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Sunday, October 15, 2000 I've been kind of busy. With housecleaning and all. Got quite a bit done last week. Didn't do much on Thursday, took a break. Then on Friday, my new receiver shows up. It took hours to undo the other one and get this one hooked back up. It's really cool, does all sorts of neat stuff. It has separate hook ups for two sets of speakers as well as separate hook ups for back and center surround speakers. Not having a center speaker for the surround sound, and Brian being home early, he offered to go buy me one. While he was gone, I turned on the system. It kept shutting down and I would get a "check speaker wires" message. The only ones that I thought were a problem were the center wire speakers, they were just hanging there and they were crossed. So, I uncrossed them and turned on the system. It was up and running fine. I had set up the back speakers for surround like I did on our last system. I guess this system couldn't handle it. I was in the kitchen and forty five minutes after the thing had been on, it shut down. And it wouldn't come back on. In a panic, I called J and R. Their tech department had closed for the day, and I was told to call Yamaha. I found Yamaha's 800 number in the packet that came with the system. I called. I was told to completely unhook all speakers and turn it on. If it didn't reset, I was to call J and R. It didn't completely reset.

Now, being short on patience, I called J and R, explained the problem and was told that I would have to call back Saturday to get a return authorization number. And I ordered a new receiver, just like what happened with my CD player I got online. I'll get a credit when they receive this receiver. Just about now, Brian got home. He had the center speaker. It was $250.00. I wasn't happy. I put it up on the tv to see how it would look. It was okay. I was bummed that I couldn't get anything to work, though. I got to thinking maybe the problem was the old switchbox I had been using. I started looking through the J and R catalog and happened to see a set of Yamaha surround equipment. A center speaker and two rear speakers for $149.00. I showed it to Brian, told him he should return the speaker he got and I'd just add these to my order. He agreed and I called J and R and now, on Wednesday, I'll be getting speakers and a new receiver. And by then, I shouldn't have any housecleaning left. It took me over five hours from start to finish on this thing. *sigh* What a waste of time. Years ago, we bought a large roll of wire so that we could rewire the house for speakers, so I'll be using that to get the rear speakers in place. It should sound pretty good once it's going. And I won't need that ugly old switchbox. Best thing to do with that is toss it in the trash.

And Brian's work truck? The engine blew again Thursday. He knows that he'll have to spend the money to get it working, but he's really tired of paying for all of this maintenance. It's only been 29,000 miles since the engine was fixed, but it's over the time limit for warranty. He's just sick. So sick, that he's gonna buy a new truck. *sigh* $33,000 plus tax and license. It's a lot of money and it will take a couple of months before the truck is here, but he needs something that won't break down every year and put him at least a week out of work. If he's not working, he's not making money. He doesn't really like the looks of the new trucks, but he really doesn't have any other option.

Remember last Sunday we went with my mom when she bought a new car? Well, she sold her old car to an old friend, who had been driving an old mail jeep (1974) for twelve years. He didn't need his jeep and he was asking $200.00 for it. Brian talked it over with Mark (his brother) and they bought it. It's so adorable. They are going to take it up to Ranchita to drive around on the property. Brian calls it the "Ranch Wagon". LOL!! I kind of wanted to keep it here, but we would need to license it and insure it and of course, I wanted vanity plates. That would all cost more than the vehicle itself. The plates I would have tried to get would say "cheapjp" for cheap jeep. But, the little guy is going up to the sticks the next time the boys go up and that's where it will live. The man who sold it gave Brian the receipts for the work he had done on it this year and he put almost $900.00 into it.

Now, onto the animal related stuff.

Pepper just keeps surprising the heck out of me. She's drooling quite a bit, but she's eating, which is strange to watch. It's like it goes in one side, then kind of squishes out the other side of her mouth, like toothpaste. But she's not in any obvious pain when she eats, she just takes her time. And she seems to be eating quite a bit. She hasn't lost any obvious weight, not like Bobby did last year or Lola did earlier this year. She's not skinny, by any means. We had some concern that she wouldn't be with us by the time we left for Disneyland next week, but unless something radically goes wrong within the next week, she'll still be here. Every day, I watch her and I wonder how she's feeling. She shows no signs of being sick. No lethargy, no loss of appetite. She's as feisty as ever.

This is a picture of Pepper shortly after she had come home from the "dental". She looks much better now.

