." Gee, I didn't know they had a name for it. LOL!!! Anyway, now I know what it is.

Yesterday, I took out hamburger for patties for dinner. Brian made the burgers, asking me if I wanted some of the hot cheese on mine. I said sure, thinking that I didn't know we had any hot cheese left. The hot cheese has pieces of jalapeño peppers in it. He yells out that dinner's ready. I got into the kitchen and looked at the melted cheese. There weren't nearly enough little pieces of green in it and no red at all. "That's not the hot cheese," I say. "That's moldy cheese." He doesn't believe me, gets the cheese out of the frig. Reads the label. Colby. He threw it out *sigh* I was really hungry (I had only a glass of milk and one L'Eggo waffle with a little peanut butter and jelly for breakfast and some pieces of cheese for lunch....I've lost between 10 and 15 pounds so far not eating a bunch of crap all day long) so I scraped all of the cheese off and ate the burger anyway. I figure I like Blue Cheese dressing. What do you think the "blue" is? Yep. Mold. (*grins* I told Brian that I had mentioned this in my diary and he said "I figured you would". *snicker*)

Hey, have a great day!! I'm going to. I'M ALIVE!!!!


june 19, 1999 Well, it's Saturday. I think we'll go shopping today. There's not much to eat in this house and we're out of kitten food. We don't have much money after paying Uncle Sam (I also had to make the payroll tax) earlier this week. So, all we'll be buying it necessities. Like cheese, without the mold.

It looks like Ciara's runny poop has cleared up. yay.

I got the floors washed, the house dusted and started washing the couch covers yesterday. Busy, busy.

We're having more cats over for dinner at night. I wonder how much longer the people behind us will have company. I really feel sorry for the cats back there. Yesterday morning, one of the cats that is owned by the people was sitting on the fence in front of the gate (in their yard). One of the dogs just kept jumping up and barking and barking and barking at the cat. The cat just sat there. This is that cat's yard and she can't come into it because of the intruder dogs. The woman that lives there finally went out of her front door to get the cat. That stopped the barking. It was only about six in the morning.

There's just not much happening around here right now.


june 21, 1999 Now, I don't know how many of the women reading this realize that when we ovulate, our bodies secrete a substance that is very similar to egg white. Our basal temperatures rise and stay there until menstruation starts. Then, our temperature drops. Yesterday, I found the ovulation type secretion and haven't had a spot since. *sheesh*. But my breasts feel like they've gotten a real punching bag workout at the local gym. The breasts being the punching bags. This isn't something that I've had to deal with in my "fertile years". I don't like it. Anyway, at least I know that things are back to normal. I'm looking forward to my doctor's visit, to hear from him what's going on with me.

This weekend, I bought a teeth bleaching system. Brian had mentioned to me a little while back about how yellow my teeth are. I didn't think they were all that yellow, but he planted the seed. Remember the "Seinfeld" episode where Kramer takes up smoking cigarettes because cigarette smokers are so maligned? And he was smoking all of the time, had his apartment filled with fellow smokers? The place looked like pea soup fog? And finally, Jerry mentioned how brown Kramer's teeth were? And Kramer looked at them and quit smoking right then? Well, I kept thinking about that episode and my teeth. I don't smoke, but I do drink coffee. Which also can stain teeth. So, we get home. I open the package. There's a chart inside. This stuff claims to whiten teeth at least seven shades. Seven. Okay? That's seven shades. Got that? Seven. The kit comes with a chart of 16 different shades, lighter to darker. I show it to Brian, he compares it to my teeth. He says "you go see what you think before I tell you what I think". I choose six. I tell him. He chose five. Five? Five? He chose five? Here I'm thinking my teeth are brown stumps in my mouth and they aren't even that bad. I say to him "after I'm done using this, you're gonna have to wear sunglasses when I smile at you". I compared his to the chart. His are worse than mine. Spit. I'm going to use it anyway. I did one treatment yesterday and boy howdy, did my teeth feel clean.

Those dogs are still back there. They had a little party Saturday and they barbequed food. When they ate, they had one of the dogs chained up in an area of the yard with no shade. I almost started crying when I saw this. I came inside and told Brian. I was ready to call animal control. But they only had him chained until people were done eating. We're getting more cats out front now. Cats I'm not familiar with.

