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Friday, May 25, 2001 So, Wednesday, I notice little Kirby seems to be having a problem urinating. I call the vet's office, talk to Charlene. She talked to the doc and came back on the line, told me to double his ammonil and start him on amoxi two times a day. Call tomorrow if he's not improving. Well, Wednesday night, I see him straining. I watch and I see the plug a the end of his penis. It looks like big whitehead. I know that he's passed these before and a little later, I see he's peed a small amount. Maybe he got rid of it. I know that they just crumble with any pressure. Well, he didn't pee it out. He was blocked Thursday morning. I call the vet at about 8:30, tell Charlene that it didn't work. She said to bring him in. I cut a bunch of fresh nip to take with me and off we went. Talking with Charlene, I told her that I've read many accounts where switching the cat to a totally canned diet helps quite a bit and that I'm going to do this with Kirby. It's the final thing on the list of what's gonna help. I left Kirby there and when I hadn't heard back from the vet's by 4:30, I called. Kirby was under and catheterized. He'd be spending the night, as well as today to make sure that he's peeing. When I bring him home this afternoon, he'll be started on the canned diet. This is the final thing that we can do. If this doesn't work, he'll be getting surgery. Not something that any of us want to happen, but if it's the only thing that will keep this from happening, it will have to be done.

Then yesterday morning, Buddy wouldn't shut up, barking at the neighbors. So, I went outside to have a little talk with him. He was standing next to the wood frame where the rosebushes are and I was squatting down, looking into Buddy's face, asking him why, after all of these years, he still barks at the neighbors and was letting him know if he didn't stop, I'd have no alternative but to put him in the shop. Well, Junior always has to be right there, in my face, and I kept telling him to get away. He ran into Buddy. I don't know exactly what happened, but Buddy went down. He yelped in pain. Damn. I yelled at Junior now, I was angry, I told him to get away again. Buddy got up and walked over to the patio, not putting any weight at all on that leg. He laid down and I was feeling his leg, trying to see if there was any one particular place that hurt and Junior just kept bugging the hell out of us. Then the funniest thing happened. Bart jumped down from the kitty kingdom climber and came outside and walked up to Junior. Junior backed off. Bart sat down. Whenever Junior would start to come to where I was finally getting the chance to look at Buddy's leg, Bart stopped him in his tracks. I gotta tell ya, it was GREAT!! I couldn't find anything that hurt on Buddy and a half hour later, he was walking normally, not a sign of a limp. Of course, Bart got a big hug and smurgle for being so very helpful.

After a year of disuse, I got the breadmaker out yesterday. Made a loaf of buttermilk bread. Good stuff. Mystie had never heard the breadmaker. It was amusing to watch her watch it when it started up. She was very curious, but also cautious. After ten minutes of nothing happening, though, she lost interest.

Well, I think Benny's studliness of his new do is going to his head. Already having conquered Ciara, he's set his sights on Mystie. And she ain't having none of it.

I've noticed that he will sit and stare at her and call to her. She just ignores him, going about her business playing with bugs or whatever. Then he makes his move, jumps on her back, which obviously ignores the spit out of her. She'll quickly turn her head and try to twist out of his grip and start whaling away at his face with her paws. He realizes he's not going to get anywhere with her. At least, not this time. So, he just keeps trying. It's so funny. I guess he likes the blue eyed cuties. But it's looking like he met his match with Mystie.

Well, that's all for now. Have a great weekend.

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