I know she's going to die, but it's not at all like I expected from what the vet had said. Every day with her is a miracle and I don't know what I've done to deserve them. But I'm sure glad that they're happening. I'm thankful for everyday we have with Mom Pep. She is such a sweet, mellow cat. I opened the doors yesterday to let the kittens go outside for a little bit and Pepper made sure the dogs kept their distance.

The kittens are growing so fast. Last week, Mystie got a couple of bites on the top of her head. One is much bigger than the other. Probably more poison in the first bite. I called the vet about it, to find out what I should be watching for. I considered taking her in, but held off. The bumps don't bother her and seem to be slowly (very slowly) getting smaller. And smooshier. And on the tip of the bigger one, you can see a dark pink spot, probably where the bite happened. Right now, she's jumping up on my back, attacking my hair. Katie is turning out to be a real little lovebug. She really made Brian happy the other night. She let him hold her for the longest time and she purred and purred for him. When he put her down, she wanted right back up. If you don't check out the catcam on a regular basis, here's a little of what you've missed.

We haven't seen the little black kitten out front in a couple of days. And Meezer hasn't been around. Cleo was limping last night. The white kitten and red kitten are still around. The white kitten showed up early last night. Hours later, the red kitten was here.

Somebody (Ciara, I suspect) peed on my side of the bed again. I guess I should get Ciara back on Buspar. She's also been a little aggressive. Kirby has been acting oddly. He's started spraying, so I would suspect that he's working on a urinary infection. I began giving him amoxicillan last night. He still gets ammonil nightly. That's doing a good job of keeping him from blocking; he has no problems urinating. I just think it's kind of uncomfortable for him right now.

Well, Brian just got home from visiting at his parents' and he said he really likes the little Jeep. I told him I want it. He said I should drive it and if I like it, then he'll give Mark back his $100.00. My mom said this morning if she had known I'd want it, she'd have bought it and given it to me for my birthday. LOL!! I think I'll take it for a ride and see what I think.


Wednesday, October 18, 2000 Well, Cleo, Jack's mom, one of the outfront ferals, has been hurt. I don't know if she was hit by a car or tangled with a dog. I wish we had more room here. I don't know what we're going to do. She's walking, but not putting any pressure at all on her left rear leg. She hadn't been here for over a week. We saw her two nights ago, limping. Last night, I got a better look at her. This tears me apart. Brian wants to catch her, which is only right and take her to the vet. But what then? We don't have the facilities to care for her. If it's a broken leg, she would need to be in a cast. If they couldn't fix it, it would have to be amputated. And we don't have the facilities to take care of her here. I just want to cry. We were told that she also has two kittens. We would have to get them, too. Man, I hate this.

Monday, I just knew that Pepper wasn't going to be with us much longer. She was drooling so much. Nonstop. It scares me more than I can express. Brian was here and he told me to calm down. He asked if she was eating. I said yes. Is she pooping and peeing? Yes. And she's still responding to attention? Yes. Well, then it's not her time. Just let her alone. Then he reminded me of what Cecilia said. That cats with cancer will have a bad day, then a bunch of good days. And she's right. Pepper ate almost a half a can of Nutromax this morning, ate out of four different bowls last night at dinner. I've started using my little hand held food processor to make the cat food baby food consistency, which is easier for her to lap up. The other cats aren't really thrilled with it, but they eat anyway. Last night, I even saw her pick up a piece of the dry kibble I mix with the wet at night and eat it. If she could do that, she's not in terrible pain. She's eaten a half a small can of NutroMax this morning. Yesterday, she drank some CatSip. I just wish I didn't get so darned worried. It serves no constructive purpose. I'm determined, though, to let her sleep as deeply and as long as she likes. To eat when she wants to eat and not force her. As for the drooling, I'll keep reminding myself that babies drool, too, and it doesn't mean they're dying.

Mystie's bumps are going away. The small one is gone and the larger one is getting smaller. Thank goodness. These little cuties really keep us entertained, I'll tell you that. Yesterday, I let them out in the side yard, opened up the garage door for them. They wore themselves out running and jumping and tumbling. They woke up long enough last evening to eat. Then it was back to sleep for the both of them.

Hey, I found out yesterday you can vacuum that bumpy ceiling stuff. I used the narrow attachment and got a ton of hanging down cobwebs. In the bedroom, one of the corners was almost black with them, now it looks really nice. I did the television room this morning. I still have to shampoo the bedroom carpet, but that's it. After that, I'll dust and vacuum the entire house, then I'll be all done. I have to admit, the house looks and smells much better.

