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Friday, 11/08/2002 - 11:03 AM PDT
The topic: 11-08-02

Friday, November 08, 2002 It's raining! It's raining! The boys have run into the house and they're wet. Oh, wait, one of the red boys is in the condo by the tree. You could probably see him from the camera on the roof. And I have to drive in it. :cry: Brian needs money so I have to go to the bank and DeeJay needs more fluids so I need to go the the vet's office.

Speaking of DeeJay, his tummy started burbling last night (that's the only way I can describe it) so I gave him Immodium and so far, he hasn't seemed to have a problem with runny stool. I wish we could find him something that he'd eat. There have been a number of different foods that seemed to interest him, but he didn't eat much of them. I won't give him any more of that deli turkey, even though he really liked it, his system didn't. I feel so badly for him. He used to be so strong and healthy. The only thing he seems to like at all is the Nutro Dry Salmon food. I give him little piles of it throughout the day and it's the only thing he'll finish. *sigh* I'm still playing soothing music and still have him sleeping on green cloth.

Boney has been very yowwee. Driving me nuts. He'll come in here, sit at my feet and cry. So, I'll give him food in the bathroom and shut the door. When he's had enough (or decided he doesn't like this stuff), he starts crying at the door to let me know. I let him out and he'll either go lay down or he'll come back and sit by my feet and cry. Then I'll put him outside. Sometimes he wants out and he doesn't realize it until he's out. Then he'll either go pee or he'll climb onto one of the lounge chairs and go to sleep. Or, he'll come back in and sit at my feet and cry. Sometimes it's so frustrating, I'll put him out of the office and shut the doors. Then he'll finally give up and go lay down in the bedroom window or one of the sofas and go to sleep.

Now playing (click on the album cover to find out more about the music):


Kenny Loggins More Songs From Pooh Corner


Leann Rimes Twisted Angel
(you won't find a twang on this one!)

DeeJay just went outside. He hates the rain. If it's pouring down hard (it's only drizzling right now) he'll go to one door, see that it's wet outside, turn around then try another door. His frustration is obvious. And now, he's just sitting there hunched on a mat. Guess I'll put him inside. Here he is, back on the desk. Silly boy.

Well, I guess I should go shower, then get to the bank and the vet's office. Maybe when I come back, I'll watch movies and crochet. Have a pleasant drizzly afternoon.

I'm back! I'm back! And somewhere along the line, I became incredibly crabby. There's no other word for it. Crabby is what I am. I'm short tempered right now, the cats are driving me nuts. Usually most of them would be outside, but today, that's not happening and they expect me to be able to help them out. Let's make this perfectly clear. Even if I could, I wouldn't. I love this weather. This weather gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. (Or wait, maybe that's something menopausal?)

Benny likes it outside and he'll come in, all of the water he brings with him evaporates, then he goes back outside. The worst part of this is he's so very pleased about the weather (he likes the rain, too), he'll come over to me and want to be held. Uh, no, I don't think so.

Richie found a nice dry spot.

Yanno, today would have been a perfect day to go to Disneyland. :disney: For some reason, people don't go when it's raining. Back when we used to have rain (dang, I'm going fogey), we'd go up there for the day. The park would be almost empty, especially on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Too bad Brian had to work.

Well, I guess that's it for today. No, wait, there is one more thing. If you like the new look of my diary (keep in mind, this is the first major change since I started it back in January 97), go over to Noah Grey Photography and maybe drop him a "thank you" note. He asks nothing for this wonderful script, which is just amazing. Believe me, I've spent plenty on scripts I ended up not liking and I really do like this one. I did send him a little donation so I didn't feel too bad about removing his link a the bottom of the pages (it was an ugly button and clashed with the decor...:jester).

Now, I'm off to make the bed. It's only three in the afternoon, that's plenty of time, right?

Well, off to make the bed. I've been so busy playing with this journal that I haven't gotten much else done. Typical.

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Great format! About dear Boney..he may be constipated and need more hairball remedy or metamucil. My old girl would cry all of the time and once we started with the metamucil ...she quit. It was amazing. Have you tried A/D canned for DeeJay?

Posted by vickie @ 11/08/2002 04:43 PM PDT

Thanks! :) DeeJay turns up his nose at A/D. And I'd never thought about constipation with Boney. I'll have to watch him. I was sure I'd seen him poop in the bathroom.

Posted by lisaviolet @ 11/08/2002 05:01 PM PDT

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