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To my beloved Tracey....my friend, my buddy....how could you have drank that antifreeze....Oh god...I cannot believe that you were here, gone the next. So brutally taken from us. even though you are in heaven and are buried in the back yard that you loved so much, you are home...oh, i wish i could pet you again......I love you Tracey.........Mom

27 Jan 1999

Ginger (March 15, 1990-April 12, 1999)

I lost my best friend of the last 9 years yesterday. Ginger had stopped eating and was losing weight. I took her to the vet for bloodtests and a check-up, but she had some kind of seizure on the way home, and I sped her back out to the vet. They kept her for treatment, and I went out every day to hold her and groom her (she loved to be brushed). On Monday when I went out to see her again, they met me with bad news. She had just passed over to the bridge a short while before. It all happened so suddenly. I wasn't prepared for her death. She only took up 10 pounds of space, but the house seems so empty now. It doesn't seem possible that it's been 9 years since I saw you come into the world. You were the last born, but the first to get your eyes open. You were so fearless, a little calico tiger with your momma's deep green eyes. You would sit on my shoulder like a parrot and ride around the house, and at night you would curl up on my chest below my neck (both very cute when you were a baby, but very uncomfortable as you got bigger.) I remember when you learned your name, and would come when called. You loved to meet people, and were such a mooch for attention, going from lap to lap to be petted. The night I brought you home from being spayed, I fixed up a box for you to sleep in until the drugs wore off. But you wouldn't stay still, and I was afraid you would hurt yourself, so I finally lifted you up on the bed beside me. You promptly curled up and went peacefully to sleep. It was what you wanted all along! I remember how possessive you were of my lap. You and your sister Myth would have slap fights over who was going to stay there, until I would get fed up and put you both on the floor! I know you missed her terribly when she left us almost two years ago. You showed your grief by the over-grooming of your back. The terribly ironic thing is that your fur had just finally all grown back.

I'm going to miss the head-butts, and you trying to poke your head into my glass to see what I was drinking. I'll miss seeing you in the window when I pull into the driveway, and hearing your half-meow/half-purr greeting. You won't be waiting for me to get out of the shower in the morning, sitting on my pajamas, keeping them warm for me. And most of all I'm going to miss the feel of you sleeping on my lap, or curled up under the blankets with me at night. I've always loved my other cats, but you held a special place in my heart. You were my baby. Good-bye, Green-eyes. I know you're with your momma Boo, and your littermates Cookie, Sybil, and Myth now. Play nice with the others there at the bridge. You'll be in my lap again someday, but til then, you'll always be in my heart.


On January 24, 1999, we lost a very large chunk of our hearts. Our little gentle soul was taken from us. He had what was explained to us as auto immune disease.

All of a sudden, an active fun loving cat was dying within 48 hours of first observing any symptoms. He had hidden behind the couch for one day, the only time I got him out was for his trip to the vet. He was given some medication and blood tests. We were awaiting the outcome of the tests over the weekend. When we arose on Sunday morning the 24th. he was no longer able to walk or stand on his own.

Knowing what had to be done was the hard part of pet ownership, he was always a trusting little soul. We had to release him from his agony. I wanted to turn around outside of the emergency clinic and go get him back, change my mind, anything but what I had to do. He lives with all the little angels now, but our hearts ache still for the little gentle soul we called Sami. We only had 7 purrfect years with you Sami but we know you're in a better place.


Awhile ago, I was at the SPCA looking for a cat. Well, I didn't find one. She found me. Her name was Linda and had been there for four months. We took her home and loved her. She grew upon us and enjoyed romping around in her new spacious area. We renames her Mindy and she slept at the foot of my bed. Then, one day we noticed that she was getting lethargic so we took her to the Vet. We learned that she had a serious liver disease and she wasn't doing well. A few days later, I went to My grandparents house for Thanksgiving. The day before we received a call. My beautiful Mindy who had slept at the foot of my bed and had won a place in our hearts was dead.

June 2 99

I'm placing this tribute for two friends - Glen and Sony. Sony was an exceptionally sweet little Lab puppy and Glen is a ne'er-do-well who loves his animals very much. Having recently gotten over the loss of an old dog whom he'd had all her life, he had just gotten little Sony. So smart and so sweet - willing as the day is long. But the "people" who Glen got her from lied...about her shots. He doesn't make much money but he pulled her through Parvo and we thought everything would be all right. Then she got distemper and just didn't have the strength to get over that too. He had to put her down today. The only thing sadder than the death of an innocent animal is a man trying to be strong in a situation like this. If all you animal lovers out there would say the Rainbow Bridge prayer for her, I know she'll hear it and be waiting for Glen. Thank you from all of us.

June 11, 1999

I first got King Tutt when we moved into our new house(I'm crying as I type this) he was furry and fat when we first got him and he would always sleep on my pillow. Then he started to lose weight and he was losing some furr. The first time we went to the vet he thought it was a problem with some thing to do with his digestion he gave us some medican to give to him.when we went back though the vet felt an enlargment in his kindneys it turned out he had a faital disease.on the way home me and my dad both cried.then school started weeks past and he kept getting thinner. It was time for me to make the disiccion it was two days before my birthday when we made the trip to the doctor for the last time with my sweat lovable King Tutt. The doctor said all he had were a few weeks and that they would be painful for him. So I new I couldn't let him go through any pain so we disided it was time I stuck with him the whole time and held on to him as he went over the rainbow bridge. I went with my dad to the pet cemetery to pay are last respecs. He is the best cat in the world to me I only had him for one and a half years but in that short time he gave me more love evan on the bad days that any cat could in a million years.I miss him so much and I wish we could have been together longer.I will love him always and I miss him so much. I believe he is an angel who came to me when I had just moved to a new place and were scared and now he is back in heaven with God.I miss you King Tutt!

          the cat loving owner of King Tutt My Little Angel
          October 28, 1999

    Sebastian---April 1987 to December 14, 1999. My heart is broken.

