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the song is "tears in heaven"

Kitty GreyCat died of a stroke. She never suffered; it was so sudden. I am taking her to Ohio where she was born and worked 6 years as a service station mouser. There is a very beautiful, shady spot on my brother's land where all the pets are buried. Remember Kitty the way she was in the photo. She was my friend. Ebony and my hearts are broken, but Kitty is now in a much better place. Larry...July 11, 1997

A streak of grey
Striped like a raccoon
Heart so strong
Pulses the hunter's blood

She was unique
And talked with her eyes
Glowing the night away
Seeing the prey

O, sweet, loving face uplifted
Happy, giving spirit shining
Soaring at noonday sun
Then sleeping among heat shimmers

Loving and lovable
Attached and affectionate
Wonderful little creature
God's delightful creation

Long lived
But loving life
So much so
She didn't want to go

Yet seldom is life fair
Suddenly, you couldn't stay
Didn't even have time
For that last, long goodbye

Now you play happily
In the fields of eternity
Waiting on us
At Rainbow Bridge...


September 1994~~Disappeared April 5th, 1997

I never knew you
but I knew you enough
to miss you.
I never played with you much
but I played with you enough
to enjoy you
I never saw you much
But I saw you enough
to remember you!

In September of 1994 the neighbors across were considering getting a cat. They got you and your sister Tammy from a barn. Their son Kyle came over and told me "We have two cats in our house." This was before I got cats of my own.

I rushed over to see them. In a box with a towel in the bottom of it were two tiny kittens. Tammy was white with cream patches and looked like it had a mud pie face and was quite friendly but you were a plain orange tabby who was easily scared.

The next day they took the kittens out for a run in the yard and I was over. I was petting you. Since these kids that lived in that house were only toddlers they didn't treat the cats right because they didn't know any better.

I was over everyday to visit the kittens, I had a special liking to you Breau, although I was too rough with you. Me and the younger kids treated the kittens like toys. We didn't know any better.

When they did get a chance to sleep they were exhausted!

When I got a cat of my own I stopped coming over as much. But once I brought my cat Clide over and he terrorized you and Tammy. Sorry I thought he'd play nicely with you.

I could occasionally catch you or Tammy outside and you'd purr softly.

That summer I was asked to feed you and Tammy for a week. I noticed that indoors you had a nice personality and were quite friendly.

At Christmas as a joke I made you and Tammy cards from my cats and catnip balls, tinfoil balls made with catnip.

The Following summer the family was going on vacation and couldn't find you. I was asked to feed you for a few days and was given the key. Then I saw you at maximum friendliness!

The funniest thing you ever did was where the family was doing repairs on your room there was a hole in the wall covered by gyp rock but big enough for you to get through that you crawled right into and although it didn't lead al through the house it had no floor, and was in the basement so there was grass at the bottom. I was giggling as I was trying to lift the gyp rock to lift you out. I know I'm not supposed to arrange other people's houses but I spent the time before I went home trying to barricade over the hole!

I brought over some canned Cat food, which you usually don't get to lure you in. I put you in your furry bear chair downstairs and boy did you ever purr! I have a few pictures of you from those three days.

Three days later Marlene had to work one night so she came back to get you and bring you to their cottage.

Then they brought you back at the end of their vacation but couldn't find Tammy. A month later they realized Tammy had a wonderful home where she was happy.

But at the time they wanted to go back for Tammy and left me in charge of you for a few more days. This time you played chase the stick and rolled around the pavement and purred and let me pet you.

There was the odd time in the winter when I could coax you out of a tree to chase a stick but most of the time she was afraid.

This April I was reading a book when I got word that you had been missing for a week and hadn't come back. Once you'd been locked in a shed for three days and came back so that's what I guessed at first. But you never came home. Or maybe you might have gotten on that delivery truck and went a long way and are working your way home now. Maybe you were killed by that fox (very unlikely because he showed up a month after you went missing. You weren't hit by a car or somebody would have found your body.

You're either in a good home, working your way back to our neighborhood, or at rainbow bridge. I just hope wherever you are you are happy and not suffering. Even though you weren't my cat I still love you and pray for your return.

Breau you are welcome back in this neighborhood when you are ready to return and if you are at rainbow bridge or in a good home with a full belly be happy their.

I know there will come a day when you'll
come marching home!

