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Friday, October 01, 1999 My Netscape quit working last night. Everytime I loaded up my home page, I got a message saying that there was a problem with Netscape and it wouldn't load. So, I figured I would straighten up the harddrive. I did an error scan, then I let the defragmentation program work. This streamlines where the files are and the entire system should run better. It took over two hours. Netscape still didn't work, so I went opened up Explorer and downloaded the new Communicator, version 7.0. I deleted all the other Netscape files from my system. At midnight, I was done. Then I had to reset up my preferences and bookmarks (thank God for my bookmark lite program~~I was able to just transfer my Explorer bookmarks to Netscape. I had saved them right before I deleted all Netscape information. It's running fine now. I didn't get to bed until one this morning. I'm really tired.

The Blockbuster game is ready to start. All the scores are cleared out. It's official this month. I haven't found any pictures of Benny that I like for the teeshirts. I guess I should take a bunch of him today.

Well, with the end of summer and the beginning of the Santa Anas, dry winds, the brush fires have started. The skies are hazy and at night, the sunset is red. I hate the fires. I say prayers for all of the wild animals who are caught and lose their lives in them.

It's supposed to be cooler today. I did lay by the pool yesterday. It was really hot. Every once in a while a cat would lay under my chair. I had a towel spread out on the chair, it would get wet and it would be a cool spot to lay. I'll be spending as much time out there as I can handle. I didn't get burned, though. Hopefully, this weather will hold through our trip to Disneyland.

I'm really tired.....

Working late last night, I had a couple of cats in the office with me. Gracie was sleeping in Brian's chair, Rusty was in the catcam chair (the camera was off), Ciara was on the cat condo, Maggie was sleeping in the file folder box and Pepper was on the desk in front of me. Georgie would come in then want to go back outside. I let him. It happened so often, that I quit keeping track of his whereabouts. About 11:30, while Netscape was downloading, I tried to get him in. I couldn't find him anywhere. I got the flashlight and was outside softly calling him, shining the light around the pool and alongside the shop and up on the bank. He was nowhere to be found. I came back inside and he was at the door, on the inside. "What, mom?" What a relief to find him safe and sound.


Sunday, October 03, 1999 Boy, I was really out of it Friday. I realized that I had put up two bad links in the small amount of work I did. Well, one wasn't a bad link, but I had people going to '97's diary entry. And I just copy and pasted the link I was sent in email for the Ragdoll site. Bad idea. I should have at least looked at it. Well, at least I fixed them as soon as I realized what I had done.

Well, yesterday I finally got the shirt designed for the blockbuster winner. I think it's kind of cute. I'll be selling them, too, but without the "and I won this shirt" comment and of course, no score. You can see it at winner's teeshirt.

And yesterday, I talked Brian into letting me by a heat press on the condition that if lisaviolet designs doesn't take off, I'll make a real effort to sell it. I told him that I would. A press will be so much easier than an iron, besides not taking as long. It's really kind of funny, because he bought a new sander without a second thought this morning for back in his shop.

We might go for a ride this morning. It's beautiful out right now. We would go in the Mustang and put the top down. Brian took me to breakfast this morning because he said "You needed a break." I did? Huh. A break from what? It was really amusing, because Brian ordered for me. I looked at the menu, then remembered that they serve an omelet with hashbrowns in it. The waitress came over and he asked her which one it was and she mentioned to of them and when she described them, when she described the one I had before, he said "that's what she wants". I just looked at him, mouth hanging open. In all of our years of marriage, he's not once told anybody what I wanted, unless I told him first.

Gracie was playing toe monster yesterday morning. She was attacking my feet in bed. I didn't know it was her. Brian said "since when does Gracie play?" It's kind of neat, to be honest. She can be very affectionate, but hasn't been much for play. I like it.

We bought cat food yesterday and we didn't get any kitten food. The kitten won't eat it, but the adults, who don't need it, love it. I have a little bowl of food up here on the desk and I figured I would just put regular catfood in it. Amazingly, the cats don't seem to care, they still jump up here and partake. LOL!! I wonder if they think they are getting a "treat".