Thursday, October 19, 2000-continued from yesterday The new receiver showed up yesterday. I had already vacuumed the rest of the ceiling in the tv room and shampooed the carpet in the bedroom. I took my time with the new speakers and the receiver this time, testing one thing at a time. First I hooked up the front speakers, then I hooked up the speakers to the switch box (I use that to control which speakers in the house are on). Then I hooked up the second pair of speakers, the B speakers. Then, I took the surround speakers out of the box and, to my surprise, found they came with speaker wire. But it wasn't long enough, so before I blew up this system, I called J and R to find out if I could use different wire, a heavier gage. I was told it wouldn't be a problem. With help from Brian, all speakers were in place by seven last night. All components work, no error messages on the receiver monitor. This is good news.

Lola has been acting a little odd this week. Tuesday, I noticed that she's sore on her lower back and around her anus. It's very tender for her to be touched there, this is something that's happened before. She's eating okay and pooping and peeing. I called the vet Tuesday to see what he wanted me to do and he said she should be okay, that he would check her out today (her chemo day). I've already taken her in and she's gained two ounces from last week. One more ounce and she's up to nine pounds. She had weighed this earlier, but lost some weight when she had her bladder infection. Then she stayed the same for two weeks. Now, it's going up again. This is good news for a cancer patient. She has been coming out to eat food other than the A/D lately. I guess she likes this stuff better than the Nutro.

I'm almost done cleaning the house for this weekend. All I have to do is rewash the throw rugs, the sofa covers, change the bed clothes and I'm done with that part of it. I still have to list out all that the sitter needs to do. I wanted to get really fancy with it, but it doesn't look like I'll have the time. I have to wash our overnight bag still (cat piss, what else?). And get our goody bags together. I'm looking forward to this weekend. I know I'll be worried about all the animals. Benny is going to be very upset that he can't go out. But I saw him in a tree a couple of days ago and I just can't take the chance. We'll let them out for a while on Saturday morning before we leave and I'll have Becky let them out Tuesday morning, because we'll probably leave Anaheim fairly early. Hopefully, we won't hit much traffic on the way home. The cats I'm worried most about are Pepper, Lola and Kirby. But the sitter only works a half day Monday, so that's good. That's one of the reasons I wanted to make her a good list of stuff she can do (like how to work the stereo and satellite receiver, vcr, dvd, etc) while she's here, so she won't get bored. I particularly wanted to give detailed instructions on running the satellite receiver.

I think the kittens are starting to teethe. Katie has been chewing on lots of stuff, like the wood steps in the tv room. They've both been sleeping a lot, going through another growth stage I would guess.

Saw Cleo a little last night, not much. Not too many other cats were out front when Brian fed them. I hope they'll be okay while we're gone. I still don't know what we're going to do about Cleo. I'm hoping it's just a badly bruised leg. I remember OC being gone for weeks a couple of years ago and when he showed back up, he was very, very thin and could barely walk. He had been hit by a car and now he's doing fine. I'm praying it's the same with Cleo. Brian doesn't know what to do. Since I can't do it by myself, I'll wait to see what he decides. It will be next week before we do anything.

Well, I guess I should start doing the final things I have to do before we leave. I don't want to leave knowing there's stuff I should have done. That would take the edge off.

I don't know if I'll have the time to write in here until we get back next Tuesday. If not, have a pleasant weekend and see ya next week.


Saturday, October 21, 2000 Just a quick update. Cleo seems to be doing a little better. Brian saw her scratching her ear the other night. There are five kittens that we've seen now. Three are the siblings of Mystie and Katie, one is a little grey with a possom face (a neighbor told me he found the mama dead in the street a while back, he buried her), and a little tortie, who we think belongs to Cleo. Even though Brian hasn't come out and said it, I think he wants to try to get them all. Because he gets so upset everytime he sees them. He talks to them, asking if they'll come in if he opens the door.

Pepper is still doing okay. As usual, she's drooling a lot, but she still has an interest in food. I would say she's eating close to a full short can of moist food a day. I don't need to tell you how worried I'll be about her this weekend. One of the things the vet told me when I took Lola in for her chemo Thursday was to watch to make sure Pep's face isn't asymmetrical. She was playing with a small ball yesterday. I've been combing her out, because she gets the saliva in her fur and can't do anything about it, so I help her. I'm sure it makes her feel better to not be so clumpy.

