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november 20, 1998 Oh, it's been so quiet, it's nice. Brian's still gone, working on the job in Phoenix (you know the one, where the owner has all that money?) Funny, but it's easier to keep the house cleaned with him gone. And I do the cleaning in the evening. Yesterday, I cleaned the pee off of the front windows. Late yesterday afternoon, there was pee back on 'em. I'm going to clean them again today. I got the hallway done Wednesday, walls and floor and throw rugs, my bathroom last night. And I vacuumed and dusted the rest of the house yesterday.

Kirby can't get on top of the satellite receiver anymore. Sunday, Brian turned on the tv, no sound. Kirby had disconnected the cords that go to the tv for sound. I fixed it, and Brian blocked Kirby's access. Kirby wasn't very happy when he couldn't get up there anymore. I really don't care for the cats laying on electronics anyway. Cat hair, you know? I'm going to have to pull out the stereo set up, because at some point, he knocked the switch box for the speakers behind the system and one of the wires is loose. Brian said that one of these days, we're going to get a new entertainment center. A *real* one, he called it. The one we have was custom built for the house before we moved here. I hate having to do anything in it because the wood is unfinished and I always end up with splinters when I have to.

It's almost cold this morning. It's below 40. The only cat that's outside is Benny. Even Maggie came back in after a short journey through the backyard.

I don't understand why the female cats are going after Lonee. Gracie and Lisa are the worst. I actually slapped Lisa last night (not hard, of course, but to get her mind off of Lonee). And Lonee is being really sweet. She's been trying to come inside more often, but that's hard when she gets chased away. I don't understand it after so long.

Somebody pulled one of the clean towels down in my bathroom and peed on it last night. My money is on Kirby.

I have so much I should be doing on my website, but I just don't feel like it. I added some more borders to LV Designs yesterday. Oh, and the week before, I had submitted my banner for the GeoGuide and was turned down. There was a list of five possibilities and the only one that could have been was the one for advertising. I had the javabanner for Simplenet and Access1 up. So, I removed them, made some little Geo buttons, put links back to Geo on the main pages (not the background sample pages, there are over 200 of those) and resubmitted yesterday. I was accepted within hours. That should get more traffic over there. I've been getting enough points each month to pay for the site. If I ever get a lot accumulated, I think I'll get an EZ Photo scanner and send it to my friend in Colorado. I think she would like that.

I took the t-shirts back in Wednesday afternoon. (Oh, man, Lucky just used the litter box and I think something crawled up inside of her and died, it's bad.) Anyway, I talked to the guy who originally printed them up and he thought the same thing with the way the phone number was on the (*snicker* Maggie's trying to cover up the smell Lucky left, she's scratching at the sliding glass door next to the box) work order, it looked like it was marked through, scratched out. When he was told about it by the owner, he said the same thing. The owner said it was underlined. No, it was scratched out. With underlining, the lines go UNDER the words, not through them. Anyway, he told me, as he carried the shirts in from the truck, that they have this new stuff that will take the print right off of the shirt with no problems. He said that there wouldn't be any residual effects and that this stuff wouldn't weaken the material. He said that the spot might be a little wrinkled, but washing the shirts would take care of that. From the way he was talking, it sounded like they had never used it before. It wasn't something they had in stock, it had to be ordered. I was sceptical. He was supposed to have called me yesterday and never did. I'm thinking, it didn't work. Well, we'll see.

I didn't see OC or Angus Wednesday night, I did see Blackie. I worried about them. I even went outside to look around to see if they were anywhere near. Before I went to bed, the second bowl of food had been eaten, but I never saw the cat that ate it. But last night, both were back. OC came over with the tortie first and Angus was here by himself later. I was glad to see them all.


november 21, 1998 I hadn't planned on making an entry today, but I got this in my mail this morning, and I just had to share it. It sure made me laugh. I've met the lady that wrote it, she's really, really sweet. Gee, my rants work? *grins*

So, of course, I put it in my diary.

I saw OC and Angus last night. Didn't see the tortie. I saw Blackie this morning.

I was watching tv last night and Lola came and laid next to me. Then Rusty decided to get on the other side of me. I couldn't get comfortable, so I got on the other side of the couch. Here comes Georgie. He laid on my feet. Rusty decided to move again and got next to me. I got up, figuring I can go back to the other side of the couch, since Lola is the only cat over there. As I was getting up, Benny got off of the condo and plopped his fluffy body down where I was headed. I sat there, frustrated. I turned off the television, all of the lights, grabbed the satellite control and went into the bedroom. I watched tv from there. Plenty of room. When I woke up this morning, I had six cats, snug against me. It's nice to be loved.

Still haven't heard from the t-shirt people. I guess they had to redo all of the shirts. Oh, well.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Today is going to be nice, too. I went out this morning and cleaned up dogpoop. There sure isn't as much as when Sandy was alive. I sure miss her. It hits at the strangest times and I just start to cry.

