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The Tragedy at Noah's Ark

March 10, 1997*: The Noah's Ark Foundation
is in Fairfield, Iowa. It is a no kill shelter. This past weekend, it was broken into and over 30 cats were bludgeoned to death. We need to have the people who did this prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

*Please note the date on this.
The body count has since been lowered to sixteen cats that were killed.
I added this note because this discrepancy apparently confused some people.

Posted by Siamese on March 10, 1997

"I just called the shelter where I volunteer.......

"Friday night, someone broke into the kitty house. There were over 60 cats, because we're a no kill shelter....

"They killed all but 20 of them. They were found beaten to death on saturday morning. Only the babies that were out in the yard survived, because they all COME to people, expecting love, they weren't prepared to fight. I can't stop crying, thinking about Blacky and Muffin, Silver and Snowflake and all those other dear fur-people. I'll never forget the way they all would run to greet me, climb up onto my shoulders...

"Nothing was stolen, so we're sure that some sick creep...

"I'm sorry to post something so awful and sad, but I really need some help...."


From Siamese:

"First of all, I live in Fairfield, Iowa. The phone number for our

Fairfield Police, dept of Investigation
200 W. Briggs
Fairfield, Ia 52556
515-472-4146 or 4148

"Right after I signed off yesterday, I ran out to be with the survivors. I was surprised to find more people in the house than cats, and my heart was lifted by the outpour of sweet, gentle support for David and all of us who volunteer.

"Several of the cats have been frightened out of their trust, including the sweet greeter, blacky. He ran through twice like a bullet and screamed pitifully when he thought he was trapped by people. On of the volunteers sat outside in the quiet with him, and found that he'd been hit in the head by one of the attackers. No wonder.

"David told us that the police have several people as suspect, but it was only a rumor that there was one in custody. It was also only a rumor that the charge would only be "destruction of property", thank God, though we aren't sure of how the law will deal with the creeps if the convict them.

"We will be having a memorial service for the cats on thursday, at St Gabriel and all angels church, here in Fairfield. For those of you who are unsure of the rainbow bridge, both David and Laura, the founders of the Ark, had the same sweet experience monday night in their meditation... David said that he was almost done meditating, when he felt the cats that were dead brush up against him, one by one, and settle down against him. They all sat there for a short time, purring and loving hime, and then they all brushed against him and walked away. He was surprised when Laura called him after dinner and told him she'd felt the same thing, before he could even tell her about it. All 30+ of our sweet rainbow angels, saying that everything is going to be okay, it isn't anyone's fault, they still love us.

"David is trying to get all of the remaining cats adopted to good families as soon as possible, to get them away from the place where they were traumatized. And we know that he'll be seeing all the dead every time he walks into that house for a long time to come. But now we're willing to go on. And by the end of the night yesterday, Hoagie and Belli were cuddled up to me, purring and giving me loves, and Snoball was back to his old overbearing self, mashing faces with anyone who would allow him their lap.

"Now we just need donations and love, awareness and justice. If anyone wants to donate, please send checks written to

Noah's Ark Foundation
PO Box 748
Fairfield, Ia 52556

Or write to the mayor.

Mayor's office
112 S. Main street
Fairfield, Ia 52556

"Thank you all so much, and I'll keep you posted."


The latest I have heard is that the police have arrested three people,(Friday, March 14, 1997) two 18 year olds and one juvenile (17).

March 25, 1997

I received this letter today from Noah's Ark:
"Thank you Lisa so much for all of your work. I was actually out of town when this terrible tragedy occurred and stayed updated largely on the Acme pet webpage! You've done a great job. I haven't had the time to do the proper postings that I should, nor to update or webpage but am getting to it. You should have all comments, letters, calls and petitions sent to our County Attorney's office now. He is responsible for prosecuting this case and seeing that the criminals get maximum jail sentence. He needs to hear from everyone and feel the pressure.
His address is:

John Morrissey
109 N. Court St.
Fairfield IA 52556
Fax 515-472-8151

"He does not have e-mail. Also it might be good to include the address and phone of Leonard Boswell or representative (state) I don't have it at the moment, but perhaps you could get it and forward it to me. The assistant City attorney is Scott Schroeder and Mike Brown is also working on the case with Morrissey so they should all get letters. Thanks for everything you're doing and if you have any suggestions for us, please let me know. Donations are still being requested for sick and injured animals care and for shelter needs during this crisis.
Send to:

PO Box 748
Fairfield, IA 52556.