And I was told Lola only has to go in for two more chemo treatments. She won't have to have a series of four, like he had originally mentioned. Yay!! That's five less Thursdays I'll have to take her in. She will be on medication for the rest of her life. As for her sore back, he took an x-ray and found one of the disks in her lower back is messed up. She has two fused disks higher in her back, now this one. I would think it's been bad for awhile, because she's done this before, he just never took xrays. But the daily prednisone helped with the swelling and inflammation. Before, she took two preds a day, but not this time. He didn't want anything interfering with the chemo, to throw off the balance.

Hey, if you have any Disney memories, go over to the Disney section and tell me about them. It will be nice to read about when I get home.

Disneyland, here we come!!


Wednesday, October 25, 2000 We're back and we're tired. We had a great time, though. So much fun, so much food, so much walking. I was sorest after I fell up the stairs, in a hurry to get to the restroom. I kicked the step in front of me, lost my balance, hit my kneecap against the stair on the way down and, since I put my hands in front of me to break my fall, I jammed my bad elbow again. My toe hurts a lot now. So does my knee. I'll write more about the actual Disney trip later. I have so much to do today, like laundry. Lots and lots of laundry.

I was concerned because I was unable to get through to the catsitter. The phone was busy every time I called Sunday morning, which was definitely not normal. I knew nothing bad was going on, because the sitter had Brian's pager number and I was very detailed about what to do in case something bad happened. I figured that some kitty had knocked some phone off of the hook. I called my mom to check and she drove over to our house. But she didn't have a key. She drove over to Brian's mom's house and we never gave her a key, either. Remember when we redid the doors and windows? Well, the locks were changed at that time. Mom wouldn't go into the backyard because she's afraid of Buddy. Brian's brother wasn't home, either. Mom tried Chuck's house, but they were all asleep. In case there had been an emergency, mom drove down to the vet's office, but no one was there. We went on over to Disneyland, because, as I said, I was sure there was nothing horrible happening and there wasn't much I could do at this point anyway. When we came back later that day, the sitter had called and left a voice mail and yes, the phone had been knocked off of the hook, all the cats were fine. I talked with her later in the day and Pepper was eating, Lola was eating and all of the cats seemed to be doing well, even though many of them kept themselves in hiding. Not many of them visited with her, mostly just George, Gracie, Rusty and Boney as I remember. Oh, and Mystie. Katie kept herself hidden, too.

The cats were very happy to see us yesterday. We opened up the house and out they ran. I was a little concerned about Katie, if our not being here would affect how she acted towards us, but she was just as sweet as ever. I was told Pepper hadn't eaten much Monday, but she made up for it after we were home. She ate quite a bit. I saw a stool of hers last night and it made me proud. It had volume!! And if she hadn't been eating, the stool wouldn't have been as large. Lola felt like she may have lost a little weight. I'll know tomorrow for sure. It took a couple of hours before Benny didn't run from me. Pete was back in my lap this morning. We had quite a few cats on the bed last night. They're happy we're home. There is something going on with Kirby, though. I don't think it's urinary because he isn't straining to pee and he isn't constantly licking himself. But his abdomen is very tender to the touch. I'm wondering if maybe he's constipated. I called this morning and am taking him in at eleven. I hope it's nothing serious. He's so sensitive, though. It doesn't take much to upset his system. And this was the longest I've been gone from home since 1986. Amazing, isn't it?

The pet sitter tried to catch Cleo. She had the net from the vet's office and would have gotten Cleo had the sitter's daughter not yelled. She even had a sedative for her, to keep her calm til she got there. She thinks Cleo's leg is broken, doesn't think it's her pelvis. I watched the kittens out front last night. The little red one pooped right under the window I was looking out of. I talked with him and it didn't scare him one little bit.


Saturday, October 28, 2000 Let's see if I can play catch up. So much has happened. Or has it been that I'm so tired? Okay....

Kirby turned out to be blocked. The vet felt him when I went in and took a urine sample. Nasty stuff it was (he took it via needle/syringe to the bladder, so it was a pure sample). It had crystals and blood and all sorts of gross stuff. At that time, the vet didn't feel that Kirby was blocked, but he was well on the way to it. He wanted to keep him, sedate him and catheterize him, flush him out and give him fluids and I should be able to pick him up late afternoon. At 2:30 the phone rang. Kirby was already blocked. He had to stay overnight. The vet was relieved that at least this time, we *knew* what Kirby's stresser was. All of my cleaning and our trip. He said next time we should consider giving Kirby Elavil before we left. But when I picked Kirby up at the same time I picked Lola up from her chemo treatment Thursday, he mentioned boarding Kirby at the vet's when we leave. At least they can keep an eye on him. There's no way a stranger would be able to pill him. We all know how hard it is for me to do it. I'm all for it, but Brian wants to think about it. Kirby has been sleeping pretty much since he's been home. Poor guy. At least, he gets to keep his penis.

