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"LYNX: any of a group of wildcats found throughout the northern hemisphere and characterized by a ruff on each side of the face, long legs, a short tail, long, tufted ears, and keen vision: the North American species are the Canada Lynx and the Bay Lynx, or bobcat."

-----Webster's New Twentieth Century Unabridged Dictionary, Second Edition

DreamChaser is a Siberian Lynx

There are several species of Lynx. As you already have read, the Canadian Lynx and the Bay Lynx are native to North America. There is also the European Lynx, the Siberian Lynx and the Spanish Lynx, which is almost extinct. Lynx are the only cat found in the Old World and the New World. The Lynx is the largest of the European cats. The Lynx has a long thick coat and tufts on the ends of the ears, which are thought to help with hearing in dense forests where sound doesn't travel well. They are very sturdy cats, their back legs being considerably longer than their front legs. They have 2-3 cubs a year and the kittens take over five months to wean. The kittens stay with their mothers until they are run off by new suitors of their mothers. The siblings often remain together for a long while after separating from the mothers. Males do not mature until almost three years of age. They grow to weigh about 65 pounds. Their diet is mostly rabbit (Canadian Lynx), small ground birds, rodents, small deer and fish. They are excellent swimmers. Their predators are wolves and man.

In the Middle Ages, because of how cautious Lynx are, legends grew about these cats. They could see through walls. Their urine formed precious stones. They were gigantic cats.

They are most at home in rocky landscapes and on high mountain slopes.

Cruiser, a Canadian Lynx

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