Also copies of letters and petitions should be sent to:

PO Box 748,
Fairfield, IA 52556
(515) 472-6080."

April 23, 1997

In today's snail mail, there was a letter from Laura at Noah's Ark. They are all still hurting very much from what happened. But with all of the support that they have received from all over the world, they are starting to heal.
She says "Most of the cats are doing pretty good now. All of the injured ones were adopted out to very dedicated animal lovers who came from all over the state to save and help them. That was the most gratifying experience, to meet these people and have these poor darlings go into these very loving homes, which is what most of them had been waiting for anyway, it just took something like this to make it happen. There are a still a few tramatized cats who won't come in the house, but by and large, they are doing pretty good."

She once again asks us to keep the letters going. "If he [the prosecutor] takes it seriously enough they [the people who did this] could get convicted of two felony counts meaning up to I think 12 years in jail and possibly fines of up to $14,000. We feel they deserve no less than this and many people have written to support this and express their horror at what transpired here".

May 9, 1997

I received the following letter from Laura this morning. So far, I have sent over 400 letters that I have received from all of you. We probably have until the fall, according to Laura's letter. Let's keep up the good work!!

"We did finally have a very in-depth talk today with John Morrissey, the county attorney here about the case. He was very serious and concerned about it and we were impressed with his sincerity. I wanted you and Madlyn to know that your letters have definitely had a very big impact on his thinking and on his office. He asked who you were and where these letters were coming from. So we appreciate very much the efforts that all of you have made on behalf of this very important cause. The arraiggment is set for Monday, May 12th and at this time the boys will be formally charged and will submit their pleas. The charges are 3rd degree burglary which is a felony and a second felony charge of offense against an animal facility which is a law in Iowa that also carries a felony. The reason that no charges are being made with regard to the cruelty to animals issues is that they are only serious misdemeanors which is a lesser sentence and the opinion from him and also from the Attorney General's office was that it would be possible for them to plea guilty to the lesser charges of animal cruelty and then get off of the felony charges and they didn't want that to happen. So that's the explanation and we had all been wondering about why those weren't added on for each animal. He is going to be in touch with the Humane Society officials that I mentioned earlier, the ALDF and the HSUS, he said that he receives calls and mail from so many organizations all over the country and so much from the media that he is overwhelmed by it all and hasn't really responded to anyone yet. He said that he must keep his case pretty closed to the public, but will keep us informed. The court date will probably be sometime in the Fall of this year. I will e-mail you the articles that I mentioned earlier, I'm going to scan them in next chance I get."

Laura Sykes (Faltin)

May 20, 1997

I read last week (thank you Chris P) that the trial is scheduled for July 29, 1997. We still have a couple of months. Tell your friends.

November 7, 1997

The jury is in. The cats monetary value was put at $31.25 each. Making a total of $500. The damage to the shelter and vet's bills were not taken into account. These hoodlums were found guilty of *aggravated misdemeanors*. Let's not let these cats' lives to have been taken in vain. There are fifteen states as I write this that have animal cruelty as a felony on their books. Let's make it a felony in all states.

Well, the trial is over. The men who did this were sentenced to four years, suspended sentence. They were required to serve 23 days in the penitentiary each. One day for each cat injured or killed. The jury had dropped the charges to misdemeanor, finding that the value of each cat killed was $31.25 making a grand total of $500.00, which dropped the charges to misdemeanor from felony under Iowa State Statutes.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that linked to my site so that letters could be sent (over 1,500 from all over the world). And I would like to thank everybody that sent letters, either through this site or on your own. You are my heroes. I truly believe that we made the difference. If it hadn't been for us letting the Iowans involved know that the world was watching, I honestly don't think it would have ever gone to trial.
The work is not yet done. There are many other cases of animal abuse that can use your help. Get involved. Help change the laws. Together, we can make a difference.


[Misdemeanor or felony? What's the law in your state? ]

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