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Monday, 08/09/2004 - 11:32 AM PDT
The topic: I'm alive! I'm alive!

Monday, August 9, 2004 I'm really and truly still alive! *Hahahahahaha!*

Not that it's funny that I'm alive, just that it's been so damned long since I made an entry. I often wonder why it's so hard for me to just sit down and start typing. Granted, I'm older and more absent minded..... what was I saying? *lol*

Yeah, wondering. So, I think it may be because I've just got so much other stuff that I need to do and instead of putting it off like I used to, I do it now. And I'm not spending nearly as much time online. Sure, the cameras are running, but that doesn't mean I'm sitting here at the desk. And business is picking up at my little online store. The catnip is a hit (if you didn't get your free sample, you still can) and the notecards are selling fairly well. And, I'll be honest here. When I found I could no longer gossip about family with impunity, it stopped being as much fun. I don't feel safe venting about things I used to freely go on about here in this diary. I don't know why it should matter, though. She hasn't spoken to me in almost three years now. It should no longer make a difference, but as long as she's still a member of the family, I'll just hold my thoughts. But if she ever leaves this family...... *grin*

The last Thursday of July, I had a Workman's Compensation audit. It went pretty smoothly. The house was clean, the chair cushions freshly laundered (good thing, too, the audito had on black pants), smooth jazz on the stereo and a few sandalwood candles burning. I had everything she needed in nice organized piles and she was out of here in under forty-five minutes. Last week I got the results. We don't owe any money. Everything checked out perfectly. I like it when that happens.

On August 3rd, I didn't see Little Bit at all. I did see her on the 4th, she'd lost weight. A lot of weight. Kitten weight. I haven't seen the kittens, she's got them up on the bank under the Bird of Paradise. It's a good place.

Speaking of kittens and neutering, I just called and made appointments for Ross and Rachel to get done next Tuesday. Brian and I have talked about changing vets, going someplace not so expensive. Like maybe the place where we took Ciara earlier this year. The same place I took Mom and Miss E. But upon further reflection, I'd just as soon stay with my current vet. I had to get Miss E's prescription refilled and it was over $35.00 for the liquid amoxicillan. My vet doesn't charge that much. And when I have an emergency in the day, I can just take the cat over to my vet's office and drop him or her off. When we took Miss in, we waited for hours to see a vet. I really didn't like that. And I really like the people who work at my vet's office. I really, really like them. So, Brian might not be happy about it, but I'm sticking with my vet. Besides, he's really close. I don't have to deal with as much traffic and steenkeeng red lights.

DeeJay is doing okay. His weight is holding steady at about six and a half pounds. I wish he'd put more on, though. I noticed last night, his fur feels better and his skin is a little thicker when I give him his fluids (which he's getting everyday now). He's a food beggar and when he stops begging, I'll know he's on his last legs. But beg he does, every chance he gets. The last couple of nights, he's been a little pissy when getting his fluids. I don't know if it's just the heat. It's been miserable. I hope that's all it is. I haven't found any poops in the laundry room the past couple of mornings, which might indicate he might be constipated. I gave him a little Petromalt this morning. He absolutely loves it.

Ciara still has that damned cold. She slept on my pillow last night. I didn't realize that until she started cleaning my head in the middle of the night. I don't mind her sleeping on my pillow, I do mind her peeing on us while we're sleeping. That's a real rude awakening and it's been happening more often that I like the past few weeks.

I've been very bad about keeping the grass cleaned up from around the pool this year. We bought a flat of flowers a couple of months ago. I figured if I had the flowers, I'd have incentive to pull the grass. It didn't happen. Most of the flowers died in their containers and the grass florished. We finally got the gardener over here last week. It took him two days and he got rid of most of the grass. It's absolutely amazing. Now, we have to figure out what to do with the bare dirt. We finally broke down and went with a vegetation killer for around the streambeds. That grass was growing in the cracks of the rocks that Brian places and cemented in and it actually started going up throught the stream beds and now they badly leak. He put it down yesterday afternoon when it was really hot and the cats were all sleeping elsewhere. This stuff is safe for animals and humans once it's dry.

I don't think the cats are pleased that all of that grass has gone, they can't play hide and seek in the grass and they don't have the grass to sleep in. We talked about which way to go as far as ground cover. Up at Disneyland, they've got some really cool looking grass called "Mondo" or "Monkey" grass. I looked for it online and everything I read about it said it needed partial sun or shade. I'm reluctant to spend hundreds of dollars for something that will just end up dying. When we go for our morning walks, there's a house with this really nice clumping green stuff in their front yard. It gets full sun during the day and there's nary a weed in sight. We happened to see some of this at Home Depot on Saturday and it's the way I'd like to go. It's called "Irish Moss" and I think it would work where we want something. It takes full sun, you can walk on it and it looks okay. Brian said he didn't really like it, but I just don't have the ambition to take care of flowers beyond watering them. I hate pulling that grass and Brian said that he's not going to do it. I don't like bark, it's hard on bare feet. I said as much to Brian. That our options are limited for that area. We've had a problem this year with the pool filter clogging more often than in the past and I think a lot of it was the grass that had gone to seed around the pool. So, I think we'll have that Irish Moss before too long.

Well, I've been working on this for three hours and I'm not getting much more done. I do have to vacuum today, having dusted and done laundry yesterday. Then I'd like to lay in the sun. I really like laying in the sun. I keep promising myself to make entries more often, I just keep getting sidetracked. Somewhere along the line, I found a life off of the internet. I'm curious how this came about. I certainly wasn't looking for one. :jester

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Hi Have missed you lately. Whats goin on with the site. I keep getting these msgs about this being an improperly hotlinked image

Posted by lena @ 08/09/2004 05:36 PM PDT

What's the URL where you're getting the hotlink message?

I've been having problems with people taking my images and displaying them on their pages. You shouldn't be seeing the hotlink image on any of the sites I own.

Posted by lisaviolet @ 08/09/2004 05:45 PM PDT

I'm having the same problem that lena is having, and can't receive the cams any more. I really miss them!!!

Posted by Trudy @ 08/10/2004 07:07 AM PDT

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