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Saturday, 09/10/2005 - 03:41 PM PDT
The topic: Fleas.....

So far today, twenty-five cats have been dosed with Advantage. There are ten to go. I'll be lucky if I get more than three of those. Near impossible to dose will be Lonee, Pete, Autumn, Joey, Red and Jackson. I can't even get near Little Bit. That leaves Phoebe, Gracie, and Angel, who I'll be able to get at dinnertime.

I hope that fleas like different restaurants. With any luck, they'll hop onto cats that have been dosed and die miserable nasty deaths.

I don't like fleas.

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They do like different restaurants I've been told. Thought I might have a flea problem and the vet told me if you get most of them they will all eventually die. Don't know how long eventually is though.

Posted by BaileyShelbyCody @ 09/12/2005 01:24 PM PDT

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