The neighbors were gone yesterday and their darn dog barked all day long. To make matters worse, the dog directly behind us also barked. I know they put the bark collar on the dog next door, but it has to be charged once in a while, otherwise the battery runs dead. The battery must be dead. We were wondering if the people behind them put a note on the door. Those are the people who threatened to kill the dogs because of their barking a couple of years ago. I told Brian that I don't dare say a word at all to them about the dogs. That woman still won't say boo to me and I know it's because of the trees. So, I sit here and suffer because of her dogs. Ranchita's looking really good to me right now.

Last night I took some pictures of the missile trail. Brian was trying to figure out where it came from, I said "don't they shoot them off at Vandenburg?" but he said the direction was all wrong. Hey, what do I know?

later, after reading the morning paper Ha. Wuddid I tell ya?


Tuesday, October 05, 1999 Maggie was acting a little strange this morning. I don't think she's sick. She just doesn't want to be outside. I have a feeling something scared her yesterday. I don't like it when they aren't acting right.

Well, I'm getting excited about the trip to Disneyland. Brian says we will request two beds in our room when we check in. My online friend, Fran is gonna meet us there. It will be a party of three. Fran and I are gonna wear pinwheel headbands, just for fun. If she can handle it, we can get her ticket on Saturday. She can come over to the hotel Sunday, early, we can ride over to Disneyland in her car, use our passes to get her free parking. Then, we can catch the tram back to Disneyland, and go in on the early morning thingy. We'll ride all of the fun rides before the park opens, then when the park opens, have breakfast. Then, we can go on more rides. When we get tired in the afternoon, we will go back to the room and kick back. I'll bring champagne to celebrate our birthdays (it's hers, too, this Thursday), maybe even make a little cake. After we have rested, we will go back to the park. Somewhere in here, we'll eat dinner. Then, we'll mosey on over to the area for the best viewing of Fantasmic and set our butts down for a couple of hours (maybe less, it depends on when other people start getting their seats) and wait for the show. It will be a full day.

When I went to the vet's a couple of weeks ago to see the baby, I was informed that our petsitter no longer works there. Great. I guess she applied for another job, a job with the county, in animal control. She hadn't mentioned it to anyone and the first they knew about it was when they got a background check letter in the mail. The doc was not happy and she ended up losing her job that very day. My concern is will this affect treatment of our animals, should something happen while we're gone. I called her yesterday and she's supposed to come over Friday for a precheck. After I talked with her, I called the vet's office to make sure there wouldn't be any problems should any of the cats or dogs fall ill while we're gone. Just to reassure myself. They said everything would be fine, that I shouldn't worry. Easy for them to say.

I've been working on finding out about starting the online business. Man, it's gonna cost. I have to get a merchant account for accepting credit cards, I have to have somebody who can process the payments from my website to the bank account. I have to have a shopping cart program (which can't be done until the merchant account is set up) to take the orders. I have to have a local bank account for the funds to go to. I have to have a fictitious name statement on file before I can open up a bank account. Hopefully, everything will be up and running by the end of November. We're going to try to get the merchant account through our own bank. That would be easiest. And the bank man told me yesterday that they just recently joined forces with another company who can do the online processing. Then, we'll be ready to cook. Well, I still have to design some shirts. *grins*

Ciara and Jackie were almost playing together last night. I'm looking forward to the day when they do. And once again, I was wakened by the toe monster, thought it was Ciara. It was Gracie. Maybe it's the cooler weather that's got these guys acting differently. A little while ago, Maggie was playing with Kirby's stick. So, she's feeling okay. Right now, she's in her spot in the sun beside the shop in the backyard.

I guess we weren't the only ones annoyed with the dogs barking last weekend. Brian's across the street buddy asked him what was the problem with those dogs? Brian says as soon as everybody leaves their house, the dogs start barking. And don't stop until somebody comes home. He told Chuck that they do it during the week, too, but nobody around here is at home but me. Brian told me he wouldn't be surprised if the dogs end up dead, because of the hothead behind them.


Thursday, October 07, 1999 Geez, where does the time go? Tomorrow's Friday already, I can't even believe it. I just have so much I have to get done and I'd rather be sleeping.

