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march 27, 1998 Boy, will I be glad when this week is over. The best thing about it was going swimming Monday afternoon. The water in the pool was 75. Tuesday it was cooler and Wednesday, came the rain. Along with my computer fixit guy.

My system was working when he showed up. I had been able to get rid of a lot of dead stuff. And he took the computer apart and installed the new RAM memory. Giving me over 48M. Yay. But wait. Windows no longer worked. Bad memory he figured. It turned out that the Windows registry was so messed up, that he couldn't even get Norton to run. I kept saying, well, what if we just format the C drive and rebuild it, that will help, won't it? See, I was thinking along the lines of getting rid of even more dead stuff. And that's finally what we did. Saved a couple of files, like my Paint Shop Pro, over to the D drive (it's a physically different drive) and formatted the C drive. Got all of the hardware in running order. Except, the mouse doesn't work in DOS and the midis no longer function. The little bar moves, but there isn't any sound. The original plan was for a new sound card, but we thought (at the time) that the old card worked well enough that a new one wasn't needed. Ha. The old one was running under drivers that were for windows 3.1. When I had upgraded from the original harddrive (now known as the D disk, long story, was a new one from Packard Bell, a 1 gig, but was only set to use 210M because that's all I paid for with the original system) and there was also an overlay on it, so it would work with the Packard Bell BIOS or something like that. So, when it was transferred to the new 1.6 gig harddrive (now known as my C drive) everything went with it. But now, since the C drive was reformatted and everything was erased, some of the drivers wouldn't work. *sigh* So, now, I'm getting that new sound card anyway. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday. And my new *free* camera still didn't work.

Anyway, Glenn left about 9pm, he got here at 4pm. I was tired, but I wanted to put some of the programs back on the system. I got my graphics programs up and then tried the dialer for A T & T. What a mess. I had to reset stuff, which I was able to remember from before. So, that all done, I reloaded Netscape Communicator. I was able to finally get online, but Communicator wasn't working properly. But, most importantly, I was back online. I called Glenn after ten, knowing that his office line would pick up and let him know that my midi's didn't work. And neither did the mouse in DOS. Along with a couple of error messages. He called back and told me to just shut down the computer and call it quits for the day. Huh, yeah, right. I was up until 2AM. And I was up again at six. Called him at 6:30. Left a message. He called a couple of hours later and we scheduled for next week.

So, I spent yesterday trying to get the MSMoney program working. Glenn had told me what to do and I had the hardest time restoring my backed up files. Finally, after I left for awhile and came back to it, was able to get them up. I just hate this. And the mail part of Communicator wasn't working properly, either. I shut down the computer at three yesterday afternoon. Went into the tv room to take a nap. Rusty laid next to my face and scratched me. Not hard or deep, but I wasn't in a very good mood anyway, and I grabbed the nail trimmers and trimmed them down. Then, he peed on the pillow that I had been using. Boy, was I mad. I chased him into the garage, picked him up and put him in the litter box. He tried to escape, but I blocked him and made him stay in it. He finished peeing and all was well. Sometimes I think he has a physical problem, but he was able to hold it and finish in the litter box. I just don't get it. Into the laundry room went the pillow. Last night finished pretty uneventfully.

Brian wanted me to make him breakfast this morning and while I was doing so, I figured I would take all the Netscape possible off of my computer. I would save the bookmarks, though. Then I would re-install communicator. YAY!!! It worked!!! I guess the mail was reading from the old mail somewhere. I had a couple of different versions of Netscape on here. No wonder it was confused.

I remembered that the camera needed a newer version of Windows to work, and I downloaded from their website. And the camera still didn't work. I called Connectix, spent another couple of hours on the phone with no resolution to the problem. Tomorrow, I will take everything back to the neighbor's and actually try to get a picture. And the Connectix tech said that he would put me on an expedite thingy and somebody will be contacting me within the next 10-15 working days to finally put an end to this. I sure hope so.

And now, I absolutely have to get started on the taxes. I do miss my midis.

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