Some kitty was dropping little turds through the house. I found one in the living room and one in the hallway. Like somebody didn't finish in the litter box and they dropped off while the kitty was walking. And Maggie was scooting this morning. It might be her.

Junior is losing weight. And I'll bet anything the dogs in the yard behind us played a big part in that. Junior runs back there and back and forth along the fence. They can't see each other, but they still play chase.

I ordered more food for Georgie over two weeks ago and it still isn't in. I sure hope it comes in this week, because we are almost out for him.

It's a little on the chilly side this morning. I have a long sleeved shirt on. The weatherman on tv referred to it as "June-uary".


june 23, 1999 Gracie is being super sweet. Trilling and talking, seeking affection. She sounds so much like Lonee Gail. I really do think they are related. I really do think Lonee is George and Gracie's gramma.

I spent most of Monday and yesterday redoing Ben's Den. I got a new couch, some more plants, a couple new games. Then I looked at the old page. I can't believe how cheezy it looked. It was really awful. But, I figure that I did it almost a year ago and I've gotten new graphics programs and learned how to use them. The new page looks mighty nice. I'm making a new gameroom, too. I have many, many ideas for the pages belonging to Benny. As always, fun stuff. I added a couple of games, like "Mr Potato" a takeoff of "Mr. Potato Head" where you dress up a potato, only with this one you can do a potato, an onion and a lemon. And I added a reaction game, that's fun. My reaction times aren't very fast. There's a biorhythm chart, too. It even lets you know how many days you've been alive. Oh, yay. It sounds worse in days, than years.

I forgot to do my teeth yesterday. The instructions say not to do it more than four times each day. I wonder how long it will take at the rate I'm going? Let me go check my biorhythms. Someone sent me an email about teeth becoming sensitive. Not at the rate I'm going, they won't. Probably won't even get bleached. *lol*

Also, someone emailed me about the turd dropping, mentioned one of the cats might be constipated. I sure hope not. Bart's constipation cost us $750 and worse than that, he was gone overnight. I hope it's just some kitty with klingons. (What does the Starship Enterprise have in common with toilet paper? They both circle Uranus in search of Klingons. grroooaaannnnnnn...) I'll be keeping an eye on the cats, though, just in case. I remember how uncomfortable Bart was, so I have an idea of what I'm watching for.

Yesterday afternoon, Brian was by the pool pulling weeds and I opened the doors and went outside. Ciara followed. I sat in the grass and the dogs came up and got their hugs and Ciara played with the grass. Junior is such a neat dog when he isn't being so damned hyperactive. Anyway, Brian finished weedpulling for the day, then started to hand water a part of the lawn that the sprinklers don't get. I walked over to where he was and we just talked about stuff that had been going on. I went into the house and got some carrots for the dogs. I love to watch them eat stuff like this. They hold them between their paws and just bite it down. Well, Ciara decided she was going to watch Buddy eat his. Up close and personal. Then, she started smacking his paw. He growled. Brian told Ciara she had better watch it. She did it again. Buddy growled. I picked her up and brought her to where we were standing. She walked back to Buddy. Brian told her if she did it one more time, she was going in the house. She did. And she did.

My garden doesn't get enough sun. I thought it would get more than it does. Bummer. The zucchini is doing well and so is most of the lettuce. I'm afraid that the tomato plants that came up are cherry tomato plants. Wah.

Georgie's food still hasn't come in. I'm gonna call again today to check. It's only supposed to take a week. And his food supply is getting real low. It's not like he doesn't eat the other food, but I like the idea of this other stuff supplementing the regular diet.

Kirby is doing fine. Upset at night when he doesn't get to lick the bowl. He's so funny. He's been sitting under the coffee table in the living room, waiting. Waiting for me to come by and pick up his stick and start dragging it. He loves chasing that stick. He can do it for hours. I can't.

Some of the new outfront kitties are getting use to me, I think. At first, they would run at the sight of me. Now, they just run to in front of the gate. And when OC and Angus just sit there eating, I think the other cats feel kind of silly. Cleo was by last night, the first cat here. She walked up to about a foot and a half in front of me while I dished up food. She sat there patiently waiting for me to finish. She was eating by the time I got in the door.

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