Getting the money set up for lisaviolet designs is really time consuming and costly. It's probably going to end up costing a couple of thousand dollars just to get the online stuff going. You know, the merchant accounts, accepting checks, the shopping cart..... I decided to go with an online merchant account, because it's cheaper than what my bank offers. I got my first package of transfer paper today, but nothing else yet. I don't know when the press will be here, soon, I hope.

We went for a ride this morning up to Julian and boy, are we both beat. It's hot and the cats are all just lazing around. Buddy is staying in the doghouse because it's cooler in there. I really want to be laying out in the sun, but I have so much I should be doing, like working on the Halloween cards. I have more graphics and more pictures and more java applets that I think will turn out great as cards.

Another thing I'm excited about is the trip to Disneyland. A couple of online friends are also going (besides Fran). They are coming down from the bay area. When they called the Disneyland Hotel, they were quoted a rate of about $200 a night. I asked them if they wanted me to check and see if I could get them in cheaper at the Disney Pacific, which is where we're staying. Yes, they said. I thought that it would be for Sunday night only. I could still get a room for $109. Great. I let them know. I get email back and they say we want to stay Saturday, too. They were going to stay at Fran's, I guess, until they found out that she would be giving up her bed for them and sleeping on the couch. So, I call the hotel again, but they close the reservations desk at 8:00. It was ten past. I emailed them with my phone number. The phone rings. It was Susan. Hey!! We talk for a while, they are excited about wearing sparkles and pinwheel headbands.

Brian says last night, let's go for a ride early this morning, eat breakfast in Julian, then walk around. We can leave after you talk to your mom. Hmm.... I'm thinking..... The reservations office opens at 7:30. I'll call my mom early, then see if they have available rooms for the lower rate for Saturday. At 7:33, I'm talking to a reservationist. Boy, was this fun. Sunday night is $109.00, Saturday night is $149.00, so for us, we had to make two reservations and we'll have to recheck in Sunday (at least, that's what they told me back in September). Here I am trying to explaing this to the young man I was talking to. They have rooms available for the lower rate for Sunday, but not Saturday. "Well, how much is the regular rate for Saturday?" I ask. I'm told $155.00. Well, geez, a big difference. Six bucks. Okay, go ahead and make the reservations. He give me the confirmation number. I ask for the other number. "What other number?" Well, there should be one for Saturday and a different one for Sunday. He says "so, you have four rooms?" Geezum crow, no. We have two rooms for two nights. But we should have four reservation numbers. Now, he gets it. And he even gave me the lower rate for Saturday on the second room. Cool. Now, we have to get to Disneyland first; there's no leeway in the expiration date on the passport. It runs out on the 14th and we won't be there until the 16th. And we need valid passports to get the special rate. Are you confused yet, gentle reader?

After we get that taken care of, we'll go to the hotel, check in, and then wait for my friends (whom I've never met in real life) to show up, because they can't get the rate without my passport. AND... we also get our pals into Disneyland for only $29.00, another part of the "bring your friends to Disneyland" promotion.

When I was explaining to Susan last night about the room charge cards, she was pretty funny. I was telling her not to bring a purse, that it's a real hassle, anything you carry is a pain. She said "well, I like to shop, I'll have packages." I tell her, well, we can to the shopping late or you can have them sent over to the hotel for no charge. "WHAT!!" she cried and she started laughing. She told AJ about it. She says "they have places to eat there, don't they?" and I say, "oh, yeah, they sure do". So, she says "we don't have to rent a car then, we'll just take the bus to and from the airport." I told her, "you know, you can also charge anything you buy and anything you eat at Disneyland to your room." She laughed even harder. She said they haven't been on a vacation since '94 and they are really looking forward to this. So am I. Last night Brian said "yeah, just me with four women." I didn't mention that Peggy might be coming, too. Peggy lives in the Anaheim area, says she can make it in a half hour. Oh, boy. Lucky, lucky Brian. This sounds like it's going to be really fun.