Lola hadn't lost any weight, she was holding steady. She has only one more treatment!! But Thursday night, she was doing the nervous pacing thing again. I followed her into the garage and watched her pee. Blood. I'll be glad when her chemo is finished and her immune system can get to work again. The doc told me how pleased he was with her progress and underscored the fact that had it not been for the chemo, she most likely would have the cancer again. He explained that chemo goes after fast growing cells. Some cancers aren't fast growing and that's why the chemo doesn't work on them. Her post chemo treatment will be prednisone three times a week along with another drug three times a week. They'll be given on alternating days. So, she'll be on meds six days a week with one day off. I know she'll be happy to not have to go through this any more.

And Pepper is hanging in there. She is good at coming to me when she's hungry and I have at least two types of processed food for her. She also eats well at night. She hasn't been quite as affectionate, that had me concerned. But last night (and what a night it was), she did come over and spend some time kneading me. And she got comfortable on me, settled down to sleep.

About last night. I found a message on Hollywood's messageboard that was somewhat upsetting. I was getting a major lecture for letting our cats out. It was a pretty pointed lecture, albeit a complete waste of the woman's time. I sent her an email and I also posted the email I sent, with a few more comments on the board. Wouldn't you know, after I did that, I couldn't find Jack? It was horrible. Brian was adamant about the fact that Jack couldn't have gotten into the shop. The door was never opened long enough for him to get in. I tried to remember the last time I saw Jackie and it had been in the afternoon, playing with the kittens in the garage. I don't think he was there at dinnertime. Around seven thirty, eight o'clock, I started looking for him in earnest. I pulled the couch away from the wall, tore all of the yarn out from under the bed with no sign of him. I went outside with a flashlight and searched the entire yard, calling him. An hour after I had been searching fruitlessly, Brian helped, with the same results. None. Around ten thirty, Brian went to bed. I stayed up hoping to hear or see some sign of Jack. I went outside again and the only thing I could figure was he had climbed the tree next to the fence and jumped onto the fence. The past couple of weeks, I had seen more than one cat in that tree. I had mentioned it to Brian, but I guess he was preoccupied. He said he only remembered me mentioning Benny in the tree (as if that wasn't bad enough). I just knew Jack was out of the yard. I slept for about an hour and a half at a time last night. And when I would wake up, I would dress, grab the flashlight and go in search of him. It was quiet and I hoped I could hear him cry. I heard nothing. I was worried that he wouldn't know to come back here. But the few times that Lonee got through the holes so long ago, she knew. To say the least, I didn't sleep much or sleep well. I woke up depressed this morning. The cats wanted out, but I said "no, not until that branch is removed". I had left the sliding door in the office open last night, praying that Jack was just hiding somewhere in the yard and would come in. I put down dry kitten food, knowing he couldn't resist. It was untouched this morning. I was broken hearted, what a terrible, terrible year this has been. I went out and opened the shop door, thinking maybe, just maybe he was in there. Junior was the only one to come out. Buddy was fast asleep in his little Buddy cave.

Depressed, I came inside and started up the computer. I asked Brian if he thought we would be able to get Jackie back. I kept thinking about the fact that we still haven't gotten Jackie fixed. Was he out there making kittens? I planned my attack for the day. George was wound up, so I let him outside. Fifteen minutes later, I looked for him. No sign. Dammit. I can't even believe this. I went outside to look for him. I looked in the shop (the door was still open), in the tube by the pool pump and under the pool pump. It wasn't all the way light yet, but I saw no sign of George. I went down by the pool and walked the perimeter. No George. I walked back up by the garage and saw a black flash out of the corner of my eye. It was Jack!! He had been in the shop all night long!!! Brian was wrong, he *did* have the door opened long enough for Jackie to slip in, unnoticed. Whew. And I guess George was under the pool pump all along. I just didn't see him there. What a relief. At sunup, Brian got out of bed and took his shower. He got dressed and went outside to work on the tree. He's taken off the branches that hung over the fence and he's now building a larger barrier around the bottom of the tree branches, so that the cats will have a much more difficult time getting up in it. I told Brian last night, that I couldn't believe that Jack had gotten out of the yard. For one thing, he isn't a climber. When he hides, it's behind or in something, he never goes up. I just couldn't imagine him climbing the tree. He's never done it before, why would he have done it yesterday? Especially when it was cold and rainy. And even though I was scared, I wasn't terrified that he had gotten out of the yard. It's a hard thing to explain, but in my gut, I just knew he was still here on the property. If Benny can't breach the barrier, I just couldn't see Jack doing it. Benny has tried, Jack never has. And Jack would much rather be indoors than out. He likes to go outside and chase a bug or two, but that's it. He spends the majority of his day inside, that was another reason I didn't feel deep down that he was gone. But the imagination can do awful things, ya know?

