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october 29, 1997 My computer crashed Sunday night while I was working on the tribute page. The power supply died. *POP* is what I heard then nothing. I called my computer repairman, who luckily makes house calls and he called me Monday am and made an appointment for this morning. My computer was a Packard Bell and it was a real pain in the behind for him to work on. I guess power supplies for PB computers are hard and expensive to find. He won't work on that part of PB computers. So, I had him rebuild me a computer. It's a tower, which will be easier for him to work on in the future. He had to get a new motherboard with a pentium 166 (my old processor was an overdrive chip up to 75Mh), since the old one wouldn't work with the new power supply. And I got a new video card, as well as a keyboard-the Packard Bell keyboard didn't work with the new motherboard. Well, it might have with an adapter, but a new keyboard was only twelve dollars. And the adapter was at least five. Earlier this year, he upgraded my harddrive to a 1.6G. A couple of years ago, my harddrive crashed, and the computer was under warranty. They installed a new harddrive, 1G, but they only set it up to work on my system as a 210M. So, I asked Glenn today if he could put that one in, too. And he did. So, now I have 2.6G!!! All this for $610. A real deal!!!

Pepper came out of her dental surgery fine. They had to pull two teeth, and they told me that one was loose. I knew that. At 3:30am I woke up out of a sound sleep and it dawned on me that I hadn't pulled up all of the food. And she was to get no food after midnight, water after six am. I got out of bed and I went into the garage. Picked up all of the dinner dishes and threw them out, and picked up the catfood holder to put it in my tub and shut the door. I picked it up by the top and it pulled apart. Catfood everywhere. *sigh* So, I picked up as much of that as I could, swept the garage and was back in bed by 4am. I bet I remember next time.

Sandy has had to take pills every day this week. They are doing alot of earthwork in the area. Poor baby. I wish there was something else I could do for her. I have to make an appointment for her to get that bump on her jaw taken off. And she gets warts on her eyelids. I think the newest ones are bothering her. So, they should be taken off, too.

I found a lump on the inside of Boney's back leg yesterday afternoon. I will keep watch on that for a week or so, then call the vet if it doesn't go away.

I put Bobby's heating pad down on the floor yesterday. I have two towels on top of it so he doesn't get too warm. I thought he might like it since it's been cooling off at night.

We have been starting to get ready for Halloween. Brian put up some really heavy twine, more like rope, in the front yard from tree to tree to the house. Then he put more rope up and tried to make it look like a giant spider web. I am going to hang spiders from it. It's over where the graveyard will be. Anyway, the cats are flipping out over this thing in their front yard. It went up Sunday, and they are more used to it now.

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