Saturday, October 09, 1999 I woke up this morning to the sound of a cat crying. I thought maybe it was Jackie or maybe even Lonee. I checked the office to make sure nobody had gotten locked in here last night, even though I doublechecked before I went to bed. No cat. So, I figured it must be a cat outside. I found my clothes and quietly unlocked the front door and went out, hoping it wasn't a hurt cat, but common sense told me a hurt cat wouldn't cry. That would alert any predators around. I didn't see any cats, but when I looked up at the sky, I saw a shooting star. It was beautiful. I made my wish. Then I came back in. It was only five after five. I decided to stay up.

Jackie seems to know what "no" is. Now when I pet him and he starts to play, he's much more gentle. Claws retracted, barely touching me with his teeth. When he gets too rough, I just say "no, Jackie" and he stops. We did this this morning and I know he wasn't irritated when he rough played because he was purring. He just plays rough.

Buddy had me a little worried yesterday. He was coughing alot, in obvious discomfort. Now, remember, we're having Santa Ana weather here, the winds blowing hot from the desert. According to the local weather report, there is a lot of mold spores (they show this for the allergy report). When we took Buddy to the vet last May, the examination showed an irritation and inflammation in his bronchial tubes, most likely due to allergies, the vet says they may be seasonal. I still have the medicine and I gave him a dose. Within an hour, his coughing had stopped. I'll have to be medicating him for a while until he's doing better or the weather changes.

The pet sitter came by yesterday and I think she's going to do a great job. She didn't go after the cats at all. She didn't try to pet them or pick them up. She obviously understands that you don't make friends with a cat, a cat makes friends with you.

Well, I've been up for over two hours now, I once again heard the cat crying. I went out front and checked around. It's a longhaired red kitty from down the street. I really wish they didn't let their cat out at night. I really do.

Hey, Aunt Flo hasn't been here since July 30. Anybody willing to bet that she shows up next week? Just in time for my big trip to Disneyland?

One of the cats had the runs yesterday. I thought at first it was Ciara, because she climbed into my lap yesterday morning and wanted to be loved. Then, I thought it was Jackie, because he had stepped in it. Now, I'm not sure, because it hasn't happened again. Lisa did finish the moo juice from my bowl of cheerios yesterday morning. Maybe it was her.

Something strange is going on in my lvdesigns directory and I think I'm going to have to get the password changed. Better safe than sorry. The forums were acting up last week and I found out that one of the file names had changed. Not the words, but the number of underscores. Instead of one between each word, there were two. And the script couldn't read it. The script author looked at it and said the script wouldn't have changed it. He advised getting my password changed. So, I guess I'll try.

I started working on the Halloween cards last night. I'll try to have them finished by Monday morning. It's hard because it's so darn nice outside.


Monday, October 11, 1999 Guess what that crying was that I heard Saturday morning? A kitten. A little black and white kitten. I went outside and it was really, really scared (I'll call it a he until I know his real gender, if ever). He ran behind the A/C and I tried to coax him out, then he ran to behind the dumpster. Then he ran back to the side of the house with the A/C and I couldn't find him. He's so tiny. His eyes have changed color, but he still has an arrow tail. Probably about six weeks old. I gave up looking for him. Saturday night, he was out there with the other cats for dinner. He hung around. Then, Sunday morning, Lisa was in the window, it was early, around five. I saw a couple of little kittens run out of the entry way, so I figured his mom had just left without him Saturday morning. I didn't see him until dinnertime. But he wasn't with any other cats, still alone. So, it looks like I'm gonna try to trap another kitten. Brian said we could and I never said a word about catching him. Last night, I played with him under the door. He likes to try to catch the stick. I might have been able to coax him in if there hadn't been three cats next to me. So, right now, I have the garage door blocked off from our cats and the door to the entryway is open, with chicken inside. Well, I just picked up the chicken and shut the door, cause our guys want out there. It's hard to keep them blocked from going into the garage, they don't like it.

Saturday night, we heard tires squealing out front. Ten minutes after, I went out front. You could still smell the rubber. Last night, I sat and waited to see if any of the cats didn't show up. OC was here early, I saw Blue and Meezer. Angus and Big Opie stopped by, and so did Spot. But no Cleo. I hope she's okay.