I'm tired, I have a terrible headache, I caught a cold at Disneyland and it's starting to go full swing. But the cats are home and safe. And that makes me happy.


Monday, October 30, 2000 I'm sick, I'm miserable, I just got done paying company bills and entering all of the invoices from the vet's (Lola's treatments, prescription food, antibiotics for the URIs and the bladder infections, Kirby's blockage), this month and we're pretty darn close to broke. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pay all of the company bills. We spent way too much money at Disneyland (the hotel rate was pretty high for this time of year, no passholder specials like in past years) and the sitter wasn't a planned expense. Neither was Kirby's blockage. And Brian's new truck is supposed to be in the first of December. Our lotto ticket ran out two weeks ago, so we won't get any money that way. *sigh* Guess we'll start eating eggs and beans and tortillas. It's been years since the money outlook has looked this bad. Oh, well, it'll pass. It's been worse.

Here are a couple of shots of the barrier Brian put up Saturday. I've seen the cats do their best to get up there, but no luck. There's that little stub of a branch that they'll sit on, heads up, checking out a way to get up there. They've even tried to squeeze under the branch that the barrier rests on, but there's no way they can do it. It's pretty funny to watch.

Mystie has diarrhea. She's had it for a couple of days now. She's eating fine and playing fine. I'm thinking she may have a sensitive tummy like Ciara had when she was a kitten. I'll make sure she doesn't get any kind of scraps, like from breakfast. Or she could just be teething. It's about that time. Poor little thing. She's just so darn sweet. When she wakes up, she wants to be cuddled. Katie likes to be held, too, not as much as Mystie. Katie will jump up at my legs when she's playful. Pete used to do that. Pete plays with the babies a lot at night. He's not afraid of them any longer. And Katie is learning a nice place to sleep at night is in bed. Mystie doesn't always follow. But before I get up in the morning, she's usually up on the bed for some snuggles. Brian was watching them last night, as they were playing in the living room. He said "I'm really glad you got these guys". I said "You got Katie". I knew he'd love them.

I got caught up on paperwork yesterday and Brian went to the sticks. He was asleep on the couch by eight o'clock. He was beat. He's also sick. He went to bed before I did last night, as usual. I guess sometime after I hit the sack, he got up to get something for his runny nose. I had so much crap in my nose and throat, that I was snoring pretty loudly. When I woke up, he wasn't in bed. He slept on the couch. I hate being sick. This is twice in one month. I usually go years. Spit. I know I surely won't have enough energy to decorate for Halloween tomorrow. Oh, well. Next year. I need my rest. Jury duty next Monday. What fun.

Oh, this weekend I put up another top website page. This one for catcams. I think it would be neat to have a listing of just cat oriented webcams, without women's breasts or men's chests or dogs or birds on it. Just cats. I also redid the top fifty cat sites page. This one shouldn't lose the password. So, if you have a cat site or a cat cam, or have a favorite cat site or cat cam, let them know about the top fifty sites, okay? I need a few more entries before they get to fifty. *grin*

Pepper is doing really good. (knocking on wood again.) She loves to be brushed which is a good thing because she needs to be brushed. She still grooms a little, but not at all like she used to. This afternoon, she ate some of the kittens' moist food, without me adding any water and processing it like I have been. She really seemed to enjoy it, ate a fair amount. She has just as much energy as ever and still loves to go out back in the evening and lay in the grass. If I'm outside with her, she'll gallop and run halfway up the plum tree, hang there and look at me. She'll chase around where ever I go. She hisses at the dogs, warning them to keep away, that she's a tough girl kitty, as tough a girl kitty as ever was. I love her so much, she brings me such joy.

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