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Sunday, 07/20/2003 - 06:52 PM PDT
The topic: It was hot today

Sunday, July 20, 2003 Boy, it was sure hot today. I worked on some new stuff for the website (a new interactive stories and added over twenty new code generators for webmasters to the website help portion of the website) yesterday and today. Then I went and laid out by the pool. Brian went to the property this morning. I warned him not to get heatstroke.

I haven't felt good since Thursday, that darned intestinal/bowel thing I get every once in a while. I'm not sick, but I'm really sore. The first time I got it, I thought I was seriously dying and ended up going to Urgent Care, where they could find nothing wrong with me. They took x-rays and ran some tests, but nothing showed up. They put me on pain killers, but oddly enough, the only thing that helped was taking laxatives and drinking lots of water. I wasn't constipated, that wasn't it. Brian got it a couple of months ago, though, and he was pretty uncomfortable. It's kind of nice to know that he knows what I'm going through. Anyway, the pain is almost gone tonight, although I still feel a little bloated.

But I was able to get the bed stripped and all the bed clothes changed today. DeeJay puked big time on the bed early this morning. I wasn't in bed, I was sleeping on the sofa because it was warm and the cats were driving me crazy in bed. When I went in this morning, Brian had piled all of the dirtied linen on my side of the bed and gotten a blanket for himself. Needless to say, I went back into the living room. Anyway, I got that all washed. And I started DeeJay back on ferrum phos. Another thing I'm doing for him is pureeing his food with some water. He seems to eat more when he doesn't have to work so hard for the food. He's slept a lot today, but then, it was pretty hot.

When I gave him his fluids last night, I thought, "now, I have to get Lucky done". *sigh*

Well, Brian's home, I guess that's all for tonight.

lisaviolet is fifty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

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