Saturday (or was it Friday?), Brian said "where's the catalog with the cat trees? I want to order new ones." I said "we don't have any money." He said he didn't care, he was irritated with the old ones. So, I find the catalog and bring it out to him. He wrote down the numbers on four (!!) new cat trees. I went online, found the Foster and Smith website, went to cat furniture and ordered every single one he had listed. And it's only going to be $10.00 shipping. Amazing. The total bill was $450.00. He didn't want to get the one that went to the ceiling yet. He wants to see how the other ones hold up. When I brought up the cost again, he said "we don't have any money, anyway, we might as well spend it." Twisted logic. I still don't understand that statement.

I keep checking out front for the kitten, but no sign of him.

I put up the Halloween cards. I have more to put up. The java isn't working on one of the new ones, so I have to get that working properly. *sigh* I had to write to the author to find out what the problem is. I wasn't ready to put them up, but websites that have cardlinks on them have the URL from last year. So, the Halloween cards were already being sent.

We had another big scare Saturday night. We had dinner at Brian's mom's house and came home a little later than the time we usually get the cats in. We couldn't find Red or Lonee anywhere. I was really surprised, because Red doesn't normally go out for any length of time. He's outside for maybe fifteen minutes at a time, then he's back in. And Lonee, well, Lonee is really good about running in when I clap my hands and yell "Kitties in!!" But neither of them were anyplace we looked. The door to the shop was open, so I had a feeling Lonee was in there, but not Red. I pulled out the couches, climbed the ladder and looked in the rafters. Brian did the same in the shop, with no luck. No Lonee and no Red. I was hating it. Brian said he wanted to go back and visit with his brother some more and I said okay, I'll keep looking. Finally, I see Red. He came from the bedroom. Seems his new place is under the bed. Okay. We have that figured out. After we had a couple of headbutts, I went outside to see if Lonee was out of hiding. I clapped my hands and called "kitties in" and Lonee went running up the side of the house, into the garage. All accounted for.

Yesterday morning, the dogs next door were barking at something, the kind of barking I associate with cat chasing. I found Chaplin against the fence, behind bricks. Then darn Junior started barking at him and going after him. He couldn't get to him, because of the fence, but boy, was I mad. I kept shouting at him to stop and I finally grabbed him, squatted down, took his face in my hands, looked into his eyes and told him what a naughty, naughty dog he was being and if he wanted a whuppin' to just keep it up. (I have no idea how you "whup" a dog.) But he did leave Chappy alone. I feel so sorry for those cats.

Yesterday, Brian did his "what's for dinner?" question. I looked at him. Now, he's sat there all day, not expending any energy. He had a good sized breakfast and I had just seen him eating two l'eggo waffles with a goodsized spreading of peanut butter between them. And he's worried about dinner? I said "that's what I mean about 'fat thinking'. Always, wondering what else you can eat." Me, I really don't think about food unless I know there's something to snack on. That's why it's best for me not to keep junk in the house. If I get hungry, I can just go get a slice of cheese or drink some water. I was never this heavy until I got married and I know it's because I've been thinking fat. Then, he thought about it. He said "it's because I'm bored." Well, at least that's a start. He realized that he isn't hungry. I did make quesadillas for dinner, I cooked up some chicken breasts and shredded them, but them in tortillas with cheese. They were pretty good. He had gone to visit with his brother earlier (his oldest brother is visiting with his fiance, from Colorado, for the weekend), and said he was going back over there to help move an old antique safe that his younger brother had restored. I guess it weighs about fifteen hundred pounds. Anyway, at about a quarter til ten, he still wasn't home. He had said earlier that he wanted to be in bed by nine. So, I called over there. He didn't get home til ten thirty. And when I mentioned the fact that I only called because I thought he wanted to get to bed early, he looked at the clock and said "holy cow!" He thought it was an hour earlier. He was in a really crummy mood. It seems like he's in a crummy mood alot. I asked him why and he said his teeth hurt. I said "it's always something, isn't it?" Now, I admit, this next thing was kind of mean, but I think he brings alot of his bad moods on by himself. I said "geez, if I was in a bad mood as much as you are, I'd probably kill myself." He didn't like that at all. I said what's the point in living a miserable life? I just don't understand being in a bad mood all of the time. I don't see what purpose it serves.

