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may 18, 1998 continued We bought that old tv for me and a lawnmower for Brian with money we got from selling my old truck, the one I had when we got married. And yesterday, Brian got a new self-propelled lawnmower. Deja-vu all over again. I set it up yesterday. The remote control is wonderful. The little tv didn't have remote control ability.

I was worried about Rusty on Saturday. He wouldn't eat and his ears were burning up. He usually wants to eat Georgie's food, but he showed no interest. I gave him a little Fancy Feast, he liked that, but didn't eat much. I gave him an amoxi pill and started to wonder if maybe he needs another teeth cleaning or maybe that his throat polyps have come back. I tried opening a can of people tuna and drained all of the liquid into a small bowl. He drank that right up. And he even ate a little tuna. All of the cats were happy because they all got a little tuna. Rusty ate a little at dinner and Sunday he was doing much better. He did a real small poop Saturday night, which indicated he hadn't been eating much at all. His normal stool is the size of a small dog's. But he does have his appetite back. I am still keeping an eye on him, though. After all, he is fifteen years old and that's getting on for cats. And like humans, the body starts to break down. He's really happy right now. He just peed on the lawn then ran across the yard and up a big cat tree. He's been my best buddy for so long. I love all of the cats, but Rusty has alway been *my* cat. A real mamma's boy.

Well, the Connectix camera got to it's home Friday. That UPS tracking online is great. I even know who signed for it. Hopefully, it will be replaced in a couple of weeks. Then I can get it up and running. lisaviolet's webcam. Cool.

Lonee is becoming so lovable. And Red *walks* through the tv room to the living room when we are watching tv. He use to run.

Our neighbors gave us a couple of potted miniature rosebushes a couple of weeks ago. They were covered in aphids. We were at Home Depot and I picked up a back of ladybugs. Came home and opened the bag onto the rosebushes. Wow. Those little beetles did a job on the aphids. Got another bag this weekend for the rosebushes in the backyard. The cats were really interested in all of these little crawly things. They sniffed but that was it.


may 22, 1998 Gee, this was a quick week. All the cats and dogs seem to be doing fine. The weather still doesn't know that we are in Southern California and its supposed to be warm.

*sigh* There are kittens in the yard behind us. I hadn't seen any before this week, I wondered what had happened to the mothers. Two grey cats and one tortie haven't been around for over a month now. I thought that maybe somebody trapped them and took them to a shelter. Well, there are at least six kittens. One tortie, four blacks, and one that I want. I want this kitten in the worst way. Its my dream kitten. White with a gray/black tale, paws, ears and mask. I bet its gonna be a longhair and I bet its eyes are gonna be blue. The kitten I have wanted for years.

I talk to them and have taken some pictures of them. Its funny how they scatter when they see me, but they are slowly starting to come back. The white one and one of the black ones don't run off as quickly. I want those two. But, hubby says, no, that I can only take care of them over the fence. I'm resigned to that fact. If they should some way find their ways up the fence, I would nab them. Probably get kitten bites, but I don't care. Its hard to want something so much and know deep down that it isn't meant to be. When I could give them such a good life.
Brian mentioned the other night that he wishes we would have taken OC in. OC is a cat that used to come over here at night to eat with Lonee and Red. I told him, we could still get him. Brian said no, but I know that he thinks about it.

Lonee is such a little cutie. Her latest *this is my spot* is the garage. And she likes to be in the rafters. When I go out in the morning to get food for the cats behind us, I always give a little to my cats. Lonee will follow me, but from the rafters. She runs from end to end, talking to me. I walk over to the stairway that Brian built so long ago for Red and talk to her and she runs right down to get a morning nibble. She is just so darn sweet.

And Red and I cuddled for a while last night. He was on the back of the chair in the living room and he let me put my arms around him and lay my head on him. He purred and purred and talked to me and headbutted me. I really enjoy that. I just wish that he and Lonee would feel comfortable enough to sit on the couch at the same time as me.

I can't believe its almost Memorial Day. It came so early this year. AARRGGHHHHHH~~there goes my life, zooming by......


may 25, 1998 We went for a ride in the mountains late yesterday afternoon. I wanted to get some pictures with the sun going down for more lake effect postcards. The clouds had a different plan. Darn it. And this morning, its windy, drizzling and 50 degrees. Brrr....when's it gonna be summer? I bet this is really putting a *damper* on parties for today, seeing as its Memorial day.

