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M.E.O.W (Making Each Orphan Wanted) shelter
needs your help.
There are many cats that need loving homes.
Can you give them one?
Do you know somebody that needs another companion?
Please help one or two of these cats find their *onetruehome*.

Unfortunately, not every cat has a lap. And the MEOW shelter has taken in many cats that were cute when they were kittens, but as adults, they have lost their appeal. As happens so many times with our furry, whiskered friends, humans just get bored with the idea of having a cat in their home. Or they get new furniture or they move or they have children or they find out they are allergic, and the cats, the innocents, are no longer wanted. Or, they realize, that a cat is a living breathing being and needs care. Deb has taken in many strays, as well as having many just dumped on her property. She has done everything she can to insure these poor kitties' well-being.
Now, due to an illness in the family, and it's breaking her heart, she is closing her doors. Any help you can give would be very much appreciated.
Every cat deserves to be in a home where he or she is the queen. Please, can you find it in your heart to help one more? Have your very own "Comeback Kitty"?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and please, please help if you can.

the M.E.O.W shelter link.

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