I keep calling for the kitten, but he hasn't come back. Maybe a little later.


Tuesday, October 12, 1999 Well, the kitten is still hanging around and I'm still doing my best to make friends, but I think I won't really start trying to catch the little critter until next week when we're home. There's just too much to do right now, getting ready for Disneyland and all.

Little Jackie Blackieson didn't seem to be feeling too well this morning. I gave him an amoxicillan and put my hand on his side and he felt so warm, warmer than the other cats. I called the vet a little after eight and was told to bring him in at 9:30. He has had the runs for a couple of days, but this morning had a fairly good sized poop and it wasn't a soupy consistency, more like mashed potatoes. (Odd how I can only think of food related comparisons.) So, I scooped it into a plastic bag, thinking it would be a good idea to have a stool sample. He didn't seem very hungry, but I did get him to eat a little Sheba. I have some cans of that left from Bobby. He ate a little, which he threw up about a half hour later. Great. Anyway, I was able to get him into the carrier with minor scratching. I ended up scruffing him, which I hate to do, but it worked. He didn't like being in the carrier at all. When I got to the vet, I realized I had forgotten the poop. Oh, well. I warned them that the kitten wasn't real people friendly and the new tech didn't seem too gung ho on reaching in the carrier and dragging my punkin pie out. She said to wait for the doctor. Well, he comes in, I explain what's going on. I open the carrier, the doc just stands there. I reach in and grab Jackie and pull him out. He decides he's going to be a good boy. The vet looks in his ears, he has ear mites and the vet puts some mite killer in them. Then he listens to Jackie's lungs/heart, looks in his mouth. Then he takes Jackie's temperature. Jackie has a fever, not much, but the doctor gave him sub q fluids. The doc tried to a fecal examination from what he got on the thermometer, but there wasn't enough on it to help. He told me to bring the sample in. Finished, I picked up Jackie and started to put him into the carrier. He decided to fight. The doctor hadn't shut the door all the way and I'm trying to hold on to Jackie and I'm yelling out "SHUT THE DOOR!!! SHUT THE DOOR!!" and trying to get control of this squirming, unhappy kitten with razor sharp claws. I finally do, I push him into the carrier and shut the door. I look at my arm, there's a scratch on it, over five inches long. *sigh* They let me wash it off with Betadyne and I didn't drip on the way home.

One of the things I mentioned to the doc when I was there was that we would be going to Disneyland and that Jennifer would be sitting. "Will there be any problem if one of our animal gets sick and she has to bring it in?" I ask. He answers point blank: "Yes. I don't want her stepping foot in this clinic ever again." Oh, spit. I can't even believe this. I tell him that we had hired her before she "wasn't working there any longer" and kept saying "what am I supposed to do?" I reminded him that one of our animals always seems to get sick when we're going to be gone. "What am I gonna do?" I say again. He left to check on the fecal exam and when he came back he said "well, she can drop the animal off, but I don't want to see her at all." I said something to Charlene when I left, expressing my concern. I mean, these guys are my kids, I don't want their health at risk. Charlene told me that she was going to be home all weekend and that Jennifer can call her if there's a problem and they can meet at the vet's. *sigh* And here I thought it was going to be a stressfree weekend.

Anyway, I pay for the medications, come home, let Jackie out of the carrier, he takes off, hides up in the rafters, he ain't having anything to do with me right now. I grab the poop and go back to the vet's, drop it off. They'll call if there's a problem, they won't if there isn't. Well, a little after noon, the phone rings. The stool has been examined. Jackie has roundworms. I had to go pick up some more medicine. He's gotta take 2.5 ccs of this stuff, and he has liquid amoxi and liquid flagyl. Oh, what fun this is going to be. But at least, he should start gaining weight. Charlene warned me that there may be worms in his poop after his first treatment, but not to be worried about it. I asked about them being contagious and it doesn't seem as if it's going to be a problem. I was told they are passed on through mama's milk.

Anyway, that was my morning. I'm going swimming now.

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