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LitterPurrfect disappears from CostCo Wholesale Stores

I've received quite a few inquiries about the absence of LitterPurrfect Cat Litter at CostCo Warehouses. After some investigation, here is what I found out.

CostCo has more than one buyer. For each area that the stores are located, there is an individual buyer. And they make the final decision of what their stores carry. For example, the buyer here in San Diego is someone different than the buyer in Orange County. From what I understand, Orange County CostCo stores carry LitterPurrfect.

Clorox, the makers of Scoop Away litter have been running a months long promotion on Scoop Away litter. Some stores are still carrying both litters, some, like the San Diego area stores, are only carrying the Scoop Away. I don't like the Scoop Away.

According to Keith at the LitterPurrfect company, they are in negotiations with some pet supply stores (think Petco and Petsmart) to carry their product, but he had no definitive date. What you can do is to fill out a suggestion form at your local CostCo requesting that they bring back LitterPurrfect. Also, write a letter to their corporate offices. I did and received a response from the CEO. Of course, he thought my problem was with the scented litter. I don't think he quite understood that I wanted the return of LitterPurrfect. So, if you do send a snail mail, try to be a little more clear than I obviously was.

      CostCo Wholesale Corporate Offices
      999 Lake Dr.
      Issaquah, WA 98027
      (425) 313-8100

      18595 Bernardo Trails Dr
      San Diego, CA 92128
      (858) 451-3528

UPDATE: June 4, 2003

A message was left in my journal from Keith. I thought it might be a good idea to copy it here:

    Dear LitterPurrfect Customers:

    Just wanted to let you know that Costco Wholesale has brought LitterPurrfect back in the Northwest, Northern California, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Hawaii. If you have any questions, please contact me.


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