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Monday, October 21, 2002 Well, we're back from our trip to the Disneyland Resort. Actually, we got home a little before noon yesterday. And it's good to be home. I'll be working on my trip report later today. We had a great time.

The cats were glad to see us home. A couple of them took a little time to warm back up to us ("who are you?") and most of them were quite pleased to be back outside. The sitter didn't give DeeJay his fluids on Saturday. She didn't realize that it was for his CRF, not for dehydration. But Brian and I gave them to him yesterday afternoon and he's doing fine. I've had a problem getting him to eat. Last Wednesday, I went grocery shopping and got some deli turkey, which DeeJay really seemed to like. So, I left some for him and Brian went down to the store and bought a bunch of different kinds of turkey cat food. I know that he's supposed to be getting a kidney diet right now, but if he's not going to eat it, it's not going to help him. Luckily, he does like the turkey Fancy Feast he got.

Boy, it's good to be home.

When we got home, Brian brought all of the luggage in and I unpacked it. I then started laundry because I had to change the bedding. We opened up the house because the smell was really strong. I found that my bathroom had a number of places where the cats had urinated (on the toilet, by the water bowl and the pee got under the bowl, for instance). Brian's bathroom also was pretty bad. We watched the Chargers game (go Chargers!), ate a bunch of junk food (we did really good up at Disneyland, I don't know why we did so bad once we got home).

One of the cats has really runny poop. I'm thinking it's either DeeJay or Lucky. But there are little dark poopie drops through the house. They weren't there when we got home. They appeared sometime during the night. Hmmm....

I saw all of the out fronts since we've gotten home. Yesterday evening, I saw Meezer and OC, then Repete at dinner. And Angus was here later, Angus who we haven't seen in over a week. No SpotTee, but he was here for breakfast. So, I'm a happy camper as far as the outfronts are concerned.

I have a lot of pictures to go through for the trip report, so I guess I'd best get busy. And I've got lots of laundry, too, and it's not going to sort itself. Or jump into the washer, either. Have a great day! Go Chargers!


Thursday, October 24, 2002 I haven't gotten too far with my latest trip report. I've been busy with other stuff, like a trip to the bank Tuesday and a State Comp audit this afternoon. It seems like I can't seem to just sit down and go through the pictures, picking out the best and then write up the report. I have done some different backgrounds, though, something different than the dark one I have on the current pages.

I think that we brought some sort of illness home with us. Colds or the flu. From the way my body is acting, I think I've got a flu bug. I'm just so tired. This is beyond getting over a vacation tired. I think Brian might have a head cold. It's no fun, that's for sure.

Monday, DeeJay had really bad diarrhea. There were little drops of poop all over. Some must have happened during the previous night, because they were dried on and VERY hard to get up. I soaked them, then used a stiff brush. I called the vet's office and was told I could use Immodium. I've given it to him three times now, since Monday. I just wish he'd start to show some sort of improvement. But cleaning the litterboxes this morning, I noticed that DeeJay is not the only cat with the runs. I'm wondering if maybe the sitter brought something home with her from the vet's office. Fingers crossed that it quickly passes (no pun intended). DeeJay's appetite is iffy. Sometimes he'll eat, sometimes he won't. *sigh* I sure hope he starts getting better soon.


Friday, October 25, 2002 Hubby got home early yesterday, while I was typing this up. I ended up laying on the sofa and fell asleep. I'm pretty sure we've got some sort of flu. I thought we got it up at Disneyland, but Brian reminded me we were both fighting scratchy throats before we went up. Probably got run down running around. Bodies just can't handle it anymore. We're not kids.

Lucky has been throwing up a little more than I like. Her tummy gets upset, then she eats grass. What's scary is that sometimes the fluid is pink tinged. I'm betting that's from the grass coming up, irritating her throat. If it was alway pink, I'd take her in for a check up, but it's an occasional thing.

DeeJay seems to be doing a small bit better. He actually got on me and purred last night. And this morning, he's been eating a little more, but that could be because I gave him a half a Periactic tablet. I'm watching to see if he keeps the food down. His diarrhea seems to have slowed down, I haven't seen him trying to go at all this morning and he went a little last night in the the litter box. It was poorly formed, but not watery like it had been earlier in the week.

We're supposed to have a good chance of rain tonight and into tomorrow. A quarter to a half an inch. Not much by the standards of some areas of the country, but a fair amount for us. I'm hoping to get the windows cleaned so we can enjoy the weather a little more. The drips of cat spray seem to interfere with the view. *grin*

I looked out last night to see if any out fronts were eating and I saw no cats, but I did see one of the local raccoons. There used to be two, but this one was here by him/herself. I think I'll call it "Rocky". Very original, wouldn't you agree?

Dishes are done. I have bunches of laundry to fold (still haven't caught up from this past weekend). Right now, I have all of the doors and windows open for the first time since we got home. It sure is nice. Got a few more windows to do, then I'll be ready to finish the laundry (I don't know why I have such a hard time with laundry because I sure like having all of the baskets emptied). And when I'm done with that, I'll get something to eat, then start on my trip report. Well, after I design some new buttons to use with the new backgrounds.

And DeeJay is back in the bathroom eating. Yay! Pray that he keeps it down.

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