I clipped Georgie's claws last night and noticed some sort of weird thing on the pads of one of them. It looked like a stick growing out of it. It isn't puffy or inflamed, but he didn't like me touching it. I made an appointment to take him in Monday at 9:30.

I made some new bar graphics for LV Designs this morning. I like 'em.


november 24, 1998 Friday, I trimmed Georgie's claws and saw this weird thing growing out from one of his pads. He didn't like me to touch it, so, I figured I would get him to the vet. I made the appointment Saturday morning for Monday morning at 9:30.

Well, watching Bobby over the weekend, I wondered about taking him in for a check up. He's over 17 and he's the one that had the fight with the Akita about five years ago, losing a leg and hipjoints. It's been a while since the vet has seen him. I call when the office opened yesterday and asked if I could bring him in, too, or, if not, could I reschedule with both cats. They said, fine bring them both in.

Bobby wasn't too hard to put in the carrier, but Georgie remembered. He ran and hid. I found him on a dining room chair and he was extremely vocal about not going into the carrier, stretching his little legs out and holding onto the sides of the carrier door. I ended up setting the carrier door side up and dropped Georgie into it. He cried. Until I got him to the truck, then he was quiet and Bobby started to cry. Once at the vet, Mew/Hugh/Pew came in and thoroughly checked out both carriers. I was quickly taken into the examining room.

Bobby was first and he had lost 3 lbs from the last time he was in, which was a little over a year and a half ago. I found the bump on the side of Bobby's neck and the vet said it was probably just a cyst, and not to worry about it, but keep an eye on it. That bump's been there for a while, it hasn't changed in size, but Bobby sure likes to have it scratched. (It's on the side that's missing the leg.) I also asked if there was anything to help his leg get a little stronger. He asked me about Bobby's twitching and I said, remember? I asked you about that last time I had him in and he wasn't doing it for you then, he's gotten worse as he's gotten older. He checked Bobby's ears and teeth, listened to him and told me that he didn't want to alarm me, but the weight loss had him concerned. He wanted to draw blood and run some blood tests on him. He wanted to make sure that Bob wasn't in the early stages of kidney failure. He took Bobby into the back room and I told Gwen about him. Gwen is the tech who's cat had been shot and lost a leg and he was really traumatized by the loss, scared and hid all of the time. I told her they were taking blood from Bobby and she went back to meet him. She came back a couple of minutes later and said "he's a fighter. We can't get any blood. Not even with three of us holding him down." (Poor Bobby!!) But, they let him settle down and they did get blood from him. Gwen said that Bobby apparently misunderstood...the blood was supposed to come from him not them. *grins* (Good boy.)

Anyway, the doc said he would call with the results and asked for more information about Bobby's twitching. Is it just his head and neck? (yes) Does it get any worse? (Well, sometimes the twitching is more pronounced, but it doesn't seem really bad)

He thinks that Bobby also suffered some head trauma during the attack (I told him, I thought it was from all of the drugs he was given) and that it's possibly some kind of epilepsy. But that he didn't want to prescribe anything for bobby, either his leg or the twitching, until the blood results were back.

Back into the carrier he went (my little Bobby purr puss) and it was Georgie's turn.

Now, why on earth can't I remember from last night, which paw that thing was on? I had to check. The vet complimented me on Georgie's claw length and said the growth was just a cat corn. He cut it off and told me that I could do it in the future, it was nothing to worry about.

I gathered up my cats and paid the bill, to go home and wait for the test results. I was on the phone with my bank (someone charged a porno site to my credit/debit card and it wasn't me) for quite a while and I got nervous wondering about the test. Had he tried to call and couldn't get through? Were the results bad and he was afraid to call (remember Sandy?). Anyway, he called a couple of minutes ago and HAPPYDANCE!! He said "Your old guy is in great shape!!" The bloodwork all looked good. He said that I could give him a shot of depo-medrol myself every 4-6 weeks (I think) or just give him a medrol pill, one a day for a week, then whenever he looked like he was having a problem getting around. He said that the weight loss could possible be related to his age, the fact that his body is losing muscle mass as part of the aging process. He said that he could prescribe something for the twitching, but he would rather not since the problem didn't seem too severe. The medications were sedatives and he just didn't want bobby to have to have them. Fine with me, I just wanted to know that Bob was okay.

And he is!!!