Let go of all grief sorrow and pain
forever let the memories remain

Tribute to Mouser


5 Sept 1997--
Today is the saddest day of my life, for I had to put you down today Mouser. I love you so much. You have been my loving and constant companion for 18 years, ol' girl. I have been crying all morning, but I tell myself that you have gone to the Rainbow Bridge and I will think of you there as you were when you were younger. You would take that toy mouse of your's and toss it high into the air and jump up to catch it. Then you'd toss it across the room and run after it. It always made me and your daddy laugh when we'd watch you take one of your back paws and put it on that toy mouse, like you were trying to keep it pinned down. For the last year, while you were not sick, you just couldn't play like you used to. I remember how you used to reach out and touch me with your paw when you wanted my attention or wanted to talk to me. I remember how you used to always know when I was sad or had a bad day. You'd come and sit in my lap and look up at me with eyes that said "I Love You Mommy". That always made me feel better. You were such a lap-kitty. That's one of the things I loved the most about you Mouser. I guess you could tell when I first got you that I needed you to be a lap-kitty. We have always been so close and it was the hardest thing for me to do, send you to the Rainbow Bridge. I wanted to be there with you, for your last moments on earth. I hope you will forgive me for running out, but I couldn't stay and watch. Your daddy loved you, too. I am so thankful that he was strong enough to stay there with you. I knew how much you loved laying in the sunshine and how much enjoyment you got watching the birds at the feeder, laying on the chair at the dining room window. So your daddy and I buried you beneath the bird feeder, so you could watch the birds, with the sun shining down. I put your sock toy and your furry toy mouse in with you. I also put your brush in because you sure did love to get brushed. I, we, will never forget you. And while we have the other kitties, you will always be in our hearts and our memories. I will wait for the time when I come to the Bridge and you run and jump into my arms, never to be separated again.

Submitted by Kathy Lawryk to her beloved Mouser.

Muffin late spring 97-september 14 97

Clumbsy paws batting at hay jumping, swiping hideing away a little kitten or black, orange and white emerges out into clear sight I want to cuddle her pick her up call her mine and give her hugs she runs from me because she can't see but when I catch her I'm rewarded by a quiet purr I know you still live on your love will never end goodbye for now dear Muffin I know we'll meet again

I will miss you Muffin, from the day I first saw you at only four days old and saw your tiny tortishell body, till the day of your tragic death at only 3 months. I remember holding you in my arms, how you'd squirm at first, when you were old eough to. How you hid in the hay once bopping other kittens before you became a scardy cat. I think it was all the chasing by small children. You were partially blind from a very bad eye infection, probally due to a little kid "Helping you open your eyes" You were a neat colored cat. A black spot between the chest and tummy, white paws and mostly tortishell. You had beautiful aqua eyes. One thing that you had that I bet no other cat had was seven toes and 8 claws! Sounds impossible. But you had two claws on one toe, giving it the look of lobster pinchers. You could, however see well enough to chase a string but you were much slower than the other kittens, your big clumbsy paws cautiously batting at the string. You play with the strings on God's harp now little girl. I remember sneaking wet catfood down to you as a treat and how you purred. I remember playing with you seperately than the other kittens so you'd get a chance to play without being pushed away. I wanted so bad to take you home but it wouldn't be fair to my ageing grandma who already had to put up with 4 animals! I'm not going to describe your death much because I don't want to remember it. You were poisoned by oil. I spent almost half an hour trying to get you to breath again. You probally spilled it on yourself, by mistake, not seeing it, being partially blind and all that. When I was holding your lifeless body a song came on the radio.
"A whole new world." My thoughts drifted beyond your dead shell and to your soul happily playing in a whole new world, happier than you ever were. No blindness, no pain.
I know you have a home with my great grandmother, Nanny Osborn . I never knew Nanny Osborn but I know she dearly missed Buttens her cat she left behind on earth. You looked like her cat too. I wanted Muffin to have a real home. When I was outside, just a few nights ago I felt a purr for just one second and suddenly pictured you I knew you were in heaven and sitting on a cloud, your HUGE paws slightly overlapping looking down at me and watching over me now, just as I protected you on earth.

This is what Muffin was probably saying.

You've taken care of me you've loved me
You've done all you can
Now it's my turn to watch over you
Now it's my turn
To make sure you're not sad
Now it's my turn
To know you're safe.
You protected me well
Now it's my turn to
Protect you.

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