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Well, hi!!! come on in!!! ize sew gwad yew cud mayk it. dew yew wanna see wut sammee givded me?? he sed dat it costed wots uv toonas. He is chus the bestest winkwink a gurlkittee effur had. we has tew go inna gawaj tew see it. chus fowwow mee. wud yew wyke sumfin tew eet furst? mebbee a hotdog? or sum nanners?

Deres sum toonas in da kichen ifn yew wud wyke wun uv doze.. No?? okee, dokee, den letz go see my new pwesent fwom sammee.

Oh, fooey, dere's dat darn fone. It neffur wings wen Ize heer by misef. Figgers, duzunt it? Yew chus go on ahed wifowt me, wyte fwu dat door. Chus push on it.

"Hewwo? Yes, dis iz weesaviowet. Hoo iz dis? A pwivate deetektive? No, I neffur hurd uv yew."

Hay, haz yew effur hurd uv a pwivate deetektive naym uv Katt Sass? Me neevur.

"Yur new in town and yew chus mooved inna Weo's Woft? Wut dew yew wan, Mr. Sass? Dis weekend? No, I wuz heer by myownsef, den Sammee caym by, but it wuz fuwwy wayt. He stayed a wyle, den went bak tew his pwace. No, he didunt haf ennybudee wif him. Otto? No, I neffur heerd him say enneefing abowt an Otto. A yewwow convutabul? Well, he givded me a new wun dis weekend, he sed he payd wots uv toonas fur it. He wurks fuwwy hard fur de kween, but she duzunt pay him hardwee ennyfing, sew he haz a side job at de CatNDale Cwub. He'z been twying tew git my bwuvver tew wurk dere, tew. Umm, yes i hurd uv de Oscat. We gotz de vewwy furst wun effur in are toaphee kayce. Stowen? Sum kat stole de Oscat??!! Oh, my, gudgudness. An dey wuz dwyven a yewwow car? Dat's tewwibul!!! Shure, ifn I heer ennyfing, I will call yew. Yew are at...... Kay, I will wet yew no. Bensbly? No, I doan no a Bensbly eefur. He sumtyms gots wong, gway fur and he's shaved now? An he hangs awound wif Sammee? A weel waskal cat? hmmm.....oh, I bet yew meen my bwuvver, Benny. I fink he's in his houce. Wet me see if he iz, I will tayk de portuble fone wif me, chus in kayce."

Um, I 'm fuwwee sowwee, but I haf tew go tawk tew Benny. Dew yew mynd kummin bak sum uvver tyme? I'ze wiwwee, wiwwee sowwee, but dis iz such a mess.......I will see yew waytur, okay? Or, yew kin kum wif me ifn yew wan. Chus fowwow me. Its okay. Benny woan mynd.

Benny!!!! Are yew owt dere? *sigh* Wach owt fur de d*g poops.

Dis darn dore stiks an yew haf tew push riwwee hard...umph!!

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