About that porno site. I was reconciling my bank statement and there was a charge that didn't look familiar. I went through all of my email, couldn't find anything for that date or the day before, I looked through all of my downloaded files, nothing there. I tried doing a website search for the name on the bank statement, nothing. So, I called the number. No humans, just a recording with many options. I still had no clue as to what I had charged. And in the past, when I didn't recognize a name and I called them, I talked to a human. Not this time. Anyway, they gave reference at one point to a website. So, I checked out the website. Still nothing telling me what my money had purchased. I checked further into the site. OH, MY!!! It's for porno sites!!!! I couldn't even believe it. ME?? This was too funny. And, of course, there is not one place on this site to contact anybody. Just a cancellation form. "What site are you cancelling?" Huh? "What is your credit card number?" Huh-uh, I'm not giving you any information like that, you sleazebags. So, I called my bank and they are putting in a claim on it. I wrote to the webmaster at the site mentioned in the phone call and also to some other place that said they deal with fraud very strongly. Yeah, right. But a word to the wise. Don't use your bank debit card to buy stuff over the phone. I doubt very seriously that this was done by anything I used online, I only use secure servers, but on something where I verbally gave someone my information. And that's only on the phone. From now on, I'm going to use my credit card to order things, not my debit card (what a disaster that could have been). With the debit card, the money is taken out immediately. Not so with the credit card. It was only $19.95, but it could have been much worse.

I'm dogsitting, as I mentioned last week. The last time I did, Mrs. Howl was a really good dog, and she didn't howl. This week has been different. I had to put the collar on her and it wasn't working. I checked it and it was way too loose. So, I tightened it up and now it's working. I'll go over in a couple of hours and take it off of her, once the school traffic has died down. I hate those collars, but the guy who lives behind the house threatened to kill Maddie for barking. I can't have that. Better an uncomfortable dog than a dead one.

Well, I'm getting Thanksgiving dinner from Lucky, a local grocery chain. It's only gonna be Brian, my mom and me. Why make a big mess in the kitchen? Brian's mom is going to be bringing Brian's dad home and company and people just wear him out. Brian will go visit while he's there.

I was checking out some applets earlier this month for the holiday cards. I found a snow applet that was really nice, I like the snow, but I wanted to be able to change the background and take off Santa. So, I wrote to the applet author. I heard from him this morning and he made another applet and now I can use my own image as a background. And he's using my image as his example. So, that's something else I have to work on. I'm going to go through my photos and find more pictures to do.

We got teeshirts this weekend so I can start working on LV Designs. I have to rescan a couple of the pictures. I was thinking that I could change the background on the picture of Lisa and Maggie on the rock, to a starry night. I think that would be cool.


november 26, 1998 Thanksgiving. My feet hurt so bad right now, I could cry. I straightened up the exercise room this morning so that we could start to exercise. Plus, I couldn't find my foot brace and I thought that it might help support my foot. I figured it was worth a try. So, I found one and it did feel better. I told Brian and he went to the store and bought me two new ones, since the old one was so stretched out. And now I have one for each foot.

You know that I'm dogsitting, right? For Mrs. Howl? The beagle/hound next door? I started last Sunday evening. Well, Maddie has been pretty good at not barking at night, but boy, she's obnoxious first thing in the morning. I've been going over there between seven and eight and putting the barking collar on her. Telling her to shut up doesn't do it and there's no telling when the guy behind her might go ballistic and follow through on his previous threat. People like that shouldn't have guns, I don't think. Not if they threaten everybody with them. Anyway, I've been taking the collar off of her when I feed them at night. Alex doesn't bark like Maddie does. And Maddie's bark is almost as bad as Buddy's for the annoyance factor. Well, this morning, at a quarter to six, I heard her barking. Oh, Maddie, please shut up. Just please shut up. I don't want to get out of bed yet. But she didn't. So, here I am, before six o'clock, dressed and fuming, grabbed the housekey and out the door I go. I feed them, make sure they've each taken their pills and put the collar on Maddie. I go home. Going back to bed and getting back to sleep is out of the question now. I'm wide awake.

We had a pretty good day. We picked my mom up at 1:30 and went to Home Town Buffet for Thanksgiving dinner. I called the grocery store Tuesday and the only "traditional" dinner they had left was a 22lb turkey with all the fixin's. And that included seven pounds of mashed potatoes. A little more than we needed. We waited in line for 45 minutes and actually, the line moved pretty quickly. We were home by 3:30 with no muss, no fuss. Then Brian had to leave to visit his family. I asked if he wanted me to go with him, but he said no, that it wasn't a big deal. Besides, I don't want to wear his dad out and that's what company does.

