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Tuesday, 11/08/2005 - 01:01 PM PDT
The topic: Lost tooth

I found the owner today. It wasn't Handsome at all.

It was Bart. His right bottom canine.

I noticed this this morning when I gave him an amoxicillan, which seems to help his funky eye. His breath doesn't smell weird (any weirder than cat breath normally smells) and it didn't seem to bother him. The tooth itself obviously came from farther down that you can see in this picture, so it's most likely healing over.


Lovely. Just lovely.

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My vet said loosing them is better than having them break off. My poor little calico broke her upper right canine at the tip. When I took her in for a cleaning they pulled it, she was happier after the tooth was gone and does just fine with out it (as the holes in my hand can attest). Glad Handsome is feeling better, still sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. smile

Posted by Donna Olsen @ 11/09/2005 10:21 AM PDT

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