    My Sebastian is gone. I remember the day in 1987, when I rescued you from the animal clinic. I had recently lost my persian, Ginger, and a house in not a home without a feline. You were only about 12 weeks old. I took you home, loved and cared for you for almost 13 years. Yesterday, you were taken from me. I tried to fix it big guy, I really wanted to. I thought the surgery in April would remove all the cancerous tumor but after 3 hours in surgery, the vet had to tell me he could not get it all. It had already spread to your muscles. It all happened so fast...too fast. He told me the tumor would regrow. But the surgery did give me a few more months to love you. And yesterday I knew it was time...time for you to go. I will miss your sitting on the back of the sofa...tapping with your paw on my shoulder to get my attention. I will miss you tapping on my head in the morning to wake me because you wanted breakfast. I will miss you wanting to sleep in the middle of my pillow at nite, so you could be close to me. I will miss everything about you sweet 'bastian. You brought joy to my life. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

    December 16, 1999

In memory of "George".

Last September I was given an adorable orange and white male kitten to foster (along with many others). I had to come up with a name quickly as I don't like to have any paperwork made out to "Stray kitten" or Unknown, or Case #..... hence the name George. He was the best kitten, playful but not hyper, sweet and loving but not a nuisance. He'd wait patiently for his turn to be petted and loved and to have his lap time. He played with the other kittens, snuggled up to the dogs and I knew he was going to be one of those that you have to really have to struggle with yourself to let go. You know you can't give them the time and attention they deserve so if you really care, really love them, you'll find the perfect home for this perfect kitten, and know you did the generous thing and the right thing.

One day I noticed George wasn't eating and his activity level was really low. I had the organization's vet check him out but he wasn't running a fever and I was told to watch him. When there was no change in his appetite or activity level, I notified the lady in charge of the foster cats and was advised to take him to her personal vet which was quite a distance from my home. This vet takes a conservative approach due to volume and lack of funds. (We had a warm winter and kitten season did not take a hiatus.) I called every other day on George and was told he still wasn't eating but the basic blood/urine was normal. I was always going to go visit George but something always happened to keep me from making the trip. After 2 weeks and many other tests, x-rays, force feedings, etc., George died. An autopsy was done and revealed many tears in his internal organs - liver, spleen, lung......

I asked who had originally found George and brought him to the organization. It seems some passer-byes saw George being thrown/tossed up in the air by several dogs - guess he was their idea of a toy, and the people screamed and charged the dogs managing to snatch the kitten away from one dogs mouth. Even though there was no external marks, and no obvious signs of trauma, abrasions, cuts or any evidence of mauling, little George had been fatally injured. I didn't ask if earlier surgery could have saved him - I don't want to know after the fact. I know I will never forget him and his picture is framed and kept on the table at my adoption site. When anyone asks who's the precious kitten in the picture, I tell them George's story and remind them of how many more "George's" in the world need their help. I also try to forgive myself for not seeing George one last time, for not telling him how much I loved him and that I really didn't abandon him to the steel cage of the vet hospital because I didn't care about him. Maybe he knows that no matter how many foster kitties come and go, he'll always have a special place in my heart. I'll see you at The Bridge George . I love you.

April 4, 2000

My little girl, Sassy, was my life. I have ten other cats, but she was the baby. She was a little gray-striped doll probably half the size of a regular cat with the tiniest little feet and the skinniest little legs I've ever seen. She was so small that when she got pregnant, she was only able to have one baby. A little girl calico named Taylor, who I still have. Sassy raised her in my bed. I slept with them in my bed every night for three or four months. Sassy always ate with me whatever I ate. I had to chew it up and throw her a bite which she would bat around like a soccer player before she ate it. Her favorite food was chicken quesadillas. She also had her favorite seat on the couch and she would sit and stare a hole through you until you scooted over and let her sit there. She had so much personality. There will never be another one like her ever.

Sassy was shot by our neighbor four days ago on January 15, 2007 just because she walked through his yard and he hates cats. She was a house cat, but my dad had let her out for her morning stroll. He was outside calling her when he heard the shot and her cry. He found her shot in the back lying dead in this man's yard. She was coming home and he killed her. He called and admitted it later. He said he thought she was a stray. But that makes no difference. YOU DON'T SHOOT CATS EVER! Over the last ten years living here, we've had twenty-two cats disappear and I know he's to blame. This man is the pastor of a church and he murdered my baby. He's an evil man pretending to be a Christian. My family and I have almost lost our minds. I held Sassy's lifeless body for five hours before I could even let my dad bury her. I miss her so much and I'll love her forever. I would list all my babies names here, but I've had way too many during my life. But I love and miss every single one of them and I can't wait to see them all again someday. To my little angels - I love you and we'll all be together again someday.

January 19, 2007

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