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Wednesday, March 28, 2001 After getting into my truck yesterday, I know why I've got this headache. The truck was covered in yellow dust from the pine trees. It's tree pollen. I never used to have this problem. *sigh* Along with the wisdom of old age come many other problems. Looks like I have a new allergy.

I didn't get Kirby home until late yesterday afternoon. He was blocked and the catheter was kept in him overnight. The vet pulled it yesterday morning and didn't want to let him go home until the vet was sure Kirby was peeing. I called at four thirty and Kirby still hadn't gone, but the vet was thinking it was because he was at the vet's. He's terrified at the vet's office. So, I go in and was given Kirby and some antibiotics. Becky said Kirby jumped into the carrier when she opened the cage he was in, knowing it was for him and he got to come home. When we came home, I let him out and he talked with me a little and knowing that he hadn't yet peed, I walked outside and he walked with me. He finally went squatted beside the bank and peed. The stream wasn't powerful, but he was going. But when he quit, he still squatted. I called the vet to see if this was normal. Becky checked and said yes, it was probably because he was so sore from the catheter. I hung up, went back outside and Kirby was in the same position. I got his meds and realized I hadn't asked about the ammonil, once or twice a day. The ammonil is what I had quit giving him on a regular basis. And I found out that was a bad thing. Anyway, I was put on hold, then I heard Becky asking if it was me. Yes, it's me. She told me to bring Kirby back in, the vet wanted to see him. So, at five o'clock, Kirby in the carrier once again, we made our way to the vet's office. I saw Brian letting his brother off at his house when I stopped at the corner and I waited for him. Luckily, I could do this because there was no one behind me. I gave him a short version of what happened and off to the vet's I went.

Both rooms were occupied when I walked in, so I just sat on the bench, Kirby by my side. They have a new receptionist and she didn't seem very friendly, so I didn't try any small talk. Eventually, Becky came out of one of the examining rooms and gave instructions to the woman about the care of her dog and then called me in. Becky left the room and I got Kirby out of the carrier and put him on the examining table. He snuggled in against my chest as close as he could, hiding his face in the crook of my elbow. I stroked him and told him what a brave kitty he is, how handsome he is and how much I love him. I nuzzled the back of his neck and noticed how good he smelled. Becky came in and I asked her about it. She sniffed him and said "he does smell good" and went to look for a spray someone had brought in. She didn't find it, but she said that's what he smelled like. We both stood there stroking him (I told her I thought it was good that someone besides me petted him, he's not very people socialized). She told me her cat was in, had her front bottom teeth pulled because they were so bad. Her cat is only two years old. I told her I'd rather get a root canal than have to bring Kirby in. Just as I was saying this, the vet walked in. He said "I'd rather get a root canal than work on that cat. That son of a bitch bit me today." My Kirby? Then he and Becky got into a little banter, she saying "you knew better than to work on him without any help". (He'd been trying to express Kirby's bladder and was holding Kirby with his arm, Kirby's head between the upper arm and body and Kirby bit the back part of the upper arm; didn't draw much blood, though.) He got on Becky saying "hey, I couldn't find any of you to help me and it had to be done." Anyway, with three of us holding Kirby, he was able to express his bladder and there was quite a bit of urine that came out. Kirby also passed some of those plugs in the making. The doc told me that Kirby's pH had been 7.0 which, he said, is the kiss of death for Kirby. That pH is too high and allows the struvite to be made. And it's because I'd quit giving him the ammonil every day. Like I said, my bad. Anyway, Kirby was okay. The vet just wanted to make sure he wasn't blocking again. He gave Kirby more SubQ fluids and we were done with Kirby. I mentioned bringing Lola in, because she's supposed to get a blood test every month and she hasn't had one since November. The last time I took her in, she fought having blood taken, so he gave up. I told him that I thought it would be best if I just dropped her off. He agreed, he said they'd mask her (sedate her) to do it and he wouldn't charge for the sedation. So, that will be next Monday or Tuesday as I'm out of her medicine. She took her last pill on Monday.

I ordered some Calmplex 2000 earlier this week, having heard of its miraculous qualities in helping the animals to get along. I'm going to add it to their food at night. I'm hoping that it will mellow the more aggressive kitties, like George, Ciara and Mystie and help give the more submissive cats, like Gracie and Annie, a little more spirit. Maybe make them not so afraid. It's a blend of herbs.

The trap is set out front, I'm hoping someone goes into it. The last day this week I have to get a cat to the vet is tomorrow. I'm hoping it's Cleo.

Earlier this year, I made up a website for Brian, for his company. Knowing that it would be a small website, with no bells or whistles, I got it through I paid ninety nine dollars for it and I was never to pay again. I paid for it with my Citi Click card, a Citibank card for purchases on the net only, you can't use it elsewhere. And there's a ninety day guarantee with it. Yesterday, I popped over to his company website and it wasn't there. Couldn't find the domain name. What!! So, I called the offices of nomonthly. Nomonthly, no answer, no message machine. Hmm. Strange. I call again this morning, thinking maybe it was the time difference. Still no answer. So, I got out my Citibank statement, found where I had been charged, called Citibank and told them the problem. They're putting a dispute on that charge and I'll be receiving forms from them shortly. I printed out the non-existant website, I printed out the "whois" information for that domain and I'll print out the invoice I received from NoMonthly. Then I'll get my ninety nine dollars back. And I've begun the transfer of his website to a more reliable server. It will cost more, but I know that it will be there next month. *sigh*

Darn, Cleo was just in the entryway getting a drink of water. We've taken the hard food up, so all there is to be eaten is the chicken in the trap. She sniffed at the trap's entry, then just sauntered out the gate.

One of my friends is getting an Olympus camera. It's really a nice camera. I'm drooling. I want one. But, we just can't afford it right now. But, to help me get enough to buy one, I've added the paypal banner to the top. If you don't already have a paypal account, if you sign up with them by clicking on the banner, I get five bucks and you get five bucks. Paypal makes it easy to send money over the internet. It's one of the top ways people pay for their purchases at eBay. I like the idea that you can take short movies with this camera. I'd be having a blast with movies online of the cats at play and sleep. So, if you'd like to see this website get even cooler, go join paypal. It won't cost you anything. Gee, I even had one person send me $1.18 using paypal towards the purchase of the camera. *grin* (Cecilia, you're such a goof.) I've done some searching and have found it for much less than manufacturer's suggested retail price, a hundred and fifty dollars less, as a matter of fact.

Check out this cool picture I made yesterday:

I've had that filter forever, just tried it out yesterday morning. I like it. I can imagine all of the cool new cards I can make with it, especially java cards. Imagine that picture, with lake effect java. Cool. Or a picture of a big lake and snow or rain coming down. Boy, I wish that guy would update his java effects so that they'll work properly on the cards.

Welp, no cat went into the trap and it's after noon. I'll try again in the morning.

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