I cleaned my bathroom yesterday, shower doors and all. I put the small fishtank out back to clean it. Before we left for our ride, I noticed that the plastic plants were missing. Doggone it, so where the little plaster mountains. I found them in the middle of the lawn, in pieces. Junior. The chew dog strikes again. Now, I'm worried that he might have swallowed some of the plaster or hard plastic that held the plants secure. I will be watching his stools very carefully. And I'm not to sure about Buddy, either, so, his poops are gonna be watched too. ARRRGGHHHH!!!! Once Junior ate a bottle of Shout, I think it was, the concentrated kind in the small plastic bottle. I called the National Poison Control center to find out if I should get him to the vet (they have all this stuff listed out) and she said, no, that he will probably have diarrhea, but that should be it. And he had very little of that. Just when you think its safe to leave stuff around, something like this happens.

And in cleaning the bathroom, I put clean throw rugs down. (We have extras for both bathrooms.) When we got home, somebody has already peed on one of them. *sigh* Back into the laundry.

Brian put the new blinds up in the garage yesterday, now the world won't be able to watch when I feed the cats at night. Yay. I really felt uncomfortable at times, knowing people could look in. And I threw a lot of stuff away and swept the garage really good. And put more water in the water bowl in the rafters and look, what's that over there? Poop? I cleaned that up, too. It was pretty old, though, I guess Red still went a couple of times up there until he was secure going in the litter box or outside. The garage looks better.

Lonee is letting me pet her outside. Not always, but a little bit. She doesn't run from me and she will actually stand at the door and wait for me to open it when she wants in. This is such a great feeling. Red is becoming more mouthy. And pushy towards the other cats. What a cutie pie.

We got a new portable phone Saturday and Lisa decided she would play fetch with the wires that came around the wrapped cords. Good. We played for probably a half hour, when she laid down, panting. I'm glad she wanted to play.

I started feeding Bobby on the couch. Junk food, Purina and Kirkland Nutre Nuggets. He's just so skinny and he doesn't seem to like the Nature's Recipe. At seventeen, I guess I won't worry about long term health damage because of the food. I would like to see him put on some weight.

The email monster program is doing a wonderful job. I must say, I'm really happy with it. I was actually able to block some abusive mail this weekend before I saw it. The person that sent it wasn't very happy about it, though. Called me a nut-case on a newsgroup. Said I needed help. Yeah, right. I'm not the one sending abusive email to people. She said she wasn't going to "read any more" of my posts. Oh, that really hurts. But, I'll get over it. I always do. *grins*


may 28, 1998 Well, I got a new camera yesterday. And its set up. The page is very much under construction, I don't usually like to advertise things until they are completely finished, but this is different. I've been talking about this since the beginning of the year and now its finally happening. The site is cathouse webcam. I'll have to come up with a catchier name. And they have a couple of accessories available which I'm going to check on as soon as they open. So, I can move the camera from where it is right now and not be bothered with the cats moving it.

The wedwink plans for lisa and sammy are moving right along. I have the guestbook done, the RSVP page done and today, I'm going to start sending out invitations. Via my postcard page, of course. Doris sent her list last night. Wow, there's a lot of people there. Its going to be a great cat wedding!!!

I have some more pictures to put up for the family album and postcard page. Just have to find the time.

We had a little excitement yesterday. I went out front and there were three police cars (one with a K-9 unit), firetruck and paramedics at the house up the street on the corner. An elderly couple lives there, moved in about 2-3 years ago. It seems the woman was having heart palpatations and her husband had to leave for a little while and she didn't go with him. She stayed home and laid in bed. She is hard of hearing and only had one hearing aid in. Somebody broke in the front door (we're talking broad daylight here, the middle of the afternoon) and went through the home. She faintly heard the noise, thought it was her husband and just stayed in bed. Then she heard him at the dresser, turned around to see him and it wasn't her husband. It was some man, about 6 foot tall, dark hair, clean cut, good looking. He was as surprised to see her as she was to see him. He took his booty and beat feet out the door.
There are five houses on that side of the street. The middle three all have dogs. On my side of the street, I know at least two houses to our right have dogs and at least three on the left have dogs. And of course, we have the premier barking dog of the world at our home (Bud, take a bow, please) and Junior and Sandy do pretty well when they have good cause. The police said that a dog is one of the best deterrents against robbery. The barking and yapping calls attention to a stranger in the area. I wonder though, will I feel safe leaving the front door opened and have just the screen door locked? And one of the neighbor's never locks her front door. And she has no screen on it. Anybody could walk in. Gosh, when I catsit for Gail, I still lock her front door after I go in.

And speaking of Gail, I get to petsit for them again this weekend. Her daughter is in a dance competition this weekend at the Disneyland Hotel. I can't believe the mentality of the people who set these things up. Sabrina dances at 9:30pm Sunday night, the awards are handed out at eleven. And kids have school the next day? Needless to say, that's one kid that will be a no show in class Monday.

And Gail gave me the most adorable coffee cup. It has a cat with a butterfly on its nose, the kitty looking at it crosseyed. And there is a little butterfly inside the cup.

Well, have to get some work done. Looks like it might be sunny today and this year, I'm going to have a tan.

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