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Saturday, 08/06/2005 - 05:31 PM PDT
The topic: Looking through pictures

for the blogathon's "Ask The Cats" segments, I came across some pictures that I didn't really care for at the time, or overlooked because I'd taken so many. I'll do that, you know, take about forty or fifty during a day for a couple of days in a row and then go through them later. And I don't really check out each and everyone, I kind of glance at the thumbnails.

So, it's always a pleasure to find photographs that I hadn't really paid attention to before. Here are some that I found today.

This is one picture I'm glad I didn't delete. I kind of remember seeing it and thinking "well, that one didn't turn out", but looking at it now, I like it. That's Rachel on the move, by the way.

This is Katie. Katie loves to try to become one with the camera. And she's got such pretty eyes.

This is Richie. For some reason, he takes much better pictures than his brother Opie, who is behind him.

Here are a couple of pictures I took of Rachel when she was just a kitten. She's got such an expressive face.

This is Bart, who found the perfect way to get my attention. I had a really hard time getting this picture, because I'm right handed and nowhere near being abidextrous. I had to use my left hand and I've got short stubby fingers. I couldn't reach the button, so I turned it upside down and took the picture that way. Bart really didn't give a spit what I did, as long as I left my right hand where it was.

Wasn't that fun?


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I've been checking out the blogathon off and on today. I got a kick out of the subtitles with the pictures. Especialy the one of Rachel disapeering from the heat. Kali follows Bart in the burry the hand contest. Makes it hard to do things, but who can move a cat when they are that determined for attention? Nice pictures.

Posted by Wilkal @ 08/06/2005 07:45 PM PDT

nice pictures smile
Love the pic with Richie, there is just something about his nose. He is such a cute boy. They are all pretty cats tho smile

Posted by Susann @ 08/07/2005 12:35 AM PDT

Ahh, these are great!

Posted by PJ @ 08/07/2005 12:21 PM PDT

You take such beautiful pictures of all your cats. Good job!

Posted by Lisa @ 08/10/2005 08:57 AM PDT

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