I worked on some more backgrounds and bars for my graphics site, went next door and fed the dogs and took the collar off of Maddie, came home, got the cats in and fed. Came back into the office to play some more. And it started. Maddie. Howling. Yapping. Barking. I'm getting a headache, I hate having to walk up to the house, my feet hurt so much. That standing in line today didn't help them at all. And now I have to go back next store. I'm fuming. I'm pissed. I put on my shoes, grab the housekey, stomp out the front door. Go up the hill to the neighbor's house, can't get the damn key in the lock. It's dark. I finally get the door opened and march in the house. SHUT UP. Alex comes running up. Yapyapyapyapyap, she tells me. She barks at the closet. She wants a biscuit. I open the closet, grab two biscuits. Give one to Alex, one to Maddie. And Maddie also gets the collar put back on her. I told both of them to shut up, no more barking. And I come home. My neck hurts right behind my ears. It's tension. I take three exedrin and I'm still waiting for them to work.


november 27, 1998 Brian came home before I finished last night. I just quit and we went and watched television.

I got out the old Shiatsu massager last night and took turns putting my feet in it. Brian said "hey, that's supposed to be for your back". I didn't care, I want my feet to feel better. Then I found the other heating pad and alternated putting my feet on that. They feel a little better this morning. But, we have to go shopping sometime this weekend, I'm almost out of junk moist food that I feed the cats at night, I only have one full bag of Nature's Recipe for them. After cleaning out the cat boxes yesterday, I only have one container of cat litter left. And we are supposed to decorate this weekend and according to the weather, it's going to be raining all day tomorrow. Brian is putting small lights up outside and this year we are definitely putting up the Mickey and Minnie animated decoration we got at Disneyland last year (we paid $110 for it and wouldn't you know? In January we got a catalog of sale items and there was the Mickey and Minnie animatronic. For $56.00. Grrrrr.......). When we bought the lights at Michael's craft store last weekend we bought a little fiber optic Christmas tree and the decorations for it. Everything is so tiny. The tree was $49.95. So, guess what was in yesterday's paper? An ad. For Michael's. With coupons. One of the coupons was for 40% off of any one item not on sale. Sheesh, do we have timing? I actually considered taking the tree back, getting a refund, then getting another tree with the discount. But, who wants to fight all of those people? Especially with my feet the way they are. Once we get the decorations up (the Mickey/Minnie/Christmas tree are going up in the front window) Brian has to make something to keep them safe from cats and their pee.

A little after 10 pm last night, I woke up from my snooze on the couch and told Brian, let's go to bed. He said okay. He gets up and walks down the hallway. He stops, he swears. Some cat peed on the door. But since there's no longer a mat in front of it, the pee is puddled on the tiles. And he stepped in it. He unlocked the front door. I went into the laundry room to grab a towel to clean it up with. I come back, he's gone. I say "where are you?", he said "in the bathroom washing my foot." He came back into the hallway. And just stood there. I said "didn't you unlock the door?" He said "yes". I'm wiping the tiles and ask him "are you just going to stand there and watch?" (I thought that was really weird). He said "what do you want me to do?" I said "go to bed". He went.

When I was done, I went into the bedroom and darnit, there was a basket of clean clothes on my side of the bed. I took them into the exercise room (to keep it safe from cat pee) and crawled into bed. Fell asleep. Soon, a noise woke me up. It was Benny on the screen. *whine* Benny, get down. I got out of bed and shut the bathroom door. It was 1:15. Fell back asleep and heard the cat throwing up sound. It was Annie. Next to my head. I tried to push her out of bed. Not in time. She puked in my hair. Not much, just spit type stuff. I asked Brian for some Kleenex and wiped my hair. It was 1:45. I fell back asleep. I don't know how much later this happened, but Gracie was curled up next to me. Boney decided he wanted to see me and he wanted her to move. A slapping match started. I put my hand up to stop it. I got a scratch on my hand. It bled. I know because I put that part of my hand to my mouth and tasted blood. I thought about getting up and washing it, but I was so tired. I fell back asleep. Then, growling woke me up. Lisa, shut up. Then, at 5:45, Benny came in, sat on top of the litter box and started meowing. "Wake up," he told me. "Wake up and let us out." I said no. I called him over. He didn't come, but he stayed on top of the litter box. DeeJay came in crying. Oh, please, just stop it you guys, I'm so tired, let me sleep. Yeah, right.

I'm almost finished here, it's 6:42 am. The neighbor dogs are out and Maddie tried to bark a couple of times. The collar is still on her. She didn't bark much.

I hope this day gets better.

Wednesday, I found my old Disney Indiana Jones pictures, the ones I thought were lost forever. There were no new ones. So, I went through the ones I had and deciphered all of them. I should have the translations up soon. I only have about eight or nine up and I mentioned to Brian that I didn't have any new ones. He said "well, there aren't that many". I said "we have less than ten pictures" and he said yeah, there's more than that. So, I think we'll take the pictures of the ones we have along with a camera and try to get the ones I don't have up. We're going in a couple of weeks. I hope my feet feel better.

I also noticed the other day that DeeJay has lost weight. I also noticed that he hates the Nature's Recipe diet, he eats the other kinds with relish. I don't what I'm going to do. He flat out won't eat Nature's Recipe.

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